The 10 Best TV Wall Mount Reviews For UK Viewers (2022)

Best TV Wall Mount Reviews

Last Updated on January 14, 2022

Most homes have flatscreen TVs these days. Unlike traditional TVs, these panels need extra support. We reviewed the best wall mounts so you can install your TV with confidence!

Our Top 3 TV Wall Mount Picks
1. The Best TV Wall Mount By Echogear
2. The Best Ultra-Slim TV Wall Mount By Invision
3. The Best Tilt And Swivel TV Wall Mount By VonHaus

Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer focused on a specific set of guidelines to determine the best of the best for our list:

  1. Durability
  2. Ease of installation
  3. Range of movement

Our primary concern with these mounts was durability. After all, you could have thousands invested in the TV it’s holding – so we want it to be super strong and stable. Next, we looked at ease of installation. This is important because while mounting a TV bracket isn’t super hard, it can be made harder by poor design.

Finally, we looked at the range of movement of each mount. This is vital for ease of use – after all, you want to be able to move around the living room without having to reinstall a mount and patch drywall. Now – let’s see what’s best for you, shall we?

The Best TV Wall Mounts Reviewed In 2022

1. The Best TV Wall Mount By Echogear (Product #B06X419XXR)

Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount By Echogear


  • Dimensions: 45.5 x 5.8 x 27.4 cm
  • Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt, Fixed
  • TV Size: 80″

We picked this as the best wall-mount because it’s simple and effective enough to make it a regular favourite with shoppers. The fixed TV mounting is perfect if you don’t like swivelling brackets and instead prefer a solid and steady frame. It is also discreet enough to create the illusion that your TV has no supports.

The mount goes well with VESA designs and is compatible with virtually all TV brands. It is also made of 100% high-grade tested steel, comes with spacers, bolts and washers and a click-lock security system.

Our reviewer loved this thing. It’s discreet, extremely durable (ensuring it’ll last you for years), and is able to move in a wide range of manners. While the bolts and spaces may need to be switched a bit for different televisions, it’s still a fantastic and quick to install mount.


  • Discreet.
  • Well-made and strong.
  • Compatible with most TVs.
  • Easy to install.


  • The provided bolts and spaces might need to be swapped with others to suit different TVs.

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2. The Best Ultra-Slim TV Wall Mount By Invision (Product #HDTV-E)

Ultra Slim Tv Wall Mount By Invision


  • Dimensions: 39.5 x 31 x 5.7 cm
  • Movement Type: Tilts, Swivels and Extends
  • TV Size: 55″

This ultra-slim frame is not just one of the best discreet TV mounts but also a great choice if you want something that can swivel. It allows you to move your mounted telly more than eight degrees forward and five degrees backward.

Manufactured with a painstaking commitment to quality, this easy-to-install bracket comes with a detailed setup guide, a 6-inch triple-axis Spirit gauge, all the necessary hardware, and a Shielded High speed 1080p HDMI cable to ensure that you can be ready to view your TV immediately after installation.

This was another favourite of our reviewer. It’s super simple to install with just about any TV, is strong and robust, and can move in a wide range. While it can only support a TV no heavier than 36 kg, that’s not a huge issue – televisions nowadays get nowhere near that weight.


  • A strong and robust bracket.
  • Allows swivelling.
  • The kit box contains practically everything for DIY installation.
  • Support a wide variety of TV brands.


  • Supports a maximum weight of 36 kg.

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3. The Best Tilt And Swivel TV Wall Mount By VonHaus (Product #05/060)

Tilt And Swivel Mount By Vonhaus


  • Dimensions: 42 x 4 x 3 cm
  • Movement Type: Swivel
  • TV Size: 55″

This product is a multi-functional double arm TV mount that allows you to move, extend and swivel. With a maximum load capacity of 45kg, it was manufactured for tellies between 23 to 56 inches.

The manufacturers’ list of compatible televisions includes Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Phillips, Toshiba, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, JVC, Logik, Technika and Digihome. Capable of 15 degrees angle tilt, this bracket has an arm extension of between 70 to 355mm.

It’s made of heavy gauge reinforced steel and includes M5, M6 and M8 bolts and Spirit level. Because of its weight, it’s best suited to solid walls.

This is a fantastic TV mount – assuming you have a friend or partner to help install it. While it’s simple to install with a friend, it’s nearly impossible to do alone. Otherwise, though, this thing is adaptable, durable, and easy to use, earning it our #3 spot.


  • Simple and quick to install.
  • It’s reliable and strong enough to support TVs as wide as 56″.
  • The mounts come with straightforward instructions.


  • It requires two people to install the bracket.

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4. The Best TV Wall Bracket By Perlegear (Product #PGMFK6)

TV Wall Bracket By Perlegear


  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 2.7 x 11.4 cm
  • Movement Type: Rotate, Tilt
  • TV Size: 55″

This wall mount allows you to swivel your TV 90 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right. It can also tilt 5 degrees up and 5 degrees down. This TV wall mount can easily hold TVs weighing up to 45kg as it’s made from compressed, reinforced high-quality steel.

This wall mount extends up to 495mm from the wall for maximum reach. It comes with a comprehensive setup and video guide, plus all the standard mounting apparatus and even a 10-year warranty.

Our reviewer was a big fan of this, with the exception that it can’t be installed in soft walls (drywall, plaster). While it’s exceptionally strong and easy to install, it’s a bit heavy, making its location a bit harder to pin down. Otherwise, though, our reviewer highly recommended this mount.


  • Comes with straightforward instructions.
  • Full DIY installation kit.
  • Exceptionally strong.
  • Comes with an HDMI cable.
  • The tilting and swivel functions work without friction.


  • Cannot be used on soft walls.

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5. The Top Full Motion Wall Mount By Mounting Dream (Product #MD2413-MX-021)

Full Motion Wall Mount By Mounting Dream


  • Dimensions: 34 x 27 x 6 cm
  • Movement Type: Rotate, Articulating
  • TV Size: 55″

Do you want a TV bracket that gives you full motion as far as swivelling is concerned? We found several but this one came out on top. It’s built to handle large TVs and the arm can handle a full range of swivels and tilts.

This mount includes maximum mounting VESA holes’ spacing of 400 x 400mm. With its 5 degrees upward, 15 degrees backward, 90 degrees forward/backward swivel and 5 degrees back and forth rotation as well as its 484mm extension, this mount is perfect for corner installations.

Our reviewer was torn on this one. On one hand, it’s super simple to use and install, and is extremely durable. On the other hand, the bolts that are provided are occasionally the wrong size, meaning you’ll likely need to replace at least one bolt to securely attach it to the wall.


  • The swing and tilting function is perfect.
  • The mounts are well-made.
  • Easy to install.
  • Great for corner TVs.


  • You might need to replace some of the bolts. Some users have noticed that the frame’s holes are larger than the bolts.

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6. The Best 60kg Limit TV Bracket By Bontec (Product #118MB)

best 60 kg limit tv bracket


  • Dimensions: 64.6 x 3.8 x 40 cm
  • Movement Type: Tilt
  • TV Size: 82″

If you are shopping in the range for a bracket that can handle TVs up to 60 kg, then this bracket is everything you need for steady viewing. It’s suitable for both flat and curved TVs and comes with VESA compatible holes for quick installation.

The frame is also discreet and well-hidden behind the TV, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the decor. The bracket also allows for tilting and with its ultra-strong construction will keep your TV safe against the wall for a long time.

Our reviewer liked this but felt that its range of motion could use a bit of love. While it’s easy to install and can accommodate a wide range of televisions, its tilt angle is minimal, making its adaptability a bit limited. Don’t sleep on this mount if you’re certain of where you want the TV – especially if you’re rocking a massive, curved HD (4k, maybe?) model.


  • Easy to install.
  • Allows for tilting.
  • Suitable for flat and curved screens.
  • Ultra durable.


  • The tilt angles are not huge (the frame holds the TV very close to the wall).

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7. The Best TV Screen Wall Mount By Duronic (Product #TVB103M)

Television Screen Wall Mount By Duronic


  • Dimensions: 70.5 x 7 x 20.5 cm
  • Movement Type: Tilt
  • TV Size: 65″

This heavy-duty tilting TV bracket is made of strong cold-rolled steel. But the mount is not just sturdy. It’s a low profile bracket that will not stick out from your wall and ruin the look of the room.

The brackets are verified by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) to be compatible with your TV. This product has a tilt capacity of -12°/+6° and a maximum weight capacity of 65kg. It also comes with a tremendous cable-management feature.

It is compatible with TVs that have VESA 200×200, VESA 400×200, VESA 400×400 and VESA 600×400 holes. The anti-theft feature included allows you to secure a padlock on it.

Our reviewer was equally torn on this as with #6 and for the same reason. Its low range of motion (and large distance from the wall) made this rank slightly lower than the previous option. This is primarily due to its smaller max size of television. However, it boasts a secure lock and VESA verified mounts, making it quite durable and long-lasting.


  • Easy to install.
  • Secure locking mechanism TV.
  • Mounts are verified by the VESA.
  • These fixed mounts are sturdy and built to last.
  • The instruction guide is detailed and precise.


  • The TV is not close to the wall.

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8. Top Tilt Wall Mount By Vonhaus (Product #05/054)

Tilt Wall Mount By Vonhaus


  • Dimensions: 7.19 x 4.5 x 29.21 cm
  • Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt
  • TV Size: 55″

This mount bracket comes with an ultra-slim design made for TVs between 13″ to 24″. It is made of aluminium and has 70 degrees forward/70 degrees backwards tilt capacity and 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right swivel function.

It can serve LED, LCD, 3D, Curved, OLED, Plasma, and flat-screen televisions with a load capacity of 15kg and 75 x 75mm minimum VESA holes and 100 x 100mm maximum VESA mounting holes.

Our reviewer was torn on this one. It’s highly durable and stable, but it has a few issues. It’s instructions are a bit confusing, and that’s not made better by the difficulty of attaching the angled mount. If, however, you don’t mind a bit of work, this is an extremely sturdy mount that’ll last you for years.


  • The mount fits very close to the wall.
  • It is sturdy, simple to install, and well made.
  • The mounts are VESA verified.
  • Very stable.


  • A few users complained of a slightly angled mount despite levelling.

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9. The Slim Wall Mount By Yousave Accessories (Product #YSL-BSL-400T)

Slim Compact Wall Mount By Yousave Accessories


  • Dimensions: 44.5 x 14 x 4.5 cm
  • Movement Type: Tilt
  • TV Size: 55″

This strong steel bracket has standard VESA mounting holes and works with all brands and models of televisions. Although recommended for tellies up to 40kg, this product has been independently weight-tested and confirmed to support loads as heavy as 250 kg.

It is suitable for LCD, LED, OLED, 3D and curved TVs with screen sizes within the range of 26″ to 55″. It has adjustable viewing that allows you to adjust your viewing angle from 0 to 10 degrees.

Made from heavy-gauge steel, this wall bracket is firm, and it has a built-in spirit level for convenient installation on firm brick, stud, cavity, and plasterboard walls. The package includes a fixing kit and an instruction guide.

This was a hard one for our reviewer to rank. On one hand, it’s incredibly well-made and durable, and boasts VESA verification and standards. On the other hand, it’s a bit hard to adapt where exactly the TV hangs due to its odd bracket and mounting hook sizes.


  • The tilting mounts are supported, user-friendly and easy to install.
  • Well-made.
  • Standard VESA holes.


  • The bracket is the same size as the mounting hooks; which means you have very little wiggle room to hook it on.

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10. Articulating TV Wall Mount By Amazonbasics (Product #AM40A, ASIN #B01KBEOL5E)

Articulating TV Wall Mount By Amazonbasics


  • Dimensions: 43.36 x 41 x 43.36 cm
  • Movement Type: Articulating, Tilt
  • TV Size: 55″

The single-stud articulating wall mount encourages flexible full motion. It will keep your telly close to the wall or extend the TV into the room by up to 41.4 cm. Between this fantastic adjustable tilt swivel capability and its articulating design, this product offers optimum viewing from anywhere in the room.  

It can carry a maximum weight of up to 36.3kg, and it has an efficient cable management system that keeps cables and cords out of the way. It is manufactured with heavy-duty aluminium and steel, and it comes with a full installation kit.

This is a very basic, but sturdy, TV mount. It’s got a wide range of easy motion, and is super simple to mount (especially thanks to the bubble level provided with the mount). However, its cable retainers are so strong that you’ll need to use leverage to open them, which can break them if you’re not careful. We may have learned that the hard way…


  • This bracket is particularly strong.
  • These mounts support fluid and full motion.
  • Easy to mount.
  • A bubble level is included.


  • The plastic cable retainers are so strong you’ll need a lever to open them.

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Your TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

The right wall mount will position your TV just right and also keep it safe against the wall. Our guide has all the tips you need to pick a quality TV bracket the first time.

What to Lookout for in a TV Wall Mount Before Buying


Make sure that the bracket you choose can tilt and sway – if you want that. Otherwise, look for a static bracket.

Weight capacity

TV brackets come with different weight capacities. The best one for your home will be able to support the weight of your TV.


Find out if your bracket is easy to install and whether it comes with a kit.


Q: How Do I Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV?

  1. Get the right sized wall mount.
  2. Take off the base that comes with your TV.
  3. Lay the TV face-down on a padded flat surface.
  4. Look for the four holes on the back of the TV.
  5. Put the brackets on the back of your TV, making sure they align.
  6. Use a screwdriver to tighten any remaining bolts.
  7. Locate the studs in your wall.
  8. Using a bubble guage, highlight your studs with a pencil.
  9. Drill holes into your wall studs according to the drill pattern on your bracket.
  10. Place your mounting bracket on the wall, in proper alignment with the studs and the holes you just drilled.
  11. Holding the mounting bracket firmly against the wall, screw the largest bolts into the pilot holes.
  12. Pick up your TV and hang it on the bracket.
  13. Be sure that the bracket is firm and can carry the weight of the TV before you let go.
  14. Connect your cables and power up your TV.

Q: Is my wall strong enough to hold a TV?

A: The spot you choose on your wall must have a stud or two to secure the screws. A stud finder will help you locate the studs in your wall so you can consequently choose where to hang your TV. Avoid trying to hang your TV on drywall. It will eventually end up on the floor.

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