The 10 Best Rabbit Hutch Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Rabbit Hutch Reviews

Last Updated on May 9, 2021

Rabbits are super cute and if you’re thinking about keeping one or several bunnies, you’ll need a hutch. The best rabbit hutch will protect your furry friends from the elements and is spacious enough for them to eat, sleep, hop about, and enjoy their lives.

Our review and buying guide provide useful information to help you buy the best bunny home for your pet(s).

The Best Rabbit Hutches Reviewed In 2021

1. Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

The best rabbit hutch you can buy is the Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

A double rabbit hutch differs from a single one in the sense that the two floors are connected with one another by a ramp. The outdoor rabbit hutch offers a great housing option for your little furry friends. This is because it will give your rabbit twice the floor space of a single one while occupying the same footprint. If you look at it from the exercising point of view, you will realize that a double rabbit hutch is much more beneficial.

As the rabbits run up and down the foot friendly ramp, they get plenty of exercise. The 4ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch is a great choice because it allows your rabbits to not only exercise but also to interact and enjoy the company of others. The 4ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch is above most of the others on the market given the fact that it features a market-leading ceiling height and floor depth. 

This feature means that your rabbits are allowed enough headroom. When it comes to security, there is even a safety trap door that is fitted at the top of the ramp. You can lock it at night to keep your rabbits safe from a dog or praying predators. It is for this reason that the 4ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch is still considered to be one of the best rabbit hutches available on the market.

Similar to other Chartwell hutches, the side panels that allow access to the exercise/run area and sleeping doors of the 4ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch are manufactured using 10mm Scandinavian tongue and groove wood. This outdoor pet hutch also comes with a wired central section that serves to hang water bottles and other toys for your rabbits. The hutch is also lifted off the grass to allow adequate air circulation, easy cleaning and prevent rising damp from reaching the hutch. 


  • It is lifted off the grass, deeper and higher than other outdoor rabbit hutches on the market which will give it much value for the price
  • It has a removable bar stopper under the doors in order to provide easy cleaning
  • Features easy cleaning whenever you need so your rabbits play, run around and do their business in a clean hutch all the time
  • Side safety panel will give access to the lower run/exercise area
  • It is a fox proof hutch thanks to the raised legs and the aluminium barrel bolts
  • It has waterbased and pet and environment safe treated to make it durable under any weather
  • Offers plenty of space to keep your bunny running around


  • The lack of a pullout floor tray is a major drawback in this outdoor rabbit hutch but it is a good thing to know

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2. 6Ft Chartwell Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

6Ft Chartwell Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

Second best unit you can get is the 6Ft Chartwell Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company. We gave this choice a 5/5 star rating.

The Hutch Company makes high quality and sturdy rabbit structures and that is displayed sufficiently in the Chartwell single design. Just like its popular double counterpart, this structure is constructed with 14mm Scandinavian wood and the mesh doors and front cladding are designed using a 16-gauge galvanized wire.

As if that is not enough, the two doors have aluminium sliding barrel bolt latches to keep the rabbits safe from prying predators. This product is an overall great outdoor rabbit hutch because the wood is treated with an animal-safe preservative that will make it resistant to all agents that cause deterioration such as the sun, wind and rain.

When it comes to the high quality design, the Outdoor 6ft Chartwell single Rabbit Home Hutch is top of the class. Though it comes flat-packed, it is quite simple to assemble these hutches. The rabbit hutch and exercise/run area are separated with a board that has an arched entry. You are going to love the fact that the sleeping area is insulated with wood so that your bunnies are warm at night.

You can rest assured that your pet is supplied with sufficient air and easy access at all times thanks to the meshed opening panels that run the length of the living and sleeping quarters. This hutch measures around 6’x2’x2’ and this is within the recommended minimum size of rabbit houses by the UK’s RWAF. It is a bit discouraging that the Outdoor 6ft Chartwell Single Rabbit Home Hutch does not come with a pullout floor.

This means that you may have to experience some trouble when cleaning the interior. However, it is worth noting that it comes with a good removable kick-plate below each door. Once you remove the cover and kick-plate, you can brush off the droppings directly to a bin container easily. Its minimum size is enough to fit one rabbit or even two guinea pigs.

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  • This product is a sturdy and weather proof rabbit hutch that is constructed with heavy-duty wire mesh
  • It comes with nice added accessories such as the winter cover, insulator, and add on run
  • It is easy to move and will make your garden look good as well as providing a place for your pets to live in and for their day to day needs
  • Despite the absence of a pullout floor, the hutch’s double-hinged doors make it easy to access the inside when cleaning
  • These bunny hutches feature high quality design and a central wire panel to help with attaching water bottle, food tray and toys
  • Manufacturers of these popular hutches add a 1 year warranty which at least provides good value for the price


  • These bunny hutches lack one well made pullout floor tray, which makes the space difficult to clean
  • These rabbit homes don’t have room to comfortably house more than one medium-sized rabbit

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3. Canterbury Folding Small Animal Run By The Hutch Company

Canterbury Folding Small Animal By The Hutch Company

Third best hutch to buy is the Canterbury Folding Small Animal Run By The Hutch Company. We gave this choice a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the Amazon page links below.

The 6ft Canterbury Rabbit Run is the most affordable run for its size. This is because not only is it a large rabbit cage but also it is a great recreational haven for your pet. What is more exciting is the fact that you can make it up and break it down for storage. This means that you get to save plenty of space in your home.

The high quality design makes this box very easy to use because it comes with hinged doors on opposite sides. That is not all, the 6ft Canterbury Rabbit Run is made in Great Britain using robust Scandinavian timber and galvanized wire. The fact that you can easily disassemble and even flat pack it for winter storage makes it the most convenient large rabbit hutch with run area.

The great 6ft Canterbury Rabbit Run is constructed with added safety and durability in mind. It features a weather proof construction of animal safe and water based wood preservative that protects it from both rain and sun deterioration so you don’t want a cover during summer. This box enclosure has two convenient entry points that give easy access, which means that your rabbit can use one as an entrance inside the hutch and the other as a door to outside. The two roof doors help with easy cleaning of these hutches.

According to most of the people that have used this rabbit exercise/run area, it is the best available to choose in the sense that it is even too large for its price. Also, the fact that this product is constructed in UK standards makes it superior to most of its equivalents in the category or 6ft rabbit runs. However, it doesn’t have a cover included.


  • It is a very large run: the only 6ft foldable run you can choose
  • This run box features a high quality durable design with side doors as well as top access
  • Reviews love how these garden runs are designed to look great in a garden area
  • This product is a good weather proof rabbit run that provides great price to value ratio
  • Easy cleaning whenever you need because of the two roof doors
  • No need for building your own rabbit run when you have this bunny box for your pets to live in


  • These popular hutches do not come with a run cover so if you need one you will have to buy it separately

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4. Double Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

Double Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

Our pick number four is the Double Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company. We gave this best buy a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Outdoor 6ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Home Hutch is a giant outdoor pets hutch manufactured by the Rabbit Hutch Company, which is among the UK’s leading brands in the pet and animal shelters industry. The construction of the Outdoor 6ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Home Hutch is still one of the best available to choose today.

This product is a wooden hutch and run that features felted roof and 16-gauge wire mesh doors, which help to make sure no foxes can quickly bite through. The side panels also have a state of the art construction with 10mm tongue and groove Scandinavian timber. This means that the hutch is sturdy enough since the boards have top and bottom slots that fit snugly forming a tight seal.

You are definitely going to love the easy access and high quality design features of the Outdoor 6ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Home Hutch. This is because other than being one of the best large rabbit hutches, it is also stylish in its own way. Its floors are finished with plywood and a green coat of good waterproof paint.

It is also worth noting that all the waterproofing materials are animal-safe and have water-based preservatives so that the structure is further protected against sun and rain exposure. You can rest assured that your pets are safe while in this structure because all the doors are secured with sliding barrel bolts.

Being a double story hutch, the Outdoor 6ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Hutch has enough space for two small or medium-sized rabbits to live in. The size of each floor is around 4.2 feet wide and 2 feet high. Even as far as the standards of the RWAF are concerned, these dimensions are correct. As a matter of fact, its exercise area can still be expanded with a good Chartwell rabbit run that measures around 6’x4’x2’.

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  • This product is well made with a felted roof, spacious and features a ramp that enables young rabbits to exercise
  • Since the floors are wooden, insulation is improved to keep the rabbits happy and warm during the cold night and winter season
  • This ideal housing features enough space to house two small or medium-sized rabbits at a time. Also had added protection features
  • These bunny hutches come with added accessories like covers, insulators and extra large runs
  • This product is raised off the ground to keep it away from cold and damp conditions
  • These hutches even give great price to value ratio


  • Unclear instructions may make assembling the Outdoor 6ft Chartwell Double Rabbit Home Hutch a bit challenging
  • Pets owners found that cleaning this outdoor rabbit hutch and run might be quite a challenge since it does not come with a pullout litter drawer which it needs

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5. 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

2 Tier Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company

Fifth best bunny hutch to use is the 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch By The Hutch Company. We gave our fifth pick a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and information on the Amazon website links below.

The essence of a 2 tier outdoor pets hutch is to keep your pets in a separate space. The 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Rabbit enclosures are one of the best you can get in this category. For those that have kept rabbits for a while, you will agree with me that sometimes it’s virtually impossible to keep them separate. It is both expensive and challenging especially once you have had your rabbits spayed or neutered.

Thankfully, the 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is here to rescue you and save you the trouble. It offers separate compartments with easy access in a fantastic 2 tier system that provides huge and completely separated quarters. Just like all the other Chartwell outdoor hutches, the 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch is manufactured in the UK with 10mm Scandinavian tongue and groove wood. 

It comes fitted with a wired central panel for hanging chew toys, water bottles and other toys for your rabbits. This hutch is also designed in a way that prevents rising damp. This product is lifted off the grass, which will also allow enough air circulation. In spite of being only four feet, the 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch offers an incredible amount of space for your pets to play and explore.

This product is compact enough to fit in a small garden or patio. On top of that, the 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch is a rabbit hutch with a run, which means you can extend its floor size using a folding run to provide your pets more room. Some of the outstanding features of the 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch are its 1”x ½” galvanized wire mesh doors, the cosy arched divided retreat areas, and the removable bar stopper under doors among others. The easy cleaning is ensured by the removable bar stopper.

Also, just like the other large hutches from the Hutch Company, this one also has aluminium barrel bolts and it is treated with a waterbased pet safe treatment. You will also note that it is quite simple to follow the assembly instructions because they are all clear enough. 


  • This 2 level hutch is secure, good looking, sturdy and compact enough to fit in any sized garden or patio
  • Its high quality legs serve to raise the hutch off the floor for added protection and easy circulation of fresh air
  • Cleaning is easy thanks to the well made removable bar stopper
  • This really good looking hutch actually does not take up much space
  • These large hutches come with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee
  • Offers an incredible amount of space for your bunny to play and run around thus giving great value for the price


  • As far as some rabbit hutch reviews are concerned, the floor in the 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch would be a bit too flexible
  • The fact there is no removable floor tray would bother plenty of owners
  • Some people had to fix the roof cover panel, so the roof might not be of top quailty

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6. 4Ft Deluxe Rabbit Hutch By Confidence

4Ft Deluxe Rabbit Hutch By Confidence

Sixth best bunny hutch to get today is the 4Ft Deluxe Rabbit Hutch By Confidence. We gave this best buy a 4/5 star rating. You can check the price and details on the links below.

The Confidence Pet 4ft Deluxe Rabbit Hutch is arguably the best outdoor rabbit hutch you can choose today. These top available products have a double-sided structure that provides ample space for your little bunnies while protecting them from any predator in the backyard. Unlike most of the other rabbit hutches, the Confidence Pet 4ft Deluxe Rabbit Hutch is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The quality design is large enough to allow up to 5-6 rabbits, ferrets or guinea pigs. You can rest assured that your rabbits are safe in this space because this bunny home product is constructed in compliance with the highest animal standards. For instance, the kind of wood used to put this structure together is pet friendly and waterproof with an antifungal finish.

This indoor/outdoor hutch and run comes in two levels conjoined with a ramp that also serves as an exercise platform for your rabbits. The easy cleaning of this outdoor rabbit hutch is ensured by the easy-to-open top and bottom access doors. If really good security is your main concern, the four lockable doors on the indoor/outdoor Pet 4ft Deluxe Rabbit Hutch have wooden latches to make sure that the rabbits are safe inside.

Also, the high quality cage wire mesh is fox proof and the front, back, and side panels have a thickness of 10-20mm. As if that is not enough to reinforce security, the Confidence Pet 4ft Deluxe Rabbit Hutch and Run is elevated from the ground with four rubber wooden legs. 


  • This indoor/outdoor hutch is large enough to house up to 5-6 rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets at a time
  • These good looking hutches are constructed with top-notch standards to make sure high security of the rabbits
  • Hinged roof made from watreproof asphalt and furniture grade wood for added protection
  • Overall really good outdoor rabbit hutch that doesn’t take up much space, features a perfect roof and is suitable to give your rabbit a great place to play in.
  • This popular indoor/outdoor item is easy to clean and maintain and on top of that it is made very durable
  • Plenty of space designed to provide your rabbit with a sleeping area and exercise/run area
  • The removable tray design would allow easy cleaning of this rabbit home


  • People see over time that the ramp is not firmly reinforced in its place and would quickly come off when moving these bunny house products around

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7. Double Tier Rabbit Hutch By Feelgooduk

Double Tier Rabbit Hutch By Feelgooduk

Seventh best buy product you could get is the Double Tier Rabbit Hutch By Feelgooduk. We gave our seventh pick a 4/5 star rating.

This is another one of the double tier outdoor rabbit hutches that perform better than many others on the market. A significant number of customers will attest to the fact that Bunny Ark is almost brilliant. You could buy it to accommodate either guinea pigs or rabbits. You will also be satisfied with the good quality of materials that have been used to construct this big outdoor rabbit hutch.

This is because this larger product is resistant to all the aggressive weather conditions such as rain and the sun. For instance, the area is coated with Cuprinol garden shades and the paint used is animal-safe, which will allow you to have no worries about the health of your rabbits. It is evident that every rabbit owner wants their rabbit to be comfortable in its structure. One way to make sure that is by buying a really good rabbit hutch that is large and convenient. 

The Bunny Ark is precisely that: large and comfortable, and even good looking. Being a big, two-tier rabbit hutch, means there is plenty of space for your medium-sized rabbits to play and run around easily. The big ramp connecting the two levels serves as a piece of exercise equipment because the rabbits can move up and down without risking anything like exposure to prying predators.

It is worth noting that some reviews have pointed out the fact that the design of the ramp is a bit too steep for the bunnies and especially small animals. However, many others applaud the steepness claiming that it intensifies the rabbit’s exercise. The Bunny Ark is one of the best rabbit hutches with runs, which means you could extend the floor space hence increasing the room available for your rabbits to play and explore.

What is more comforting is the fact that the Bunny Ark rabbit hutch comes with a metal exercise/run area, which means this product is more sturdy and durable compared to most of the rest on the market. You will also love the fact that it has a slide out tray that opens with great ease to allow you to clean the good interior of the hutch without worrying about the possibility of your rabbits breaking loose and running off to the bushes. The cross wire with which the Bunny Ark rabbit hutch is constructed comes in handy when it is necessary to keep predators away without any problems. 


  • This larger looking rabbit home is well made with unique design and high quality build in order to last long
  • These perfect hutches are easy to assemble and use thanks to the easy to follow guidelines on the instructions manual
  • It is relatively durable considering that this rabbit hutch is built with weather proof, high quality materials that last long
  • You could expand the floor space using a big rabbit run to enhance your rabbit’s comfort and convenience
  • Plenty of space to provide your rabbit a big living and sleeping area and exercise/run area
  • It is one of the strongest and sturdiest rabbit hutches to choose available on the market
  • 2 access doors for your pets to use and a slide out tray for easy cleaning of these hutches.


  • Some owners have complained that the ramp might be too steep and that it takes some extra costs to rectify this issue
  • The fact that the hinged door or roof does not open on the upstairs level makes cleaning a bit of a hassle
  • When it comes to added safety at night, the Bunny Ark might not be at the top of the range since some owners have claimed to have dug deeper into their pockets to reinforce more security against foxes

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8. Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Hutch By Tp2U

Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Hutch By Tp2U

Eighth best rabbit hutch one can get is the new Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Hutch By Tp2U. We gave these best buy hutches a 4/5 star rating.

This is one of the most economical rabbit hutches available to choose. Going for less than fifty pounds in the UK, the Chinchilla Hutch cage qualifies to be one of the most desirable budget rabbit cages you can get if you are hunting for rabbit hutches in the UK. On top of that, it is delivered fully assembled which means the stress of assembling it has already been taken care of by the manufacturer.

The hutch also comes with optional 4 inches long legs to raise the hutch living area off the ground thus preventing it from rising damp. Although not large like a giant rabbit hutch, this cage won’t fit indoor. It is constructed with a rodent resilient half inch by half inch 19g galvanized wire which will make sure your rabbits and guinea pigs are safe from prying predators. 

On top of that, this hutch is fully treated with an animal safe preservative which ensures that your rabbit is not exposed to any harm coming from the material used to construct the living area of the hutch. In fact, it operates just like most indoor rabbit hutches in the sense that it looks and feels like a plastic rabbit hutch. You should also consider the great design of these well made pet home hutches.


  • This economical enclosed living area has small but strong design and has quality and size to last long.
  • Reviews love how this plastic looking bunny home product provides added protection to your pets.
  • You get it already assembled thus eliminating the stress involved in assembling a rabbit hutch
  • This rabbit home does not occupy a lot of space but your pets can still play and run around as much as they want
  • These ideal hutches are big enough to comfortably house two small rabbits at a time because of their design


  • The legs may not be strong enough so the structure needs help
  • It does not have a sliding tray which means cleaning might be a hassle
  • This solid looking rabbit home product has design with limited room access

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9. Outdoor Rabbit Hutch By Vidaxl

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch By Vidaxl

Ninth place on our list goes to the new Outdoor Rabbit Hutch By Vidaxl. We gave our 9th pick a 4/5 star rating.

Show your little pets some love with the vidaXL Outdoor Rabbit Hutch. The design provides the perfect home for small rabbits and animals. This rabbit hutch measures round 80 x 71 x 160 cm (L x W x H), which is large enough to give enough space for small animals to run around as much as they want.

The hutch comes with a solid pine wood frame with a painted finish, and that is why you cannot dispute its durability. It comes in three area layers, allowing your little animals to play and exercise while staying safe from predators. For added safety, a tight iron wire mesh is attached that protects your pets from accidents.

Besides, the perfect design provides plenty of fresh air and keeps the animals happy and aware of the area and surroundings. With its waterproof, green roof, your pets will be adequately protected from the rain. The doors lock with slide-bolt latches, and there are two ladders for easy access and movement of your animals from the ground area to the lower run and second floor area. Upper level is also a nesting box.


  • The well made big hutch has safety features that will give you peace of mind.
  • This great looking product has two ladder design in order to provide easy access
  • Features big size and high quality, this bunny hutch is made to last long. Iron mesh wire is there for added protection.
  • Overall really good outdoor rabbit hutch that doesn’t take up much space, features a perfect roof and is suitable to give your rabbit a great place to play in.
  • The outdoor hutches are constructed with high quality wood and a strong powder-coated iron wire mesh in order to make them durable.
  • The roof is made water proof in order to enable your pet to run without worries using the whole space.


  • It is small and only has room to house the animals in their early years which is an important feature.
  • The instructions might be a bit complicated to get.
  • The upstairs living area is not really suitable, just a hay and nesting box

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10. Wooden Rabbit 2 Tier Hutch By Pet Vida

Wooden Rabbit 2 Tier Hutch By Pet Vida

Tenth place in this special review goes to the Wooden Rabbit Hutch By Pet Vida. We gave our pick number ten a 3.5/5 star rating. Feel free to take a close look at the details and check the price on the Amazon website links you see below.

This is one of the most perfect new economical rabbit hutches available on the market. It is a double bunny guinea pig animal house and home run cage with a sliding tray. What more could you ask for your lovely furry friends? The Home Discount Wooden Pet Rabbit 2-Tier Hutch is definitely a name you can recognize especially since the brand has been on the market for quite a long time.

This rabbit hutch is exactly what you need if you own a pair of bunnies and guinea pig and would want them to have the comfort of their lives. It is also very affordable considering that it is a 2-tier rabbit hutch, which means you get two areas that occupy half the footprint. The Home Discount Wooden Pet Rabbit 2-Tier Hutch is beautifully crafted from FIR wood and can make a perfect spacious home area for your rabbits and guinea pigs. 

It is also a great structure to house your ferret if you own one. It features three access doors to make it easy for the rabbits to access inside. Also, the high quality design features a ramp for your pet to get up and down. The ramp also acts as a great living area or an exercise/run area for your bunny. The sliding tray on the Home Discount Wooden Pet Rabbit 2 Tier Hutch makes it very easy to clean and use, it is really something. You should, however, see that it requires self-assembly.


  • The sliding tray makes it easy to clean the Home Discount Wooden Pet Rabbit 2 Level Hutch
  • It is beautifully constructed from FIR wood so your rabbits can run around as much as they want
  • This good looking product has enough room to be able to house rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets
  • Reviews love that upper level of our 10th pick is a nesting box
  • Its weight is 18.5 kg, and it features good size and high quality in try to last long


  • The instructions may be too difficult to try to follow for some owners, which is not something anyone would want
  • The ramp needs to be less slippery for the bunny when climbing

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Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide

If you are an animal lover, you understand how proper care of pets promotes peaceful co-existence and ensures that they remain healthy. A microchip cat flap and automatic cat feeder are not a waste of money, so is buying dry dog food or a hedgehog house.

In the same way, a rabbit hutch will keep your rabbits safe from predators or from getting lost. But not every model will fulfil this need. Some will fall apart within days of putting it together. We will show you how to pick the best rabbit hutch.

The Benefits of Owning a Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit hutches are great structures to have in your home and we just cannot underestimate their value. Sure, some people prefer to keep their pretty little bunnies indoor in a rabbit cage but that also comes with its disadvantages. The only way to have a freestyle kind of coexistence with your little furry friends is by having an outdoor rabbit hutch.

Here are some of the benefits that you stand to gain by simply having an outdoor rabbit hutch. First and foremost, rabbit hutches are made from wood. It is truly undeniable that wood is pretty easy to find and it offers perfect and reliable security to your rabbits from prying predators. Depending on the amount of wood that you can get, the size of a hutch is almost limitless. You can obtain from a small one to extra large rabbit hutches.

A point to note, a large outdoor hutch cannot compare to an extra large indoor rabbit cage. This is because a cage is made of different materials from a hutch. Therefore, it is likely that you may find a cage that is not as durable as a rabbit hutch. The other benefit of having a rabbit hutch is the ease of use and ease of maintenance.

Rabbit hutches are constructed in a way that makes it easy for you to monitor and supervise the growth and development of your bunnies at all times. A good, well constructed rabbit hutch will protect your rabbits from predators while at the same time keeping them away from direct sun, strong wind and rain. It is also the same structure that keeps them warm during the winter and if you have a two-tier hutch, the ramp connecting the two levels can act as a playing/exercise platform for the rabbits. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide

There are certain things you need to consider before picking a rabbit cage/hutch to avoid making the wrong purchase. The first one to consider is the amount of room that you have. The best thing you can do for your rabbit is look for the largest space possible.

However, make sure that you do not strain the space available for the structure. Secondly, consider the location you plan to keep the hutch. Is it indoors or outdoors? More often than not, outdoors is the best place for a rabbit hutch. The third important consideration is the size of the rabbit.

This is an important consideration because it directly determines the size of the hutch you are going to get. Also, the number of rabbits should be an equally important consideration prior to purchasing the hutch.

Protection is something important among a wide range things you need to consider. We cannot overemphasize the security of the rabbit hutch. Outdoor hutches should look to be secure enough to protect your rabbits from prying predators, rodents and weather agents like direct sunlight, the rain, and strong winds. You should look to inspect and establish the kind of waterproofing material that has been used and if the rest of the materials used are pet safe.

Generally, the quality of the construction should be an issue of utmost importance to you if you intend to keep your rabbits safe and happy. The ease of cleaning should be a thing to search for. Remember, rabbit hutches need to be cleaned at least once a week. If you get a hutch that is not easy to clean, you will have a hard time that is full of frustrations and this could accelerate your despair causing you to not be able to take care of the rabbits.

As part of the safety and security consideration, you should check to establish that the hutch is constructed in such a way that it is raised off the ground and that is high enough. A raised rabbit hutch will prevent dampness from getting to the rabbit.

The roof of the hutch should be high enough so that your rabbit is protected from accidents that result from constantly banging its head on the ceiling. Remember, the hutch should try as much as possible to simulate the natural look and habitat to which the rabbit is used. This way, the rabbit will be much happier with its dwelling.

Rabbit Hutch Buying FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that buyers ask about rabbit hutches.

Q: What is the difference between a double hutch and a 2 tier rabbit hutch?

A: A double rabbit hutch is a structure with two levels that are joined together with a door/window. A 2-tier hutch, on the other hand, is a rabbit hutch with two levels separated by a ramp.

Q: Which type of a hutch should I choose between the two?

A: If you have several rabbits and you want to restrict their interactions while in the hutch for particular reasons, then it is advisable to get a double hutch type. With the door separating the two sections you can choose when to close and when to open thus limiting and monitoring the movement of the rabbits. For instance, if you have male and female rabbits and you want them to interbreed, then you can put them in a two tier rabbit hutch where a door or window do not restrict their movement from one level/compartment.

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