10 Best Tassimo Machine Reviews For UK Coffee Fans (2021)

Best Tassimo Machine Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

The Bosch Tassimo coffee makers have been some of the most prestigious machines, accompanying us for more than 15 years. Since Bosch has taken over the manufacturing, the Tassimo range has not only enhanced its features but further supported the production of unique coffee for Tassimo machines as well.

As for now, the best Tassimo coffee machines offer a wide variety of drinks that are both easy to make and affordable to buy. To help you find the best Tassimo coffee machine that ticks all your boxes, we have put together a helpful guide that compares the most-reviewed products available.

Our Top 3 Tassimo Machine Picks
1. The Best Tassimo Machine By Bosch
2. The Best User-Friendly Tassimo Machine By Bosch
3. The Best Tassimo Machine For Different Hot Drinks By Bosch

Meet The Best Tassimo Machines Of 2021

1. The Exceptional TAS3202GB Tassimo Suny Coffe Machine By Bosch

TAS3202GB Tassimo Coffe Machine By Bosch

The best Tassimo machine of 2021 is the Suny range that goes by the TAS3202GB label. With an operating strength of 1300 W and a 240 V motor, the Bosch Tassimo machine will provide with your cup of coffee in no time. Thanks to its SmartStart feature, all you need to do to start the coffee maker is to press the front-facing surface with a mug.

The patented IntelliBrew function within Tassimo coffee machines will use its barcode technology to identify the drink selected, which will prompt the device to adjust the water, temperature and brewing time required to make the best Tassimo coffee every time. All you need to do is insert a T-Disc and start the fully-automatic preparation that works by its practical one-button operation. 


  • It supports a wide variety of beverages, including hot chocolate, cappuccino or Americano.
  • Its flexible cup stand is adjustable to all mug sizes.
  • Its 0.8-litre water tank is both practical and easy to remove.
  • Its energy rating class A makes it very efficient.


  • Some customers reported that they experienced issues with its barcode system.
  • It is rather noisy while brewing.

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2. The Brilliant TAS3204GB Tassimo Suny Coffee Machine By Bosch

Tassimo Suny Coffee Machine By Bosch

Another series from the Suny Tassimo models is the TAS3204GB range that’s the best at what it does – brewing coffee pods to absolute perfection. Virtually similar to their successor, these coffee machines Tassimo supported have been continuously praised for their blending abilities, their essence of flavour and their ease of use. Being compatible with all mug shapes, the Tassimo machine carries an adjustable and removable cup stand to fit all your needs.

Functioning on the same 1300 W & 250 V motor, the machine will accommodate all those who are always on a hurry with their drinks. With an almost immediate heat-up time, the machine Tassimo will activate and start preparing by either getting triggered of your mug hitting the cup stand or you manually touching the start button. And with more than 40 different drinks from coffee makers around the world, you’ll always have something to look forward to.


  • It employs a super-quick heat up time.
  • It contains a sizeable 0.8-litre water tank that’s easily removable.
  • It’s shipped with an instruction manual, quick-start guide and T-Disc cleaner. 
  • Its IntelliBrew feature recognises 40 drinks.


  • Some consumers reported that its instruction leaflet was hard to understand.
  • Its drinks are rather small in size, filling about half of a normal-sized cup.

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3. The Amazing Tassimo Vivy Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine By Bosch

Vivy Drinks & Coffee Machine By Bosch

Among the best compact-sized Tassimo models is also the Vivo range, exceeding all expectations in offering diverse drinks under record times. Its fully-automatic coffee preparation is further supported with one touch of a button, rendering the machine easy to use. Its storage won’t be an issue either, thanks to its small and sleek design that’s suitable for all kitchens or bars.

The Vivy Tassimo coffee machine supports more than 35 drinks from famous brands including tea, latte, cappuccino, macchiato or even hot chocolate. The integrated water tank helps 0.7 litres and is designed in such a way that its removal and adjusting is as simple as possible. Moreover, the Bosch Tassimo machine supports an automatic cleaning and descaling program that not only ensures the device is clean at all times but lengthens the durability too. 


  • It employs an excellent blending power.
  • It’s compact-sized, so it fits perfectly on small spaces.
  • It heats-up immediately after the switch button is pressed.
  • Its 1300 W power makes it run expeditiously fast.


  • Some customers reported that their Vivo machines caused the coffee pods to be stuck inside.

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4. The Astonishing TAS3205GB Tassimo Suny Coffee Machine By Bosch

TAS3205GB Tassimo Suny Coffee Machine

Another fan-favourite among coffee lovers worldwide is the 1300 W Suny range, conned as one of the best Tassimo machines for ease of use and outstanding flavour. The StartSmart feature of Bosch Tassimo coffee machines is brought back to this unit, giving you a helpful hand will all your hot drinks. Thanks to its wide range of command, the coffee maker will automatically detect the mug placed on the cup stand and begin the coffee making.

Furthermore, the integrated IntelliBrew feature reduces the heat-up time significantly by merely reading the barcode provided with the coffee pods and starting the operation. The integrated 0.8-litre water tank will further ensure that you can brew several drinks before you are prompted to refill. Finally, you can say goodbye to the fussy settings and complicated instructions, as the Bosch Tassimo coffee machine will give you what you want – when you want it. 


  • Its midnight black exterior is exquisite and entirely fitting with all kitchens.
  • It employs little to no heat-up time.
  • Its adjustable cup stand suits all mug types.


  • Its fully-automatic features don’t give much control over recipe modifications.

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5. The Incredible TAS1002GB Tassimo Happy Coffee Machine By Bosch

TAS1002GB Tassimo Happy Coffee Machine

The fully automatic Tassimo Happy machine comes as an innovation in both design and style. The Bosch Tassimo machine is compatible with more than 40 T-Disc while guaranteeing to make its users as happy as its name. Because the device is very compact-sized, it will easily fit into most kitchen spaces and further, give them life with each use.

All that is required for the machine to trigger the one-touch function that will prompt the correct volume and temperature to be classed automatically, creating your beverage of choice. Travelling mugs and larger cups can also be adapted within the device, by simply removing the overspill tray at the bottom. Because of its 240 V motor and power strength of 1300 W, the compact-sized coffee maker will run as smoothly and as quickly as possible. 


  • Good value for money.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to fit anywhere.
  • It employs a reliable blending power that refines the coffee’s taste.
  • Is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its one buttoned operation.


  • Its cup-filling quota is somewhat confusing, so it will need some getting used to.
  • It has a small water tank.

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6. The Great TAS1402GB Tassimo Vivy 2 Coffee Machine By Bosch

The Great TAS1402GB Tassimo Vivy 2 Coffee Machine By Bosch

This spot is taken by the most popular range of Tassimo machines, consisting of the upgraded version of the initial Vivy model. Also picked by Amazon as the best Bosch Tassimo, the 17 cm coffee machine is ideal for a wide range of hot drinks. The incorporated LED interface provides the user with the machine’s current information, including statuses of standby, automatic mode, manual mode, refill the water tank and descale the machine warnings.

The Vivy 2 Bosch Tassimo machine also uses the IntelliBrew feature, prompting you to simply insert the T-Disc, press the button and wait for your masterpiece to be done. You won’t worry about the specifications, because the machine itself automatically adjusts the correct water, temperature and pressure settings. And to match with all kitchen styles, Tassimo has designed three different machines going by the black, red and cream colours.


  • It includes an auto-cleaning and descaling feature that maintains the machine.
  • It supports a height-adjustable and removable cup stand along with a stainless steel drip tray.
  • Its integrated water tank supports 0.7-litres of water.
  • It can produce a wide variety of coffee drinks.


  • It was reported that this model prompts the device to malfunction, causing coffee pods to be stuck inside the machine.
  • Some customers noted that the machine causes some leakage.

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7. The Fantastic TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy Coffee Machine By Bosch

The Fantastic TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy Coffee Machine By Bosch

The Joy series of Bosch Tassimo machines is one of the best-featured models that are much appreciated for their value of money and flavour range. Thanks to its flexible coffee pod board, the Tassimo allows you to experience a variety of over 40 drinks from well-known brands like Costa, Kenco, Carte Noir, Cadbury, Oreo or Twining’s teas.

The trademarked InteliBrew system further uses barcode technology to identify the drink selected, customise the water and temperature levels, and provide with a delicious beverage each time. One of the highest advantages of the machine is within its 1.4-litre water tank that can provide with multiple coffee cups before it will need a refill. Lastly, with the elimination of pre-heating times and auto-shutoff features, you’ll be able to enjoy your hot cup of coffee without having to worry about energy waste. 


  • Its one-button operation with Tassimo discs will grant delicious cups of coffee under short times.
  • It’s among the best energy-efficient Tassimo machines, thanks to its A-class rating and practical features.
  • Its 1300 W power and 240 V motor support energy-efficient fast operations.
  • It is effortless to clean, with certain parts being dishwasher-safe.


  • It’s quite large, which may cause it to take a lot of space.
  • Some customers reported that the Joy machines double pierced the pods, causing hot water to pour everywhere.

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8. The Wonderful TAS75S2GB Tassimo Caddy Coffee Pot Machine By Bosch

The Wonderful TAS75S2GB Tassimo Caddy Coffee Pot Machine By Bosch

If you’re here to find the best Tassimo machines that can satisfy the whole family at the same time, you should consider the Caddy model. With a large water tank capacity of 1.2 litres, the Caddy Tassimo machine runs with an operating power of 1300 W. The one-button operation and barcode detection features are also included, reducing the manual labour required to run the device cosmically.

Thanks to its integrated capsule holders that are always within reach, you can get your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other drinks whenever you feel like it. Moreover, the dual holders can carry as much as 32 pods at a time, not only making your life easier but saving up space too. The Bosch Tassimo machine also uses an eco-mode function that ensures the unit doesn’t use power when staying idle, thus saving energy on the process.


  • It allows for as much as eight pod holders to be stacked within the machine.
  • It supports a descale warning-feature.
  • Its transparent water tank allows you to see the water use and when it needs to be refilled.
  • It contains dishwasher-safe parts for effortless cleaning.


  • Its pod compartment was noted to be somewhat fiddly when moving in and out.

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9. The Excellent TAS5542GB Tassimo Charmy Coffee Machine By Bosch

The Excellent TAS5542GB Tassimo Charmy Coffee Machine By Bosch

One of the most distinguished ranges within the Bosch Tassimo machines is certainly the Charmy model that employs a stylish design that is granted to serve fantastic coffee with each cup. Thanks to its Brita Maxtra technology, the Bosch Tassimo coffee maker filtrates the water to absolute perfection, not only affecting the quality of the coffee brew but its overall taste and flavour as well.

The coffee maker employs a power strength of 1300 W and a robust 240 V motor that’s granted to support excellent performance. Moreover, its smooth operation that uses T-Discs and is triggered by the mere touch of a button allows you to spend less time on the machine and more time enjoying the coffee. And being one of the larger models within the Tassimo range, the machine offers a full 1.4-litre capacity from which you can take advantage. 


  • Its automatic drink identification triggers within seconds of the initial barcode reading.
  • Its large capacity grants more cups of coffee under shorter amounts of times.
  • Its automatic descaling program ensures that the machine’s maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  • The flip-up handle of the water tank allows for easy adjusting and refills.


  • It was noted that the pod cartridge suffered some leaks after one year of use.
  • Several customers noted that the blending power within this machine is not as good as past Tassimo models’.

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10. The High-Quality Tassimo Black Joy Coffee Machine By Bosch

The High-Quality Tassimo Black Joy Coffee Machine By Bosch

Last but not least, we present you the fantastic Joy coffee machine that functions with an operating power of 1300 W and a 240 V motor. Its high-gloss finish is one of the most talked-about features, because not only does it give the machine a wonderful modern touch but goes perfectly well with any kitchen. The generous 1.4-litre capacity and the easy to use operation is ideal for those who want more coffee and less making.

Moreover, the removable and transparent water tank supports a water level gauge that will always keep you notified about the refilling practices of the machine. The Joy Tassimo series has also integrated the renowned Brita Maxtra technology that will maintain the coffee excellence by optimising the water quality used with each cup. You can also rest assured that any cup will do since its adjustable stand will support all shapes and sizes. 


  • It’s shipped with a two-year warranty by Bosch.
  • It is one of the largest models, so it will support many drinks at a time.
  • It contains an auto-shutoff feature that saves time and energy.
  • It supports a coffee strength selector.


  • It’s quite large size, so it will take too much of counter space.

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Buying Guide

Because the same manufacturer creates all Tassimo machines, they employ very similar features that are only enhanced with each new upgrade. According to the extensive Amazon reviews and coffee experts’ opinions, all Tassimo machines provide with good quality beverages that are easy to make, delicious to drink and cheaper to have. Ultimately, your preference with each model can be canalised into a few features that make the Tassimo machines slightly differ from each other.

  • SmartStart – Only provided with the most recent models, the SmartStart feature prompts the machine to start the brewing process by merely touching the surface of the mug stand, thus eradicating the touch of buttons.
  • Auto Shutoff – Some Tassimo coffee makers ensure that minimal amounts of energy are wasted with each operation (or idle use). This is supported with the auto-shutoff feature that turns off the device when not in use, or when its brewing process has completed.
  • Capacity – Tassimo devices are manufactured with the idea of compact-sized coffee making that provides one cup at a time. However, some people find the constant refilling of the water tank tiring – which causes them to aim for higher capacity machines. Thankfully, Bosch has provided some variability with this hallmark, by employing water tanks that range from 0.5 up to 1.7 litres.


Q: Are Tassimo machines any good?

A: Yes, Tassimo machines are some of the best coffee-makers currently on the market. They come at affordable prices, are easy to use, and provide with some of the most delicious coffee types.

Q: Which is the newest Tassimo machine?

A: The most recent Tassimo coffee-maker is the Vivo 2 model that contains all the [upgraded] features of previous Tassimo machines.

Q: How to work a Tassimo coffee machine?

A: The steps required to be taken with each coffee making operation on any Tassimo device are as follows:

  • Fill the tank with the required amount of water.
  • Place the right-sized cup with your destined beverage of choice on the cup bearing stand.
  • Open the upper lid and place a T-Disc coffee pod facing down. After you’ve inserted the pod, close the lid and make sure it clicks into place.
  • Wait for the standby indicator to turn into green – telling you the machine has read the barcode.
  • Press the start button to begin the brewing process, if your machine requires this to be done manually. If you’ve got one of the machines that employ a SmartStart feature – simply touch the front-facing surface.
  • Wait for the pour to finish or press the button again if you want a smaller amount.
  • Remove the used T-Disc once the machine goes back into standby mode. 

Q: Can you put milk in a Tassimo instead of water?

A: If you replace the water intake on the tank with milk, you will cause an unnecessary formation of bacteria that will simply make your coffee taste lousy. For better results, you should add a latte pod into the T-Disc cartilage, that will provide you with the milk-induced drink.

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