The 9 Best Steam Ironing Presses In The UK (2021)

Best Steam Ironing Press Reviews

Last Updated on September 18, 2021

Steam iron presses are widely regarded as the most practical solution to elegant, ironed clothes that are suitable with any occasion. Due to their remarkable ability to remove even the hardest wrinkles from clothes, a speedy press is an absolute necessity for people who like to live fast-paced lives.

If you want to make your life easier and are looking for such a product, read below to find the best steam ironing presses of 2021.

Our Top 3 Steam Ironing Press Picks
1. The Best Steam Ironing Press By Speedypress
2. The Best Energy-Friendly Steam Ironing Press By YesUKDirect
3. The Best Steam Ironing Press (Silver) By Speedypress

The Best Steam Ironing Presses Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Ironing System with Spray Bottle By Fast Press

The Best Ironing System with Spray Bottle By Fast Press

The best steam ironing press of 2021 is provided to us by Fast Press, employing a powerful performance of 1500 W. According to the manufacturers, this brilliant device will cut down your ironing time by as much as 50%, granting you to get on with your day at a better speed. The corded steam iron press operates with the force of 5x higher pressure levels than the regular iron, giving your clothes a dry cleaners finish.

Leaning over also won’t be an issue, since the steam press contains an incorporated ironing board to make everything easy to use. Its compact-sized build and practical design further contribute to this steam presses functionality; giving it the ability to be stored and used wherever it’s convenient for you. Moreover, its safety measures ensure the steam press to emit a loud sound in less than 30 seconds if the device is closed by mistake. If the user doesn’t open the lid, the Fast Press will shut off automatically, preventing any clothes’ damage or other safety hazards. 


  • It’s shipped with a two-year warranty by Fast Press.
  • Thanks to its unique design, you can quickly close the press with a light touch.
  • It uses 25% less power than the current reservoir ironing systems.
  • It is provided with an instructional DVD that explains the setup and use.
  • It contains a ‘supertherm’ alloy heating plate that insulates the heat and doesn’t let it radiate to your hands and arms.


  • Its compact-sized design and rough edges are not practical for ironing large garments like sheets or curtains.
  • Some consumers noted that its auto shut off feature was activated when more than 30 seconds passed. 

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2. The Superb Laptronix Steam Iron Press By YesUKDirect

The Superb Laptronix Steam Iron Press By YesUKDirect

Chosen by Amazon for the best steam press category, this jet stream ironing press is worth every praise it begets. The 1600 W device features a pressing area that’s seven times the size of a standard press, so it’s granted to get your outfit ready under record times. With a pressing power that’s equivalent to more than 50 kg, the device can reach multiple layers of clothing and strengthen them out to perfection. 

Thanks to its easy to use design and smart indicator lights, you’ll always know when the steam press is powered and ready to go. Moreover, its integrated temperature settings are carefully designed to treat all clothing types with the amount of care they require. Energy-efficiency is also a priority with this steam ironing press, featuring a power consumption that’s equal to that of a conventional iron. Overall, you can use this device either as a steam press or a dry press – and be marvelled at the fantastic results it provides. 


  • It has a wide opening for larger clothes.
  • Its automatic shut off feature is automatically triggered when the button located on either side is pressed (in both opened and closed positions).
  • It features a locked-in, closed-form that makes it easy to store.
  • Its unique heating plate is one of the most cost-effective options on the market.


  • Large items must be ironed several times over to get all the wrinkles straightened out.
  • The provided instruction manual was reported to be quite complicated for a lot of users.

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3. The Brilliant PSP202S Silver Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

The Brilliant PSP202S Silver Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

Being among the best steam presses on the market, this silver steam device employs a 1400 W power motor that is guaranteed to give professional results in half the time of a conventional iron.

The sleek and modern design incorporates a spray bottle, pressing cushion & measuring cup; so the steam press will be as easy as possible. The steam settings include a telescopic stick that allows you to adjust the ironing board within your desired height.

Practical with both sitting and standing, this device employs a sturdy ironing surface that stays put while you’re trying to give your clothes the flawless finish. The covered non-stick Teflon heating pad is one of the best materials you can get on your stream press, so you can rest assured that your items of clothing will be safe with every burst of steam. Lastly, its bright LED display will indicate when the steam ironing press is ready to operate, further completing the easy to use procedure.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty period by Speedy Press.
  • It features different temperature settings to match different clothing types.
  • It locks into a closed position to promote beneficial storage.
  • Several customers have praised its ability to steam press bedlinen.


  • The maximum usage recommended by the manufacturers is 120 hours a year.
  • The water tank is placed on the bottom of the ironing press, which means that you need to turn the device over to fill it.

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4. The Professional 100HD Heavy-Duty Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

The Professional 100HD Heavy-Duty Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

Another remarkable product by Speedy Press is showcased within this 100HD model that’s labelled as one of the best steam presses for ease of use and value for money. Being about 30 times the size of regular iron, this steam press will ensure that you’ll get all your sheets and duvets nice and ready for your guests. With a power of 2600 W, the device is not only suitable with home use but commercial work ranging from medium to heavy-duty as well.

Furthermore, the steam press can either be used as a total dry press or automatic steam, cutting back your ironing time and offering you more practicality on the go. When pressing down, the device’s pressure equals down to a weight of 46 kg, targeting even the most stubborn wrinkles. Moreover, its intense automatic burst of steam promotes an incredibly fast heat-up time, so you can get to work right away.


  • The package comes with an iron attachment, anti-scale water tank, and a replacement cover & replacement foam underfelt.
  • If you live in the UK Mainland, the steam press can be delivered on the same day dispatch.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty provided by Speedy Press.
  • It contains different temperature settings at the range of 60°C – 220°C.
  • Its water reservoir employs a large capacity of 800 ml.


  • Some consumers reported that they were disappointed with the ironing time of this device.
  • It was noted that the linen programme was faulty for some users; by not raising its temperature levels above 90°C.

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5. The Fantastic White Steam Press By Singer ESP-2

The Fantastic White Steam Press By Singer ESP-2

Ideally suited with most clothing items and household fabrics, this steam press by Singer ESP-2 is granted to live up to its company’s legacy. With a power of 1470 W and a steam burst function, the easy to use ironing press can heat up quickly and let you in the ironing surface as soon as you start the device. Moreover, its variable steam control enables you to adjust the temperature settings according to the type of fabric you want to steam.

Moreover, the Singer ESP-2 steam press can provide a full opening for large items of clothing, thus rendering an ironing surface that’s ten times larger than a conventional device. If you leave the steam ironing press opened for longer than 15 minutes, or the lid closed while the device is on for more than 30 seconds – the auto shut off feature will activate while terminating the power automatically. This will ensure that the necessary safety precautions are taken, and your steam presses will only be as pleasant as ever. 


  • It features a large temperature-controlled pressing area and a padded ironing board with a washable cover.
  • It promotes a simultaneous ironing press of several layers.
  • Its packaging includes a detailed user guide, a spray bottle, and a water container.
  • The unit also comes with stabilizing rubber feet and a pressing cushion, in case you want to steam press gathered fabric.


  • The ‘ready’ indicator light is positioned on the handle, which some consumers found to be non-ergonomic.
  • If you don’t use distilled water for the steam press, you’ll notice that limescale build-up will start forming on the device.

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6. The Renowned 101HD-S Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

The Renowned 101HD-S Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

With a size that’s 30 times larger than the regular iron, this heavy-duty steam ironing device by SpeedyPress is a more than worthy mention. With a power of 2600 W, this steam iron press is primarily aimed for commercial use but works fascinatingly well on home environments too. Large clothing items won’t be a hassle anymore, because this device can firmly take on king-sized bedding and straighten it out like never before.

Its steam settings are ideal for those who want to adjust different clothing types with varying levels of temperature. One of the most excellent hallmarks of the device is that you can either use it as a total dry press or apply its automatic steam settings to iron your garments. Moreover, its powerful steam output covers about 90g per minute, while its booster steam output prompts 120 g per minute – without any water dripping! When pressing down, the steam presses’ strength is equal to 46 kg of pressure, so ideal results are granted to be fulfilled. 


  • It includes a free UK delivery that’s carried out within the same day of the dispatch.
  • Its annual recommended usage is at 600 hours a year, which is ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  • It can steam within 2.5 minutes of being switched on.
  • It contains a precise electronic ironing temperature that ranges from 60°C – 220°C.
  • Its 800 ml water tank can be quickly taken out and replaced.


  • It is rather large, so it takes quite a bit of space.
  • Some costumers reported that the steam noise emitted from it was too loud.

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7. The Great Ironing Press By BlancaPress

The Great Ironing Press By BlancaPress

The professional ironing board within this steam press is one of the most important reasons why this device is worth it. Designed for continuous hard use, the heavy-duty commercial steam press is perfect for guesthouses, small hotels, nursery homes or other tourist establishments. The corded ironing press employs a power of 1500 W, which is ideal for strengthening out most items of clothing and not damaging them on the process.

The safe and secure to use iron can steam press up to four layers of sheets, tablecloths, napkins or other clothing items and remove their most stubborn wrinkles in half the time. If what you want in a steam press are easy temperature controls and simple pressure settings, then you can rest assured that this model will fit your needs. And thanks to its temperature range of 50°C – 90°C and current consumption of 1500 W, you’ll have all the variability and efficiency granted with the device. 


  • It folds flat for easy storage.
  • Its locking handles make it easy and safe to transport it to your preferred location.
  • Its non-steam version is supplied with a spray bottle for clothes damping.
  • It’s shipped with a two-year warranty by BlancaPress.
  • It employs an energy-efficient cost if only 10p per hour.


  • It operates by an ironing press feature, so the steam press function isn’t included.

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8. The Grand PSP-206E+ Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

The Grand PSP-206E+ Steam Ironing Press By Speedy Press

The renowned UK based brand of ironing steam presses once again hits the nail on the head with the incredible PSP-206E+ model. You can get the 1600 W steam press on any surface, as its dimensions are easily adjustable with any existing tables. With an ironing surface of 80 cm, this device employs an intense burst of steam that effectively removes the hardest wrinkles from your items of clothing.

Whether you want to use the ironing device as a steam press or a drying press, you can rest assured that your garments will be treated with the best care. Thanks to its Teflon coated iron plate, the ironing steam press doesn’t allow for sticking or other damaging to your delicate clothes. Another one of its convenient pros includes the variable temperature controls that deliver a 50 kg pressure across the entire ironing surface, thus giving superb results. 


  • It is delivered with a one-year warranty by Speedy Press.
  • It can efficiently steam multiple press layers of clothing.
  • It employs a fast heat-up time.
  • It contains easy to use controls and temperature indicator lights that make the ironing simpler.
  • If the press is left closed for more than 10 seconds, its auto-shut off feature will activate and turn off the device.


  • Is only suited for low to medium-duty tasks so that it won’t do well for commercial use.
  • Its ironing plate is only Teflon coated, which is prone to flaking over time.

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9. The Distinguished Lily AST540 Ironing Steam Press By Frister + Rossmann

The Distinguished Lily AST540 Ironing Steam Press By Frister + Rossmann

If you’re looking to get one of the more budget-friendly steam presses for your hotel, guesthouse or nursery home, then you should certainly consider this model. Employing a powerful strength of 2200 W and a large ironing board of 101×30 cm, this ironing steam press is one of the most ideal choices for heavy-duty work and commercial purposes. With an automatic pressure of 46 kg, the Lily series employs a functional advantage that allows you to use the device either with or without steam.

Furthermore, the steam is produced automatically within the steam press as the heating plate is lowered onto the garment; producing a powerful steam output of 90g per minute, and a booster steam output of 120g per minute.

 Weighing about 15 kg, the Lily ironing steam press employs an assisted opening and closing of the heating plate so that it can be easily operated by just one hand. Its safety locks on either side ensure that you can get the ironing board wherever you want, by not having to worry about the possible safety risks.


  • It is shipped with a two-year domestic and one-year commercial warranty by Frister + Rossmann.
  • Its anti-scale technology and provided water filter prevent limescale build-up.
  • It contains a water tank with a capacity of 800 ml.
  • Its built-in shut-off feature will turn off the device within 15 seconds of closed position and 15 minutes of opened ones.


  • Its filter cartridges were noted to last just about six months to a year.
  • Some customers noted that it takes some time to get used to its ironing function that blows off steam when the lid is halfway closed – as opposed to fully.

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Buying Guide

Steam ironing presses are undoubtedly practical and convenient for everyone, whether they’re used on medium to large households or other commercial establishments. Owners of small businesses around the world simply marvel away at the ease of use and incredible results provided by using said machines. But what exactly do you need to keep an eye out for when buying a steam press?

Power Rates

Best Steam Ironing Press Buying Guide

As with all electrical machines, a steam press requires electrical power to run; a power which is then generated into heat. The produced heat emits the burning hot steam that is then used to iron your shirts, pants, button-ups, sheets, duvets or even full-sized curtains. This power is typically measured in watts, so the more watts there are within a steam press, the more powerful its burst of steam is.

A good ironing press must operate by at least 1000 watts because anything below that rate is simply not as efficient. Full-on steamers that are intended for commercial use employ rates of +1500 watts, which are granted to provide with fantastic ironing results no matter what the garment of choice is. 

However, a high wattage might be more productive, but that entails that it spends more energy as well. If you intend to use your steamer for light to medium work around the house, then a wattage of around 1200 should suffice. 

Steam Settings

There’s a general rule of thumb that’s applicable with most home appliances, and it surely fits on this occasion too. As long as the steamer you’re looking to purchase has variable steaming settings, then it is most likely worth it. Usually, iron presses are provided with a few pre-set programmes that adjust its temperature settings for different clothing types. However, some manufacturers offer a customizable operation that lets you manually set the temperature levels you think are best suited to your fabrics.

Another great plus within ironing presses is the option to use the machine as either a dry press or a bursting steam iron. This is especially profitable with delicate garments that simply don’t do well under steam pressure. By employing a dry pressing feature, the machine allows you to straighten your clothes out as with a conventional iron. 

Ironing Surface

Best Steam Ironing Press Buying Guide

Because iron steamers work by pressing the coated plate into a predestined board, you must be careful when choosing the design.

If you plan to use your steamer to iron sheets, duvets, curtains or other broad fabrics; then you should look for a steam press that integrates a broader board. Even if you plan to use the machine on daily outfits or other relatively smaller garments, you should never settle for a small ironing surface.

The more space granted within the board ensures higher productivity rates with your ironing, which then entitles less time spent on the steamer.

Safety Measures

Perhaps the most important hallmark of an ironing press lies within the safety measures it entails. A must-have feature on an ironing steam press is the auto-shutoff function that will put an end to the wondering if you’ve turned off your iron or not. This feature will automatically turn off the device if it stays idle for more than 15 seconds (closed lid) or more than 15 minutes (open top). Different brands employ different timestamps, but the main idea is to prevent fire hazards or other safety risks.


Q: Are ironing presses any good?

A: Yes, ironing presses are very useful for straightening larger chunks of clothes and providing better results at doing so. They’re especially favourable with larger garments like sheets, duvets or beddings (king & queen-sized). Moreover, they’re the most profitable investment for small and large business owners, because they reduce time, effort and resources that would otherwise be too apparent with regular ironing.

Q: Is a steam press better than iron?

A: The answer to that ultimately comes down to the practices and capacities that you’re looking to employ with each device. A steam press is best suited for commercial use and larger households because it is specially designed to deal with large chunks of garments. In doing so, a steam press does give better results in both quality of ironing and amount of effort required to finish an operation. They also cut back the ironing time by as much as 50%, depending on the product size and its wattage power.

Seeing how they employ incredible features that promote the best ironing experience, they also cost more. Conventional irons are cheaper, but they’re mostly applicable with low to medium-duty tasks in average households. They’re less helpful on removing major wrinkles or creases, and they’re seldom unsuitable with delicate garments too.

Q: How do you iron sheets with a steam press?

A: Even though most iron steamers have different settings for the temperature, power or pressure levels; it’s safe to say that they primarily function with the same principles. Before you start ironing your bedsheets, you should look at the fabric type and match your device’s temperature controls accordingly. Typically, steam presses’ manufactures include a guiding manual that lets you know what temperature levels are destined for each fabric type. However, a general rule of thumb is to use 230°C for linen, 200°C for cotton and 150°C for wool. After you’ve set the temperature levels, you act as follows.

  • Most iron presses work by ironing over folded laundry, so you should start by folding your sheets length-ways. Depending on the pressure strength of your device, you can either double-fold your sheet or use a four-way fold.
  • Place the first section of the sheet onto the ironing surface. Make sure to fold your sheets so that they extend over the entire board as to avoid creating wrinkles on its edges.
  • Gently press down the lid but don’t close it completely. Usually, a pressing device will start its steam operation when the lid is halfway closed. If this is the case, keep the lid in that position for five seconds, and then close it off completely. Leave it covered for another second and lift off the lid. If your ironing press requires you to keep the lid closed to release its steam function, then do so for about five seconds.
  • After you’ve finished with the first section, gently fold it away from the board or into your lap and continue with the remaining parts. Repeat the previous step until you’ve covered all your bedsheet.

Q: Does a steamer get wrinkles out?

A: Yes, a steamer is your best choice at completely removing the wrinkles from your clothes. Moreover, it’s important to note that a steamer works by using hot steam to loosen the fabric, by not making direct contact with it. So not only does a press steamer provide with perfectly straightened out clothes, but it maintains their sound quality as well.

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