The 10 Best Satellite Receiver Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Satellite Receiver Reviews

Last Updated on June 25, 2021

Do you want dreamy HD TV? Then a good satellite receiver is a must. We have scoured every corner of the Internet to find the top 10 satellite receivers that are available this year. Enjoy!

Our Top Satellite Receiver Picks
1. The Best Satellite Receiver By Manhattan
2. The Best Satellite Receiver With Integrated WiFi By TV Tech
3. The Best Satellite Receiver With Dolby Sound By Zgemma

The Best Satellite Receivers Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Satellite Receiver By Manhattan

The Best Freesat HD Box By Manhattan

We picked this stylish box as the best satellite receiver. Why? This subscription-free TV box will keep you busy with nearly 200 channels of movies, news, sport, weather, and full HD picture quality with 13 channels.

There are more features that deserve a special mentioning.

You can catch up on your favourite programming with the 8-day guide, browse all the different genres, set up reminders for shows, and create a list of the programs you watch most often. Talk about organized TV viewing!


  • The product measures 2.7 x 12 x 13.2 cm.
  • A 2-year guarantee.
  • There are 13 HD channels.
  • HDMI output cable included.


  • It cannot record.
  • The remote is small.

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2. The Best Satellite Receiver With Integrated WiFi By TV Tech

best satellite receiver with wifi

This is the top receiver if you specifically want to purchase a box that already has WiFi onboard and also comes with a ton of useful features. But besides being WiFi-enabled, let’s see what you can expect from this receiver.

Depending on which satellite the box is tuned into, you can enjoy channels from different places including the UK, Poland, Germany, Italy and Spain. If you specifically want UK channels you can enjoy the likes of BBC, BBC News, Sky News, the Food Network, and several HD channels.

But that is just the start. All told, this box can give you access to up to 6,000 TV and radio channels. Other features include a media player, the ability to pause live TV, recording programs, and an electronic TV guide.


  • Integrated WiFi adapter.
  • Media player.
  • Thousands of radio stations and TV channels.
  • HD viewing.
  • User-friendly.


  • The EPG requires a learning curve.

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3. The Best Satellite Receiver With Dolby Sound By Zgemma

best satellite receiver with dolby sound

Tired of low-quality sound ruining your favourite TV shows and radio stations? Then this could be the best satellite receiver for you. The box is designed to include Dolby sound, a feature known for giving viewers a clear and interference-free listening experience.

But a good satellite receiver must also offer you more than just great sound. So, let’s examine some of this box’s top features to see what else you can expect.

You can expect multimedia plug-in support, integrated WiFi, twin tuners, and SD card for recording, HD channels, and a fast automatic channel scanner.


  • Parental control.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Electronic TV guide.
  • HD viewing.
  • UK plug.


  • The user manual could be more informative.

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4. The Best Satellite Receiver For UK Channels By TV Tech

best satellite receiver uk channels

A lot of satellite receivers let you view programs from other countries. But the UK itself has plenty of great channels. If you only want to collect UK stations, then this box might be the best choice for your entertainment system.

Some of the best channels you can expect include Channel 4, BBC, UTV, ITV, and Film 4. You can store countless channels within this receiver’s memory. This allows you to create a collection of all your favourite channels without having to search for them again.

The box is also a combination HD satellite receiver and HD digital terrestrial receiver, has a tuner for both Saorview and Freeview HD channels, and has a media player that supports formats like MP3, JPEG, BMP, AVI, DivX, VOB, and MKV.


  • Offers a 6,000 channel storage feature.
  • HD viewing.
  • Media player.
  • Plenty of popular UK channels.


  • Viewers in Ireland might struggle to tune into UK channels offered by this receiver.

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5. The Best TV Receiver With UHD By Zgemma

best satellite receiver with uhd

This satellite receiver is perfect if you want to view some of your favourite channels in UHD. Besides offering crystal clear viewing, the receiver also 300Mhz WIFI and 2 WIFI Antennas to give you the best connection. This Free to Air satellite receiver also offers other features for those who like a user-friendly setup.

Indeed, the box supports multimedia and comes with an SD card for fuss-free recording. The speed of everything is also noteworthy, from the first installation, channel scanning, to software upgrades, you’ll never struggle for hours to get things done. The Linux menu system is also easy to use.

Other features include an Ethernet interface, Multistream tuner, advanced EPG, channel editing programs, and low power consumption.


  • A remote control.
  • Energy-sufficient.
  • Quick operation.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Dolby sound.


  • The user manual is not very helpful.

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6. The Best Satellite Receiver For Camping By TechniSat

best satellite receiver for camping

Do you dread the idea of missing your favourite show because of an upcoming camping trip? No more. We found this powerful satellite receiver that is mobile enough to be used during camping or RV living.

The box is quick to install and can even be programmed to record a program (TV or radio station) when you have to be elsewhere. Besides being so user-friendly, you can also look forward to many years of service thanks to its high-quality German design.

The box also offers a media player, subtitles, a child lock, and 5,000 program memory slots.


  • Portable enough for mobile living.
  • German quality.
  • Can be powered by a motor vehicle.
  • Can also be powered by batteries.
  • HD channels.


  • Recording requires an external USB device.

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7. The Best Freesat Satellite Receiver By Humax

best freesat satellite receiver

This box is a dependable Freesat receiver that offers you more than 150 channels of TV and radio stations. While also compatible with Sky and Sky HD receivers, you can also view the likes of BBC iPlayer, All 4, Demand 5, the ITV Hub and streaming services like Netflix.

A great feature is the fact that this box is plug and play, so you don’t have to worry about a problematic or lengthy installation process. An Ethernet port is also available if you prefer a more stable connection. The USB port offers you the opportunity to record all the best shows on an external device.


  • Easy to use.
  • Neary 200 channels and stations.
  • Subscription-free.
  • On-screen 7-day guide.


  • Needs a satellite dish.

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8. The Full HD Digital Multistream Satellite Receiver By Octagon

Full HD Digital Multistream Satellite Receiver By Octagon

This tiny unit is another great choice if you need to install a satellite box but you are pressed for space. This unit is suitable for dorm rooms, caravans, and small TV cabinets. Besides being small, you can also expect good performance and features.

You can add new channels to your collection by using the unit’s scanner and arrange them according to your favourites and most-watched. With this satellite box, you can even enjoy hours of YouTube. The picture quality, across the board, is also high quality.

Overall, this is a small box with satisfying features for those who do not want something too fancy or complicated.


  • Pre-programmed for Astra and Türksat.
  • A small size.
  • YouTube.
  • A scanner that finds new channels.


  • The plug is a 2-pin affair and might need an adaptor plug in certain areas.
  • No Wi-Fi adaptor.

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9. The Top Multi-Function Satellite Receiver By UK-DIGITAL

best multi-function satellite receiver

The previous product was simplicity itself but what if you want something with all the trimmings? Consider your meal served. But hilarious food jokes aside (sorry), this satellite box is truly packed to the rafters with features.

The best thing about this box is that everything is for free. Okay, not the receiver itself but you can enjoy subscription-free channels – and plenty of them in HD. Among the 200+ channels are some of the most popular viewing stations in the UK and Ireland.

The box also offers you plenty of radio stations, the ability to record in full HD, and doubles as a media player. Just plug in your USB memory stick and watch your favourite collection of stored movies or flip through your photos for a trip down memory lane.


  • Subscription-free.
  • 50 radio stations.
  • 200+ TV stations.
  • HD recording.
  • Media player.


  • Needs external device, like a USB stick, to record anything.

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10. The Top Satellite Receiver With 300 Mbit WiFi By Octagon

satellite receiver with wifi

This satellite receiver is particularly useful if you want a receiver and a WLAN stick. The latter provides you with convenient internet service on the go. For that reason, you might even find this kit useful for camping or a traveling holiday.

The receiver is Multistream enabled and provides HD and sometimes even UHD viewing. Besides offering plenty of great channels, the box is easy to install and use. It also has several ports for USB devices, HDMI cables, and a MicroSD slot among other features.

You can also expect Dolby sound, the ability to record, and a user-friendly interface and remote control.


  • Comes with a WLAN stick.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Great sound and UHD.
  • LED display.


  • Does not offer extras like EPG or pausing live TV.

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Your Satellite Receiver Buying Guide

Satellite receivers make TV viewing more versatile. We can pick and choose between more shows and often enjoy subscription-free boxes that don’t add to the price of a household’s monthly bills. But there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a satellite receiver.

Mind That Subscription

The subscription status of a TV satellite box can influence its benefits and price. Those that come with a subscription often offer the consumer a little extra something but you also get subscription-free boxes that are worth the lower price. Decide which one is the best for your budget and viewing needs.

What Do You Need A Satellite Box For?

Before settling on a box, consider the features you’d like in your new receiver. These include the channel options, radio stations, WiFi, hard drives, how easy it is to use and install, as well as what kind of ports are available. The ports can allow for extra recording drives, the Internet, and USB sticks, to name just a few.

Some boxes also record while others cannot. Some come with pre-programmed satellite options while others do not. Knowing beforehand what you need in a product is a surefire way to avoid buyer’s regret later on.

Let Others Lead The Way – The Value Of Online Reviews

Satellite Receiver Buying Guide

Only consider reviews from customers who actually bought and used the receiver. There’s nothing like a ticked-off buyer – or a happy customer – to tell you the truth about something. They’ll give you the flaws, the dangers, the shortcomings, the benefits, and the super-duper reasons why you must consider the product they bought.

A Short Summary

Buying a TV satellite receiver does not have to be overwhelming. Just make a checklist of all the features you want, find a couple of quality boxes to put on your shortlist, and see how they performed in real life (thank you, online reviews). When you take all these things into consideration, the chances of purchasing the wrong receiver is truly minimal.


Q: Which Is The Best Free To Air Satellite Receiver?

A: The best free to air satellite receiver is a product that ticks certain boxes. It must be quality made, easy to install and use, offer great HD and sound, as well as a rich choice of channels. There are several brands of HD satellite receivers that qualify as the best in this regard. Picking the best one should be based on whichever model suits your needs the best.

Q: What Is The Best Freesat HD Recorder Box?

A: The best Freesat HD recorder box is a product that makes recording easy. Look for a model that offers one-button recording and a large hard drive. Some of the best recorder boxes can store up to 300 hours of recordings (sometimes more, if you can use an external hard drive).

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