10 Best Security Light With Motion Sensors In The UK (2021)

Best Security Lights With Motion Sensors Reviews

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

With the continuous increase in living conditions, it’s rather unfortunate that the burglaries, break-ins and security threats have also become more apparent. One of the most economical and risk-free choice to combat such experiences lies in the use of security measures such as motion sensor lights that will alert you in case of intrusion and most probably scare away the intruders. With that in mind, read below to find the best outdoor security lights in the UK, so you may properly invest in safe protection for your home or work areas.

The Best Security Lights With Motion Sensors Of 2021

1. The Best Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights By VOOE

The Best Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights By VOOE

The best security light with motion sensor (UK) is this VOOE device that employs 97 LED solar lights with 2200 mAh high capacity battery, perfect for any household who prioritizes a reasonable electricity bill. Emitting a strong light of up to 1000 lumen in brightness, this outdoor sensor light beams your home yard, garage or path for about 12 hours in the evening. In terms of energy-saving and eco-friendliness, this outdoor security light is the perfect choice due to the fact that it converts solar energy into electricity by exposing itself to the sun every day.

The motion sensor lighting for security consists of three intelligent modes, including the strong long light mode, the dim light sensor mode and light sensor mode. The detection range of the latter feature ranges from 3-8 metres (9-26 feet), ensuring a wider protection parameter. Moreover, the solar powered lighting is made of high-quality ABS material that’s heat resistant and IP65 waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the device getting damaged or malfunctioned even on the most adverse weather conditions.


  • The 2000 mAh lithium battery it employs reserves more power, while the silicon monocrystalline solar light allows for a higher energy rating.
  • The packaging comes with four solar lights equipped with excellent features, so it’s a great bargain for the money.
  • The solar light panels have no issues with charging even on cloudy days with less sunlight.


  • Some customers have reported that the led solar lights are rather smaller in size, thus not emitting a very strong light.
  • It was reported that the sensor in these lights only detects movement within two metres.

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2. The Functional Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights with 270° Wide Angle By LITOM

The Functional Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights with 270° Wide Angle By LITOM

Another fantastic product making in on the best outdoor security lights (UK) reviews is the 300 LED solar lights model by LITOM. Equipped with 300 strong light LED beads with a maximum 270° wide-angle illumination range, this line of outdoor security lights can easily brighten 30m² of space in your home garden, terrace, swimming pool or road. Thanks to its built-in fine-tuned light sensor and PIR motion sensor, this device’s detection range is up to 8 metres (26 feet), which is perfect for those of you that live in larger neighbourhoods.

As with the best security lights, LITOM also provides three different modes to choose from, starting from the strong light sensor mode, dim light sensor mode and medium-light mode. Another great advantage to this model lies in the fact that the exterior solar lights will gradually brighten, and not ‘blow’ with an instant blinding light. By converting solar power into electric energy by simply absorbing the sunlight, this outdoor security light not only protects the environment but is also kind to the electricity bill for each family.


  • Thanks to its IP67 waterproof technology, the solar light in this LITOM device can withstand all kinds of terrible weather (including storms and freezing weather).
  • They may fully charge even on less than 8 hours of sun exposure.
  • Even though it’s very compact-sized, it emits a very powerful light at a wide range.


  • The surrounding plastic coating the LED outdoor lights is made of plastic and more prone to damage.
  • The lights only stay on for about 30 seconds, which some consumers have found insufficient.

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3. The Dynamic Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Security Light By Claoner

The Dynamic Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Security Light By Claoner

Among the best outdoor security lights currently on the market is the 136 LED model by Claoner, proving its excellence in functionality and reliability. Thanks to its upgraded features, these solar powered lights come with three smart modes to best match your choice, including a medium-long light mode, a dim light sensor mode and a strong light sensor mode. The new PIR motion sensor operation that this light employs as well as the 120º wide-angle sensor work to automatically detect movement up to 3-6 metres (10-16 feet), which is ideal if you want to keep an eye on your home pets while they’re rummaging around at night.

Thanks to its 1800 mAh lithium battery, this line of the best security lights can provide up to 12 hours of illumination at night while only needing to charge for about 6-8 hours of sunshine. Thanks to its high-impact ABS plastic built, this device has a unique IP65 waterproof coating that can certainly withstand all varieties of terrible weather.


  • The solar powered security light requires zero maintenance while being very easy to install as it does not require any wiring cables.
  • It may either be mounted with a 3-metre adhesive tape (included in the packaging) or the provided screws.
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty period.
  • It’s provided with an A+++ energy rating, so it’s very efficient.


  • The solar security lights may not charge properly in areas where there is less sun.
  • The diameter of the solar powered devices is rather small, which is not ideal for larger yards or patios.

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4. The Practical 70 LED Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor By FLOWood

The Practical 70 LED Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor By FLOWood

If you’re looking for the best outdoor security light that focuses on providing a smart design that’s both solid and practical, then this product by FLOWood is your best choice. Equipped with 70 super bright LED security beads and a maximum 360° wide-angle, this outdoor motion sensor light will efficiently illuminate a wide home area even on the darkest nights. The detection range employed in this device goes up to 8-10 metres (26 feet), so worrying about intruders ‘tricking’ the sensors will be a thing of the past.

Moreover, outdoor led security light contains a solar panel of 5.5V power and 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery (made of polysilicon) that has a splendid function at fast charging from the solar power. Offering one of the best charging times currently on the market, this outdoor security light may charge in just about 6 hours under the sun, only to provide the best security lights later in the night. 


  • The high-impact ABS IP65 waterproof material prompts a total avoidance of the water and dust issues concerning even the best security lights.
  • The package comes with one wall bracket, one lighting fixture and three mounting screws, so you won’t have to fret about the installation.
  • Since the device comes with adjustable positions, you’ll have no issues with illuminating specific perimeters.


  • The light stays on for less than 20 seconds, which was reported to be aggravating for some customers.
  • The size of the security light is larger than the standard, so it needs extra security mounting to be properly placed.

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5. The Highly-Efficient 140 LED Solar Lights Outdoor By Mpow

The Highly-Efficient 140 LED Solar Lights Outdoor By Mpow

Lightweight, easy to install and incredible brightness levels are just some of the features that make this model one of the best security lights in store. Adorned with 140 bright LED panels and a maximum 270° wide-angle, the Mpow motion sensor security light creates a wider range of luminosity to easily brighten up to 16 square meters of home, work or parking areas. Equipped with a PIR sensor while being able to sense up to 8 metres (26 feet) of distance in movement, this solar security light will never let you down.

Efficiently working to please all diverse needs, the Mpow device comes in three modes, including the strong lighting sensor mode, dim lighting sensor mode as well as medium lighting sensor mode. Being on par with the best outdoor security lights, this outdoor lighting product will ensure that no matter which mode you’ve chosen, the light will gradually turn on until it reaches the ideal level. Moreover, the laboratory-level IPX7 waterproof materials coating this solar security light will ensure durability while sustaining the most terrible weather conditions.


  • Combined with a preeminent solar energy conversion technology, the conversion rate of the silicon solar panel in this product s is up to 19.5% higher than most security lights currently in the market.
  • The installing procedure in this security light is incredibly easy since all it takes is punching a hole on the wall and you’re good to go.
  • The security light employs a stay-on feature, that allows the lighting to be on for up to four hours.


  • The lighting emitted from this security light is relatively weaker than most UK security lights.
  • The lights in this device perform significantly lower in terms of brightness if they’re not fully charged.

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6. The Reliable 50W Security Lights with Motion Sensor By MEIKEE

The Reliable 50W Security Lights with Motion Sensor By MEIKEE

If you’re one of those people that wants the best security lights to be provided by well-known, trusted brands, then you’ll be happy to know what MEIKEE is rated the #1 Best Seller in security lighting; according to Amazon UK. With that in mind, these 50W security lights adopt a new COB integrated light strip, so the emitted lighting is significantly stronger. The device contains two modes, including LUX and TIME which may be adjusted depending on your home or work needs. Moreover, the detection range in these home security lights entails a maximum distance of 12 meters (40 feet), which is exceptional considering the standard UK detection range.

Aiming at making the lighting procedure easier while aiming to reduce unnecessary triggers, the security light employs a PIR motion detector that identifies motion while responding automatically within seconds. Serving as one of the best security lights preserving eco-friendly features, these MEIKEE products take pride in high energy-efficiency as they contain no lead or mercury, providing a brightness up to 5000 lumens all the while helping you save up to 80% on the electricity bill. 


  • The nano-material lamp front cover improves insulation promoting a safer and more stable experience in various weather conditions.
  • The 1.5 lead cable (IP65 protection) is wide enough to cover most patios, yards and garage areas.
  • The outdoor PIR security lights have a two-year warranty of replacement, as well as a one-month return and refund policy.


  • Since the security lights need wiring to be fixated, this may pose as a slight disadvantage compared to wireless products.
  • Some adjusting positions may cause the motion sensor to not detect movement, thus not promoting the light-up.

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7. The Enhanced Solar Powered 56 LED Double Heads Security Light by OUSFOT

The Enhanced Solar Powered 56 LED Double Heads Security Light by OUSFOT

In case you’re looking for more range within a single device, then this double heads security light operating with 2200 mAh by OUSFOT is the perfect choice for you. The motion sensor within this home security light has two sources that can both be rotated at 360°, offering good coverage in whichever direction you choose to twist it. The integrated battery in this device is charged by an included solar panel of 3.7 V. All you need to do to suitably charge the security light is to place it under direct sunlight for 8 hours a day.

The device is also helpful if you plan to use it as a night light since it stays dim for the entire night if you want it to. In the instance of movement, the built-in motion and night sensor trigger the product causing the brightness to increase. The duration of this light is around 30 seconds, after which it returns to the dim mode again. According to the manufacturer’s, the LED span life in this device is up to 50,000 hours which is really convenient for home security devices. 


  • The motion sensor in this security light is excellent since it detects movement and triggers the device in an instant.
  • The device is super easy to install, and it comes packaged with screws, a bracket, plugs as well as an installation and user notes to make everything run smoothly.
  • It is very reasonably priced, considering the quality and features it employs.


  • Unless you let the light head slightly tilted on the lowercase position, there’s a chance for the water to flow directly into the light causing it to malfunction.

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8. The Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights By HETP

The Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights By HETP

Another great device making it on the list of the best security lights of 2021 is this environmentally friendly 78 LED security light by HETP. Operating with a 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this security light is successful in sunlight converting for up to 19%, by offering proper illumination for your yards at about 10 hours a day (or night). In order to meet everyone’s demands, this device employs three different lighting modes, including strong, dim and light.

Detecting people or animals that are as far as 6-8 metres, this line of security lights is especially reliant when it comes to movement detection, all thanks to its upgraded PIR motion sensor with an angle of 120º. Perfectly designed for outdoor use, this device is made of high-quality ABS materials, serving as a fantastic heat resistant light that makes rust, chipping and flaking a thing of the past. 


  • You may easily install the LED solar security lights by only using enclosed screws since there’s no cabling required.
  • Apart from the standard 24-month warranty period, HETP offers the same amount of after-sale service, including 24-hour customer care.
  • You can get a pair of security lights at an incredible price.


  • The first charging period must be for at least 24 hours, or the device won’t properly light up.
  • Some (UK) consumers have reported that these security lights are not very durable, as they have started to provide dimmer lighting after some time.

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9. The Distinct 10W Security Lights with Motion Sensor By MEIKEE

The Distinct 10W Security Lights with Motion Sensor By MEIKEE

Another brilliant product by MEIKEE is this 10W security light that’s a certain best at what it does: illuminating a wide parameter of 12 meters (40 feet) at the best settings and lowest cost. Endeavouring an easier and more practical use, the manufacturers have employed toggle switches instead of the usual knob on the motion sensor, which is a great addition to an already good device. Moreover, its protective IP66 waterproof cover and nanomaterials as a substitute for the glass screen to ensure that the device is waterproof, heat-resistant and scratch-free.

This home security product comes with two settings, including the ‘sun’ mode that works for 24 hours and the ‘moon’ mode that only works at night. Whether you prefer an all-time lighting experience or simply a night-time protective measure, this line of security lights offers you variability to choose for an option that best fits your needs. Moreover, you can also choose the duration of the lightning period (motion activated) ranging from 10 seconds to 600.


  • Each led home security light comes with pre-installed screws, so you just need to mount the bracket onto the hole in the wall and then fasten the device with the screws.
  • The larger reflective surface that this product contains reduces unnecessary light reflection.
  • All MEIKEE products have a two-year warranty of replacement, as well as a one-month return and refund policy.


  • Some costumers have reported that the durability of this device isn’t very favourable, as the product suffered defects after some months.
  • It was noted by some users that the PIR sensor detects movement even throughout the day, triggering the lights to turn on.

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10. The Durable 50W Security Lights with Motion Sensor By MEIKEE

The Durable 50W Security Lights with Motion Sensor By MEIKEE

Last but not least, this improbable 50W home security light by MEIKEE adds up all the notable features it employs into this distinguished product, well deserving of a place in the list of the best lights with motion sensors in the UK. Thanks to its larger luminous surface and innovative lamp beads that provide up to 5000 lumens of brightness, this home protection device establishes an SMD technology that prioritizes in energy-saving and ecological maintenance, helping you save a great deal on your electricity bill.

Moreover, the acknowledged IP66 water-resistant motion sensor covers a detection range of 12 metres (40 feet) making it the best choice for larger yards, car parking lots, football fields, basketball courts or playgrounds. Thanks to its gradual built-up, the MEIKEE lighting gives no harm or discomfort to your eyes, circling up an overall more pleasurable experience. 


  • This security device is resistant to high voltage and high electric current, without suffering the hazard of light malfunction.
  • The light emitted by this product is one of the best currently on the market.
  • The wires in the packaging come neatly trimmed and soldered, so the installation should be very easy.


  • The supplied cable is 1.5m, which may turn into a hassle if you don’t have a power source near the area you want to mount the product.
  • The motion detector was reported to be a little ‘too sensitive’, as it triggers the light with the slightest movement.
  • The wiring doesn’t allow for the light to be switched on permanently.

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Buying Guide

Whether you’re buying a security light for indoor or outdoor use, it’s important to note that they operate along the same (or similar) lines. However, there are a couple of things that are important to look for.

  • Energy Duration – The best security lights are solar powered, which entails better power consumption due to the sun charging process. A good device usually charges up during the day and is able to provide a lightning duration of 10 hours (during the night). As for wired lights, you should always aim for products that are energy-efficient and a delay charging feature for when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Brightness Capacity – This feature is usually measured with lumens and indicates the amount of light emitted with a certain device mode. LED lights usually provide higher levels of brightness starting from 1000 up to 5000, and are more durable time-wise.
  • Lighting Modes – The best security lights come with variability in choosing the lighting levels and settings. These usually affect the brightness levels of the device, while prompting different usage through day-night settings. You should always look for products that have a permanent light feature as well as a timer function since they are more functional and practical.


Q: What is the best outdoor motion sensor security light?

A: The best outdoor motion sensor security light is the Motion Sensor Solar Security Light By VOOE, due to its excellency in functionality, energy-efficiency, practicality and durability.

Q: Do motion sensor lights deter burglars?

A: Yes, home security lights are helpful in deterring burglars due to the fact that it alerts the homeowners and creates a panicking experience for the thief. However, if the burglars are aware that no one is at home, these products not only hinder them, but it helps them see more clearly.

Q: What is PIR lighting?

A: The passive infrared sensor (PIR) in home security lightning is an integrated component in security lights that detects movement from the light radiating from certain objects in its field of view.

Q: How do I stop my motion sensor lights from coming on?

A: Unless your home security lights employ a variable feature, the on and off flicking is pretty much there to stay. One DIY solution for this situation includes adding ‘blinders’ on certain angles so it doesn’t get triggered by false alarms such as tree branches moving or insects flying by.

Q: How to set sensor lights outdoors?

A: On firstly purchasing the device, most manufacturers suggest you should place it on an ideal position that gets plenty of sunlight and allow for it to charge for at least 24 hours before initial use. After this period, you should choose the desired settings (if the device provides them) that include the time controls, light sensitivity and day/night modes and check to see if they’re convenient for you.

Q: How many lumens are there in an outdoor security light?

A: The lumens count is mainly focused on the type of power source it contains. A normal incandescent and halogen devices (20-100 W) usually employ 200 up to 500 lumens, whereas LED and CFL devices (5-20W) can even go up to 5000 lumens.

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