The 10 Best Stove Top Kettle Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Stove Top Kettle Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Are you tired of electric kettles that break after a few months? A stove top kettle works with any type of stove and does not require an electrical connection. As a bonus, these appliances also bring a lovely retro look to the kitchen that is becoming increasingly popular. We reviewed the top kettles to find the best one for your home!

Our Top 3 Stove Top Kettle Picks
1. The Best Stove Top Kettle By King Hoff
2. The Best Retro Stove Top Kettle By Buckingham
3. The Best Stove Top Kettle For Camping By Living Nostalgia

Discover The Best Stove Top Kettles Of 2021

1. The Best Stove Top Kettle By King Hoff

Whistling Stove Top Kettle By King Hoff

We picked this handsome lad as the top winner on our list. It’s easy to use, clean and comes with a lovely toot. But let’s have a closer look at what you can expect.

The kettle is made from premium stainless steel. This makes the kettle not only durable but also a breeze to wipe down. It can also be used on all stove types, even induction hobs.

Once your water is ready, a whistle will let you know! You also don’t have to worry about steam-related injuries. The kettle has an easy-to-use button that opens the sprout safely.


  • 3 L capacity.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Compatible with any hob.


  • It lacks a maximum capacity indicator.

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2. The Best Retro Stove Top Kettle By Buckingham

Retro Whistling Kettle By Buckingham

If you are looking for a kettle with modern frills but also one that brings the flavour of grandma’s kitchen to your home, then this could be the best choice for you. The retro look of this kettle is comforting and cozy but you can also expect great new features.

The big-capacity chamber can brew water for a number of guests. It also works with all hob types, thanks to its durable stainless steel design. You can also look forward to a melodious whistle, a soft-touch silicone handle that provides a good grip and a spout that operates at the push of a button.


  • Stylish.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • 3.5 L capacity.
  • Safety handle and spout.
  • Compatible with any hob.


  • Not dishwasher-friendly.

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3. The Best Stove Top Kettle For Camping By Living Nostalgia

best stove top kettle for camping

Craving to make your neighbouring campers jealous with a lovely kettle? Here’s something that might suit that goal! This stove top kettle is portable, compatible with a gas burner, and can be cleaned easily – all things that are important on a trouble-free stay outdoors.

It comes with a 1.3 L capacity and a soft-grip handle that also stays cool to protect your skin from the heat. You can also look forward to that famous whistling once the water is read and if, for some reason, you don’t like blue then there is hope. You can also get this kettle in cream and grey.


  • Vintage look.
  • Great for camping.
  • 1.3 L capacity.
  • Cool-touch handle.


  • Might be too small for the bigger family.

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4. The Top Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle By Prima

Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle By Prima

This stunning red appliance is sure to add life to your kitchen. And makes brewing your drink an easy task. Its phenolic handle provides a good grip and protects you from accidental burns.

The trigger-style whistling nozzle will alert you when the water is ready. A button located on the underside of the handle instantly opens the sprout safely as well. The appliance is made from high-quality stainless stee, making it durable and suitable for all types of hobs.


  • Capacity of 3.5 L.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Durable design.
  • Compatible with all cooking tops.


  • Not lightweight.

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5. The Top Stovetop Whistling Kettle By Kitchencraft

Stovetop Whistling Kettle By Kitchencraft

This kettle offers a particularly pleasing appearance. With its honeycomb surface, you can rest assured that it will fin in with your kitchen no matter the decor. But what other great things come with this shiny kettle?

The appliance is made with durable materials and is also safe to use. It comes with a large heat-resistant handle that is effortless to use and pour out your water. A button on the handle instantly opens the spout so that accidental steam burns do not occur.


  • Rust-resistant design and long lasting.
  • Stay cool enamel coating.
  • Amazing look.
  • Compatible with almost any hob.


  • The whistle can be loud.

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6. The Best Soft-Noise Kettle By Sulives

best soft noise stove top kettle

Here is somethig different if you want a stove top kettle but not the retro look. Besides offering you a modern and beautiful kettle, it also has a bonus if you don’t like harsh whistling kettles. Indeed, this one emits a clearly audible but soothing tone once the water has boiled.

Other great features include a premium stainless steel body, a heat-resistant handle, and a spout that pours water very conveniently.


  • Great look if you don’t want a retro-styled pot.
  • Durable stainless steel.
  • Safe handle.
  • Gentle whistling.
  • 3 L capacity.


  • The lid is prone to being wonky.

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7. The Best Stovetop Induction Kettle By Klausberg

Stovetop Induction Kettle By Klausberg

This high-quality, elegant polka-dotted device is definitely one of a kind. It features a traditional body finish that makes your kitchen homely. Besides the whistling sound that will draw your attention to the kitchen when your drink is ready, the polka dots change colour too as the temperatures change.

The multi-layered bottom is made of stainless steel and enhanced with aluminium. The appliance will conduct heat perfectly and is suitable for hobs, including induction hobs. This stovetop kettle comes with a capacity indicator and can boil up to 2 L at a time.


  • Unique design and durable.
  • The dots change colour.
  • Compatible with any hob.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to pour.


  • Its capacity is limited – you can boil two litres at a time.

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8. The Top Rustic Stove Top Kettle By Susteas

best rustic stove top kettle

This kettle comes with a classic appearance that looks good enough to impress your most important guests! But besides a rustic appeal and durable design, what else can you look forward to?

The kettle has a 2.6 L capacity and pours the water safely. The handle is also designed to keep your hand safe from heat and you also don’t have to wait too long to serve some tea. The kettle boils pretty fast.


  • 2.6 L.
  • Whistles beautifully.
  • Rustic yet modern appearance.
  • Boils fast.


  • Not suitable for a gas hob.

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9. The Best Glass Stove Top Kettle By Tealyra

Glass Stove Top Kettle By Tealyra

If you love to watch your tea brew, this glass model is a must. The ergonomic handle provides safety, the pot has a drip-resistant pour sprout and a detachable bamboo lid. The kettle is also strong as it is made from borosilicate glass material that is capable of resisting thermal extrems.

This kettle is perfect to brew both iced and hot beverages. Either way, you also get a spout with a filter that prevents small tea or herb particles from making their way into your cup.


  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Easy to pour.
  • Looks alluring.
  • Tight-fitting bamboo lid can keep your drink safe and fresh for a long time.


  • It might take longer time to simmer than steel stovetop kettles.

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10. The Best Wood-Themed Stove Top Kettle By Osmanthus

best wooden stove top kettle

This stove top kettle is perfect if you love a woody theme to your kitchen. The design is simply lovely, with muted darkness to the body and wooden additions to the lid, handle, and spout. This kettle is also rust and odour proof, making it a great long-term choice.

Other great feature include compatibility with all hobs, an easy pour spout, 2.5 L water capacity and whistle. You can also look forward to safety features including a heat-safe handle, anti-scalding wood grain, and a nozzle cover that is reversible.


  • A beautiful appearance.
  • Several safety features.
  • Rust and odour proof.
  • 2.5 L.


  • Not suitable to serve large gatherings.

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Your Stove Top Kettle Buying Guide

The right stove top kettle can make your kitchen cosy and your tea boil faster. Our short guide includes all the essential things to remember while you look for the best kettle.

Features of Stove Top Kettles


Capacity is important because if you buy something to small, you might have to boil twice to serve the whole family. Note that most stove top kettles don’t go much higher than 3 L.


Various types of kettles will warm water at different speeds. For instance, stainless steel appliances will be faster compared to glass kettles. The more efficient your appliance is, the more time and electricity you will save.


Make sure your kettle has all the safety features it needs to keep you safe from heat burns. This should include a safe handle and steam controlling nozzle.


Q: Does the brew taste different from a stove top kettle?

A: Yes. Coffee tea enthusiasts will enjoy a cup brewed with this appliance more. The device is capable of simmering water above the boiling point, which extracts the real flavour of the tea leaves or coffee.

Q: Are stove top kettles more efficient?

A: Yes. The devices do not rely on electricity to run. They can work on a variety of energy-efficient sources such as gas. The tight-fitting lid ensures also that no warmth is lost.

Q: Can I boil the kettle when it is only half full?

A: It is advisable to fill the device when boiling water. This is because the devices do not have an auto-shutoff feature. When the water comes to a boil unattended, it could evaporate, leaving the kettle dry and causing severe damage to it.

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