The 10 Best TV Signal Booster Reviews For UK Viewers (2022)

Best TV Signal Booster Reviews

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Freeview and other broadcasting platforms remain a popular source of entertainment in the UK. But when your signal is not strong enough, the result is poor picture quality and a boatload of frustration! If you are looking for a quick solution to disappearing channels and bad audio as well, then this article is for you.

Our Top 3 TV Signal Booster Picks
1. The Best TV Signal Booster By SLX
2. The Best TV Signal Booster For Sound And Picture Quality By Ex-Pro
3. The Best Signal Amplifier With 4G Filter by SLX

Product Testing & Comparing

If you need to upgrade your TV’s screen and sound quality, we understand that it can be tough to find a signal booster that is a high-quality product. Our reviewers considered countless boosters and ruthlessly eliminated all but 10 to bring our readers the best kit available this year. We ranked them according to their usefulness, popularity and also the following three essential features.

  1. Filter types.
  2. Number of inputs.
  3. Signal distribution.

Perhaps the most important feature, filters ensure that your TV’s signal is not diluted by long cables or interference from 3G, 4G and 5G sources. Have a look at our list to also find a booster that has all the inputs and outputs that you need.

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The Best TV Signal Boosters Reviewed In 2022

1. SLx TV Signal Booster B09BZM79DB

The Best TV Signal Booster

best tv signal booster

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 4G and 5G.
  • Inputs: 2.
  • Signal distribution: 4 way.

We selected this stylish box as the top TV booster of the bunch. It’s an upgraded version of an older model and one of the improvements is that it can now filter interference from both 4G and 5G sources. You can easily install and activate this booster as well.

With dual inputs, you can connect UHF TV and VHF (FM and or DAB) radio. The 4-way amplifier also offers you the opportunity to boost up to 4 TVs.

Sometimes, the simplest and most user-friendly booster catches our top vote because anyone can use it and watch amazing TV almost immediately without experiencing the frustrations of a complicated installation.


  • Reduce visual and audio noise.
  • 4-way amplifier.
  • Plug and play.


  • Requires a slight learning curve to use.

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2. Ex-Pro 2 Way Output B083BZSTW7

The Best TV Signal Booster For Sound And Picture Quality

Prime Two-Way Output 15 dB CATV Amplifier

Product Specifications

  • Filters: Reduces poor quality caused by long cables.
  • Inputs: 1.
  • Signal distribution: 2 way.

Employing a slightly lower gain, this 15 dB booster is one of the best tv signal amplifier products that counteract poor picture and sound quality – especially the disturbances that are caused by long cables or multiple TV and audio sets.

When connected to your TV setup, the two-way output ports ensure that pristine resolution makes two separate TVs (or other devices) a dream to watch. This booster is also compatible with digital HDTV and radio, VB-C Cable TV, DVB-T / T2 Terrestrial TV, Freeview and DAB signals.

Furthermore, the variable gain control makes the signal booster adjustable so that you can obtain maximum reception control up to 15 dB. Whether you need a device to mend a weak signal or evenly distribute the tv reception between different devices, you can rest assured that this booster can do the job.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • 12 variable gain control levels.
  • Two output sockets to distribute the tv signals between two devices.


  • The mains plug lead is only 1 m long.

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3. SLx Four Output Amplifier 27820HSR

The Best Signal Amplifier With 4G Filter

Versatile 27820HSR Four Output Amplifier

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 4G.
  • Inputs: Dual.
  • Signal distribution: 4 way.

This booster box is very useful if phone transmitters are interfering with your TV’s signal. Indeed, the integrated 4G filter effectively blocks signals from LTE 800 4G mobile phone transmitters in particular. But what else can you expect?

The device also boosts your TV, FM and DAB signals. You can look forward to better channel reception and higher quality picture and sound. It also counteracts long cable runs that interfere with proper reception.

More specifically, with its 11 dB signal gain, this RED compliant signal amplifier is designed to upgrade signal reception and to regain channels that disappeared due to poor signals. At the end of the day, this is a dependable booster that works well to block phone interference and provides a top-notch viewing experience.


  • The four outputs boost the signal of several devices at once.
  • SLx offers a 12-month warranty period.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Ideal for blocking phone transmitters.


  • The coaxial cables are not included.

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4. SLx Signal Booster Aerial Amplifier B07MSYWMG3

The Top Reliable Signal Booster for TV/Digital Devices

Reliable Signal Booster Aerial Amplifier

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 4G, long cables.
  • Inputs: Dual.
  • Signal distribution: 4 way.

If you like the idea of a booster that counteracts long cables and 4G, then here is another great box. Our reviewer found that it provides effective relief when either of these ghouls is weakening your TVs signal. But let’s look at other great features that come with this kit.

With the use of 11 dB gain, you can feed up to four TVs (or other devices). Picture quality is increased and channel loss is also reduced. You also don’t have to worry that splitting the feed between so many TVs will weaken the effect – from the living room to the bedroom, all the TVs in your home will function with quality and strength.


  • Can feed up to 4 TVs.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Counteracts long cables and 4G.


  • The booster needs to be close to the tv aerial.
  • The coaxial cables are not included.

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5. SLx Signal Booster B00DB22ZUC

The Top Straightforward Two Output Amplifier

Straightforward 27822HSR Amplifier

Product Specifications

  • Filters: Long cables, 4G.
  • Inputs: Single.
  • Signal distribution: Two way.

If you’re overwhelmed with the long cable runs and all your family’s smartphones interfering with the aerial signal, this straightforward model could be your best choice. It can boost all TV, FM and DAB signals.

This signal booster offers a whopping 16 dB gain that is more than enough to amplify the weak reception from your local transmitter towers. Indeed, the 87-782 MHz frequency range will ensure that you enjoy great reception regardless of the TV’s distance from the transmitter.

Other features include a built-in 4G filter, which blocks interference from transmitters, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices or tablets.


  • A decent signal booster.
  • 4G filter.
  • Can be used either as a freestanding device or a mountable one.


  • Can’t be used if you can see TV broadcasting towers from your home.

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6. SLx TV Signal Amplifier 27828HSR

The Top 20dB Single TV Signal Booster

The Elementary 27828HSR Single Output Amplifier By SLx

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 4G, long cables.
  • Inputs: 1.
  • Signal distribution: 1.

If you liked the previous product but want something a little stronger, then this is its big brother. Instead of 16 dB, you can expect a total gain of 20 dB for the best viewing. With this amplifier, you can look forward to the enhanced picture and sound quality as well as channel reception – even in areas where the signal strength is rather flimsy.

Similar to the previous booster, you can also expect a 4G filter and a frequency range of 87-782 MHz. In case you need a reminder, that range ensures that you can get a strong signal, no matter how far away the transmitters are.


  • The booster contains ultrasonically moulded mains plugs.
  • Its integrated 4G filters combat any interfering signals from LTE 800 4G devices.
  • Employs an energy-efficient switch mode power supply.


  • The singular output socket limits the use of multiple devices.
  • The inputs and outputs are all female, so you might need to get adjustment leads.

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7. One For All Signal Booster/Splitter SV9602

The Best Two Output Booster/Splitter for TVs

The Premier SV9602 Two Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One for All

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 3G, 4G.
  • Inputs: 1.
  • Signal distribution: 2 way.

This TV signal booster has a splendid 23 dB gain. This is perfect if you are looking for a way to get rid of channel loss and issues with reception.

The double output function also promotes signal boosting in two digital TV devices. Moreover, it offers you a 14x higher amplifying strength to avoid all problems with reception in the future.

The box also contains a unique 3G/4G filter. This feature means that your household can enjoy all the digital devices they want without having their phones or tablets ruin the TV signal.


  • The plug & play feature ensures an easy setup and usage.
  • Compatible with full HDTV, digital TV and radio signals.
  • Small and discreet.
  • Blocks 3G and 4G interference.


  • Some consumers have reported loose aerial connectors.
  • The power supply unit is prone to damage over time.

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8. One For All Signal Booster/Splitter for TV SV9604

The Best Four Output Booster/Splitter for TVs

The Top-Tier SV9604 Four Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One for All

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 3G, 4G.
  • Inputs: 1.
  • Signal distribution: 4 way.

Easy to install and even easier to use, this signal booster offers you a gain of 23 dB. With power like that, you can forget about those frustrating days when channels just vanished and your favourite program showed nothing but pixelated pictures.

This booster is perfect to counteract interferences of all kinds but it specifically eliminates poor image and audio quality caused by long cables or multiple TV and audio sets. With this box, you can amplify the reception of four different devices which is great if everyone has a TV in their own room.

You can also expect a 3G/4G filter to deflect LTE interference. Overall, this signal booster will enhance your home’s reception strength, digital quality and offer noise-free viewing for the whole family.


  • Specializes in removing frame freeze and pixelated picture quality in digital TVs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Employs a frequency range of 88 – 790 MHz.
  • 3G/4G filter.


  • This device also suffers from loosely fitted plug sockets.
  • The lining of the booster is not very sturdy which may result in damage over time.

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9. One For All Signal Booster/Splitter SV9601

The Best One Output Booster/Splitter for TVs

The Great SV9601 One Output Signal Booster/Splitter for TV By One by One

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 3G, 4G.
  • Inputs: 1.
  • Signal distribution: 1 way.

By now, you are familiar with some of this brand’s boosters. But in case you don’t want their two or four output boxes, you can also consider this single output unit for your TV. Indeed, most single-TV households really do not need anything bigger than a one-output booster.

You can expect a frequency range of 88 – 790 MHz and a high gain of 23 dB, effectively boosting the TV signal and increasing the channel selection.

You will also get some of the brand’s best features like3G/4G protection, quality video and audio, and plug and play installation.


  • 3G/4G integrated filter combats LTE interference.
  • Strong reception quality.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Perfect for single-TV homes.


  • The booster can struggle to pick up all the available channels in different areas.

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10. SLx TV Signal Booster 27815HSR

The Best Portable TV Signal Booster

The Portable 27815HSR Signal Booster By SLx

Product Specifications

  • Filters: 4G.
  • Inputs: 1.
  • Signal distribution: 1 way.

A mobile TV signal booster is useful if you wish to keep your TV stand as uncluttered as possible. Indeed, there is no box, just a tiny booster, USB cable and a second connector cable. Mobile boosters are also more affordable, which is great news if you need to improve your reception but have budget restrictions.

Perfect for Freeview and DAB signals, this device can boost your TV and radio signals to improve picture quality across all channels. Furthermore, the setup of the device takes seconds. You simply plug in the USB and coaxial cables in your TV and start the channel tuner.


  • Easy to install.
  • Entirely automatic.
  • The integrated 4G filter provides 45 dB protection against digital devices.


  • It doesn’t work well with finding new channels, only boosting existing ones.

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Your TV Signal Buying Guide

A TV signal booster is a must if you struggle with your reception. The right booster can replace grainy pictures with HD viewing. Our guide highlights the most important things to look for to find the best booster for your entertainment system.

Be Realistic About Ability

TV Signal Booster Buying Guide

The biggest issue consumers face could be their own expectations. Not all boosters can overcome reception issues. To find one that will solve your particular problems, it’s crucial to read the manufacturer’s description and to read reviews.

How Much Gain Is Too Much?

The more the merrier, right? Not always.

You require a good 10-15 dB gain to ensure optimal signal levels. However, there is no gold standard since the ratio highly depends on your device and area.

Be careful while purchasing high gain devices because if they are incompatible with your TV input, it could cause the signals to overload. This leads to worse results than what you started with.

3G and 4G Filtering

Most modern households are packed with several electronic devices. Their signals can interfere with TV reception. Not all boosters have this feature but if you need it, make sure that the dB is also not too much (the filter might then completely block the outgoing signal).


Q: Do TV signal boosters really work?

A: Yes, a signal booster is successful at enhancing TV signals, improving picture and sound quality, removing LTE interference, as well as reducing channel loss due to bad reception.

Q: How can I boost my TV signal strength?

A: To get better reception and improve your signal, you can always try repositioning your aerial in an area where it will get more coverage – that’s usually higher up or within sight from your local transmitter. However, in most cases, purchasing an amplifier is your best choice. They are usually more effective and less costly, easier to install, and more profitable in the long run.

Q: Where should I put my TV signal booster?

A: Usually, due to the coaxial cable attachment, a signal booster is placed as close to an antenna as possible. If you’re using a single outlet booster, then chances are that your device is placed behind the TV to make the cables more discreet – which is entirely fine.

In the case of a multiple outlet booster, the position doesn’t matter as long as the channel tuning and TV quality are optimal. You can test this by slowly moving the device further away from the TV (while connected), and see to what extent the TV signal tolerates the shifting of the booster.

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