The 10 Best Radiator Clothes Airers In The UK (2021)

Best Radiator Clothes Airer Reviews

Last Updated on August 28, 2021

These airers are super useful. They allow laundry to dry inside when the weather is too cranky or if you live in a small apartment. Let’s see which compact airer is the best one for you!

Our Top 3 Radiator Clothes Airer Picks
1. The Best Radiator Clothes Airer By Premier Housewares
2. The Best Compact Radiator Airer By OurHouse
3. The Best Radiator Airer (3 m) By ASAB

The Best Radiator Clothes Airers Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Radiator Clothes Airer By Premier Housewares

best radiator clothes airer

The best of the bunch is this silver looker. But to be fair, the others are pretty awesome too (we’ll get to them in a moment). But let’s see why this one hit the top spot.

We loved the durability of this airer. Most others are made of materials that eventually fail or look bad. But this chrome hanger will outlast even the parrot. The surface is not only tough but it also allows you to simply wipe it down to return that clean shine!

The twin rails can dry several socks or towels at the same time or a single larger item.


  • Exceptional durability.
  • Looks very stylish.
  • Suitable for everyday use.


  • Only two rails.

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2. The Best Compact Radiator Airer By OurHouse

The Compact Clothes Airer Radiator Rack By OurHouse

This radiator airer has plenty of perks.

The 5 rails are sturdy and powder-painted to resist the effects of moisture. Together, they offer 2.8 m drying space for your household garments and carry a maximum load of 15 kg. Despite this, it does not take up a lot of physical space.

The airer is perfect for smaller items like socks, underwear or bathroom and kitchen towels. You can adjust the arms to fit nearly every type of radiator. Once you are done using the airer, it folds away for easy storage.


  • It frees up floor space.
  • Easy assembly and set up.
  • Lightweight and mobile.


  • Some users find the arms difficult to adjust.

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3. The Best Radiator Airer (3 m) By ASAB

The Superb Clothes Drying Rack By ASAB

Did you like the previous airer but need more space? Meet it’s bigger cousin!

The 3 m space is provided by 5 rails, each one protected by a durable plastic coating. This ensures that the airer will remain free of rust for a long time and that you can easily wipe them down. The rails are also very sturdy to counter the weight of the wet laundry.

The arms are also adjustable. They can also be hooked in outdoor areas if you want to add more space to your regular laundry area in the garden or patio. To store, you simply fold it up and pack it away.


  • Compatible with windowsills, railings, balconies, bannisters, and towels rails.
  • The arms are made of durable resin with non-scratch end caps.
  • Ideal for small clothes, towels, socks or underpants.


  • More suitable for single radiators than double ones.

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4. The Best 4 Bar Radiator Clothes Airer By Premier Housewares

best 4 bar radiator airer

This neat-looking airer is perfect for those simply want to hook and play. That’s right, it’s simple arms allow you to add it to any type of radiator or even a windowsill without the ned to adjust the arms.

The 4 bars are securely fixed and powder coated to carry a significant amount of laundry without breaking or rusting. Other safety features include non-slip stoppers – so your entire laundry load won’t slip off and fall to the ground!

You can also use this as a towel rack in the kitchen or guest bathroom.


  • Lightweight and mobile.
  • Long-lasting coating.
  • Hangs securely.
  • Can be used as a towel rack.


  • Clothes that are too tightly packed will take days to dry.

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5. The Best Dual Pack 4 Bar Radiator Airer By Wilsons Direct

The Fantastic 4 Bar Radiator Metal Airer (2x) By Wilsons Direct

Are you looking to utilize every radiator in your house to help dry the laundry? Excellent idea! But then one must look at better deals that offer two airers in a dual pack. We liked this one for its simple, yet effective design and because a couple of these dual packs will allow any household to dry a lot of laundry this way.

Each airer has 4 rails treated against rust and damage. Their arms hook securely onto most radiators without the need to adjust anything. Together, the dual offer gives you 4 metres of drying space as well.

The design also allows you to simply fold them up once you are done. So even though you might have a lot of airers, none will take up extra space.


  • Non-slip hooks.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • Two clothes airer for the price of one.


  • Some buyers are not happy with the airers’ packaging.

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6. The Best Horizontal Dual Pack Radiator Airer By FunkyBuys

The Great Indoor Clothes Radiator Airer Drying Rack (2x) By FunkyBuys

Were you intrigued by the idea of getting two airers for the price of one but the design was not quite your cup of tea? Then this popular horizontal design might be more to your taste.

The pack contains 2 airers that are compact and efficient. When hooked up to a radiator, the 5-bar rack can support up to 5 kg of clothes along a length of 3 metres. The bars are also adjustable for a perfect fit.

The device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. However, it is specifically designed to be easily installed on a radiator (both flat and ribbed radiators). Other locations include balcony railings, bathtub edges, doors, and windowsills.


  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • Two radiator airers offer you a total of 6 metres in length.
  • Can be hung at different locations, not just hooked to radiators.


  • Not suitable for heavy clothes.

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7. The Best Dual Pack 2 Bar Radiator Clothes Airer By Smart

The Decent 2 Bar Radiator Clothes Airer (2x) By Smart

This pack with a pair of two-bar radiator airers is perfect for a single individual who lives in a small apartment (or it’s raining outside and you cannot use the regular washing line). These racks will serve you well if you only want to use them to dry a few towels, socks or underwear.

The bars have a non-toxic plastic coating that is both durable and functional. The coating also makes the racks easy to clean with a damp cloth. The feet can also hook the racks on other surfaces so add more space in your bathroom, kitchen or patio.


  • Two racks.
  • The airers won’t scratch the paint of the radiator.
  • It fits both square top and slimline radiators.


  • It is not compatible with smaller radiators.

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8. The Practical Radiator Clothes Airer By Clean Zone

The Practical Radiator Clothes Airer By Clean Zone

Like all good radiator airers, this model attaches correctly to your chosen object. It has a good, firm grip on radiators, windowsills and railings. You will never experience that disheartening moment when a rack slips and a fresh load of laundry falls on the dirty floor.

The 5 bars can carry light to medium loads and measuring 50 cm wide, the airer is coated with easy-clean plastic. The caps are non-scratch to protect the radiator’s paint. Overall, this airer is designed to be compact, simple, and yet durable enough to provide you with years of service.


  • Easy to use.
  • Neat and simple.
  • 2.4 metres drying space.
  • Sturdy and stable.


  • No protective pads to care for the radiator.

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9. The Best Sturdy 5-Bar Radiator Airer By Kleeneze

The Sturdy KL027535EU 5-Bar Radiator Airer By Kleeneze

Some of the best radiator laundry airers have a horizontal panel consisting of several bars. In this case, the panel has 5 bars that offer plenty of space for laundry. When you add a few times, this airer is capable of quickly drying them.

You can also look forward to a flawless installation and grip. The adjustable arms securely latch onto radiators, a cupboard or a shelf.

The tough and durable design makes this rack suitable for everyday use. Your radiator also won’t get scratched from having the airer attached every day. Like the other great airers, its hooks are fitted with protective stoppers that never cause damage to radiators or other surfaces.


  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Looks simple and stylish.
  • Tough and durable.


  • It can’t support ample bathroom towels or heavier clothes.

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10. The Innovative Folding Radiator Airer By JVL

The Innovative Folding Clothes Radiator Drying Airer By JVL

Looking for another great compact airer with 3 meters of space? Then this portable rack is another quality option for you.

You can simply hook the scratch-proof feet over the radiator and adjust the feet for a secure fit. After that, you have 5 rails – each 50 cm long – to dry several items at the same time. Besides being adjustable to fit various radiator widths, the portable airer can be easily folded and stored away until you need it again.


  • A stylish white and blue look.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Suitable for socks, underwear, kitchen towels, and more.


  • Not suitable for heavy, waterlogged clothing.

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Your Buying Guide

Radiator clothes airers are more or less the same. Why? Their simple design is often very effective so why deviate from something good?

However, there are slight differences. Our guide highlights the most important things to consider before you buy.

  • Components – Airers are usually constructed from aluminium or plastic build. A metallic construction is a more durable rack, but a plastic coating is easier to maintain. 
  • Adjustable Arms – A good airer is adaptable. Look for models that can be adjusted to different radiators and surfaces.
  • Dry Space – Radiator airers offer different drying space. Pick the one you need. The most common choices are between 1.8 m and 3 m hanging space.


Q: Which is the best clothes airer?

A: The best clothes airer of 2021 is the household radiator airer by FlickBuyz.

Q: Is it bad to dry clothes on the radiator?

A: Only if you place clothes directly on your radiator. It can damage the radiator and your laundry.

Q: Are heated clothes airers any good?

A: Yes, clothes airers are arguably the most cost-effective way to dry your clothes. They promote less energy waste and lower water consumption. Even though they’re not as productive as a tumble dryer, they’re the best alternative for those who do not have a tumble dryer.

Q: Where do you store your clothes airer?

A: Clothes airers can be stored anywhere around the house. Most people store them on larger shelves, cupboards or garages.

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