10 Best Small Capacity Washing Machines In The UK (2021)

Best Small Capacity Washing Machine Reviews

Last Updated on September 21, 2021

A small washing machine is invaluable. It can be a white knight for people who need to wash laundry in places that are too small to accommodate a regular size washing machine. Indeed, these portable wonders can make camping, caravan, and dorm life much easier. Should you want to hug one to your chest and love it forever but don’t know which models are the top washers, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best small capacity washing machines of the year.

Our Top 3 Small Washing Machine Picks
1. The Best Small Washing Machine By CanKun
2. The Best Small Washing Machine For Campers By Zerodis
3. The Best Small Manual Washing Machine By Woaim

The Best Small Washing Machines Reviewed In 2021

1. The Mini Portable Washing Machine By Display4top

The Mini Portable Washing Machine By Display4top

The best small capacity washing machine is the Mini Portable Washing Machine by Display4top. This cutie pie is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and yet functional small washing machine. What makes it unusual is the see-through body that allows you to watch the wash cycle and even the spin cycle. But here’s the good news. Even when you use it several times a day, this machine will keep running costs low because the design is eco-friendly and saves water. It also uses less detergent. What else can you expect?

The design includes several perks. As far as washing is concerned, the machine uses slow movements and a pulse technology to gently but thoroughly clean a wash load. The physical design blessed this little guy with a tough exterior, making it suitable for a mobile life. In addition, it can fit into small spaces, like a boat shower, to avoid taking up more space where the latter comes at a premium.


  • The product measures 62.8 x 56.8 x 38.7 cm.
  • Washing Capacity: 7.7 lb.
  • Uses less water and detergent.
  • Fits into small places.
  • Portable.


  • A few consumers were concerned that the knobs are too flimsy.
  • The spinner doesn’t completely dry the clothes.

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2. The Best Small Washing Machine By Display4top

The Best Small Washing Machine By Display4top

Here’s another powerful white knight to defend your dirty laundry in dangerously medieval situations. Alright, that’s pushing the story a bit too far but the build quality and wash programmes of this machine are very useful. No matter if you’re in a caravan or on a boat, the drum size can handle a capacity of 8kg of laundry. Being a twin tub, the clothes can both be washed and given a spin cycle as well.

This one is also perfect for families on the go. Nobody on a camping trip wants to spend a lot of time hovering over the washing machine. That scenario will never be a problem with this model. The wash programmes run for a mere 15 minutes and 5 minutes to complete a wash load inside the spinner. And presto, you’re done. 


  • The product measures 70 x 60 x 38.3 cm.
  • Washing capacity of 8kg.
  • A twin tub.
  • Works quietly and quickly.


  • The machine isn’t automatic (if that’s your main preference).
  • The outlet pipe is at the base of the machine, which requires some elevation to drain the water properly.

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3. The Mini Camping Washing Machine By OneConcept

The Mini Camping Washing Machine By OneConcept

This washing machine has several good points. The colour scheme will please anyone who loves a nautical theme. That’s right, this chap is a lovely mix of white and crisp blue. This is also the perfect mini machine if you only need to wash a towel or shirt after a trip to the beach. With its 2kg washing capacity, the twin tub will thoroughly wash and spin your chosen item of clothing.

The capacity also means that this washing machine isn’t a space hog. You can easily add this appliance to the smallest caravan without sacrificing your living area. It is also energy efficient and can work with a camping inverter without running costs to a nightmare level.


  • The appliance measures 35 x 57 x 58 cm.
  • A washing capacity of 2kg.
  • It fits unobtrusively into small spaces.
  • Works with a camping inverter.


  • A few consumers feel that the quality of the hoses can improve.
  • The draining takes a while sometimes.

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4. The Best Twin Tub Washing Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle By Think Gizmos

The Best Twin Tub Washing Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle By Think Gizmos

This model is also one of the best washing machines on the market today. The portable washer has a drum size that is capable of holding 3.6kg and its spin speed can handle 2kg. As a bonus, the classy appearance, with a black-and-white theme, is also designed to be durable and space-saving. You won’t trip over this mini washing machine in your small apartment, that’s for sure.

Another perk is the fact that you can do a quick wash whenever it suits you. The quick wash option runs for 15 minutes and the spinner option is also just 5 minutes long. A machine with such a speedy wash programme is perfect for anyone who is pressed for time or just hates doing laundry for hours. 


  • The appliance measures 38.5 x 60 x 69 cm.
  • Washing capacity of 3.6kg.
  • Spin speed capacity of 2kg.
  • The washing cycle runs for 15 minutes.
  • The dryer runs for 5 minutes.


  • The slightly lower spin speed capacity means that the spinner must be used twice to dry one washing load.
  • The drainage pipe can be a little annoying to operate.

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5. The Best Dual Wash Programme Washing Machine By FitnessClub

The Best Dual Wash Programme Washing Machine By FitnessClub

Okay, it’s fine to wash small loads if the situation calls for it. But what if you’re on a camping trip and the whole family tumbled down a muddy ravine? Great, nobody got hurt but now you’re stuck with a heap of washing. Here is one model that might come to the rescue. This white knight can wash and spin at the same time. In other words, while you’re spinning the first load, you can already wash the second bundle. This quick wash method saves you time.

You can also set the timer for a quick wash and then sit back and enjoy the semi-automatic efficiency while knowing that the washer won’t ruin your space, time, or nature. The energy rating, short washing time, and small tub size also mean that your mini washer is very eco-friendly.


  • The appliance measures 60 x 36.5 x 70 cm.
  • The washer and spinner work at the same time.
  • A washing capacity of 4.6kg.
  • A spin speed capacity of 3kg.


  • The pump doesn’t drain water by itself. It’s gravity-based.
  • The dryer doesn’t completely dry the clothes.

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6. The Best Antibacterial Washing Machine By PIGE

The Best Antibacterial Washing Machine By PIGE

This must be one of the most unusual-looking washing machines on the market. The modern appearance is reminiscent of a cylinder and at first, it might be mistaken for a big coffee flask. However, this is a fully functional washer with the ability to wash up to 4kg of laundry during a single cycle.

But what makes this washer so noteworthy is the antibacterial technology. The so-called internal 360° blue antibacterial net odour can deal with bacterial and other harmful particles. This sanitizes your washing and leaves clothing cleaner and less likely to add to your allergy season problems.


  • A modern appearance with a space-saving design.
  • The drum size can manage one cycle of 4kg of clothing.
  • Works with a one-button operation.
  • Made from eco-friendly and durable materials.


  • Easier to knock over than other mini washing machines.
  • No child lock.

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7. The Best 2.8Kg Portable Washing Machine By PIGE

The Best 2.8Kg Portable Washing Machine By PIGE

If you were intrigued by the previous product and brand, here’s another option from the same bullet-shaped family. You can expect several of the trademarks that made the prior product so attractive but there’s also a few extras. A timer gives you full control over how long your washing lasts, the appliance also saves water and works with a powerful spin speed.

The best feature is the fact that this washer is easy to operate. You simply add your washing, measure out the right amount of detergent, and push a single button. The tiny capsule will do the rest. The 2.8kg load is perfect for the weekly needs of a small apartment or the laundry needs of a family on a camping trip. Often, such cramped spaces are pressed for modern decor but this washing machine adds high-tech flair no matter where you put it.


  • The appliance measures 34 x 34 x 58 cm.
  • Saves water.
  • Can handle the washing needs of a small apartment.
  • A modern look.
  • Very easy to operate.


  • Similar to the previous product, the cylinder-shaped pod makes the product more prone to being knocked over.
  • No child lock.

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8. The Best Portable Washing Machine With A Spin Basket By Display4top

The Best Portable Washing Machine With A Spin Basket By Display4top

Here’s a blue beauty for anyone who loves watching their washing through a see-through washing machine. Don’t deny it, the movement of sloshing water can be a little bit mesmerizing. Anyhow, besides its fun looks, what can you expect from this versatile and portable single tub?

Well for starters, it’s more of a dual tub. When you remove the basket, you can run a normal load of laundry through the wash. Add the basket and you can activate the spinner to remove the water from the fabric. The washing machine also runs only 15 minutes per cycle and stops automatically. The two rotary dials make operating this unit very easy and simple. 


  • The appliance measures 56.6 x 40.2 x 40 cm.
  • The single tub can wash and spin clothing.
  • Quick cycles.
  • Easy to use.


  • The spinner cannot deal with too much clothing.
  • The unit tends to move around when the spinning cycle is in progress.

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9. The Best Washing Machine With Blue Light Sterilization By FMDJXD-XiYiJi

The Best Washing Machine With Blue Light Sterilization By FMDJXD-XiYiJi

This lightweight machine has a good energy rating. That makes it a great buy if low utility costs is one factor that you’re looking for in small washing machines. But besides saving power, this capsule-shaped washer has more benefits that can make laundry less tiresome.

Among the best is the blue light feature. This internal technology works with blue light to eliminate bacteria and also to inhibit their growth. The result is clothing that are clean and sanitized on a whole other level. Those with small children, allergies, or health concerns might find the blue light feature a welcome addition to the home.

The drum can also wash 3kg of laundry while the controls are easy to operate. The washer also looks beautiful with its silver finish and thanks to the long shape, can fit into most tight spaces. Finally, since it’s made with durable materials, this model should sanitize your laundry for years to come.


  • The appiance measures 36.5 x 36.5 x 60 cm.
  • Saves water and power.
  • Kills bacteria and stops their growth.
  • Silver finish.
  • Made with quality materials.
  • The washer can fit into small spaces.


  • No child lock.
  • The design is not as stable as other, stockier washers and can get knocked over by pets or children.

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10. The Best Portable Washer With Multiple Buckets By ZQY

The Best Portable Washer With Multiple Buckets By ZQY

This washer is unique to this list of washing machines. First off, it looks like a normal bucket and that’s kind of what it is. Only tis bucket has two dials. One operates the timer and the other one can set the wash program to high or low, depending on your laundry needs. It’s very easy to operate too. So if you have a few items to spin speed into cleanliness and you hate complicated controls, then you’ll love how simple this bucket is.

You simply plug it in, add the clothing, water, and detergent, and then close the lid. Use the dials to pick your cycle duration and the program intensity. After that, you’re free to do something else (preferably unrelated to laundry). Once the cycle is done, the water is tipped out through a special hole and the clothing is removed from the machine.


  • Easy to use.
  • No need to connect to a water source.
  • The bucket has a handle for easy carrying.
  • 10-liter capacity.


  • This is not a flaw, per se, but the washer’s appearance is not as modern as some consumers might like.
  • The water must be tipped out manually through the lid while the clothing is still inside, making the weight a challenge for seniors or those with wrist problems.

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Buying Guide

A small washing machine can be a real life-saver in small apartments, or to single persons with low laundry needs, and families who need clean clothes on a camping trip. If you’re currently considering one of these portable appliances, here are the top tips for getting the best deal.

The Washer Must Have Quality Parts

The top portables are made with high-grade and durable plastic bodies while their drums are stainless steel. The dials are not flimsy and their bottoms have stabilizers to keep their lightweight construction anchored during a cycle. This prevents the washer from hopping all over the place.

The Washer Must Have The Right Programs For You

Small Capacity Washing Machine Buying Guide

Before buying, make sure that the washer has the right spin speed, drum size, and energy-saving technology to make your laundry day a breeze. 

There are even models with an adjustable spin speed, while others save water or deal with delicates. A noteworthy feature is that many mini models have intensive bacteria killing cycles. 

So if allergies or other health issues are a concern in your home, remember to look for appliances that include this helpful technology.

Look At Customer Reviews

When you have your shortlist, find a site that offers reviews left by verified buyers. These unvarnished tales of woe and wonder will undoubtedly give you the true picture of what an appliance is really like. While the final decision is still yours, it can certainly save you from buying a lemon – or a few lemons in a row – when you consider the experiences of other consumers.


Q: Can You Get Small Washing Machines?

A: Yes, you can get small washing machines. They can handle laundry loads between 2 and 7kg and often weigh as little as 3kg themselves.

Q: Are Mini Washing Machines Any Good?

A: Yes, mini washing machines are good in situations where space is limited or you just want to wash a few items in your holiday caravan. They might be small but these washers are sturdy, have good energy ratings, and produce satisfying washing results.

Q: What Is The Smallest Size Washing Machine?

A: The smallest size washing machine isn’t one particular model. Several manufacturers produce standard sizes of machines and the tiniest often measure roughly between 2 and 3kg.

Q: What Size Washer Do I Need For A Family Of Four?

A: The best size washer for a family of four is a washing machine with a drum capacity of 7 to 8kg. For this reason, the entire size of a washer is not the true factor that ensures that a family of four is adequately cared for. It’s the drum capacity.

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