The 10 Best Spice Grinder Reviews For UK Kitchens (2021)

Best Spice Grinder Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

If you love preparing heartwarming meals, gourmet and other out-of-this-world foods, a spice grinder will be a valuable and much used appliance in your kitchen.

These grinders use powerfully spinning blades to grind all kinds of spices including coffee beans, seeds, nuts, and bark spices such as cinnamon. From budget picks to premium appliances our best spice grinder review will have something for every spice lover.

The Best Spice Grinders Reviewed In 2021

1. One Touch Electric Spice Grinder By Godmorn

One Touch Electric Spice Grinder By Godmorn

The best spice grinder is the One Touch Electric Spice Grinder By Godmorn. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

With its anti-slip rubber feet, its transparent lid and 304 food-grade stainless steel blades, this is a nut grinder that many people UK-wide have come to trust. The machine has a manual time control with which you can monitor how swiftly it meets your grinding needs.

With the 304 food-grade double blades, you are guaranteed of a rust-free operation and the preservation of the flavours of your nuts and spices. Also, the automatic overheat shut-off feature ensures added safety during use. The machine also has good capacity and a security lock attachment that prevents splashing during the grinding process.

A transparent top allows you to monitor the texture of your grind. It’s a convenient machine at 3.6×3.6×6.55 inches dimensions. You can also use it anywhere.


  • The device has a safety lock and good capacity.
  • It is a multifunctional grinder. It will grind all kinds of things like nuts, grains, spices, sugar, herbs and even a lot more.
  • The goode grinder comes with well-made blades.
  • The transparent lid is very helpful as it helps you see how well crushed the grains are.
  • Using them is easy and they’re even easy to clean.
  • It’s light and can be carried around easily. It won’t also take up any significant space in your cupboard or wherever you put it in your home.
  • Many people say it’s a good quality machine.
  • The lid can be screwed on with ease.
  • A lot of reviews are pleased with the speed of the grinder.


  • Some people consider it a bit noisy
  • This good device is a dry grinder. It cannot grind wet spices or make a paste.
  • Some people say that whenever you remove the lid, it comes off with some of your crushed coffee spilling it all over the place.

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2. Exclusive Design Spice Grinder By Aigostar

Exclusive Design Spice Grinder By Aigostar

Second place goes to the Exclusive Design Spice Grinder By Aigostar. We gave it a 5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the Amazon page links below and find the price and details.

This compact electric model is made of ultra-safe, food-grade steel with sharp and well-made blades that will crush coffee, almonds, cinnamon, paprika and so much more.

It comes with a simple ‘plug and plays’ operation. Press the switch and remove your hand when you are satisfied with the texture. It has one 150W-powered motor with anti-wear tested steel blades that possess 10000-15000 rpm. It has one 60-gram capacity grinding bowl that can hold content for up to 12 bowls of coffee. These features also make it one of the best electric grinders available.


  • This good electric device is of high quality and will make you cook many recipes fast and effortlessly
  • It grinds well and is a enduring model.
  • Some users consider it relatively quiet.
  • Many people think it comes at a good price.
  • The design is stylish and it has high capacity.
  • Cleaning it is easy. Simply wipe blade area with a damp cloth but don’t pour water into it.
  • It comes with a little brush that helps with cleaning.
  • This one is very light and compact.
  • The good device is effortless to use.
  • The almost triangular shape allows you to conveniently pour out the ground content without making a mess.


  • Some people complain about the frequent rest and recovery breaks the mechanism requires when working.
  • Some user even complained about the cleaning brush being ‘cheap-looking and basic.’

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3. Stainless Steel Blade Grinder By Aicok

Stainless Steel Blade Grinder By Aicok

Third best spice grinder to buy is the Stainless Steel Blade Grinder By Aicok brand. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This electric spice and nut product affords you the luxury of enjoying great-tasting coffee on your own terms without having to pay an exorbitant price at the coffee house. You don’t have to worry about what you have to grind before brewing your espresso or cappuccino because this AICOK has you covered.

It’s a really good grinder for coffee, nuts, spices as well as grains and it comes with a two-year warranty and 30 days free return & replacement cover. Also, a transparent cover allows you to monitor your grinding. At 25,000-28,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), you can crush coffee beans in less than twenty seconds.

It has a one touch press-or-release button for grinding, stopping or controlling texture. It grinds coffee, spices, nuts, herbs, linseed and more. This device also has a large capacity that can pulverise 60grams at one time and yield as many as 12 cups of coffee.

Its removable cup allows you to transfer ground coffee somewhere else while you crush some more. The grinding bowls, blades and exterior are all made of stainless steel and are also scratch and corrosion resistant and even help the product last longer.


  • This best buy grinds speedily with sharp blades.
  • These high quality spice grinders are durable
  • It has removable bowl, so it’s not difficult to clean.
  • This one works relatively quietly.
  • Good capacity and will also make your kitchen look different and great.


  • Some people queried the fact that the accompanying leaflet says you should not crush nuts and seeds with it when indeed it grinds them.
  • Some people complain about the absence of an extra grinding bowl.

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4. Low Noise Spice Grinder By Homh

Low Noise Spice Grinder By Homh

Fourth best spice grinder to buy is the Low Noise Spice Grinder By Homh. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the Amazon page links below and find the price and details.

Coming in the tradition of the best electric spice grinding machines, this model operates with stainless steel blade, 150W motor and low noise, offering grinding solutions for your coffee bean, nuts, spices and seeds.

The 70grams capacity of the grinding jug will provide you with at least ten cups of a delightful brew. In addition to the grinder, you’ll even find a plug, a brush and user manual in the package.

With two stainless steel blades and a good 150 W motor, it crushes up to two ounces of coffee in less than 20 seconds. We find it great that the 304 stainless steel food-grade materials used ensure the grinder is also safe to come in contact with your ‘grindables’ and consumables.


  • The good spice grinder is easy to use and convenient to cleanse with a handy little brush.
  • The bowl has high capacity and can crush so much at once.
  • The cover is splash-proof and has to lock safely in place before you can use it.
  • The grinding cup is wide-mouthed and allows for easy scooping of your ground fine powder.
  • The cover is transparent and helps you see how much coarseness or fine consistency is needed.
  • It’s a sleek and stylish high quality device.
  • A lot of reviews say it works well without making too much noise.


  • Some people find it a bit too noisy for their liking. One user said ‘it would be impossible to use this in the morning without waking everyone in the house.’
  • The blades could be too short for the size of the grinding bowl and often leave large chunks ungrounded because they were out of reach of the blades.
  • Some people complain about the smell of burning plastic during use of this tool.

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5. Electric Spice Grinder By Kingtop

Electric Spice Grinder By Kingtop

Fifth best spice grinder is the Electric Spice Grinder By Kingtop. We find it amazing and gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

If you want a high quality, well-made coffee grinder that will pulverise anything in an even grind, this spice grinder can be your answer. As long as you are careful to follow the care instructions like pausing every two minutes after every 30 seconds of use to let the powerful motor cool off.

You do not pulverise wet nuts or seeds in it, you are in for a great time with this strong grinder, which the manufacturers refer to as ‘a workhorse and a precision instrument’. It has one stainless steel container and blades and comes with a 220W motor. 

This good device features one touch, press-and-release operation. It has a large 60g capacity, and a transparent top. It has rubber feet and comes with a brush and cord storage.


  • These spice grinders come with one good spare blade.
  • It can handle coffee beans very fine and has high capacity.
  • This high quality grinder works quickly.
  • It’s quite safe as it doesn’t turn on until the cover clicks into place.
  • There is a plastic insert within that prevents splattering all over the rim while it’s grinding.
  • In the words of a user, the grinder is ‘not only super quiet, super-fast and superfine, but it’s well-made and sleek’.
  • Will make your kitchen look great


  • Many different people find the motor may give off a burning smell.
  • Some also complain of not getting a consistently fine and even grind.

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6. Powerful Mini Grinder By Wahl James Martin

Powerful Mini Grinder By Wahl James Martin

Sixth best kitchen device on this top 10 list is the Powerful Mini Grinder By Wahl James Martin. We find it amazing and gave this one a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Wahl James Martin spice and coffee herb grinder comes with a brushed steel finish and easily crushes coffee beans, dry herbs, hard nuts and spices. It will also make your kitchen look just the way you want. With its 70grams capacity, the blender can give you 10 cups of perfectly pulverised coffee and spices in one single operation.

The good grinder features a reliable 150 W motor. It has durable blades, and a lock-in lid making it perfect for grinding coffee beans, hard nuts and spices. It has a transparent viewing that allows you to monitor grinding and its sleek, compact design is a plus.


  • It’s easy to clean. A simple wipe through with a damp cloth does it.
  • You can crush every kind of spice in this herb grinder with no problems.
  • It’s a good, well-made spice grinder. It crushes everything from coffee beans to hard nuts.
  • This one handles herbs and spices easily.
  • Using these top grinders is easy providing good cost to value ratio.
  • Great capacity and will also make your kitchen look stylish.
  • Even if the lid falls off your hand, it won’t break.
  • It’s popular, high quality, quick and quiet.


  • The bullet-shaped end may be tricky to lock or unlock because it’s quite slippery.
  • Users found out that once the content is in it, the model can’t stand on its base as the content makes it wobbly.
  • It doesn’t come with any accessories on purchase like a brush or scoop.

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7. Electric Spice Coffee Grinder By Avook

Electric Spice Coffee Grinder By Avook

Seventh best kitchen device on this top 10 list is the Electric Spice Coffee Grinder By Avook. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

A spice and nut grinder that crushes herbs too, the AVOOK features dual stainless steel blade that will pulverise almost anything. Rotating at 20,000 to 30,000 rpm, this coffee grinder will take less than 15 seconds to fine grind coffee.

If you want a coarse grind, 8 seconds is all it takes. If you want a medium grind, 12 seconds, and 15 seconds for a fine grind. Press down the lid and watch it perform to the taste you want. Weighing just 817 grams, you can tuck it into a suitcase when you travel, so you get to enjoy a fresh brew wherever you go.

Food Grade 304 stainless steel present to ensure there is no food poisoning from the component material. It has 20.8 x 13.4 x 11.6 cm dimensions with a powerful 200W motor running the machine.

Also, it has a low-noise operation and handles a wide range of stuff. A safety switch is present with the start button on the lid such that you can’t operate the grinder without the lid securely in place.


  • It is excellent for grinding dry items.
  • These well made products have a great design.
  • Its great blade makes it easy to use
  • This best buy option reduces spices into a fine powder.
  • Many people say the grinder is excellent value for money.


  • Some people say it may not be as powerful as advertised. It had to take sustained grinding to get the desired texture.
  • It might make a mess inside the bowl when you grind.
  • Some people complain about the fact that you can’t rinse it, which makes it tricky to clean, especially for nuts.

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8. Coffee Mill Spice Grinder By Easehold

Coffee Mill Spice Grinder By Easehold

Eighth best device you can buy is the Coffee Mill Spice Grinder By Easehold. We recommend it and give this one a 4/5 star rating.

This one may easily be one of the best spice grinders on this top 10 list. This easy to use Electric Coffee Grinder is loaded with a 200W built-in engine and 28,000-30,000 rpm that ensures such a full-speed operation that will allow a full load to be ground in 30-60 seconds.

With this one, grind size is determined by the time used in grinding. If you want a coarse grind, you require about 10 seconds. 20 to 30 seconds if you want a medium fine grind and 40-60 seconds if you want a fine grind.

The manufacturers are particular about a delightful all-round experience for you; therefore, in addition to building a sturdy model, they have taken extra care with the packaging of this product to make sure that this Easehold Grinder set will make a present you will be proud to gift someone.

The combination of the 200W motor and 28000-30000 rpm makes for a speedy and efficient grind. It provides the versatility of use as it can perfectly grind spices, herbs, chillies and other food ingredients.

Its compact size makes it ideal for both household use and travel. It even has a 75-gram bowl volume. The stainless steel interior of the grinder won’t have your herbs stuck in it, unlike plastic interiors.


  • A user review read, ‘this grinder reduces quickly and perfectly. Even spices grind nicely.’
  • The simplicity of the design makes it convenient for using and cleaning and it has great capacity.
  • Some people say that buying this model has made their lives easier.
  • It is compact and doesn’t take up much space to store which you will like.
  • Using these well made grinders is easy.
  • These spice grinders have a very affordable price.
  • A few reviews confirm the accuracy of the grinding timings listed in the description.
  • These spice grinders are sturdy and well built.


  • A user complained that when taking off the cover, all the coffee came out with it.
  • There’s no timer to stop it automatically. You have to count the seconds and observe the grind yourself.
  • Some reviews find it noisy, making a sound as if someone was drilling.
  • The product may get hot after extended use, so time breaks are advised.

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9. Electric Spice Grinder By Vonshef

Electric Spice Grinder By Vonshef

Ninth best device you can buy is the Electric Spice Grinder By Vonshef. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

With this electric grinder, you can enjoy excellent-tasting coffee without the strain of manual grinding or having to step out of your house to the coffee shop. This model has wet and dry grinding cups.

Therefore, not only can you crush the usual dry spices and ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, herbs and seeds but with the wet grinding blades, you can also blend your chilli peppers, garlic and curry paste like you would with a food processor. You only need to push a button.

Simply put in the required amounts of your herbs and spices to the grinding cup and fix the lid on to activate the safety lock and just long-press the power button to work it. It features 200W of overall great performance and the sharpest blades.

With it, you can pulverise dry and wet ingredients. There’s 80g of capacity available within each cup. The safety lock-in lid feature prevents accidental starts. The product includes a two-year money back Manufacturer’s warranty on any part.


  • It features two different detachable grinding cups with different blades, both of which have airtight lids with good capacity.
  • Many different reviews consider this one as not too noisy.
  • This electric grinder well built with a top quality materials used.
  • This one is easy to use and will make your kitchen look amazing.
  • It’s convenient to clean because the lid is detachable.
  • These quality grinders have a really good price.


  • These products may heat up very quickly.
  • The instructions on these mills aren’t clearly presented.

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10. Stainless Steel Spice Grinder By Kitchen Perfected

Stainless Steel Spice Grinder By Kitchen Perfected

Tenth best device you can buy is the Stainless Steel Spice Grinder By Kitchen Perfected. We gave this one a 4/5 star rating. If you want to find the price and details, check the Amazon links below.

The E5602SS Stainless Steel spice and coffee grinder is a delight to use with its one touch operation and 150W power. These products compare very favourably to all the other grinders we have mentioned thus far as they also grind a variety of seeds, nuts and spices.

This device features brushed stainless steel, and a 50-gram capacity grinding cup. It has a powerful but quiet motor and has an English plug with three teeth. You will like its lightweight at 200 grams.


  • This cooking accessory crushes spices to freshly ground fine powder speedily.
  • Many people say it is durable and well engineered.
  • The top can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Some people say the one meter lead cable is reasonably long.
  • It’s a good looking appliance as well as easy to use with the one-touch operation.
  • Many people say it is excellent value for money because of its capacity.
  • These spice grinders are top quality, just what you want and need
  • It is a well made multifunctional blender.


  • Some people say that these products grind larger quantities much better than small amounts.
  • The plug is not detachable, so you have to conduct cleaning with plug in tow.
  • The device doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature in the event of overheating.
  • This one is not dishwasher safe.
  • Because the bowl can’t be dismantled and replaced, cleaning can be somewhat tricky.

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Spice Grinder Buying Guide

If you prefer spicy food, you are going to love the natural flavour freshly ground spices offer, especially when you prepare the food in a halogen oven. You can also add the spices to the content of your soup maker, or experiment with some spicy popcorn on your popcorn maker. Add the spices to your paste and smoothies in your blender.

You are bound to love the natural taste using a spice grinder provides, and inevitably consider buying salt and pepper grinders as well. But for now, we will guide you on purchasing the best spice grinder.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Spice Grinder

Efficiency, overload protection, motor, number of bowls, size, safety, durability, capacity…these are some of the things you ought to consider before making your choice. I will break it down a little further.

The first thing that should inform your choice should be your need. What spices do you need to crush? How often will you be using the grinder? Is it for you alone or will your family be using it too? If you have a large family that does not joke with their coffee, perhaps you should look at an option with heavy duty stainless steel blades that can fetch you 12 bowls worth of grind each time.

If cleaning is not something you want to bother yourself with, then the dishwasher safe and detachable-bowled units will be your best bet. And if the price is your strongest determining factor, then go for the budget-friendly manual spice grinder.

What kind of material do you prefer your model to be made of? Some are made of the best wood or plastic materials, and others are made of aluminium or steel. Of course, the latter category includes the more expensive units, but they are also more durable. What would you prefer, cheap or durable? While we are on this subject, you should make sure that the grinder you choose has sharp blades that will remain sharp for the foreseeable future because of the material they were made with, stainless steel for instance.

Design is another thing you may want to consider before buying that grinder. Does the design of your preferred model foster convenience of use? Each brand is always going to their drawing boards to create units with completely new features and fresh ground experiences. However, regardless of the advanced features, the unit must work efficiently and satisfactorily, and that should be your premium concern.

As you consider different units, you will notice that they have varying numbers of chambers. Generally, the more chambers the model has, the easier it is for you to get the most of your freshly ground spices and herbs because when you grind herbs, a chunk of it ends up in powder that cannot be reached to retract if the model has just two chambers. But with three chambers and upwards, you have a better chance of getting most of your ingredients out. So if you’d like to ensure much of your precious ingredients do not go to waste, invest in a machine with multi chambers.

Last but not least is the size. If you have a small kitchen, you’d want a model that is very portable and takes up minimal space. It is sometimes the case that the bigger grinders have a stronger output, so if your coffee demands are enormous and you also have space constraint, you will have to make a compromise one way or the other. It’s your call.

Spice Grinder Buying Guides

Why you need the best spice grinders in your kitchen

You need the best spice grinders in your kitchen because they will help you achieve the best results in the quickest time. So if you have a machine with sharp stainless steel blades, for instance, you can crush your ingredients faster. There are a variety of things apart from spices that you are able to grind with the spice grinder. This gives you a good run for your money.

If you have a unit with overheating protection, you can use your unit with peace of mind knowing that it is a safe operation. Thus you will be able to get more done. If you have a multifunctional machine, you can rest assured that it has you covered whether you need to grind coffee beans, nuts, herbs or spices.

The best machines, thus, give you peace of mind and make your life much easier and are therefore worth every pound spent on them, as long as you buy a quality unit. 

Different types of spice grinders

Spice Grinder Buying Guide

There are broadly two types of spice grinders, namely, the electric grinder and the manual grinder. Both of these will grind your spices to powder if you like, but with the electric variants, you do not expend any physical energy as the machine does the grinding for you.

With the manual grinders, you work the device yourself until you have the desired texture. However, some manual units are more comfortable to use than others. For instance, the Bazaar Anatolia Turkish grinder is reputed to be the most convenient manual machine when it comes to use, when compared to other manual alternatives like the mortar and pestle, the pepper mill and salt grinder or even the Microplane grater.

However, the Microplane grater is handy for large nuts and some types of cinnamon mainly if your electric blender is not the multifunctional type. With the Microplane grater, you can grate ginger, chocolate, garlic and several other ingredients. 

Spice Grinder Buying FAQs

Q: Where should the cooker hood be placed?

A: For a lot of people, the best way for grinding spices is with a good old mortar and pestle. And indeed, when it comes to dry leaves and softer seeds like coriander and cumin, a wide and large hard stone smooth mortar and pestle can be quite effective.

For semi-wet ingredients like dried hot peppers, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and citrus skin, a medium to small mortar and pestle will sort you out quickly. Other tools crush other ingredients effectively.

The single side grater, for instance, is great for crushing smaller, harder spices like nutmeg while the Microplane grate is best suited for brittle larger hard spices like cinnamon bark rolls. The Japanese ginger grater, as the name implies, is ideal for ginger and other wet spices for juice extraction. There is also the variable-sized hand grinder which can be used for dried berries and peppercorns.

However, north, south-east or west, the best way for grinding spices remains the spice grinder.

If all you know now is a mortar and pestle, you’d want to try one of the best spice grinders reviewed above. I guarantee that the next time you see your mortar; it will be covered with cobwebs owing to your abandonment.

Q: Is it better to grind your own spices?

A: Your favourite spices contain flavoured compounds and essential oils which cease to be the same the moment they are pulverised. Generally, the shelf life of crushed spices is six months while their whole counterparts enjoy a one year shelf life. If you want to store both ground and whole spices for six months, the crushed one will deteriorate and cannot compare favourably to the whole variant.

Therefore, when you see those attractive cases of pre-ground spices on the shelves of the grocery store, you’d want to think twice before you grab them. You have absolutely no idea how long ago they were blended.

Spices are not like wine. They do not improve with time, especially the already blended ones. You are better off buying your spices whole and grinding them yourself, just before use. That way, you get the natural flavour of the ingredient you want.

Q: Can you grind spices in a burr grinder?

A: As you surf the market for a machine to fill your spice and coffee needs, you will likely come across the Burr grinder, and you may begin to wonder what the difference is between a burr grinder and the coffee spice grinder.

Apart from the fact that burr grinders are often costlier, a spice grinder crushes everything you put into the grinding bowl at once, but the burr grinder uses two revolving surfaces called burrs to crush the coffee beans a few seeds at a time.

So, the simple answer to the question is, yes. You can grind spices in a burr grinder, but you must be aware that the burrs do not pulverise as fine as the blade spice grinders do.

Furthermore, they often struggle with larger spices, particularly those with husks like cardamom pods.

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