These Are The 10 Best Safety Boots In the UK (2021)

Best Safety Boots

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

Ever had a piece of equipment fall on your feet? Excruciating pain and injury are just some of the problems you will encounter.

Whether you’re a plumber, roofer, builder, gardener, or a general DIY enthusiast, don’t risk going about your daily routine without protecting your feet. Our review of the best safety boots will help you pick a pair suitable to your needs.

The Best Safety Boots Reviewed In 2021

1. Mens Waterproof Safety Work Boots By Black Hammer

Mens Waterproof Safety Work Boots By Black Hammer

The best safety boots are the Men’s Waterproof Work Boots By Black Hammer. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Are you constantly on your feet the whole time at work or you are a busy person walking and engaging in difficult tasks? Then you are aware of the aches, pains and blisters that come around when you don’t have the right footwear. To add to it, when the working environment is exposed to dangerous sharp objects, the wrong footwear will increase the risks of you getting hurt.

Therefore, you need to get yourself a pair of this Black Hammer company Leather Work Boots today. This boot is engineered to withstand harsh outdoors. It has durable leather in its construction and sealed with robust stitching to offer pro performance during the roughest weather and harsh outdoor conditions. The lace line of the boot is made diagonal to contour to the natural movement of your foot while the laces distribute pressure evenly on your foot to prevent pressure in harsh areas.

These are the most comfortable leather upper boots to stand in all day because they have a breathable and lightweight gauze layer with cushioned interiors that stretch back to provide natural arch support . The thick outer covering on the shoe creates a wrong impression about the weight. These, in fact, have a lightweight design that allows you to walk in the whole day without experiencing any discomfort.

You don’t have to worry when it rains all of a sudden because these are waterproof leather boots that keep your feet dry in such conditions. They don’t fade because the waterproof outer layer isn’t chemically coated to wash over time. This boot offers ankle support thanks to its mid-rise design. You are not going to slip and fall or experience any static currents because it has great traction anti-slip and anti-static rubber soles. You can wear these waterproof toe cap padded boots any time of the day with maximum comfort.


  • They are the most comfortable work boots
  • They offer support from the foot to the ankle
  • The best work boots are lightweight
  • They are built to last with great rubber soles
  • The best waterproof leather boots
  • Well made with leather upper and great ankle support


  • They are not wide fit work boots

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2. Switchback Safety Boots By Scruffs

Switchback Safety Boots By Scruffs

Second place on our top 10 list goes to the Switchback Work Boots By Scruffs. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Since 2003, Scruffs hardware has been delivering innovative footwear and workwear and it still maintains the same original top high quality standards in their production. The Scruffs mid ankle Switchback gives a much more refined boot that offers a unique style and look. A best pair built with a range of many excellent features, you are assured of great comfort.

Do you want to be comfortable in a pair of popular mid ankle style shoes and ensure the comfort lasts longer? Well, this pair of scruffs work boots will deliver all day underfoot comfort that you can’t get anywhere else. This brand ensures that the tradesman works comfortably while maintaining the great looks.

The rubber soles on this scruff is exclusively designed with heel control with the front and side pull tabs that offer top performance. When wearing the work shoes, you can’t slip even on slippery floors because the rubber soles have SRA rating slip resistance. There is also a pierce-resistant midsole (to 1000kN) for you to be protected all through. It is perfectly designed to protect the wearer from all sorts of injuries that may arise at the workplace.

In addition, it is fitted with composite or steel toe caps to protect the toes against falling sharp objects or when you are in an environment that is prone to hazardous risks. Fitted with hardwearing leather uppers with padded tongue and comfortable collar pads, the steel toe cap boots are durable. In addition, you get a composite midsole to ensure easy manoeuvrability with this pair of site work boots. 

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  • They are very protective with well made toe caps
  • The sturdy mid ankle boots are made to keep your feet warm
  • They are excellent to keep clean and wear, have a great overall value for money
  • They are very comfortable with padded tongue
  • The fashion mid ankle boots look good and enable comfort


  • They wear out with time in case there is frequent kneeling and bending
  • Only the top is water resistant, the whole boots are not waterproof

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3. Military Police Safety Boots By Groundwork

Military Police Safety Boots By Groundwork

Third place goes to the Military Police Work Boots By Groundwork. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

As a military officer, there are many activities you get involved in that require flexibility and comfortability. Comfort starts with the shoe you decide to put and therefore you need to feel secure in whatever you choose to wear. The steel toe cap Combat tactical site work boots are the perfect companion for policemen, doormen, fire officers, security officers and even riggers.

This is because the activities these people partake require comfort and protection on the underfoot. Also, activities like hiking, hunting and paintballing, you will need this military quality footwear. Not only do the steel toe cap shoes offer great support, but they are also very comfortable and flexible to walk in. These steel cap boots are made with black genuine leather uppers that provide a lasting look at the work boots. 

Support is seen inside the boots as the toes are capped with a safety steel toe cap and lined with a comfortable, soft on touch cushion insole. The rubber outsole membrane is constructed with a hard slip-resistant material that prevents possible slips on a wet or muddy surface. In addition, it also has oil-resistant properties to ensure total safety on often slippery flooring.

In addition, the rubber sole has a padded collar tongue for extra comfort. You can easily lace up the steel safety toe boots with the strong square laces and the zips on the side come in handy in fastening the leather fashion boots to fit comfortably.

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  • These leather work boots are durable and offer great ankle support
  • The leather work boots are very comfortable with the cushioned wedge insoles
  • These leather work boots offer great protection
  • They offer stronghold with the side zips and padded tongue for great ankle support
  • A well made pair with toe caps.


  • The zip on these leather work boots can easily break
  • Not waterproof, many users say they are very much terrible in water

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4. Mens Steel Toe Cap Safety Trainers By Bargains-galore

Mens Steel Toe Cap Safety Trainers By Bargains-galore

Fourth place goes to the Men’s Steel Toe Cap Safety Trainers By Bargains-galore. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. You can check the purchase price and recent information on the Amazon website link below.

Are you on a budget and looking for the perfect hiking or builder shoes? The Men’s Safety Trainer shoes offer great relief to the wearer. They are comfortable and well built. Even if you have a wide foot, this boot will fit just fine and you will experience the comfiest feeling when hiking or going around your business.

Inside, it has a steel toe cap for protection against penetration of sharp objects. Built with the user in mind, the rubber sole is made oil-resistant and slip-resistant to prevent any possible slipping and falling. In addition, even the sole is made to absorb shock so that the foot is protected against impact.


  • The boots are comfortable for sports
  • They have an array of key features for security and support
  • They are lightweight
  • They are an affordable model


  • Not suitable for everyday use
  • Not completely waterproof, but they are water resistant.

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5. Leather Work Safety Boots By Blackrock

Leather Work Safety Boots By Blackrock

Fifth place goes to the Leather Work Boots By Blackrock. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Who said you can’t get quality cheap work boots? The Blackrock Black Leather Work Safety Chukka Boots exhibit great features that provide safety and comfort. The boot is engineered to withstand harsh conditions because it is built using strong and top quality materials.

On the outer part, it has a leather top that is durable and flexible. There is even a collar pad around the ankle area for added support. If you are working in an environment that has sharp objects that tend to penetrate through shoe then this is the best choice to get because, with the steel toe cap and protective midsole, you get protection against potential hazards. It is wide fitting for added comfort.


  • These best steel toe work boots have numerous protective features
  • It fits comfortably and has great steel toe cap
  • These leather top boots are affordable and allow comfort
  • Not completely waterproof but they keep the water out.


  • The soles tend to pick up grit and keep marking on the floor when walking
  • The shoes make a squeaking sound when walking

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6. Retro Work Safety Baseball Shoes By Lee Cooper

Retro Work Safety Baseball Shoes By Lee Cooper

Sixth best work boots are the Retro Work Safety Baseball Shoes By Lee Cooper. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

There have been a lot of complaints about the weight of most work boots in the UK. This is because they are very heavy and don’t really offer the comfort required for flexible manoeuvrability. The Lee Cooper Workwear has worked to solve this problem and to prove this, there is the Lee Cooper Workwear Baseball, Men’s Safety Shoes. Just by seeing the shoes, you can feel the comfort you will get when you are in them.

You can spend the whole day in these comfortable work boots while working and they’ll do your feet justice. The ankle boot has a low profile design that is fashionable and a rubberized badge with a safety tab to indicate the safety you get from the footwear. There are accidents that keep happening in the working environment that requires you to have safety protection against harm. 

With this in mind, these lightweight work boots have a low profile steel toe caps for impact protection and safety to two hundred joules. This toe cap is covered with a textured PU coating. The shoes have strong laces with metal eyelets and metal loops to enable total strength and safety when you are wearing them.

In addition, there is a padded collar and tongue for you to feel comfier. To feel safe while walking, the rubber outsole is even made with anti-slip and oil-resistant rubber for flexibility and durability and are the best work boots for the most of the days.

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  • They are very light so you can move around easily
  • The good work boots look elegant and stylish while offering great feet support
  • The steel toe shoes are extra comfortable with the padded collar
  • They have good anti slip and oil resistant rubber


  • The soles wear quickly up on everyday use

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7. Mens Safety Steel Toe Cap boots By Groundwork

Mens Safety Steel Toe Cap boots By Groundwork

Seventh best work boots are the Men’s Steel Toe Cap boots By Groundwork. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The most striking thing about this Groundwork Men’s work boot is the quality of the leather used in its construction. At a glance, you will know that this work boot is built to last with the genuine brown suede leather upper material used. You will also get the comfort you can rely on throughout your day regardless of the activity you are engaging in.

Aside from foot support, this shoe offers a stylish look such that you still get to look good as you work. It is complete with a lace-up fastening and a low heel design just like the Dewalt Titanium work boot to make sure you look the part. You get to feel comfortable the whole day because the work boot has shock absorption properties with compression up to 15000 newtons. 

In addition, it is fitted with a steel toe cap that is tested to 200 joules of impact to protect your foot completely. The outer part has an anti-slip oil, petrol and chemical resistant soles to prevent you from falling. These are important features that make these boots the best work boots to have.


  • They are made with a durable material
  • They are the best for comfort underfoot
  • They offer support against falling
  • These boots come at an affordable price


  • They are not waterproof
  • They make a snapping sound when walking and they leave trails behind

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8. Hiker Workwear Safety Boots By Dickies

Hiker Workwear Safety Boots By Dickies

Eighth place goes to the Hiker Workwear Work Boots By Dickies. We gave it 4/5 stars.

For a simple and comfortable look, you should try the Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Work Boots. You can wear them practically everywhere and still look presentable. If your work entails patrolling, hunting or even hiking, then you need proper shoes that fit comfortably underfoot. The pain that comes with uncomfortable shoes is unbearable and you don’t want to lag behind because of that, and that is why these are the best work boots in the UK that never disappoint.

When you have this pair on, you experience comfort and protection only a great work boot can provide. For underfoot protection, this work boot is fitted with a steel toe cap to EN20345 (200 joules) and a steel midsole. The fear of falling due to slippery grounds is a thing of the past because this sole is SRA slip-resistant.

In addition, the rubber soles are energy-absorbing, antistatic because they are made of dual-density PU material. Also, the heel is shock absorbent to protect your foot from outer impact. When you observe the storing instructions, you are bound to last with your boots a very long time.


  • They are comfortable so you can move around easily
  • They have anti-static protection
  • The heel is shocks absorbent


  • The sole splits after sometime especially when worn in snow times
  • Not heat resistant

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9. Protective Steel Safety Boots By Blackrock

Protective Steel Safety Boots By Blackrock

Ninth place goes to the Steel Work Boots By Blackrock. We gave it 4/5 stars.

Arguably the most stylish boot on this review, the Blackrock SF12B Dealer Work Boot is ideal for any working environment. It is built with the strongest materials that make it stand in the high-end category of the best work boots in the UK. Offering versatility and top performance, you can wear this work boot in warehouses, site work, construction sites, gardening, and as casual wear in the office thanks to the uniform style and functionality.

It has leather uppers (like the Timberland pro-Chelsea boots)for durability and great flexibility. The inside has a steel toe cap and a protective midsole to protect you from sharp objects that may try to penetrate the front and underfoot. In addition, the insole is fully moulded and removable. The outer part has an energy absorbing cushioned heels that aid in reducing foot fatigue when you have spent the whole day in them. 

Also, the sole is made with double density PU shock absorbent material to provide a strong bond between the upper unit and the sole unit of the boot for added protection. With energy absorbing heel properties, the boot takes major jumping, walking or running impact to avoid stressing the foot. The work boot is wide fitting for extra comfort. You don’t have to worry about slipping or falling when working with these wide fit lightweight leather shoes in wet and oily conditions because they have fuel oil resistant sole unit.


  • The boot has robust construction
  • It is easy to put on the boots with the pull on tags
  • These products have elastic sides for comfortable fitting
  • It has numerous feet and toe protection features to enable you to move around


  • Some consumers complain about the little size of the steel toe cap almost being smaller than the boot

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10. Safety Boots With Steel Midsole By Dickies

Safety Boots With Steel Midsole By Dickies

Tenth place goes to the Work Boots With Steel Midsole By Dickies. We gave it 4/5 stars.

Dickies is known for manufacturing quality footwear and this Dickies Antrim safety boot is one of the cheap work boots on the series with a number of great safety features available. On the outside, it looks simple and yet stylish. You can wear this pair to work and still look presentable while it provides the comfort you deserve underfoot. When you see them, you would think these are office shoes, not a utility option.

Despite this fact, however, they tick the every right box in terms of comfort and safety standard. This men and women boot from the Dickies styles series is a smart and highly durable boot. This is attributed to the fact that the materials used in its construction are of premium quality. The inside is fully protected with the steel toe cap and midsole underfoot protection with a full insock and padded tongue for all-round comfort. 

In addition, it has a breathable lining textile mesh for extra comfort. It has oil-resistant and slip resistant soles. If the reviews and ratings on Amazon are anything to go by, these are the first moving boots on the work boots sale.


  • The boot is very comfortable
  • Great soles and ankle support
  • These products are oil and water resistant
  • The sole is thick and with anti-slip and anti-oil properties to avoid falling
  • The pair comes at an affordable price range


  • The outer material could peel off very much with time

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Safety Boots Buying Guide

DIY home projects save a lot of money. But they also require that you use the best tools to get everything accurate. You need the best hammer drilltable sawMIG weldermitre saw, and router table. The best telescopic ladder will also make high areas easily reachable.

It is also vital to avoid injuries by wearing safety boots; not just any brand, but high-quality boots. We will show you how to go about buying the best in the market.

What You Need To Know

Safety Boots Buying Guide

When purchasing safety work boots, the first thing that you need to consider is the safety they bring on the toes and feet. And for many decades, most work boots have either steel, composite and aluminium toe caps for maximum protection on the toes. Steel toes are heavy and they steal heat from the feet making them unsuitable for cold environments. Aluminium is lighter and is not insulated. The composite toes are made from plastic, carbon fibre or Kevlar. These non-metallic materials don’t conduct heat and can be worn through metal detectors and they keep the feet heated in cool environments.

Another factor to consider is how safe you will be when you have them on many different surfaces. There are boots that have resistant soles and heels. You should expect from a good pair of work boots on sale to have both slip and oil-resistant features to provide total protection from falling.  

An additional feature is a puncture-resistant plate that protects the feet from sharp objects like nails. Also, the soles should be acid-resistant depending on your occupation. In the case you are a climber or a hiker, a boot with at least ¾ inch high and a bevel of 45 degrees is always ideal to get a good grip on the ladder or mountain.

Additional support from work boots is yet another factor to consider especially if you are a rigger. You need boots with metatarsal guards which are similar to safety toes but these protect a larger part of your feet. For loggers and railroad workers, boots with ankle and calf support are the best companions. These features are mostly found in boots that are over 9 inches long.

Most work boots are designed to be used around electricity; therefore, you need a pair with electrical surge protection. Electrical hazard boots have components that are non-conductive which make them free from any kind of metallic material and minimize the risk of electrocution. There are also static dissipation boots that have special conductive insoles which are designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity. Depending on your work type, choose the shoe that you will be safe in around industrial machines.

Safety Boots Buying Guide

The construction of the boots to buy really matters. There are three well-known methods that are used in making many different boots. The most common one is the use of leather or synthetic welt. A welt entails a strip of material put between the upper and lower sole where they are attached. Boots with this material are rugged and long-lasting.

Also, you get much better stability on uneven, rocky work surfaces. If the torsion control is not there, the foot and knee tend to bend, twist and flex easily. The second technique is known as the direct-attached method where molten rubber hardens to form the sole of the boot. This type of boots is lightweight, comfortable and absorbs shocks very well. The third is called the cement method which is very comfortable and light. They are also the cheapest of the three.

Waterproofing and insulation of the boots is a factor to consider especially when you live in colder and snowy winters. You get to work comfortably with good insulated work boots in these areas. If the boot has more insulation then it will be very uncomfortable to wear during summer periods. There is also the weight factor.

For any apprentice and the employer, working in heavy boots can be a pain to carry on long trips. Therefore it is best to avoid the heavy cowboy types of work boots.

The brand name of the boots also matters. Well, known manufacturers produce the best and durable boots to keep up with the rising search and demand for modern work boots. The Scruffs, the Red wing, wolverine, Keen and Timberland are top brands known for producing the best boots you can rely on. Brands like Timberland have a lifetime warranty which makes them most trusted.

Safety Boots Buying FAQs

Q: How long should good work boots last for?

A: On daily wear, general purpose work boots should last at least a year that is when worn under normal working conditions. Harsher conditions tend to wear and tear the boots and this reduces its durability.

Q: When and where are we required to wear work boots?

A: You are required to wear work boots in hazardous environments or in warehouses or places that have high risks of injury on average. Safety footwear is always ideal to protect your feet from any possible harm. Also, you need comfortable working shoes to make the job easy and take care of you.

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