The 7 Best Retractable Washing Line Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Retractable Washing Line Reviews

Last Updated on May 8, 2021

What’s not to love about retractable washing lines? You can use them indoors or outside and they provide line drying space for your laundry. When you don’t need them, you simply wind them back into the unit and get your space back. Pretty cool right?

We share a useful review of the best retractable washing lines on the market.

Editors Choice

Wallfix Airer By Brabantia

Wallfix Airer By Brabantia

Weight 7.01 kg

Dimensions 15.5 x 14 x 108.5 cm

Warranty 5 years

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Large Washing line By Wenko

Large Washing line By Wenko

Weight 780 g

Dimensions 18.5 x 18.5 x 6.5 cm

Warranty 3 years

Check Price

Retractable Indoor Washing Line By Brabantia

Retractable Indoor Washing Line By Brabantia

Weight 630 g

Dimensions 7.6 x 48.3 x 440 cm

Warranty 5 years

Check Price

Retractable Drying Space By Minky

Retractable Drying Space By Minky

Weight 1.22 kg

Dimensions 19 x 6 x 15.5 cm

Warranty 2 years

Check Price

Double Outdoor Retractable Washing Line By Metaltex

Double Outdoor Retractable Washing Line By Metaltex

Weight 1.06 kg

Dimensions 9 x 16 x 18.5 cm

Warranty 3 years

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Discover The Best Retractable Washing Lines Of 2021

1. Wallfix Airer By Brabantia

Wallfix Airer By Brabantia

The best retractable washing line is the Wallfix Airer By Brabantia. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

This Brabantia wallfix garden laundry line has had its quality validated over time by the positive reviews it has enjoyed in the market. As our top pick, this retractable washing line is of heavy duty materials and shielded in a case that prevents it from wear and tear.

Though coming at a slightly higher price, the Brabantia retractable wall fix line is genuinely worth the price. Multiple laundry lines are provided so that you can be more flexible with your work. It comes with a UV protective case for durability and there is a PVC coated line guaranteeing the most satisfactory result.

The versatility, reliability and durability of the Brabantia wall fix retractable line make it stand out. All of these has also contributed largely to the increased sale this washing line has enjoyed in the market. Reading through reviews, you will find out that this is the most rated of all washing lines.

You will love its folding casing feature which gives it a stunning appearance. This casing comes with a rotating handle that allows it for users to be able to adjust the tension setting on the washing lines, making it very easy to use. You can either tighten or loosen these lines depending on your preference and clothes that are to be dried on it.Pros

  • Comes in excellent design and robust case for easy use
  • Easy to install and remove for maintenance, without any fixings.
  • Construction is made from a very good silver like material to ensure the lines are taut and secure
  • Ideal length – up to 24 metres of drying space
  • Best retractable washing line folds easily to save you space


  • Users demand a comprehensive warranty plan from Brabantia to secure purchase

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2. Large Washing line By Wenko

Large Washing line By Wenko

The second best retractable washing line is the Large Washing line By Wenko. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Wenko is an established manufacturer that has allowed its innovation to find expression in this particular model. Coming in a beautiful design, this washing line is quite affordable and user-friendly.

With a reasonable budget, you can hold this compact product in your bathroom, patios, balconies or gardens. It comes in a heavy-duty casing so that wear and tear can be prevented. It is versatile for indoor and outdoor uses while there is an adjustable tension to keep it firm at all times.

With its casing, this is the best retractable washing line to invest in. The housing helps to assure users of the quality of the laundry line and its ability to withstand weather changes. The ease of maintenance has also been traced to the coating of this retractable washing line.

The washing line of this retractable wall dryer is covered with PVC coated and this is the major standout feature from other washing lines. This covering makes the washing line very durable and prolongs its use. With this coating, this washing line is further strengthened and can take cumbersome clothes placed across both edges of the dryer.Pros

  • Top notch casing makes it a very durable buy
  • PVC coated covering allows it to be sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Very versatile, durable and reliable clothes line
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Easy to maintain, saves you money
  • Up to 15 metres of line


  • Installation with fixing is sometimes not easy especially for beginners

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3. Retractable Indoor Washing Line By Brabantia

Retractable Indoor Washing Line By Brabantia

Third place goes to the Retractable Indoor Washing Line By Brabantia. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

As much as the brand is reliable, so is this product. Coming as an outdoor retractable line, it comes with all the attachments required to attach it anywhere.

You can join the many users who have this Brabantia clothes line in their home and trust me, you will be glad you did. It has independent lines for several purposes. You will love its adjustable tension which helps in preventing sagging and clips are included in the package.

The comprehensiveness of this indoor laundry line is incomparable. As an indoor washing line, all of these attachments that are required to easily mount this wall fix line is provided alongside it. The relative affordability of this indoor washing line is also another reason why people like it.

The UV special protection provided for the Brabantia washing line has stood it out in the market making it the most talked-about laundry line as regards reliability. With this coating, there is a long term resistance from any damage that may result from the sun, rain or any other element.Pros

  • UV special protection makes it best for outdoor purposes
  • The coating provides for long term resistance that assures durability
  • Comes comprehensive with all of the attachments needed for easy installation.
  • Compact, sturdy and durable Brabantia clothes line
  • Up to 22 metres of line


  • Maintaining this Brabantia clothes line requires loads of effort and cost

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4. Retractable Drying Space By Minky

Retractable Drying Space By Minky

Fourth place goes to the Retractable Drying Space By Minky. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Minky wall fix line is a garden clotted dryer that is well trusted amongst homeowners and gardeners because of its high-end materials on the one hand, and reliability on the other side. Even though the price in which this retractable drying space comes at has been a bit high, considering its many features, it is worth the buy.

Minky wall fix line has independent lines that can be used on its own or combined. With clip and hooks to fasten laundry, cannot get it wrong if you go for this product. A comprehensive warranty plan covers the purchase of this amazing Minky retractable reel washing line. This is the right product to go for if you really want to achieve the best result easily.

As a windup washing line, it is made of high-quality material. This is no doubt seen in the feedback users give in reviews across several platforms. If this standard is maintained, this washing line is most likely to witness increased sales over time.

The automatic retraction feature of this Minky wall fix washing line is a plus. While you might want to wonder that a lot of other washing lines have this automatic rotation, it might interest you to know that the Minky wall fix line has been well designed to be easily understood.Pros

  • Very good coating for durability of this compact Minky wall fix laundry line reel
  • Easy installation with a manual guide provided with this Minky wall fix retractable line
  • You can hang a big load of laundry with this product easy
  • Up to 30m of drying space set outdoors or on any wall


  • The Minky wall fix laundry line is a bit too pricey compared to its reliability.

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5. Double Outdoor Retractable Washing Line By Metaltex

Double Outdoor Retractable Washing Line By Metaltex

Fifth place goes to the Double Outdoor Retractable Washing Line By Metaltex. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

As a dual retractable washing line reel, you can do more with this wall fix line than you can do with any other washing line.

With this, you do not have to worry about the price as it comes at a really affordable price. It comes with a sturdy mounting box and a swing bracket for natural movement. There is an automatic retraction mechanism which makes its use more convenient and easy. 

Being a retractable washing line, this particular line reel offers users plenty of space for a big load of laundry, and this has been the main reason why people are buying it in the market today. Unlike any other wall fix retractable reel especially the indoor ones that offer two lines, this wall fix line reel is made from strong materials which also contribute to why people like it.

An internal locking device ensures the lines always remain taut and secure, and when you’re done with the line, they automatically pull back into the housing for safe storage. The wall box is very sturdy as well and features a swing bracket for quick and easy installation, while brickwork screws, raw plugs, line hooks and other fixings are all included so it can be easily installed anywhere.Pros

  • Users can enjoy more storage space provided for by this easily retractable wall fix line
  • Automatic retraction mechanism makes this wall fix line more user-friendly and easy to use
  • The very good build gives it the strength to take a big load of clothes
  • Sturdy, durable and easy to use
  • Locking device keeps the reel taut and secure
  • Up to 30 metres of line and easy installation with a swing bracket


  • It many times doesn’t come with all of the attachments that are needed to easily install it.

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6. Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line By Vileda

Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line By Vileda

Sixth place goes to the Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line By Vileda. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This retractable laundry line combines some of the excellent features of the top washing lines and the relative affordability of others. It is straightforward to mount and a very user-friendly clothes line.

You can get this as an indoors laundry line to hang your laundry over a small living space. It has a 2 by 12 metres retractable washing lines and can also be easily used outdoors. It comes well coated and that is why its durability cannot be disputed.

You will love the user-friendly nature of this product. It is elementary to mount and use while this ease is also seen in removing and maintaining it. We cannot be even shy away from the fact that the price of this retractable clothes line with a bracket makes it attractive to many people.

This product is easy to install. It comes with a special bracket that is being used to taut and secure the washing line to any surface needed. Aside from the bracket, its design structure allows for it to be easily removed when not in use or when it needs to be maintained.Pros

  • This retractable washing line reel is straightforward to install, easy to use and maintain
  • Very user-friendly products and can be easily mounted on any wall using the compact bracket
  • Line is always kept taut and secure
  • You can easily store it away, it is fitting anywhere
  • Easily dry your clothes with this wall mounted product


  • After a long while, this sturdy washing line reel begins to wear off after a while of use.

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7. Retractable Dual Washing Clothes Line By Beldray

Retractable Dual Washing Clothes Line By Beldray

Seventh place goes to the Retractable Dual Washing Clothes Line By Beldray. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

The Beldray LA027016 Metre Retractable Clothes Line gets the 7th place here because of the material used in making it, its design and various colour options opened to users. It comes in a quality case so that you can be sure to use it for a really long period once it is regularly and properly maintained.

It allows for automatic retraction making it a perfect choice for almost every home. It comes with a single washing line which guarantees the most effective result at all times. You will love its adjustable case unit and that is why you can never go wrong with this product.

Excellent design and affordability are the exceptional attributes of this product. While there are users who find all of these two in this washing line, some find one and find it really surprising to purchase.

The portable design of this retractable clothes line stands it out amongst others. This design is provided for in a lovely colour which makes it one that helps to improve the aesthetics of the home and not just serve as a laundry dryer alone.Pros

  • Very portable and comprehensive washing line keeping its lines taut and secure
  • Comes in various colours that make it look attractive when placed in the home
  • The adjustable unit makes it versatile for use indoors and outdoors and neatly set it in any position on the wall or other structure
  • Small size and compact design allow you to save space and dry clothes easily


  • Not a very reliable or durable washing line that can hang a big load of wet cloth at a time.

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A Guide To Retractable Washing Lines

heated clothes airer is important when drying clothes during unfavourable weather conditions. But it is important for clothes to get direct sunlight when drying. Sunlight keeps the clothes smelling clean and fresh. Besides a rotary washing line, a retractable washing line enables you to expose your clothes to direct sunlight. You can then iron on an ironing board using a steam generator iron or cordless iron.

A retractable washing line saves on storage space and is versatile. It can work both indoors and outdoors. We will guide you through purchasing the best retractable washing lines.

What You Need To Know

Buying the best retractable washing line is not just as easy as working into any stores that provides one and picking it. Yes, it is possible for you to have read some reviews about extendable clothes lines and retractable wall mounted line and gotten an idea.

However, beyond that, you have to take certain factors into consideration when choosing to be sure whatever laundry line you are picking is the best for you. So in this buying guide, we shall be running through some of these factors, many of which we got from careful search and opinions of experts and manufacturers.

Know the Type You Want – Indoor or Outdoor

As much as we have the indoor retractable washing line, we also have the outdoor washing line, and there is a massive difference between these two products. Many buyers in the market today pay less attention to the gap that exists between these two products when buying only to get home to discover that it is unable to serve the purpose.

For homeowners who have a garden, an outdoor wall-mounted line might just be the best pick for you. This is because a lot of these retractable washing line outdoor come longer than the indoor ones. The strength and durability of the free retractable washing line is another reason why it is the best choice for garden owners.

On the contrary, if you reside in flat, you have no need for an outdoor laundry line. The best option for you will be to go for a wall washing line that can be used indoors. Remember that for inside ranges, there is no much space, so to avoid muddling up things in the home, you should go for a well-fitting wall mounted washing line. Then, as much as attention is paid to the quality of the outdoor drying line reel, also do so when getting a wall mounted washing line for indoors.

A Guide To Retractable Washing Lines

The Material Type of the Retractable Clothesline

Every retractable laundry line comes in different types which you have to pay attention to when purchasing. The material type plays a significant role especially as it relates to the reliability and durability of the garden clothes line. The more common extra-strong washing line is usually made from firm steel limes that are sometimes coated in plastics.

Also, the heavy-duty retractable washing line come in high-quality material type and are best for outdoors. This is because they will be able to stand the effect of some aspects like rain and sunlight and still not wear or tear. Asides from the metal and steel material, some outdoor clothes dryer are also made up of plastic lines.

While some of these plastic retractable lines are of maximum quality, others are not. Those belonging to the latter category many times end up cracking after a long while of use. When buying, it is also essential that cost is taken into consideration and as such it is best that you avoid those materials that come cheaply. Some of these clothing line materials include those made of rope and nylon, and they wear or even tear off after a while of use.

The Casing of the Clothesline

The casing of washing like wire does two significant things that to the washing line reel. First is that it further assures and secures the durability of the extending washing line. Secondly, it makes the retractable clothes line user-friendly. Every user and by extension buyers over time have been seen to go for more user-friendly washing limes, and the only way to do this is to pay attention to the casing of the washing line cord.

The housing of the extendable laundry line differs depending on where it is being used. For outdoor laundry line, it is best to go for a good case that can help prevent it from rust and also provide weather-resistant and break resistant housing unit for the washing line. This is very helpful because it will help you cut some cost on maintenance and would mean that you will not have to be changing the extending clothes dryer from time to time.

What Are the Different Features?

A Guide To Retractable Washing Lines

There are certain features of retractable washing lines that users find really handy that might not necessarily be a factor that influences your buying.

These features differ from one person to another and can be modified over time depending on what your preference is as a buyer. These retractable washing lines elements include the colour, the attachments that come with it and the design.

The Color of the Clothesline

While many users do not pay so much attention to tones, others do. Going by the majority reviews of buyers over time, a lot of them have been said to spend a lot of attention to the colour of the extendable washing line when buying. They always want it to be that it comes with a shade that matches something in their homes thereby being able to establish a fashion statement.

Attachments Included With the Washing Line

The extent to which an extra table washing line is user-friendly is being measured by taking into consideration the accessories that come with it. These attachments amongst other things could include the clips provided for as well as the hooks that can be used in mounting the washing line to the wall as in the case with a wall mounted clothes line. When it has to do with a heavy-duty washing line, attachments that make it easy to operate and maintain are handy, and buyers find them really appealing.

The Design of the Washing Line

As more brands begin to unfold, a whole lot of innovative designs are introduced to retractable washing lines. These innovations are expressed in the diverse design more modern washing lines come in especially the double retractable washing lines.

Retractable Washing Lines FAQs

Q: How much space does a retractable washing line offers

A: The spaces offered by washing lines differ from one line to another. Also, the location of the retractable washing line is also another factor that determines the spaces offered by a retractable washing line. Wall mounted clothes dryer outdoor are known to offer more space than the retractable clothes line indoor because when used indoor, there is limited space to mount the washing line. Double retractable washing line also offers more space than the single washing lines.

Q: Is there a difference between the casing used for an outdoor retractable washing line and that used for an indoor washing line and how do you identify the difference?

A: To start with, there is a difference between the casing of outside washing lines and the indoor one. This is because the outdoor washing lines need to have a more quality case that is resistant and shields the laundry line from elements like the sun and rain. This might not be so with an indoor retractable washing line. The quality and coating of the case is a significant way to identify and differentiate both.

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