10 Best Small Table Top Freezer Reviews UK 2021 – Top Rated Models Compared

Best Small Table Top Freezer Reviews

Last Updated on May 2, 2021

A small table-top freezer is an excellent way to store frozen food if you have limited space. They are stylish, compact, lightweight and ideal for smaller kitchens or apartments and road trips.

If you’re in the market of one, check out the top picks we have listed in our best small table top freezer review below.

Best Small Table Top Freezers On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. A+ Energy Rated Table Top Freezer By Russell Hobbs

A+ Energy Rated Table Top Freezer By Russell Hobbs

The best small table top freezer is the A+ Energy Rated Table Top Freezer By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

With (H)49.2 x (W)47.2 x (D)45.0 dimensions, this elegant, white space-saving table top freezer provides smooth and beyond adequate refrigeration with an A+ energy rating and a four-star freezer rating. This kitchen appliance comes with 32 litres of storage capacity and energy consumption of only 153 kWh per year.

This useful unit is just as comfortable sitting in your kitchen or bedroom as it is in your living room or office. This popular tabletop freezer has a reversible door, a removable wire shelf, an adjustable thermostat and adjustable feet. Its noise level is 42 decibels.


  • It works very quietly and is easy to use.
  • This home product provides plenty of value for your money.
  • It has adequate storage space for its size.
  • The instruction guide is clear and easy to follow.
  • It’s very light you may be able to carry it up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat.


  • The seal on the door is poor and leads to a build-up of ice in the freezer.
  • Following from the above, this product requires constant and regular defrosting or else the door may be unable to close because of ice.

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2. A+ Energy Rated Black Freezer By Russell Hobbs

A+ Energy Rated Black Freezer By Russell Hobbs

Second place on our list goes to the A+ Energy Rated Black Freezer By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the Amazon website and shop links in order to see prices and delivery information on this beauty.

This Hobbs has practically identical features with the RHTTFZ1 we reviewed above except in colour. While that one is a classy white, this is an elegant black. In the UK, Russell Hobbs is still a premium brand name in small domestic appliances, so you know you are in safe hands with this model.

Therefore, if you need to stow away some cookies or fresh fries from your range cookers and hobs, I say stick ’em in your Hobbs. Just like the white model, this flexible freezer is suitable anywhere. You can be sure that it’s compact enough to fit perfectly and stylish enough to jazz up the room.

We love how this table top freezer has both an A+ freezer rating and an A+ energy rating with an energy consumption of 119kWh per year. It has one drawer and three shelves and a noise level of 40 dB. The reversible door, adjustable thermostat and adjustable feet are also present in this black model.


  • This product prevents the fast build-up of ice.
  • Some users say that it fits quite well on their kitchencorner worktop.
  • It is incredibly energy efficient and easy to use.
  • Great customer services.
  • It’s a good-looking freezer. Excellent quality and price too.
  • It has ample storage space. Many users say they found it to be bigger inside.
  • The size is just perfect for a kitchen with limited space.


  • Some users found it to be too noisy for their liking.
  • A few users say it didn’t contain as much as they had hoped.

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3. White Table Top Mini Freezer By Cookology

White Table Top Mini Freezer By Cookology

Third place goes to the White Table Top Mini Freezer By Cookology. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

This is a four-star rated freezer. With a gross capacity of 32 litres, it’s no wonder this compact tabletop unit is A+ rated. It is performance, functionality and style rolled into one product and comes at a reasonable price.

It has an adjustable thermostat and operates quietly at 42dB, ideal for student accommodation, offices and guest rooms. Its height and shelf are adjustable so that you can get the most satisfactory result. It has a 42DB noise level and a freezing capacity of 2kg/24 hours and a one-year guarantee.


  • It operates quietly and is easy to use.
  • It has such an efficient output that it can be used in an unheated outhouse.
  • This product can be used with an electrical hook-up on a camp-out.
  • It has a temp control knob that is located inside the freezer, so you do not have to move it to adjust the setting.
  • According to some users, this tabletop freezer can be used on the floor.
  • This is a great mini freezer with the perfect size, perfect for anyone who is pressed for kitchen space.
  • It freezes ice cubes rapidly.
  • It stores a lot.
  • It’s easy to set it up and get going.
  • The bottom shelf has a lipped tray that ensures small items do not fall out every time you open the door.
  • It comes with equipment; an ice cube tray and a handy little scraper.


  • This freezer is not self-defrosting.
  • Due to its lightweight, it moves when you open the door energetically.
  • Some users complain that it leaks from underneath.

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4. Black Table Top Mini Freezer By Cookology

Black Table Top Mini Freezer By Cookology

Fourth place goes to the Black Table Top Mini Freezer By Cookology. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This is the black version of the product we reviewed before this. It is also a top-rated, best-selling mini freezer on Amazon. Rated four-star, it comes with a gross volume of 32 litres. And just like its white counterpart, this product is performance, functionality and style rolled into one sold at a high price.

It has an adjustable thermostat and operates quietly at 42dB, ideal for student accommodation, offices and guest rooms. It has a 42DB noise level and a freezing volume of 2kg/24 hours and a one-year guarantee.


  • It works quietly.
  • The lead cable is long enough to reach along a wall and behind a cupboard.
  • It’s small enough to fit on the countertop and big enough to store much of your frozen items.um is simply
  • It’s very lightweight. You can carry it from one location to use somewhere else.


  • Because the power cable emerges from the back on the right-hand side of the freezer, you may have to rotate it somewhat to reach your power socket, in a limited space.
  • The fridge is not self-defrosting.

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5. 40L Mini Freezer A+ Energy By Ice King

40L Mini Freezer A+ Energy By Ice King

Fifth place goes to the 40L Mini Freezer A+ Energy By Ice King. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This four-star classified, perfect mini freezer is ideal for compact flats or those looking for a little backup fridge to stock stuff. Narrowboat or caravan owners will also find this product appealing as it allows the safe and ample storing for your frozen food without taking up too much space.

It’s also energy-saving and helps you reduce your carbon footprint. And this product also comes with a reversible door that allows you to adjust it to open in any direction you prefer. This tabletop mini model has A+ energy efficiency and a 40-Litre Capacity. It also comes with interior lights, an adjustable thermostat, one wire shelf, a metal backing and a two-year warranty.


  • This product gets cold within five minutes of first use.
  • It’s very well packaged.
  • It has ample storing capacity.
  • It has two years parts and labour warranty.
  • Setting it up is a straightforward exercise.


  • The sides and top can be quite hot when it is running
  • It is not frost free. You will have to defrost it manually.
  • The thermostat is at the back, so it’s not so easy to change temp settings.

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6. Table Top Mini Freezer By Igenix

Table Top Mini Freezer By Igenix

Sixth place goes to the Table Top Mini Freezer By Igenix. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This is the ideal product for small spaces. Whether you have a small bachelor pad, a mini- flat student accommodation or a small office, the Igenix IG6751 will serve you. Igenix manufactured this counter freezer to function between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius, with a temp range of -18 degrees Celsius.

It comes with a modern stainless steel effect outlook and has a 34 L storage capacity. The product also comes with one wire shelf and a lockable door which could come in handy if you have little kids or flatmates that are strangers.

It has a 34 L freezer storage capacity with a wire shelf. It is energy efficient and has a lockable, door with an attractive stainless steel facade.


  • The product is plug-and-play as it comes with a plug, ready to work.
  • It’s very suitable for a garage.
  • This freezer is quiet enough to be in your bedroom.
  • The surface is mostly scratch proof with its perfect stainless steel finish.
  • It has a lockable door and supplies a key.
  • It has adjustable legs.
  • It performs well, keeping stuff well frozen even at regular setting. Most users rarely ever have to make use of the maximum setting.
  • It is a durable appliance with a good power rating.
  • It comes with adequate storage for its size. You can fit a lot into it.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • It’s not self- defrosting.
  • Some users found the cable to be too short.
  • Because the thermostat is behind the appliance, changing the setting becomes a chore.

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7. Lockable Door Mini Freezer By Igenix

Lockable Door Mini Freezer By Igenix

Seventh place goes to the Lockable Door Mini Freezer By Igenix. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This classy table top freezer is ideal for compact flats, kitchens and student lodgings. It comes with a very contemporary and versatile design that allows you to place it in different rooms courtesy of its reversible door that enables you to fit it right wherever you require it to be.

It has one wire shelf andis controlled manually by an adjustable thermostat. The makers made it work in temperatures between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius, and it provides you with a 34-litre capacity.

If you have a large family, this item can serve you well as a secondary freezer. It has a reversible door that helps you maximise your space by switching the direction in which the door opens if you need to put the freezer in another location.

Its lockable door comes with two keys so you can have shared access with that special someone if you live in shared accommodation. This also makes this freezer perfect for schools and hospitals for the storage of medications. This tabletop freezer comes with one wire shelf that helps you further manage storage space within it.


  • It comes with an electric cable to power it.
  • It is manufactured by Igenix known for their solid range cookers and other home appliances.
  • It’s efficient and will keep your things well frozen on normal setting.
  • It’s excellent for garage use.
  • It’s not bulky and can fit well in a cupboard shelf.
  • It’s sturdy and durable.
  • Many users say it is reasonably quiet when running.


  • Some other users say it is noisier than they care for.
  • It seems to frost up very quickly.
  • Some say it is not a beautiful freezer, aesthetically speaking.
  • If you pack your food in too tightly, the air may not circulate well, and the unit won’t freeze your things appropriately.

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8. Temperature Controled Table Top Freezer By Vonshef

Black Table Top Mini Freezer By Cookology

Eighth place goes to the Temperature Controled Table Top Freezer By Vonshef. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

With this table top freezer, you gain valuable freezer space even in the smallest of kitchens, motorhomes or workstations.

Coming with H49 x W44 x D48 cm dimensions, this mini freezer is an embodiment of up-to-date technology, manufactured for efficiency. As with all the models reviewed so far, this product is ideal for student accommodation, caravans and other compact living spaces.

This tabletop freezer has 35 litres of space for you to store all your frozen favourites. It also comes with adjustable feet, an A+ energy rating and a two-year warranty from the manufacturers.


  • This product freezes just as well as a standard freezer.
  • The magnetic door seal works efficiently, so there is minimal icing inside the cabinet.
  • Many users say this freezer holds more than they thought it would.
  • Once it reaches the optimum output, it runs relatively quietly.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • According to many users, it’s a generally good quality product coming at a reasonable price.


  • It doesn’t come with accessories like the scrapers.
  • Some users consider it a little noisy.

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9. 43L Table Top A+ Energy Efficient Fridge Freezer By Russell Hobbs

43L Table Top A+ Energy Efficient Fridge Freezer By Russell Hobbs

Ninth place goes to the 43L Table Top A+ Energy Efficient Fridge Freezer By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This mini freezer model comes with A+ power efficiency performance rating and a net fridge capacity of 45 Litres with one removable wire shelf, one fixed bottle rack, two shelves, adjustable feet and a door that reverses.

In the box, you will find an instruction booklet, a removable wire shelf and the freezer itself gleaming white and elegant. It has a net capacity of 43 Litres with one removable wire shelf. It comes with an icebox and bottle rack, a reversible door, an adjustable thermostat, and adjustable feet.


  • The product makes a very negligible noise. You can barely ever hear whether the fridge is on or off.
  • Black exterior looks very elegant.
  • The icebox is perfect.
  • It has enough space to serve as a standard kitchen fridge for one person or even two.
  • This freezer has so much potential as an extra kitchen fridge or a bedroom/basement/den fridge.
  • The thermal reading control of this unit is consistent. It is capable of starting to freeze items if turned to maximum cooling.


  • A few users complain that the freezer compartment only works if the thermostat is on the maximum.
  • Some users say it’s not energy efficient.

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10. Table Top Fridge Freezer 47L By Igenix

Table Top Fridge Freezer 47L By Igenix

Tenth place goes to the Table Top Fridge Freezer 47L By Igenix. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Whether it’s washing machines, range cookers, tumble dryers or fridge freezers, Igenix has a range of great products and the IG3711 fridge is no different. This trendsetting white tabletop fridge has been designed to work in temperatures between 16 and 38 degrees Celsius and is ideal for tight kitchens.

If you have student accommodation or a compact flat, this unit will suit your space perfectly. It’s also a perfect choice for a secondary fridge. The IG3711 is also the proud bearer of a four-star fridge rating and an A+ energy rating, consuming 110kWh per year.

This fridge comes with a 47-litre capacity with a reversible and lockable door, which could be a helpful feature if you’re a parent that needs to keep particular food and drinks beyond the reach of your children. Another unique feature is the icebox. There’s also an in-door shelf for storing milk and drinks and two balcony shelves for butter, bacon, eggs, cheese and stuff.


  • The lock works nicely. Two keys supplied.
  • The adjustable doors can come in very handy.
  • It looks very well made and of good quality.
  • It has an output adjustment dial.
  • There’s functional space within. It can take tall bottles on the bottom shelf.
  • The cooling output is perfect.


  • The lock can be opened with almost any key and can easily be forced open.
  • Some users complain that the ice-compartment leaks water.
  • This may not be the sturdiest mini-fridge there is.
  • The ice-cubes do not keep shape when out of the mould.
  • The noise can be rather loud.

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Small Table Top Freezers Buying Guide

Similar to a mini fridge, a small table top freezer will save on space while keeping your homemade yoghurt, made with the best yoghurt maker, fresh.

While travelling, you can take your drinks from the table top freezer to a cool box to keep them at the same low temperature. To open your frozen drinks, an electric can opener will come in handy. It comes with an inbuilt magnet that will hold the lid till you are back home and have access to your kitchen bin.

In a few words, a small table top freezer is a worthy investment. And we will show you how to pick the best model.

Energy Saving Tips for Small Freezers

I’m sure every fridge owner has heard it said that you shouldn’t put hot foods into your fridge or freezer. You shouldn’t take stuff fresh off your hobs and right into your Hobbs. Your mum must have drummed that in your ears while growing up. I know mine did. Well, that is one energy-saving tip.

Others are:

  • Position your unit- whether it’s a small counter top freezer or a freestanding fridge freezer-away from direct sunlight.
  • Leave a space around, behind and on top of the unit for ventilation.
  • Keep the condenser coils at the back of the unit free from fluff and stuff.
  • Most of the rubber seals that come with these freezers are poor. You may want to replace yours for extra protection but first, test the door by closing it over a flat piece of paper or a pound note. If you can easily pull the paper or note out, the seal may need replacing.
  • Keep the doors closed.
  • Organise and declutter your small freezer.
  • Activate the power saver switch.
  • Manage frost accumulation in your freezer.
  • Keep your device Full. A full small freezer will perform better than a half-empty fridge, but full doesn’t mean crowded.
  • Stick your items with labels. This makes for quick identification, so you don’t have to keep the door open for longer than necessary.
  • Saving power saves the environment and saves your wallet too. Try doing all the above, and you should have that covered.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Small Freezer

Small Table Top Freezers Buying Guides

Just before you take that leap to order a small freezer, keep your eyes peeled for the following:

Volume and Size:

Does that model match the available space you have? Where do you plan to keep it? Your kitchen, bedroom, corner of your garden or garage?Is there sufficient space there? Should you consider a slightly smaller one instead? Or if you plan to store a lot of food and snacks in it, shouldn’t you consider a more substantial capacity small freezer?


If you read the product reviews, you would have noticed that this was a key pain point for some users about some of the models we mentioned. You ought to consider the decibel level of the unit you are eyeing before placing your order. 

If you are keeping it in your bedroom or in an office where you have to think and receive potential business, it can’t be noisy. So you will have to search for a relatively quiet unit freezer.

Reversible door:

They are a cool feature, no doubt. It’s nice to be able to choose whether your fridge opens to the right or the left. But do you need it? Well, in our estimation, you may need it someday down the road.

Adjustable shelves:

Adjustable shelves are an absolute must when you need to maximise your freezer space and customise it according to what you need to be stored at a given moment. In light of this, you would be better off with a unit that has an adjustable shelf than one that comes with a permanent shelf.

Lock and key:

If you need to prevent your children from accessing that particular freezer in your absence, then you may need a unit that comes with a key which you can toss into the very shoes you are wearing and make sure your kids watch you as you walk away with the key.

If you share a flat or you will need to chill medication, you need a device that can be put under lock and key.

Types of Small Freezers for Your Home and Office

Let’s quickly run through some of the small model options available to you.

Cube mini freezer: This is the most commonly used freezer type. They’re affordable and compact and, therefore, ideal for tight spaces like student dorms. They typically weigh anywhere from 25-30 lbs and are most suitable for drinks and snacks rather than heavier and more delicate foods that spoil quicker, likemeat.

If you are not that pressed for space, the next option may be a better choice for you.

Mid-size mini freezer: This type of freezer has several shelves and compartments with adjustable temperature controls and, thus, allows you to store meats, fruits and vegetables. Of course, they are slightly pricier, but you can understand why, can’t you?

Counter top mini freezer: As the name implies, the counter top freezers stand as short as the height of your counter top, sometimes just a little taller. They also have more space and come with strong cooling output that would ensure that your items are well frozen.

Travel mini fridge: This type of fridge freezers can be plugged into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle to accompany you on long rides.

Small Table Top Freezers Buying Guide

The Benefits of Small Freezers

There are a few benefits to buying a compact freezer, like, they help you save space, and they cut power costs and are safe for the environment.

Let us elaborate on a couple of these benefits.

Power Saving benefit:

Some small freezers like chest freezers, for example, come with built-in sidewall insulation to contain their cold outputs for a more extended period and therefore expend minimal power to function.

So if you are experiencing power cuts or if you are moving to a new house, your unplugged deep freezer can keep your items cold for almost seventy-two hours, as long as the lid is closed.

Ample Storing benefits:

A fresh and new small freezer is hard to beat when it comes to its space-saving advantage. And small freezers come in various sizes with some smaller than small, whether it’s a deep freezer or an upright free standing freezer.

In addition to the above benefits, small freezers also often come with a compact, stylish, elegant design and of course, as we mentioned, the reversible doors come with the small freezer option.

Small Table Top Freezers Buying FAQs

Q: What is the best small freezer to buy?

A: Would you rather buy a deep freezer or an upright freezer? That is what it boils down to.

So, let us compare and contrast the two options so you can make your choice.

a) Chest (deep) freezers:

Compared to the upright models, deep freezers have about 20% more usable space.

The temperature in a chest unit remains stable since there is no self-defrost system in it.

Compared to the free standing models, air circulation is low in a deep freezer which enables it to prevent freezer burn but also keeps your food items in a cosy form of modern slavery which they enjoy in cool bliss.

If you suffer a blackout, the chest model will keep your frozen items frozen for longer than an upright.

Like we already said, chest freezers use less electricity than uprights.

You will often have to dig out, search and rearrange your chest freezer when trying to find the food you need. This doesn’t happen with an upright freezer.

b) Upright freezers:

It is easier to organise an upright freezer than a chest type because they come with shelves.

Upright freezers often come in a variety of finishes.

Upright freezers are usually noisier than chest freezers.

The temperature of door shelves is often warmer than the interior of the freezer, but in a chest freezer, everything gets equally frozen.

Q: What is the smallest freezer you can buy?

A: The smallest freezer you can buy is an upright small freezer. They are the smaller of the mini models.Upright freezers will occupy far less space in your room, so if that is something you care about; you know what not to buy.

A 22-cubic-foot deep freezeris wide and takes up a rectangular floor space of 2 feet by 6 feet, but an upright 22-cubic-foot freezer will only occupy 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet of floor space.

Q: Is it OK to keep a freezer in the garage?

A: It isn’t always convenient to keep a deep freezer in the house, so to the garage, it often goes. But you may have to reconsider keeping this type of freezer in the garage because as winter approaches, concerns arise as to whether the freezer will work optimally in an unheated garage.

It is important to note that the recommended temperature for storing food is zero degrees Fahrenheit. When the surrounding temperature in the garage drops along with the colder weather outside, the compressor of the freezer must turn on to cool itself optimally. But the problem is that if the outside temperature cools the device down to much less than 50 degrees, the compressor may never come on at all. This means that ultimately the freezer will be just as cold as it is outside which may be inadequate so unless you live in a place where your garage tempis minus zero, some of your food items will thaw.

Q: Does cold weather affect fridge freezers?

A: A refrigerator isn’t meant to operate when the outside air is colder than the air inside it. Fridges cool foodstuff by moving heat outside. Cold air on the outside, therefore, tricks the thermostat inside the unit to into thinking that the inside air doesn’t need chilling and the compressor won’t kick in. And remember that the compressor is what kick-starts the chilling process. That won’t bode well for your food and drinks in any way.

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