The 10 Best TV Signal Booster Reviews For UK Viewers (2021)

Best TV Signal Booster Reviews

Last Updated on May 9, 2021

Freeview and other broadcasting platforms are still one of the biggest entertaining means for a wide variety of people, either on the UK or abroad. However, an issue that a lot of households are faced with lies in the fact that they don’t receive enough signal strength for their platform to fully function, resulting in a bad picture and sound quality, and in some cases – a total lack of channels provided. If you’re among those people and are looking for a quick solution, read below to find the best TV aerial boosters available to make those problems a thing of the past.

The Best TV Signal Boosters Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Two-Way Output 25 dB CATV Aerial Amplifier By Ex-Pro

Best Two-Way Output 25 dB CATV Aerial Amplifier

The best TV signal booster is the 25 dB CATV aerial amplifier by Ex-Pro. Guaranteed to significantly improve poor picture and sound quality, this signal booster is ideal for households that have two or more TVs receiving the same aerial signal. When connected to your TV setup, this amplifier will split the signal equally to all devices, promoting an ultra-clear picture and overall reliable TV quality. Being marketed with a fantastic price that beats most signal boosters’ on the market, the CATV amplifier is ideal for set-top receivers that require DVB-C Cable TV, digital HDTV and radio, Freeview, DVB-T / T2 Terrestrial TV and DAB signals. All you have to do to experience the optimal watching quality is to set up the device and position the amplifier as close to the signal entering point in your house as possible.


  • The variable gain control allows you to match the amplifier input to the source input.
  • Easy setup and installation thanks to the IEC coaxial cable.
  • Two output sockets promoting a high gain of 25 dB for two different TVs.
  • Good value for money.


  • The device is shipped with a UK mains plug, so if you live abroad you need to purchase an additional cable to match your location.

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2. The Prime Two-Way Output 15 dB CATV Aerial Amplifier By Ex-Pro

Prime Two-Way Output 15 dB CATV Amplifier

Employing a slightly lower gain, this 15 dB booster is one of the best tv signal amplifier products that counteract poor picture and sound quality that’s prompted by long cables or multiple TV and audio sets. When connected to your TV setup, the two-way output ports ensure that pristine resolution is acquired on two separate TVs (or other devices). In line with its previous model, this series of signal boosters is also compatible with digital HDTV and radio, VB-C Cable TV, DVB-T / T2 Terrestrial TV, Freeview and DAB signals. Furthermore, the variable gain control makes the signal booster easily adjustable to obtain maximum reception control up to 15 dB. Whether you need a device to help with mending weak signal or evenly distribute the tv reception between different devices, you can rest assured that Ex-Pro offers the best aerial booster currently on the market.


  • A power consumption rate of only 100 mA (in operating mode).
  • Variable gain control levels through 0-12.
  • Two output sockets that can be used to distribute the tv signals between two devices.


  • Some consumers have reported that they experienced problems with the delivery of this item.

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3. The Versatile 27820HSR Four Output Amplifier With Integrated 4G Filter By SLx

Versatile 27820HSR Four Output Amplifier

Another great contender for the best tv aerial booster position is the 27820HSR model that’s suitable with boosting your TV, FM and DAB signals. Ideal for enhancing picture quality and channel reception on your digital TV, this device is particularly profitable over long cable runs that interfere with proper reception. Providing an 11 dB signal gain, the RED compliant signal amplifier is redesigned to upgrade signal reception and help with eventual loss of channels. Moreover, the integrated 4G filter provides a good function of blocking signals from LTE 800 4G mobile phone transmitters, so you can safely use your mobile devices without the fear of interfering with the aerial signal.


  • The four outputs promote a higher availability to enhance several devices’ weak signal.
  • SLx offers a 12-month warranty period.
  • Easy to install and setup, with all the information provided on the manual.
  • Great price considering the features it employs.


  • It’s not advisable for use in regions where the TV transmitter is within close distance because it will cause the signal to overload.
  • You need to purchase the coaxial cables separately from the signal booster.

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4.The Reliable Signal Booster Aerial Amplifier for TV/Digital By SLx

Reliable Signal Booster Aerial Amplifier

Among the best TV signal booster devices is another excellent product by SLx that’s practical for fitting over longer cable runs that cause weak TV signals. With the use of 11 dB gain, you can feed up to four TVs (or other devices) which experience bad aerial signal that results in decreased picture quality or total channel loss.

The updated version of the longstanding best TV signal boosters on the market is also RED compliant and employs an integrated 4G filter that combats reception interference from LTE devices. One of the biggest advantages that shifts this TV signal booster from good to great quality, is the absolute equal distribution between the four different outputs which means that the TV in your living room won’t cause the one in the bedroom to lack in quality, strength and variability.


  • Shipped with a 12-month warranty period.
  • Distributed with a very reasonable price that’s below the market standard.
  • Several customers have noted that the booster is very sturdy and durable.
  • Energy-efficient.


  • Unless you put the booster within a close distance of the tv aerial, you might not notice a significant difference.
  • You need to purchase the coaxial cables separately with this model as well.

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5. The Straightforward 27822HSR Two Output Amplifier By SLx

Straightforward 27822HSR Amplifier

If you’re overwhelmed with the long cable runs and all your family’s smartphones interfering with the aerial signal, this straightforward model of signal boosters from SLx is your best choice. Boosting all TV, FM and DAB signals, this signal booster offers a whopping 16 dB gain that is undoubtedly ideal to amplify weak reception from your local transmitter towers. One important thing to note is the 87-782 MHz frequency range, which means that the signal booster will provide a good reception regardless of the distance from the aerial. Targeting one of the biggest issues of the modern world, its built-in 4G filter will further help with blocking the interference caused by mobile phones, Bluetooth devices or tablets, so you can enjoy the channels provided by your broadcasting platform on their best condition.


  • Amazon’s choice for the best signal booster on its platform.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty period.
  • Can be used either as a freestanding device or a mountable one.
  • Employs a 45 dB 4G interference protection strength.


  • Some consumers reported that the device stopped working after some months of use.
  • It can’t be used in regions that have the broadcasting towers within good eye-view.

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6. The Elementary 27828HSR Single Output Amplifier By SLx

The Elementary 27828HSR Single Output Amplifier By SLx

Following the line of HSR series of exemplary digital TV amplifiers, the 27828HSR series is another honourable mention among the best signal boosters available on the market. Like its aforementioned successor, this amplifier is ideal for enhancing picture and sound quality as well as channel reception in those areas where the signal strength is rather flimsy. Thanks to its variable gain control, you can easily adjust this signal booster to acquire a maximum reception control of a total gain of 20 dB. Employing an identical frequency range of 87-782 MHz, you can get all the signal intensity you need, no matter how far away the transmitters are.


  • The booster contains ultrasonically moulded mains plugs.
  • Its integrated 4G filters combat any interfering signals from LTE 800 4G devices.
  • Employs an energy-efficient switch mode power supply.
  • Has a guaranteed 12-month warranty.


  • The singular output socket limits the use of multiple devices.
  • The inputs and outputs are all female, so you might need to get adjustment leads.

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7. The Premier SV9602 Two Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One for All

The Premier SV9602 Two Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One for All

Following the line of the best signal boosters currently on the market, the SV9602 model by One for All presents a supreme solution to channel loss and issues with reception, thanks to its splendid 23 dB gain. Providing a double output function that promotes signal boosting in two digital TV devices, this product advances a 14x higher amplifying strength that’s surely going to help with all your reception issues. Furthermore, the unique 3G/4G incorporated filtering feature ensures that you can use as many digital devices as you’d like, without having to worry about ruining the TV signal. Competing with the bigger brands on the market for functionality and innovation, One for All products also come with a decent price tag that will surely turn your bad days into good ones.


  • The plug & play feature ensures an easy setup and use.
  • Compatible with full HDTV, digital TV and radio signals.
  • Excellent price when accounting the overall build and integrated features.
  • Small and discreet design, good for hiding away behind bigger devices.


  • Some consumers have reported that the aerial connectors in this device are somewhat loose.
  • The power supply unit is prone to damage over time.

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8. The Top-Tier SV9604 Four Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One for All

The Top-Tier SV9604 Four Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One for All

Easy to install and easier to use, this One for All signal booster providing a gain of 23 dB makes it hard to imagine what it’s like getting frustrated with channel loss or a pixelated picture while watching your favourite SKY news on a Sunday morning. Efficiently combating poor image and audio quality caused by long cables or multiple TV and audio sets, the SV960 signal booster ensures that you can amplify the reception on up to four different devices which is an ideal choice for people who need to please all their family’s digital demands. Moreover, the integrated 3G/4G filter will undoubtedly help with removing LTE interference from those devices, bringing an overall better experience with reception strength, digital quality and noise-free viewing practice.


  • Specializes in removing frame freeze and pixelated picture quality in digital TVs.
  • Easy installation provided by a step-by-step guide within the manual.
  • Holds a 1-year warranty period.
  • Employs a frequency range of 88 – 790 MHz.


  • This device also suffers from loosely fitted plug sockets.
  • The lining of the booster is not very sturdy which may result in damage over time.

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9. The Great SV9601 One Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One by One

The Great SV9601 One Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One by One

In case you’re familiarised with the One by One signal boosters but require a simpler device to amplify the received signal on a single TV, then you may fight that the SV9601 series is ideal for you. Effectively boosting the TV signal and increasing the channel selection, this amplifier not only provides the best available features but comes at a record price as well. Providing a frequency range of 88 – 790 MHz and a high gain of 23 dB, the signal booster will provide all the perks of a higher rated device within a compact-sized one. Thanks to the manufacturer’s 20-year long reputation of creating innovative and resilient TV accessories, you can rest assured that the SV9601 comes as a welcomed addition to TV sets and other entertainment devices in households around the globe.


  • The 3G/4G integrated filter successfully identifies and combats LTE interference almost entirely.
  • Carries a 1-year warranty period.
  • Good value for money.


  • The device was noted to experience some malfunctions after longer use.

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10. The Portable 27815HSR Signal Booster By SLx

The Portable 27815HSR Signal Booster By SLx

SLx hits the nail in the head with this model while further adding it to the diverse constellation of excellent signal amplifiers that provide efficiency and practicality under a very budget-friendly price. Perfect for Freeview and DAB signals, the 27815HSR model is a simple, compact-sized device that contains multitudes within its abilities to boost your TV and radio signal to give you the best possible quality. The improved gain flatness and lower noise figures are perfect for delivering a better balance across the range and optimal quality for all your channels. Furthermore, the setup of the device only takes seconds since all you need to do is plug the USB and coaxial cables in your TV and start the channel tuner.


  • It is easy to install and entirely automatic in operation, meaning that no user adjustment is required.
  • The integrated 4G filter provides a typical 45 dB protection from digital devices’ interfering waves.
  • Doesn’t require a separate power supply which makes it almost no cost to run.


  • It doesn’t work well with finding new channels, only boosting existing ones.
  • In the case of tuning the channels, it might cause channel loss

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Buying Guide

The idea of a device that turns your TV signal from mediocre quality to full HD resolution is engaging, but you also need to take a few things into account. Buying a signal booster may look like an easy job, but a lot of customers have experienced multiple issues and faults with their purchases, which almost always results in a lot of frustration and incredibly amusing Amazon reviews. To keep a sound peace of mind, you need to know what you’re buying, and for that – you need to check a few important things.

What does it do?

TV Signal Booster Buying Guide

The biggest issue that a lot of consumers are faced in lies in the fact that their expectations are different from the services provided in the device they’re purchasing. Even through amplifiers generally serve the same purpose, some pretty relevant differences need to be carefully observed in the manufacturer’s description. Some amplifiers improve the reception, some enhance the TV signal, some help with obtaining new channels that were previously unavailable and some others do a combination of the three.

For the sake of semantics, most websites state the same thing, but there are only a few products that are genuinely manufactured to provide all features. They’re usually more costly and promote a higher gain (+10 dB) while containing a detailed summary of the specifications. If the website description doesn’t specify its capabilities, always head over to the reviews section and check whether the product suits your requirements. 

How much gain is too much?

The more the merrier might be the case with some occasions, but not always. You require a good 10-15 dB gain to ensure that you’re getting the optimal signal levels available with your case. There is no gold standard since the ratio highly depends on your device and area, but you should be careful while purchasing high gain devices. They might not be compatible with your TV input and cause the signals to overload – which will eventually prompt worse results than what you started with.

3G and 4G Filtering

All modern households are usually packed with several electronic devices that emit their signals and interfere with the reception obtained by your TVs. If your aerial doesn’t have an integrated LTE filter, then you need to make this replacement on your signal booster. This feature is also measured in dB, so the same cautions should be taken. You don’t want your filter to completely block the outgoing signal, just keep it out of interfering with the aerial.


Q: Do TV signal boosters really work?

A: Yes, a signal booster is successful at enhancing TV signals, improving picture and sound quality, removing LTE interference, as well as reducing channel loss due to bad reception.

Q: What is the best tv antenna signal booster?

A: The best tv antenna signal booster of 2021 is the Two-Way Output 25 dB CATV Amplifier By Ex-Pro.

Q: How can I boost my TV signal strength?

A: To get better reception and improve your signal, you can always try repositioning your aerial in an area where it will get more coverage – that’s usually higher up or within sight from your local transmitter. However, in most cases where jumping to an improved aerial isn’t an alternative, purchasing an amplifier is your best choice. They are usually more effective and less costly, easier to install, and more profitable in the long run.

Q: Where should I put my TV signal booster?

A: Usually, due to the coaxial cable attachment, a signal booster is placed as close to an antenna as possible. If you’re using a single outlet booster, then chances are that your device is placed behind the TV to make the cables more discreet – which is entirely fine. In the case of a multiple outlet booster, the position doesn’t matter as long as the channel tuning and TV quality are optimal. You can test this on your own by slowly moving the device further from the TV (while connected), and see to what extent does the TV signal tolerate the shifting of the booster.

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