The 10 Best Salt And Pepper Grinders In The UK (2021)

Best Salt And Pepper Grinders Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Freshly ground peppercorns and flakes of salt give your dishes amazing flavours that will tantalise even the toughest taste buds.

If you’re looking for a salt and pepper grinder to spice up your meals, check out our best salt and pepper grinder review and buying guide. We’ll arm you with the right arsenal to turn your meals into a delightful explosion.

The Best Salt & Pepper Grinders Reviewed In 2021

1. Adjustable Coarseness Salt And Pepper Grinders By Modetro

Adjustable Coarseness Salt And Pepper Grinders By Modetro

The best salt and pepper grinders are the Adjustable Coarseness Salt And Pepper Grinders By Modetro. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Our top pick on this best salt and pepper mills is one that has been tested and trusted by many to be of very high quality. It is known to be very durable and offers much space that makes the filling and refilling this product very easy.

It comes with mills that are 5.5 inches tall and can hold about 8oz of salt or peppercorns. You will love its non-stick rubber silicon tray making it possible for you to get the most satisfactory result. Its grinding mechanism is located at the top of the mill. It is straightforward to make use of this cooking accessory without causing any mess whatsoever.


  • Easy to install in the kitchen and use
  • Low cost of maintenance is required to keep grinder working
  • Presence of LED lights provides a source of lighting
  • Easy to refill


  • Begins to misbehave after a long while of use

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2. Battery Operated Salt & Pepper Grinder By Latent Epicure

Battery Operated Salt & Pepper Grinder By Latent Epicure

Second place goes to the Battery Operated Salt And Pepper Grinder By Latent Epicure. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Latent Epicure Battery Operated Grinder is coming second on this list as one product you can trust when you have to do much seasoning. Coming at a size that makes it best for the more important task, this is one very reliable grinder.

It has two sets of pots with a complimentary acrylic mill rest. With a ceramic grinding mechanism that does not interfere with the taste of seasoning, you can be sure of freshness at all times. Also, this machine has 2 lids and an instruction card which includes a warranty plan

There is a one-touch button operation which allows you to work with one hand. Also, it has adjustable fine and coarseness options which help to get the right texture. You will love the led light which helps to provide light when it gets dim.


  • The manual guide provided is comprehensive allowing for ease of understanding
  • The ceramic grinding mechanism is top notch
  • Installation happens fast and can be carried out by you


  • They don’t come all comprehensive as a battery is not included.

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3. Salt And Pepper Mill Gift Set By Cole & Mason

Salt And Pepper Mill Gift Set By Cole & Mason

Third place goes to the Salt And Pepper Mill Gift Set By Cole & Mason. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Cole Mason Precision Harrogate Inverter Pepper grinder is one that is beginning to gain widespread adoption in the market. This is because of the many adjustable aspects that are being provided for by this grinder. Cole Mason as a brand has been known for quality kitchenware products over the years and this salt and pepper mill set is no exception to that.

It comes with a height of about 25cm and a diameter of about 5cm. It is perfect for use at any time and anywhere. You will love its pre-selected grind settings which helps you to achieve the various levels of smoothness depending on what you desire it to be.

The no-twist function of this product is unique. This means that you can operate this grinder making use of just one hand while you make use of the other hand to carry out any other activity.


  • This model is easy to fill and refill
  • It is mess free kitchenware allowing for sparkling kitchen at all times
  • Comes with 5 pre-selected grind and crush settings that make grinding easy


  • The price to value ratio of this grinder is inferior.

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4.  Electric Salt Pepper Grinder Sets By Lp

Electric Salt Pepper Grinder Sets By Lp

Fourth place goes to the Electric Grinder Sets By Lp. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Coming 4th on this top 10 best salt and pepper grinders of ours is the Lp Electric Grinder Sets. This pepper grinder is known amongst other things for its high-quality materials.

This product allows for the spices to remain fresh while it is ground. It also makes use of one hand grinding, and you will not need to twist it to grind salt or pepper. We view it as no doubt one of the best electronic kitchen accessories in the market today

It comes with a pair of mills which are battery-operated for effective operations. There is a manual guide and you will love its large capacity. It is made up of elements that are non-corrosive and anti-oxidative keeping your spices fresh at all times.

Its nice and simple design makes it very good for all kitchen types. It also has an adjustable grind coarse feature that can be selected by turning the knob of the grinder.


  • Comes with a LED light that turns on by itself
  • Easy battery installation and use
  • This shaker grinder can operate for a long while


  • Requires high maintenance to keep it functional at all times.

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5. Stainless Steel Mill Grinder Set By Jcpkitchen

Stainless Steel Mill Grinder Set By Jcpkitchen

Fifth place goes to the Stainless Steel Mill Grinder Set By Jcpkitchen. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Made by one of the best brands, this grinder set is of top quality and can be used for various seasonings and herbs. It is very portable and comes at a very budget friendly price range. This is one of the best copper salt and pepper grinders. Of the best electric salt and pepper grinders, this is one of the most reliable.

You will love the unique and elegant design as well as the magnetic lid of this machine. The unique design helps to enhance the style of your home while the magnetic lid allows for the lid to be removed when it should. It measures 225mm by 55mm by 55mm making it possible for you to save space.

It has the capacity of taking about 7oz of peppercorns at a time. With copper stainless steel finish, you can be sure that you are putting your money on a durable product. As a result of this, the Jcpkitchen Stainless Steel Mill Pepper Grinder Set one of the most sought-after grinders in the market today.


  • The excellent metal elements mean it will last for a very long while
  • Assembling and disassembling this grinder is easy
  • It comes at a very affordable store price.


  • Utmost care needs to be exercised while making use of this grinder to avoid an accident.

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6. Premium Quality Salt Pepper Grinders By Oliver’s Kitchen

Premium Quality Salt Pepper Grinders By Oliver's Kitchen

Sixth place goes to the Premium Grinders By Oliver’s Kitchen. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Oliver as a brand is known for its flexibility and innovation, and this is evident in its Kitchen Stainless Adjustable Coarseness which makes it as our 6th pick in this review. Remember that it doesn’t matter as to whether it is a personal or family home; you always need the best salt grinder.

It comes with mills of 5.5 cm each and can hold about 7 to 8oz of peppercorns at a time. With a diameter of about 5cm, it can guarantee the most satisfactory result. You will love the stylish design of this machine which helps to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. It also makes sense as a gift to be sent to a family member or your loved ones.

Besides, the large capacity and super stylish design of this grinder are other attributes that make it stand out among the rest, This makes it one of the classiest grinders in the market that doesn’t mess up your kitchen. The ceramic mechanism is also very impressive.


  • The classic and straightforward design makes it very easy to use.
  • Comes flexible and as such, it can be adjusted
  • The size of this ceramic grinder offers you more space especially when preparing a family dish


  • No comprehensive warranty covers the performance of this grinder.

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7. Glass Body Shakers Mill Set By Oitugg

Glass Body Shakers Mill Set By Oitugg

Seventh place goes to the Glass Body Shakers Mill Set By Oitugg. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Oitugg Glass Body Shakers Mill Set is a firm and quality pepper grinder. It can carry out all types of grinding tasks presenting your seasoning to you all fresh at all times. It is a very affordable grinder and one of the cheapest in the market. This machine is not all comprehensive but can be a good buy for an individual.

It measures about 220mm by 50mm by 50mm in length, breadth and height making it fit for your kitchen. It comes in various colour variations ranging from black to red and silver. You will love its sturdy build-up which makes it last for a very long time.

Also, it comes in a sleek and compact design meaning that it doesn’t have to occupy much space wherever it is being kept. Its high-quality glass and stainless steel is a plus which makes it possible for you to have a simple grip on this grinder while making use of it. The moisture-proof top cover is also provided which makes it resistant to moisture, thereby keeping your grinder very clean at all times.


  • With a minimal budget, you can land yourself this grinder
  • It has a guarantee plan provided for its purchase which means safe-buying
  • Not so complex to install and use and can be refilled easily.


  • The strength of this grinder begins to fall after a little while of use.

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8. One Touch Operation Grinders By Andrew James

One Touch Operation Grinders By Andrew James

Eighth place goes to the One Touch Operation Grinders By Andrew James. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Andrew James One Touch Operation Grinders makes it to this list as our 8th pick because of its reliability. This reliability is well-rooted in the quality, flexibility and innovation of the parent brand. Are you in search for a pepper grinder that is worth the buy? Then you should look no further than this offered by Andrew James.

Each mill comes at the height of 23cm with a 5.5cm diameter that provides much space. It is battery-powered which guarantees uninterrupted operations. It is easy to unscrew for the purpose of refilling. Also, this machine comes in various colours that gives buyers a choice to choose which suits them and can serve the purpose for which they need one for.


  • Easy to install, use, fill and refill
  • Well design to allow for easy maintenance
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee plan that covers the grinder’s performance


  • Batteries required are not included and can be very difficult to get a matching one

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9. Grind Control Salt And Pepper Mills By Peugeot

Grind Control Salt And Pepper Mills By Peugeot

Ninth place goes to the Grind Control Salt And Pepper Mills By Peugeot. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Peugeot Grind Control Salt And Pepper Mills comes 9th on this ranking because of its stylish design, high performance and reliability. It stands itself out from other pepper mills to be one that can be trusted by individuals and families all over. Coming at a very impressive cost to value ratio, this pepper grinder is a must-have for every home.

It measures about 5.7 x 5.7 x 18cm making it ideal for your kitchen and is battery-operated. It comes with an in-built lighting system so that you will be able to monitor the whole process. The one-touch operation of this machine is a plus and this eliminates the stress of twisting.

This dining accessory has a large capacity and adjustable blades making it possible for you to get the best result simply. It is made from stainless steel making it a durable machine that you can put your money on.


  • Comes with internal lights that help to illuminate the grinder while grinding salt or pepper
  • They come looking all stylish and transparent allowing you to keep track of grinding
  • A 2-year manufacturer guarantee is provided for.


  • This grinder can sometimes get difficult to operate.

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10. Electronic Stainless Steel Mill Set By Savisto

Electronic Stainless Steel Mill Set By Savisto

Tenth place goes to the Electronic Stainless Steel Mill Set By Savisto. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Are you already tired of that old salt and pepper mill of yours and you want something new and quality? The Savisto Illuminated Electronic Stainless Adjustable Pepper Grinder might be all you need to ease yourself of that stress.

Coming 10th on this review of ours, this pepper grinder is from a trusted brand and has been ascertained to be a high performing one. This illuminated pepper grinder has all the attachments every smart home appliance should have.

This pepper grinder measures about 228mm by 55mm by 55mm and is battery-powered. A manual guide is provided for easy usage and you will love its high-quality steel. You can select this mill and have no regrets whatsoever.

With an illuminated base, you will get access to proper lighting while it is being used. Illumination provided extends to other parts of the kitchen which makes it very safe to work with. With this illuminated base, you can attain a more precise grinding result at all times.


  • It is a fully adjustable grinder which allows for the desired result
  • Fully automatic with an electronic grind mechanism
  • Maintenance of this grinder is straightforward to effect, and refilling is possible.


  • The batteries required to power it, do not come along with it

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Salt & Pepper Grinders Buying Guide

Like using a spice grinder, there are so many health benefits you can derive from using natural salt and peppers. A salt and pepper grinder will come in handy in helping you get fresh home-ground seasoning. You can add the natural salt and pepper when using your popcorn makersoup maker, or blender. The fresh taste will be distinct in food prepared using a halogen oven.

Salt and pepper grinders are a must-have for every home. We will guide you through making the best choice.

What You Need To Know?

Salt & Pepper Grinder Buying Guides

While many users tend to trivialise the need to pay attention to some aspects when buying the best salt and pepper mills, they end up getting a substandard one. The market is no doubt filled with a number of these mills and to be sure you are buying the best; you have to be aware of some considerations. In this buying guide, we shall be showing you some factors to consider when buying salt and pepper grinder.

The Material of the Grinder

The material of the salt and pepper sets is a significant factor to take into consideration when buying because it determines a lot. The type determines how long you can make use of the pepper grinder. When you go for a grinder with high quality, you can use such grinder for a long while.

The matter of the grinder, also determines how versatile the salt or pepper grinder will be. Pepper comes in various types and to be sure the grinder can go well with these variations. The material of the grinder also affects the taste of your seasoning.

Some materials affect the taste of your seasoning after grinding. These materials weaken the taste and corrode it. However, if you go for elements like ceramic ones, they are regarded as the best because they help keep the flavour.

When choosing the elements, you might also like to pay attention to its strength. This is because materials that come strong are always the best when grinding peppercorn. They make sure that they are well ground and that they come out all smooth.

The Operation Type of the Grinder

Grinders come in different types, and so does their operation. We have mills that are powered electronically. We also have the battery mills that are powered with batteries. Aside from these two, we have other manual types, and you will have to make use of your hand to roll the grinder to have it grind.

The standard type is not so common in modern times because of how stressful it is, and the outcome is not always smooth. If you are conscious enough to go for the best electric salt and pepper mills, you might not necessarily have to bother about the stress.

These type of mills always operate automatically as soon as they are connected to a power source. They have timing that can be set for which the grinder would run. After then, it stops by itself. We also have the battery-powered mills that make use of batteries.

The battery salt and pepper mills are always the best options because you can make use of them when there is absent of light. However, when buying battery mills, always make sure that you go for those that are replaceable or chargeable.

The Design of the Salt and Pepper Grinder

Salt & Pepper Grinders Buying Guide

As a buyer, you might be wondering what role the designs and aesthetics of the pepper grinder play in its use. It plays a significant role and is a significant factor to consider when buying one. First, how a grinder is designed, says a lot about how easy it will be to install and operate.

A small grinder with a simple design will be easier to use than one with a very sophisticated design. This is where wooden salt and pepper mills become very important. A wooden pepper grinder is always well designed in a more traditional style that makes the grinder easy to hold and use. The best pepper grinder has to come in a simple design that you can quickly know when to offload the contents in it and refill it.

Maintenance is also essential as it decides how long you can make use of a mill set. A well-designed salt and pepper mill set is usually always very easy to maintain as you can have it disassembled easily. Do you want your salt and pepper mill set to feel more like a tool at home? Do you want something that adds style to your kitchen? Then go for a combined salt and pepper mill with a simple but compact design.

The Attachments That Come With the Grinder

Another notable feature to look out for when buying salt mills is to look at the attachments that are provided for. It is always advised that a more comprehensive salt and pepper mill set is the best option when buying. This is because several attachments that are provided for are usually not always replaceable.

Most times, getting attachments that will fit in perfectly to a brand might also pose a challenging task. Attachments to look out for when buying the best salt and pepper grinders include mainly the adjustable blade that comes with it and its grind selection.

The adjustable blade makes it very easy for you to be able to adjust the blade to suit the special seasoning it is used per time. Other attachments include led lights. Led lights are a significant attachment to look out for when buying a pepper grinder.

This is because these led lights help to provide light to you will grind. This will further go on to help you regulate the amount of salt or pepper to be used and avoid it being in excess.

The Warranty Plan Provided For the Grinder

Pepper and salt grinders are a tool just like every other tool that is subject to wear and tear after a while of use. This is even paramount because of the way the mechanism of these mills has been designed. With time, as the blades of these mills move against each other, they are likely to be subjected to wear off.

Notwithstanding all these, a guarantee plan is still very much needed and should be considered when buying one. The warranty plan would not always cover a lifetime use, but it will put you as the buyer in a safe buying place.

Make sure to read through and be sure that the guarantee plan is comprehensive enough before buying a pepper grinder. While some mills have their guarantee plan to be just for a year, others offer up to 3 years lifetime guarantee plan that covers performance and manufacturers default.

Understanding the Jargons

Due to the nature of this review, it has been written in plain and simple English. No abbreviations that are unknown to readers were used.

Salt & Pepper Grinders Buying Guide

What are the Different Features?

Trying to conclude as to say this is the features people find handy when buying salt and pepper crusher is a bit difficult. This is because, unlike a few other tools, very little attention is paid to functions when buying.

Users always want a tool with good materials and high performance. However, reading through some salt and pepper mills reviews and feedback from users, we were able to find several that users find handy, and they include:

The Size of the Grinder

Users who have bought mills regardless of the brand, always prefer to go for those with a smaller size and made out of wood. This is because the smaller sized wooden mills always tend to be very much active. Asides from that, grinders that come in small size are always very easy to use than those that come in bigger sizes.

However, users have tended to be selective when going for grinders with a smaller size. They always prefer to go for those that are more comprehensive and come with all the attachments that are needed.

The Colour of the Grinder

Every tool in this modern age is now being used to establish a fashion statement. In the home, these tools are not just gotten for the purpose they are needed, but also gotten to be sure that they enhance the style of the home.

Users find large mills with a pure colour handier than those that come in dull or flashy colours. The best pepper mill set might not go beyond your kitchen, but they can add a lot of styles and improve the aesthetics of your kitchen if the right colour is selected.

Salt & Pepper Grinders Buying FAQs

Q: Is it possible to get a salt and pepper grinder separately?

A: Yes, it is possible for you to get a salt mill separate from a pepper mill. However, a combined salt and pepper mill is always best as you will be able to save some money off the purchase. Also with both mill set combined in one, you will also be able to create some space in your kitchen and not have it all jam-packed with both.

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