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Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Do you need to add a professional touch to your ironing? Perhaps you run a B&B or you have a laundromat or you just want to quickly iron your own large sheets. Then the most practical solution could very well be a steam iron press.

These amazing devices can banish the toughest wrinkles and indeed add that sought-after professional touch to your laundry. They also take care of ironing in record time. Let’s see which steam press is the best one for your home.

Our Top 3 Steam Ironing Press Picks
1. The Best Steam Ironing Press By Speedypress
2. The Best Professional Steam Ironing Press By Speedypress
3. The Best XL Steam Ironing Press By Speedypress

Product Testing & Comparing

Buying a large laundry press is an investment and if done incorrectly, can lead to financial losses and possibly even a machine so poorly made that you suffer damaged laundry. To ensure that our readers only get the best steam presses available this year, our review team inspected and narrowed down the top 10 choices of 2022. We only selected steam presses with a quality design but also ranked them according to these important points.

  1. The size of the steam press.
  2. Power usage.
  3. Maximum recommended operation hours.

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The Best Steam Ironing Presses Reviewed In 2022

1. Speedypress Ironing Press B00UUZMGYI

The Best Steam Ironing Press

the best steam ironing press

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎94 x 63 x 26 cm.
  • Power: 2200 watts.
  • Maximum recommended usage: 200 hours a year.

We chose this steam press as the top pick – and you’ll soon see why! This is Europe’s largest home press and it reduces ironing time by up to 75 percent. You can use it on the provided stand or place the “head” of the press on a surface instead.

With its large size, you can press clothing and large sheets to perfection in no time. This advanced press heats up quickly, removes tough wrinkles, and comes with a non-stick Teflon coating.


  • Variable temperature control.
  • The press is available in smaller sizes.
  • Non-stick plates.
  • Removes wrinkles.
  • Professional results.


  • The press can be heavy.

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2. Speedypress Press B08GSJKKB7

The Best Professional Steam Ironing Press

best professional iron press

Product Specifications

  • Size: 87 x 64.5 x 32‎ cm.
  • Power: 2200 watts.
  • Maximum recommended usage: 200 hours a year.

Our review team selected this stylish press as the best option for those who need a professional ironing device for their business. Blessed with ample pressing space, you’ll quickly iron large items like sheets and table cloths. You can also choose to use it as a dry press or with automated steam.

You can also look forward to useful features like an anti-scale water tank, a free attachment that creates stylish pleats, and a no-spray steam design.


  • 2-Minute heat up time.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Perfect for businesses.


  • Recommended hours of usage a year – 200.

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3. Speedypress Ironing Press B00XKLK86C

The Best Best XL Steam Ironing Press

best XL ironing press

Product Specifications

  • Size: 94 x 63 x 26‎ cm.
  • Power: 2200 watts.
  • Maximum recommended usage: 200 hours per year.

This large press is a great addition to your laundry room – especially if you face large items on a regular basis. This press works quickly and you can use it while sitting, both contributing to a more ergonomic experience.

You can also use the stand or place the press (without the stand) on a surface of your choice., whichever one works better for you! The press also has a clear digital display that shows you the temperatures at all times, keeping your fabrics safe and treated within their heat tolerance.


  • Can press multiple layers.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Temperature display.


  • Requires a slight learning curve.

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4. Speedypress Professional 91HD B01NCHZ37H

The Top Heavy Duty Press

the best heavy duty steam press

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎91cm x 29.5 cm.
  • Power: 2400 watts.
  • Maximum recommended usage: 600 hours a year.

Our reviewers loved this press as the top favourite in the stronger range (2400 watts and 600 annual hours). Nearly twice as strong and versatile as our previous products, you can rely on this press if you have a larger business that requires professionally ironed bedding and table cloths.

This press also offers different choices including dry press or steam press, using it while standing up or sitting, and also using the stand or detaching the press and using it on a table. The control and display panel is also very easy to understand.


  • Heats up quickly.
  • Comes with an iron attachment, anti-scale water tank, and a replacement cover & replacement foam underfelt.
  • Removes tough wrinkles.
  • Dry or steam.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks


  • The ironing time can take longer for heavy-duty sheets and other items.

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5. Speedypress Steam Ironing Press 101HD

The Top Silver Heavy Duty Steam Press

The Fantastic White Steam Press By Singer ESP-2

Product Specifications

  • Size: 109.5 x 65 x 34 cm.
  • Power: 2600 watts.
  • Maximum recommended usage: 600.

This steam press is ideal for home use but when you still desire laundry with a professional finish. The surface is 10 times that of a conventional iron and the press opens widely to allow you to easily arrange large sheets or clothing. With a power of 1470 W, it also heats up quickly.

Other great features include user-friendly operation, a steam burst function, and variable steam and temperature control.  


  • Features a large temperature-controlled pressing area.
  • Padded ironing board with a washable cover.
  • Can press several layers at the same time.
  • Its packaging includes a detailed user guide, a spray bottle, and a water container.
  • Comes with stabilizing rubber feet.


  • You have to use distilled water or risk limescale problems.

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6. Singer ESP2 Steam Ironing Press

Best Press for Home Use

best steam press for home use

Product Specifications

  • Size: Pressing area is 63 x 26 cm.
  • Stand: No.
  • Auto shutoff: Yes.

We loved this press for exclusive home use. It’s portable and more lightweight than those meant for businesses but you can still do plenty with it! This press can bust wrinkles regardless of whether you need to iron sheets, table cloths, curtains or trousers.

Easy to use, the press is also very safe. You won’t burn any fabrics because it comes with an auto shut-off feature and an alarm that grabs your attention when the press switches itself off. You can also adjust the steam strength, making it perfect for the different needs of various fabrics.


  • Easy to use and store.
  • Variable steam control.
  • Portable.


  • Doesn’t come with a stand.

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7. Speedypress Ironing Press B018UJMU4G

The Best Continuous Use Steam Ironing Press

The Great Ironing Press By BlancaPress

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎80 x 31 x 29 cm.
  • Power: 1600 watts.
  • Maximum recommended usage: 150 hours a year.

The best feature of this press is that it’s designed for continuous use. Capable of tackling heavy-duty jobs, you can use the press for guesthouses, small hotels, nursery homes or other tourist establishments. The machine packs a punch with a power of 1600 W but is still delicate enough to never harm fabrics.

You can steam press up to four layers of sheets, tablecloths, napkins or other clothing items and remove their most stubborn wrinkles in half the time that it normally would! You can also look forward to easy temperature controls and pressure settings.  


  • Temperature range of 50°C – 90°C.
  • Suitable for commercial use.
  • Safe to operate.
  • Powerful but energy-efficient.
  • Great at removing wrinkles.


  • Operation requires a learning curve.

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8. Speedypress Steam Ironing Press B01NBH1FVD

The Best Versatile Press for Home Use

The Grand PSP-206E+ Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎109 x 66 x 33 cm.
  • Power: 2300 watts.
  • Maximum recommended usage: 600 hours per year.

This incredible machine gives you a powerful steam press on any surface, as its dimensions are easily adjustable. With a large ironing surface, the press employs an intense burst of steam that effectively removes the hardest wrinkles from your items of clothing.

Whether you want to use the ironing device as a steam press or a drying press, you can rest assured that your garments will be treated with the best care. Thanks to its Teflon coated iron plate, the ironing steam press doesn’t stick or damage the laundry. You can also expect variable temperature that gives you full control.


  • A powerful press.
  • Can be used on tables and counters.
  • Can efficiently steam multiple press layers of clothing.
  • Employs a fast heat-up time.
  • Easy to use controls.


  • Only suited for low to medium-duty tasks.

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Your Steam Press Buying Guide

Steam ironing presses are undoubtedly practical and convenient. They make the task of ironing a quick chore (thank goodness for that!) and add a professional finish to all bedding and clothing. Our guide holds all the tips you need to find a quality press for your home or business.

Power Rates

The best steam presses won’t waste energy or spike your utility bills. However, a good ironing press must operate with at least 1000 watts. Anything below this wattage is simply not as efficient.  

Steam Settings

As long as the steamer you’re looking to purchase has variable steaming settings, then it is most likely worth it. Usually, iron presses are provided with a few pre-set programmes that adjust their temperature settings for different clothing types. However, some manufacturers offer a customizable operation that lets you manually set the temperature levels you think are best suited to your fabrics.  

Ironing Surface

If you plan to use your steamer to iron sheets, duvets, curtains or other broad fabrics; then you should look for a steam press that integrates a broader board. Even if you plan to use the machine on daily outfits or other relatively smaller garments, you should never settle for a small ironing surface. The more space granted within the board ensures higher productivity rates with your ironing, which then entitles less time spent on the steamer.

Safety Measures

Safety measures is a must. One feature that has to be present is the auto-shutoff function. As the name implies, it automatically shuts off the machine when you forget.


Q: Are ironing presses any good?

A: Yes, ironing presses are very useful for straightening larger chunks of clothing and bedding. They also considerably shorten the ironing time of these cumbersome items.

Q: Is a steam press better than an iron?

A: A steam press is best suited for commercial use and larger households because it deals with large chunks of garments. A steam press can give better results and reduce ironing time by as much as 50%.

Q: Does a steamer get wrinkles out?

A: Yes, a steamer can completely remove wrinkles from clothing and bedding.

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