Best Small Condenser Tumble Dryer Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best Small Condenser Tumble Dryer Reviews

Last Updated on May 2, 2021

Condensing tumble dryers are an excellent addition to any household, as they remove unnecessary hassles and prompt, unmatched convenience.

Moreover, the softness and fragrance released with each drying cycle is a fan favourite among customers worldwide.

If you’re interested in finding the best tumble dryer with condenser that correctly fits your needs – read below and marvel at the variability provided in 2021.

Best Small Condenser Tumble Dryers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Superb B96M8WR Tumble Condenser Dryer By White Knight

The Superb B96M8WR Tumble Condenser Dryer By White Knight

The best small condenser tumble dryer of 2021 is White Knight’s multi-functional B96M8WR model. Suited with a drum capacity of 8 kg and fitted with three heating options, this freestanding machine is the best choice for larger families. The tumble dryer is constructed of a top-mounted drainage container and an easily accessible condenser unit. As for functionality, the machine has 12 integrated programmes, including a selectable time setting to match all fabric types.

The durability of this small unit is effectively preserved thanks to its galvanised steel drum that’s both sturdy and practical. Furthermore, the machine’s stylish design includes an ergonomic LED display that’s easy to use and maintain while showcasing features like the delay timer, clean filter indicator and final cool-down tumble. The compact tumble drier also highlights hallmarks like the anti-crease innovation, reverse tumble action and child-lock safety measure. 


  • Its large door helps with extracting and inserting clothes into the machine.
  • It has an increased lint-filter ability.
  • It runs significantly quieter than most machines.
  • Great value for money.


  • It is not suitable for garage spaces or outbuildings.
  • It operates on longer drying times.

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2. The Finest DTGC7000W Freestanding Condenser Dryer By Beko

The Finest DTGC7000W Freestanding Condenser Dryer By Beko

Listed as Amazon’s bestseller for condenser dryers, this freestanding machine by Beko will surely leave you fascinated with each cycle. With a capacity of 7 kg and 15 distinct programmes, this tumble dryer supplements the most desirable features that satisfy its loyal customers. Aiming to prevent over-drying, the machine’s built-in programme sensors identify the level of moisture and immediately stop the unit when its drum contents have dried.

Another great plus within this model includes the integrated timed programmes that allow you to pre-select the best duration for each of your fabrics. Moreover, its 32 cm porthole door will prompt you to insert all your clothes with the utmost ease. And to prevent unnecessary creasing, the machine rotates the drum for up to two hours after the cycle has finished, so your clothing items are separated, and creasing is eliminated. 


  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Beko.
  • Its auto cooling down phase draws out the internal heat before you unload the machine.
  • It supports a natural access filter that’s located in the door.
  • It has an end of cycle buzzer that notifies you when the drying has finished.


  • It has longer drying times.
  • Some consumers have reported that they experienced issues with the electricity board. 

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3. The Brilliant LTK28021W Condenser Tumble Dryer By Blomberg

The Brilliant LTK28021W Condenser Tumble Dryer By Blomberg

Among the best condensing dryers of 2021 are also Blomberg models that promote diverse characteristics for all your laundry needs. With an 8 kg drum capacity and 16 programmes to choose from, this small machine intelligently detects the level of moisture and stops immediately when the desired level of dryness is reached. Its large opening and solid door further let you effortlessly move the clothes around with ease.

The tumble dryers’ condenser disposal is ergonomically positioned at the top of the unit, promoting easy access and convenient removal. And if you can’t unload the clothes right away, this small tumble dryer got you covered. Its automatic anti-creasing feature can be programmed to periodically tumble your laundry for up to 2 hours after the cycle ends, removing the need for extra chores. 


  • It’s shipped with a three-year manufacturer’s repair guarantee by Blomberg.
  • It contains an integrated interior light that lets you see the ‘forgotten’ clothes on the drum.
  • Its LED display shows the remaining time for each programme.
  • It includes indicator lights for water tank levels and clean filtering.


  • A few customers reported that the tumble dryer operates rather loudly.
  • The start/stop button is somewhat hard to see.
  • Its cupboard dry cycle did not dry the clothes completely, according to some users.

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4. The Fantastic RH8CTD701B Tumble Condenser Sensor Drying Unit By Russel Hobbs

The Fantastic RH8CTD701B Tumble Condenser Sensor Drying Unit By Russel Hobbs

Precisely aimed at larger households and heavy-duty laundry needs, this series is among the best small tumble dryers condensing that employ a drum capacity of 8 kg. The small unit can quickly dry and refresh your clothes, as well as thoroughly dry different textiles under the 15 various programmes it employs. This function is especially favourable since it fits for different clothing types, from cotton to satin.

One of these models’ most beneficial feature is its sensor drying function that makes the compact tumble dryer detect when the contents on the drum are dry enough to switch itself off. This ensures that your clothes don’t get damaged by excessive heat, and energy doesn’t waste away with unnecessary operations. Another energy-efficient hallmark is also the delay start timer that lets you take advantage of the cheaper tariffs by programming the unit to start at the desired time. 


  • It includes a gentle setting that reduces the heat used within the dryer.
  • Simple to use dials and functional LED control panel.
  • It’s provided with a two-year warranty by Russel Hobbs.
  • It is manufactured with a child-lock feature to promote safety.


  • It contains a B class energy rating, which means it’s not as cost-effective.

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5. The Dynamic DXC10DE Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer By Hoover

The Dynamic DXC10DE Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer By Hoover

Challenging vented tumble dryers for their capacity, this freestanding model by Hoover is one of the most functional condenser tumble dryers currently on the market. With a whopping 10 kg capacity, this small machine’s round drum moves the clothes delicately, protecting them from strong vibrations that would damage them. Thanks to the unique cycles that prevent tangling, Hoover has made sure that whatever you put in the tumble dryer will be properly dried.

Upgrading the smart drying functions, these models of small tumble dryers will memorise a setting for every drying cycle, to get the best combination of the features provided by the unit. You can also mix fabrics within one sequence, in which the dryer will notify you when the lighter ones have finished drying so you can proceed with the heavier ones.


  • Each fabric has a pre-programmed drying level.
  • It contains a precise combination of temperature, time and movement that serves as an anti-allergy function.
  • Its sensor drying feature and delay start support energy-efficiency.
  • It includes a reverse drum function that’s operated both before and after the cycle.


  • It contains a One Touch feature (smartphone link) that only works with Android devices.
  • Users have reported that the device creates too much condensation on the room.

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6. The Firm TDC9112S Condenser Tumble Dryer By Electra

The Firm TDC9112S Condenser Tumble Dryer By Electra

Another series of small condenser dryers that employ a large drum capacity include the Electra models that are suitable with drying 9 kg of clothing piles. Its condensed moisture turns to water which is stored into the water tank that’s easily accessible and disposable. The small Electra condenser dryer employs 15 different programmes, starting from the quick dry feature for promptness and cupboard dry function for thoroughness.

With a delay timer of as much as 9 hours and a sensor drying feature, you can rest assured that the small condenser dryer is on par with current energy-efficient standards. The integrated LED display will keep you updated at all times about the full filter indicator and cycle end duration. As for the cycle finish, you’ll be notified by the audible end programme that your clothes are all dried up and ready to go.


  • Its noise levels border on 60 dB, which is ideal.
  • Includes timed drying options that allow you to choose your customised time durations.
  • Its Plug & Go feature ensures that the setup and installation are straightforward.
  • It promotes faster drying times.


  • The opening and door aren’t large enough, so moving clothes might be a hassle.
  • Its annual energy consumption is estimated to be at 616 kWh, which is rather high.

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7. The Advanced DXC8TCER Condenser Tumble Dryer By Hoover

The Advanced DXC8TCER Condenser Tumble Dryer By Hoover

Another space-saving condenser dryer that is ideal for large families is brought to us by Hoover, providing a splendid performance and sturdy build. This small unit has a drum capacity of 8 kg, contains a smart drying sensor feature and supports an energy-efficient reverse action drum. Moreover, you can safely dry all your fabric types, since the small condenser tumble dryer has 15 programmes from which you can choose.

The ergonomically designed water tank is placed on the tumble dryer’s door, so you’ll know when you need to replace the water. Furthermore, the practical handle attached to this tank will make the replacement more comfortable, while prompting you to hold it like a bag easily. As with all Hoover products, you can also control this small condenser dryer by using the Hoover app on your Android smartphone. 


  • Shipped with ten-year parts and one-year labour manufacturer’s guarantee by Hoover.
  • It contains a ‘time until the end of the programme’ feature.
  • It’s incredibly economical to run.
  • Includes automatically adjusted drying times that are pre-set by the machine.


  • The programmes settings are somewhat complicated.
  • Several consumers reported that the unit produces a lot of condensation on the room.

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8. The Sturdy CSC8DF Condenser Tumble Dryer By Candy

The Sturdy CSC8DF Condenser Tumble Dryer By Candy

Residing among the best budget-friendly condenser dryers, this Candy series will surely not disappoint. The machine has a drum capacity of 8kg while employing 14 drying programmes that are tailored to fit all textiles. Highlighted in its incredible performance and ease of use, the Candy unit packages everything you need in a drying machine while granting durability that stands the trials of time.

Its sensor dry feature supports the cost-effectiveness that comes with the machine, while the four drying levels offer you more options to match all the family’s needs. You can either choose the hanger dry, ready to iron, wardrobe dry or extra dry functions and rest assured that you’ll get the results you need. Moreover, its integrated delay timer will ensure that no matter when you get home, your clothes will be ready and dry for you. 


  • You can monitor its health status and operate the machine by using its Android app.
  • It is incredibly easy to set up and install.
  • It is very sturdy and will be there in the long term.


  • It runs louder than the typical dryer.

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9. The Efficient TDC8112S Condenser Tumble Dryer By Electra

The Efficient TDC8112S Condenser Tumble Dryer By Electra

Another Electra tumble dryer that’s not only effective but budget-friendly too is the TDC8112S model that works with condensing principles. Space won’t be an issue with this machine, as it can fit almost anywhere. Suitable with medium households’ needs, this condenser tumble dryer has an overall capacity of 8 kg.

Moreover, the machine offers various programmes for different clothing types which also maintain their respective timelines. Its quick wash function and allergy care feature is among the most favourited hallmarks of the unit, followed by the unique configurations for each drying operation. Included here are the anti-crease, delicates and customisable drying times that make life easier for all their users. 


  • Contains a unique programme that protects cuffs and collars.
  • Its condenser tank is easy to manipulate with.
  • It has relatively good energy consumption.


  • The clothes were reported to crease more with this dryer.
  • Some consumers noted that the door in this small tumble dryer was impractical.

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10. The Practical Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer By Ahn

The Practical Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer By Ahn

The smallest condenser tumble dryer showcased within this list is the freestanding machine by Ahn. Being Woolmark approved, this small series of tumble dryers have a capacity of 9 kg and an energy rating of B class. The unit is manufactured with an exclusive alternate motion and anti-crease feature for both pre and post cycle, so your clothes will come out on their best condition.

Being the best choice for saving space, these small tumble dryers provide several features that grant it to compete with the more advanced tumble dryers on the market. These features include the delay start function, active sensor technology and aqua vision tank for quick and easy disposal of the water. Moreover, the machine contains a digital display with an end of the cycle indicator as well as adjustable feet for practical and effortless adjusting on any space. 


  • The NFC technology allows it to be controlled with any Android device.
  • It promotes a highly-efficient reverse action.
  • It promotes a load capacity bearing of 15 kg.
  • Great value for money.


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Buying Guide

We have effectively sorted the best tumble dryers of 2021, but to make the absolute right choice, you must also be accustomed to the most important hallmarks of these products. To help you with that, we have constructed a buying guide that we hope will cover the basics of a tumble dryer.

What is the difference?

Buying Guide

As you may have noticed, one of the most repeated themes within this article is the differentiation between the condenser and vented tumble dryers. A vented dryer pumps out the damp air from the machine through a flexible hose to the outside, so it needs to have an outlet vent. On the other hand, a condenser dryer works by condensing the heat into water that’s accumulated within an integrated tank within the unit.

Automatic Sensors

A good tumble dryer will have an integrated feature that goes by the ‘automatic sensor’ label. Considering how one of the most significant issues with tumble dryers is the fact that they’re not very energy-efficient, a sensor is of the highest importance to maintaining cost-effective spending with your actual dryer. These sensors work by detecting the moisture levels on the drum and stopping the dryer operation when they deem that the contents are dry. This saves both time and energy, as the unit doesn’t work unnecessarily.

Programme variability

Buying Guide

As with all dryer products and other home appliances, we are accustomed to believing that more programmes ensure a better experience. That is not always the case, as most tumble dryers only employ different timetables under the same clothing types. You should note that different fabrics require different temperature, time and intensity levels. Hence, a general rule of thumb is to look for a dryer that covers one (or more) of these specifications. Manually adjustable programmes are also a big plus, as you can customise your plan and not worry about its consequences.

Do I need this feature?

While browsing online or reading this article, you might’ve noticed some features that are very innovative and look helpful. A smartphone connection is undoubtedly useful, but is a necessity? Reading hundreds of customer reviews from Amazon and Argos, a recurring theme of the most desirable dryer features included the following:

  • Adjustable water tank – If you’re looking to buy a condenser tumbler dryer, you need to be prepared with frequent access to the water reservoir. Unless you plan to place the dryer within eyesight, you should look for units that have their tanks either on the top of the dryer or inside the door.
  • Delay start – Considering how a dryer typically spends more than a washing machine, you’re going to need to make the drying experience as economical as possible. Several users have noted that they take advantage of the lower energy tariffs (typically in the night) for which you’re going to need a delay start feature that allows you to pre-set the dryer at a current time in the future. 
  • Anti-crease and reverse-drum – Another major disadvantage to dryers is that they twist and turn the clothes, whereby making them creased upon completion. To avoid this, you should look for a reverse drum feature that makes the machine run on both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations; giving the clothes a cushioning effect. Together with the anti-crease function that makes the drum continue to turn at the end of the cycle, they make your garments look pretty much ironed.


Q: Can you get small condenser tumble dryers?

A: Yes, you can get small tumble dryers on any home environments. This is because they’re efficient and don’t require a venting space – as it usually is with a vented tumble dryer. All you need is a power supply and a water inlet, and you’re good to go.

Q: What size is a small tumble dryer?

A: According to several manufacturers, the best small tumble dryers have overall dimensions of 67 cm height, 49 cm width and 48 cm depth

Q: What is the smallest dryer?

A: The smallest tumble dryer listed on this guide is Ahn’s freestanding condenser unit.

Q: Are condenser dryers any good?

A: Generally, yes. A condenser tumble dryer is more practical, convenient and takes a smaller space than a vented tumble dryer. They’re a little pricier but typically employ the same capacity, functions and durability.

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