Best Radiator Clothes Airer Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Radiator Clothes Airer Reviews

Last Updated on May 2, 2021

Our ever-increasing daily dynamics and smaller home environments are constraining in many aspects, especially in the laundry department. Conventional clotheslines or clothing airers are great, but they usually take too much space that could be used more ergonomically.

Thankfully, radiator airers are delightful in this regard, by providing a compact-sized drying space to put all your towels, pants, trousers or shirts. Without further ado, read below and find the best radiator clothes airers of 2021, and order yours at once!

Best Radiator Clothes Airers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Marvelous Household Radiator Airer By FlickBuyz

The Marvelous Household Radiator Airer By FlickBuyz

The best radiator clothes airers are manufactured by FlickBuyz, and they come packaged with three 50 cm drying racks. The clothes airer is built with strong hinges as well as firm non-slip and non-scratch feet. Its cap ends are also made of sustainable materials, preventing both scratches and other damages. Its plastic cover is coated with a non-toxic plastic that makes it very easy to use and clean. As for its wire construction, it’s important to note that the robust hard steel components will ensure more extended durability and firmness when in use.


  • It comes with three 50 cm radiator airers.
  • It’s reasonably priced, considering its build and variability.
  • Its reviews highlighted the incredibly prompt delivery and excellent customer service.


  • It’s relatively lightweight so that it won’t support heavier garments.

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2. The Compact Clothes Airer Radiator Rack By OurHouse

The Compact Clothes Airer Radiator Rack By OurHouse

Made of sturdy powder-painted tubes that can bear weights up to 15kg, this drying rack by OurHouse is ideal for hanging smaller items like socks, underwear or bathroom and kitchen towels. Its adjustable arms are carefully designed to fit many radiator types, so matching your home won’t be an issue. Even though the clothes airer is rather small, it supports a remarkable 2.8 m drying space for all your household garments. Furthermore, you won’t have to search for storage space with this product either, as it easily folds away after use to fit anywhere you put it.


  • It frees up floor space.
  • Its reviews continuously stated its easy assembly and set up.
  • It is reasonably lightweight so that you can move it around the radiators in your home.
  • Its sturdy construction makes for more comfortable clothes’ hanging.


  • Several reviews pointed out the non-ergonomic design that makes you fold its arms for as much as 90 degrees to adjust them.

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3. The Superb Clothes Drying Rack By ASAB

The Superb Clothes Drying Rack By ASAB

One of the essential radiators’ airer characteristics lies in its construction, seeing how these tools are in regular contact with motion. With that in mind, this radiator clothes airer is built of a durable plastic coating that is the best at ensuring a long-lasting, rust-free life. Ideal for in-between drying jobs, the top rack radiator airer has an overall drying space of 3 metres. Matching different thickness levels, its adjustable arms are suitable with both indoor and outdoor areas. When you’re done with the drying, you can simply use its adjustable arms to fold the rack and store it away until next use.


  • Its multifunctional build is compatible with windowsills, railings, balconies, bannisters, towels rails etc.
  • Its arms are made of durable resin while supporting non-scratch end caps.
  • Ideal for tidying away small clothes, towels, socks or underpants.
  • Great value for money.


  • Several reviews noted that its handles came off while trying to adjust its arms.
  • It is suitable with single radiators, but it’s hard to be adjusted with double ones.

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4. The Ideal 4 Bar Radiator Clothes Airer By Smart

The Ideal 4 Bar Radiator Clothes Airer By Smart

If you’re on the search for simpler designs to fit your rooms, then this four-bar product by Smart is the best choice for you. This wide radiator clothes airer applies a firm plastic coating that doesn’t affect your clothes and isn’t prone to chipping on flaking. Moreover, thanks to its smooth finish and simplistic design, this radiator airer is as easy to clean as it is to use. You won’t have to worry about the composition either since its firm wire construction promotes further sturdiness with your hanging. According to the manufacturers, its drying space covers about 2.4 metres, which is ideal for light to medium laundry. 


  • It can be easily stored anywhere around your home.
  • Its strong hinges promote better support on radiators or other hanging surfaces.
  • It contains firm non-slip feet that are not prone to scratching.


  • It does not extend far enough horizontally.
  • Some reviews stated that the top airer bar was prone to bend over.

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5. The Fantastic 4 Bar Radiator Metal Airer (2x) By Wilsons Direct

The Fantastic 4 Bar Radiator Metal Airer (2x) By Wilsons Direct

In households where bulk laundry is a frequent occurrence, it’s best to have multiple radiator clothes airer to cut back the drying times. To satisfy those needs, this four-bared metal radiator airer by Wilsons Direct comes on a binary package; meaning that you get two airers at the price of one. Its sturdy metal build and convenient top hinges make the tool easy to use and good to store. Since the radiator airer is somewhat smaller than the standard, it employs about 2 metres with each rack, giving you a total of 4 metres drying space.


  • Its non-slip features will ensure that the airer is firmly attached to the radiator.
  • It is easy to assemble and get to work.
  • Its lightweight build promotes more manoeuvrability.
  • Two clothes airer at the price of one.


  • Some reviews noted that the rack didn’t come in good packaging.

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6. The Great Indoor Clothes Radiator Airer Drying Rack (2x) By FunkyBuys

The Great Indoor Clothes Radiator Airer Drying Rack (2x) By FunkyBuys

The search for space-conscious, efficient dryers is over because this series by FunkyBuys has indeed got it all. With a budget-quality of two racks within one, this radiator clothes airer has five adjustable bars that are ideal for several clothes or other household garments. The device is perfectly suitable with both indoor and outdoor locations, as it can easily modify its width with any surface. Specifically, the radiator airer supports ease of installation for flat and ribbed radiators, balcony railings, bathtub edges, doors, windowsills, etc. Moreover, the drying rack supports about 5 kg of clothes that can be readily positioned along the 3-metre length of the bars.


  • Good value for money.
  • It’s very sturdy and durable.
  • It’s packaged with two radiator airers that sum up with a total of 6 metres in length.


  • Its top handles might cause some trouble with the installation, as they’re made from stiff plastic components.
  • Some customers reported that its metal bars are not firmly attached, so it’s not compatible with heavier clothes.

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7. The Decent 2 Bar Radiator Clothes Airer (2x) By Smart

The Decent 2 Bar Radiator Clothes Airer (2x) By Smart

This two-bar radiator airer is aimed for residing in areas where space is limited, and the clothes’ load is light. If you’re on the search for a good airer that can simply hold a few towels, socks or underwear, then this is the best choice for you. Its metallic build that’s adorned with a non-toxic plastic coating is a good indicator that the rack is both durable and functional. Furthermore, its plastic-coated bars are good at maintaining an easy to clean surface that doesn’t affect the clothes in any way. If you order now, you’ll get two radiator airers with 2.5-metres of drying space and strong non-slip feet.


  • Good value for money.
  • Its metal-coated hinges are ideal for protecting the colour of the radiator.
  • It fits both square top and slimline radiators easily.


  • It is not compatible with smaller radiators as it cannot attach to them firmly.
  • Some consumers reported that they received a different product than the one they ordered, so be cautious with the reviews.

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8. The Practical Radiator Clothes Airer By Clean Zone

The Practical Radiator Clothes Airer By Clean Zone

A good radiator airer must be correctly attached to its surface to work efficiently, and that is the prime purpose of this rack. Carrying a simplistic design, this clothes’ rack by Clean Zone is perfect for those who prefer a good, firm grip on their radiator.

The 50 cm wide airer contains an easy-clean plastic coat as well as non-scratch end caps, that’s a standard for good, long-lasting devices. Following that trend, the durable and robust radiator airer will be there to warm your clothes even after years of use.


  • Several customers deemed it both easy to assemble and easy to use.
  • It’s neat and simple, fitting perfectly with any room containing a radiator.
  • It contains a 2.4 metres drying space.
  • Its sturdy build ensures that it is locked in place, preventing unnecessary moving.


  • Some customers noted that the clothes’ airer didn’t come in good packaging.
  • It does not include any protective pads to care for the radiator.

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9. The Sturdy KL027535EU 5-Bar Radiator Airer By Kleeneze

The Sturdy KL027535EU 5-Bar Radiator Airer By Kleeneze

Fitting into most standard-sized radiators, this good-quality airer by Kleeneze will surely cut down your drying times by half. Moreover, the rack is made of adjustable arms that firmly grip the upper part of the radiator, thus creating a favourable drying space to use over its integrated five bars. Its arms also fold away wholly, minimizing the hassles of storage by fitting flawlessly in a cupboard or shelf. And because they’re built to last, this range of radiator airers will withstand the demands of repeated usage, while keeping their enhanced productivity at large.


  • It includes a five-bar drying area that promotes more dried garments.
  • Its sharp hooks and anti-scratch feet not only preserve its durability but protect the radiators as well.
  • Its radiator grip is among the best you can find.


  • It can’t support ample bathroom towels or heavier clothes.

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10. The Innovative Folding Clothes Radiator Drying Airer By JVL

The Innovative Folding Clothes Radiator Drying Airer By JVL

If you’re on the search for a compact-sized airer that uses a different support system to latch onto the radiator, then this is the best choice for you. Amounting to a total size of 50 cm, this drying rack can withhold as much as 3-metres of damp clothes. Perfectly adjustable to fit various radiator widths, the portable airer can be easily folded and stored away until you need it again. Finished in an elegant white coating with contrasting blue arms, the device simply latches to the radiator, thus not only maintaining a strong base but ensuring not to damage the radiator as well.


  • Its blue handles can quickly move further away from its base, suiting different radiator types.
  • It’s easy to assemble and adjust to your preferred surface.
  • Several customers noted that the shipping of this device was very prompt and orderly.
  • Good value for money.


  • It is rather lightweight, so it’s only suitable with smaller garments like socks, panties, hand towels or other similar products.

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Buying Guide

Radiator clothes airers are more or less the same because they don’t have any fancy features that differentiate one from the other. Generally, there are a few hallmarks that could help you navigate through the airer products variability to find the best match for you.

  • Components – Airers are usually built by either a metallic, aluminium or plastic build. A metallic or aluminium construction will make for a more durable rack, but a plastic coating is easier to maintain and generally better on the surface it’s being latched on. 
  • Adjustable Arms – The idea of clothes airers is that they are adaptable with most surfaces and are not limited to a radiator. For that reason, you need to look for racks that apply adjustable hinges that are easily modified to fit any living space. 
  • Dry Space – Radiator airers are frequently picked out due to their space-saving feature, so it’s understandable that they’re compact-sized and can’t withhold a lot of clothes. However, an airier that doesn’t provide the minimum of 2-metre drying space is simply not worth it. There are plenty of options that circle 3 metres, so you shouldn’t settle for less.


Q: Which is the best clothes Airer?

A: The best clothes airer of 2021 is the household radiator airer by FlickBuyz.

Q: Is it bad to dry clothes on the radiator?

A: If you directly place the clothes on your radiator, then yes it is. By doing this, you are preventing heat from being distributed in your rooms, causing it to run with a more intensive operation. This will not only damage the radiators but cost you more in the long run, since the boiler spends more by running on unnecessary higher rates.

Q: Are heated clothes Airers any good?

A: Yes, clothes airers are arguably the most cost-effective way to dry your clothes. They promote less energy waste, lower water consumption rate and a higher eco-friendliness. They’re suitable for all seasons, as you can either place them on heating radiators in the winter or balcony railings during the summer. Even though they’re not as productive as a full-on tumble dryer, they’re the best alternative for those who search for a more efficient option.

Q: Where do you store your clothes Airer?

A: Clothes airers can usually fold into a compact-sized shape that makes them viable to be stored anywhere around the house. Most people store them on larger shelves, cupboards or garages; but you can also store them just about anywhere! Whether it’s under the bed, up the wardrobe, behind the door or even on plain sight, you can rest assured that the rack will be in good shape as you first left it.

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