The 10 Best Table Saw Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Table Saw Reviews

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you know the importance of using accurate or proper tools for the job. Working with an unreliable table saw can be the difference between a masterpiece and a complete waste of your time, not to mention materials.

Our list of the best table saws examines the top-rated models to ensure you get nothing but high quality.

The Best Table Saws Reviewed In 2021

1. Table Saw With 10Inch Blade By Triton

Table Saw With 10Inch Blade By Triton

The best table saw is the Table Saw With 10-Inch Blade By Triton. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

When you think of a table saw to deliver high performance in the most precise way, then look no further than this pick on this ranking of ours. Triton TWX7CS001 Contractor Module is a unit from a very reliable brand that offers the kind of precise cuts you have never seen before.

This steel module has a power voltage of about 1800 Watts with a no-load speed of about 4500 rpm. With its blade angle adjustment falling between 0 – 45 degrees per cut, you probably can’t get a better deal elsewhere. It also has a maximum cutting depth of about 86 mm and a cut rip capacity of about 775 mm, always making the most satisfactory cuts. This power tool includes 86 mm blade height adjustment and 0 – 45 degrees bevel angle adjustment for complex bevel cuts.

Asides from the rip fence, it also has a protractor blade and a 254 mm TCT blade that aids precise cuts. It also has two dust collection ports making it effortless to get specks of dust out from the saw table surface area so that there won’t be any impediment while you make the right cut.


  • These table saws come with a solid blade guard that assures safety while being used.
  • Best saws used for professional work.
  • These cutting tools come with a blade fence made from excellent material.
  • Nice cutting depth
  • These saws are safe and easy to use and maintain.


  • The blade is quite large and causes discomfort in a small workshop.

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2. Heavy Duty Table Saw By Dewalt

Heavy Duty Table Saw By Dewalt

Our second pick on our list is the Heavy Duty Table Saw By Dewalt. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and specifications on the Amazon website link below.

As the name implies, this Dewalt DW745 table is very compact and straightforward to use a table saw. It is qualitative in that it is made with the best materials, comes with a basic build and is a cheap table saw. This cheap Dewalt DW745 portable mitre saw has a voltage of about 230 with a weight measurement of about 22 kg.

This Dewalt DW745 saw comes with a steel roll cage that secures workpiece while in use. It has an excellent rip fence and motor which guarantees high efficiency at all times. With an overload protection switch that takes away the fear of load slipping off, this is certainly the right machine to buy if you want the best result. Also, the Dewalt DW745 cheap table saw has a quick bevel lock, which can offer you the ability to adjust thereby enhancing accuracy and also help with safety. A great tool overall that can provide you with maximum performance with every cut.


  • With a relatively lightweight material, and the personalised footprint, this is the best portable table saw you can select for the workshop.
  • Not expensive at all due to great customer care.
  • No need to change the blade frequently
  • These low cost Dewalt cutting tools come at a soild size and with an overload protection system
  • The presence of a steel roll cage will further make sure that this Dewalt table saw is a durable one
  • With the rip fence and riving knife, you can work on larger projects with this Dewalt table.


  • The Dewalt warranty plan though provided for this cheap table saw, is not good enough, reviews say.

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3. Multi Purpose Table Saw By Evolution Power Tools

Multi Purpose Table Saw By Evolution Power Tools

Third place in our review goes to the Multi-Purpose Table Saw By Evolution Power Tools. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Coming from a famous name, the Evolution RAGE 5 S is known for its accurate delivery and comprehensive nature. This power tool is one of the best table saws in the market today. It has an R2555 TCT multipurpose 255 mm blade with 28 teeth so that you can achieve precise cuts on any material. This 1800W table saw has a blade guard, which comes attached with a dust extraction port for effective sawing every time. It has a sturdy frame for maximum convenience.

You will love its dust hose and a mitre gauge, and that is why it is one of the most portable table saws in the market. With an anti-bounce device and a removable, adjustable rip fence, you can achieve fine, smooth cuts without much hassle. Also, the Evolution table saw includes blade changing spanners, a push stick and a clear assembly instruction manual. This mitre gauge power tool even has 0 degrees – 45 degrees bevel tilt so you can easily achieve accuracy in every smooth cut.

This Evolution Power Tools unit is made of the Japanese tungsten carbide blade, which makes the blade a solid one capable of cutting through steel, wood, aluminium and other different materials. With its 1800 Watts gearbox, blade system and top quality carbide-tipped blades, Evolution Power Tools table saw is a powerful machine suitable for all cutting tasks. This good looking power tool is there for your every wood work need and allows cutting at any angle. The fact that one can tilt the blade in different position provides less stress for the user. However, though the 28 teeth blade can handle any material, this power tool may have some issues. 


  • One of the most popular table saws that has a great build quality along with a decent price to value ratio
  • Has a mitre gauge, a vacuum hose, a push stick and a rip fence system – a number of important components user needs to keep the power tool in an excellent condition
  • Fits in well as a more flexible cabinet saw that is easy and safe to use and understand
  • Best for a range of accurate cuts on any smooth material fast due to the carbide tipped blade
  • This power tool even has 0 degrees – 45 degrees bevel tilt so you can easily achieve accuracy in every smooth cut.
  • It is using a powerful 1500 W low-noise drive motor and a push stick that will last long


  • The major draw back remains that it only works well as a domestic tool with the carbide blade, not a site tool.

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4. Professional Corded Table Saw By Bosch Professional

Professional Corded Table Saw By Bosch Professional

Fourth selection on our list is the Professional Corded Table Saw By Bosch Professional. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating in our review.

This table saw is known for its compact nature among users making it one well desired. Asides from this, it is also known to be the best portable table saw that usually fits in well for a mobile workshop or a workshop that doesn’t have a considerable space.

This portable power tool has a self-adjusting parallel fence and riving knife that allows for precision while cutting. It has powerful motor designed with better soft start. With a cutting measurement of about 79 mm in height, 460 mm to the right and about 210 mm to the left of the blade, this machine will certainly deliver according to specifications.

What’s more, it has safe storage that allows you to store items and different materials needed for a particular project, and there are dirt extraction points in strategic places of the table saw. It also has a portable design, which enhances easy manoeuvre at all times and doesn’t take up much space. It has an excellent price to ratio quality, great quality blades and is one of the best you can buy at this time. Overall, great power tool that can enable perfect results and maximum accuracy with less stress.


  • Durable, reliable and very portable saw that fits in well for small sized workshops
  • The adjusting riving knife or parallel fence gives it an edge over many different table saws.
  • Popular, compact and small design in order to provide portability and enhance the look of your workshop even when not in use.
  • Powerful 1,800 W motor with soft start and 3650 RPM ensures you can cut wood and almost any other material
  • These cutting tools come with a great money back warranty plan and have nice cutting depth
  • Made with top quality materials to help with all your DIY projects and cut all wood materials


  • It is quite challenging to handle tough and large cutting jobs with this blade. This fact means that one would have to purchase two table saws to get all the required wood work done. That is anything but good.

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5. Cast Iron Table Saw By Charnwood

Cast Iron Table Saw By Charnwood

Fifth best available cutting machine is the Cast Iron Table Saw By Charnwood. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. This table saw is very good, reliable, budget friendly and suitable for woodworkers and homeowners.

This best budget table saw has a measurement of about 530mm and 1000mm with a cutting blade that can tilt between 90 and 45 degrees. It weighs just 70kg with a blade diameter of 200mm and bore of 30mm, this is the perfect cutting machine for effortless manipulation and it doesn’t take up much space. It has a great fence and a worktable height of about 910 mm and a cross-cutting width of 600mm.

With its no-load blade speed standing at about 4700 rpm, you can rely on the efficiency of this cutting machine. You also won’t mind its floor stand base, which makes it easy for you to cut comfortably on the table at all times without any fear of sliding or falling off while in use. You can easily have more accuracy with this power tool compared to others. 


  • It has a quiet, safe and easy to use powerful motor with 4700 rpm blade speed.
  • Nice size, doesn’t take up much space and enables comfortable cut at any angle
  • Any angle can be set on the long support fence.
  • Not expensive regarding the cutting depth and materials used.
  • The precision ground table of this unit is made of cast iron materials
  • The slide carriage and side extension tables of these saws is standard equipment
  • The good floor stands base gives the table a whole lot of balance.


  • The weight of these budget table saws would pose a significant challenge for users.

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6. Table Saw 5000 Rpm By Einhell

Table Saw 5000 Rpm By Einhell

Sixth choice on our list is the Table Saw 5000 Rpm By Einhell. We gave it a 4/5 star rating in our review. Feel free to check the price and available information on the links below.

Are you a homeowner who makes cuts and is not aware of this table Underframe? Then you are missing out on one tool with important components and excellent delivery. The Einhell tc-ts 2025 Table Saw 5000 Rpm features table extensions to accommodate larger workpieces. Its blade guard that guarantees safety also comes with a chip extractor connection.

There is a parallel stop that makes accurate angled cuts a stroll in the park. It has a housing that has a chip extractor to always ensure a clean workspace area. The Einhell TC-TS 2025 saw comes with holders for both the power cord and other included tools. You will love its rip fence and sturdy base frame, which ensures the table is comfortable to work with at any height. However, although it does an excellent job, the Einhell TC-TS 2025 table saw is on the more expensive side.


  • Safety is guaranteed with saw blade guard and chip extractor
  • Best 5000 rpm mitre saws for really large workpieces due to side extension
  • You can be using this machine at home
  • Quick clamp rip fence for secure cutting performance on many materials
  • This Einhell TC-TS 2025 cutting tool comes with a nice cut depth that can get the job done
  • Powerful 1800 W motor with 5000 rpm cutting speed


  • You may need your budget straight and high to land yourself this slightly more expensive table top saw.

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7. Circular Saw Function Table Saw By Vonhaus

Circular Saw Function Table Saw By Vonhaus

Seventh best available cutting machine is the Circular Function Table Saw By Vonhaus. We gave this option a 4/5 star rating in our review.

As a homeowner, are you looking for a very reliable, super powerful and versatile tool, then all you need is the VonHaus 1800W table saw. With VonHaus already establishing itself as a reputable brand, trusting this unit becomes easy.

The VonHaus budget table saw features a voltage of between 220V to about 240V. Powered by a 1800-watt motor, this machine is your best bet if you want to achieve great results. It has a no-load speed fixed of 5500 rpm and features a single dust port that measures 35mm. This budget VonHaus table saw is there for your every woodworking need.

Its adequately sized dirt collection port is a plus, and it allows for attachments, like a vacuum cleaner, so that dust, debris and dirt can be easily collected. Its carbide tipped blade is responsible for its high efficiency, and you can also make angled cuts and longitudinal cuts on different wood types.


  • The adjustable height and angle allow you to make use of the cutting machine for any project size.
  • This good looking VonHaus table saw enables cutting at any angle with the carbide-tipped blade
  • The VonHaus 1800W is reliable, has efficient dust collection and an excellent price to quality ratio.
  • Since it features a powder coated table, the VonHaus table saw can last a long while without any tear or wear of any kind.
  • This VonHaus machine also features a quick clamp fence system that will provide convenience every time you use the carbide blades.


  • Blade durability of the VonHaus table saw may come under threat after a while of use.

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8. Table Saw That Cuts Multiple Materials By Evolution Power Tools

Table Saw That Cuts Multiple Materials By Evolution Power Tools

Our eighth selection is the Table Saw That Cuts Multiple Materials By Evolution Power Tools. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. You can take a close look at the price range and available details on the Amazon page links below.

The Evolution Power Tools table saw handles various types of cuts including cross cut, angle cut, mitre cuts and others. It has a sturdy frame and is powered by a 1500-Watt hi-torque motor so that you can experience high effectiveness. This Evolution Power Tools unit is using F255 TCT Multipurpose blade with 24 teeth and two table extensions on both sides. These Evolution cabinet saws have 4 extension table support struts for balance and comfortability in cuts.

The Evolution Power Tools budget table saw has a mitre gauge and anti-bounce device, which enhances optimum operations. There are 2 rear cantilever braces and a rip fence for best performances. With its patented Evolution multipurpose cutting technology, this budget cutting machine is ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals and materials. However, working with these power tool might not go without some issues, though it always gets the job done with less effort.


  • The removable and adjustable rip fence is sturdy enough to assure the security of use.
  • Reviews love that it is deisgned with better blade quality and powerful motor to power the blades efficiently every time
  • Anti-bounce device lessens material movement to in order to provide better precision.
  • Evolution saw comes at an affordable price – not expensive at all.
  • Designed in a sense that it doesn’t require you to know anything to operate the blade.
  • Incudes a mitre gauge for smooth cuts and a removable rip fence.


  • Users have found that it has an inferior overall system when compared to other tablets saws.

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9. Bench Top Hobby Table Saw By Lumberjack

Bench Top Hobby Table Saw By Lumberjack

Ninth best cutting machine is the Benchtop Table Saw By Lumberjack. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating in our review.

This is a top mitre saw that has been specially designed for mobile use. Although with less storage space provided, this unit is very soild and a powerful cutting tool. Are you a DIY home woodworker? Then this is the best table top saw to be used in making any type of cuts.

The Lumberjack table saw measures about 585 mm in length, 455 mm in width, and 340 mm in height. It has a saw blade diameter of about 210 mm, and a saw blade bore size of 30 mm. With a table measuring 525 mm by 400 mm, you will have enough space to carry out all your tasks.

This Lumberjack cutting machine features a motor voltage of 240V and has an input of 1.2 kW. With a depth of 48 mm at 90 degrees and 45 mm at 45 degrees, you may engage in fine angled cuts of various dimensions without much hassle. The portability of this cutting machine is a plus, and it has a string TCT saw blade and a safety blade guard, which guarantees your safety. However, working with this power tool has some bad sides.


  • Elegant, highly portable and also super soild wood cutting machine with a great blade.
  • You will like the perfect results this Lumberjack saw enables.
  • Though small in size, it is compelling in its operation and has great safety features.
  • These tools include foldable extensions making the surface easily adjustable depending on work to be done.


  • There was a comment about poorly designed storage space that would make it difficult to work with for larger projects.

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10. 10 Inch Table Saw By Fox

10 Inch Table Saw By Fox

Our tenth best table saw UK choice is the 10 Inch Table Saw By Fox. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

This Fox machine is the newest version of the Fox series. With the many upgrades that have been installed to the previous versions by including many important features. It has 2 adjustable and removable side extensions on eithier side of the table so that you may experience advanced flexibility.

With heavy-duty leg stands, you should expect enhanced accuracy with the aid of a laser marker. The blade diameter measures about 254 mm and the blade bore about 30 mm. It has a mitre gauge and a maximum cutting capacity of 80 mm at 90 degrees and 55 mm at 45 degrees. Its attractive design adds glamour to your working space whether you’re using it or not. However, this power tool can’t be used without some issues.


  • It has robust press steel and quality ribbed cast aluminum which makes this power tool the right one for you.
  • The side extensions can be removed and adjusted to suit the task that is at hand.
  • Using this good looking power tool is easy and comes at an affordable price
  • Features an additional mitre gauge and other blade attachments


  • Cleaning up the surface area after this unit is a must, because it comes with no port to hold on to the dirt.

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Tables Saw Buying Guide

Unlike fitting a carpet underlay, carrying out repairs, building animal houses and carrying out most installations require the use of tools. Every home should have a hammer drilltelescopic ladderMIG weldermitre saw, and router table. And of course a good pair of safety boots.

A table saw is also vital. It helps in cutting large panels such as plywood. We will guide you through choosing the best table saw model in the market for your DIY projects.

Tables Saw Buying Guide

What You Need To Know

Cutting wood can only feel easy and accurate when you make use of the table saw blades for that purpose. It doesn’t matter as to whether you are going for a mini table, a table circular saw or bench saw, take note of these fundamental considerations:

  • The rip cut capacity and bevels of the device. This fantastic feature helps you to see how well the table saw can make maximum cuts at certain degrees. Also, make sure the table saw you are going for has room for adjustments at various angles degrees.
  • The quality of the blade determines the performance rate of the table saw. When getting a table saw, look out for the cutting depth at which the blade can be set for the right cut. Also, search for settings of the blade, and it’s fitting to the table saw as well as blade guard. Don’t avoid the blade guard and arbour of the blade to be sure it is stable.
  • The motor quality and strength determines the speed of the table. So go through table saw reviews and ratings on the motor of the table saw to be purchased to be sure it is a quality one. The control the DIY table saw enables, usually determines its strength in working through more robust steel materials. 
  • The visibility and Amps of the table saw should also be considered. Visibility here means the sight of the blade offered by the table saw through its window. This sight should be clear enough so you may access the saw’s cutting depth. The Amp strength of the table saw measures its power. It is advisable to search for a table saw with high amps and volts at all times when purchasing.
  • The dust extraction port provided for with the table saw. In some table saws, you should notice the presence of one while to in others. You should go for a good table saw with a large port to take away dust produced from the surface of the table while you cut.
Tables Saw Buying Guide

What are the Different Features?

Generally, the features people see handy in a table saw depends on many things which range from the task at hand, down to personal taste.

However, comprehensiveness, portability, durability and reliability are different features many users look out far.

The compact design nature of some table saws is another feature people look out for when getting a table saw.

The affordability of the table saw when the price is measured against the quality of the tool and its ease of use.

Tables Saw Buying FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a table saw with two dust extraction ports and that with only one and which is best?

A: When using a table saw on a wood piece, sawdust is produced as you saw through the wood. To effectively get rid of the excess sawdust, there is a need for dust collection ports. While some table saws like the VonHaus table saw comes with a single port, the Bosch Professional Table saw features two. For efficiency, especially when you cut large pieces, it is best to go for table saws with 2 ports.

Q: Is the warranty offered by a table saw a factor to consider?

A: It might not be explicitly stated as a consideration to make when getting a table saw, but it is necessary to give you trust in the power tool. When you buy a table saw with a comprehensive warranty plan, you are on a safer side. This because you may report to the technical team to correct a technical default detected on a purchase.

Q: Where can I make an order for the Einhell TC-TS 2025 Table Underframe?

A: While there are many online stores where this table saw particularly the Einhell one is available for purchase, Amazon is the best place to be to place your order. Amazon site offers you the best products and also provides you with customer reviews on each unit offered.

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