The 8 Best Under Sink Water Filter Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Last Updated on September 21, 2021

Water filters are nifty devices. They are also crucial if you desire healthy drinking water. These filters clean water on demand when you turn on the tap. For this reason, they are easily installed under the drain without the need to connect them to drains or provide the filter with a storage tank.

You just turn open the filter’s special faucet and sip a healthy drink. If you’re looking for a replacement for your old filter or want to purchase your first one, why not look at the best under sink water filter reviews for 2021? Here they are.

Our Top 3 Under Sink Water Filter Picks
1. The Best Under Sink Water Filter By BWT
2. The Best Under Sink Water Filter For Lead By Frizzlife
3. The Best Easy DIY Under Sink Water Filter By Water2Buy

The Best Under Sink Water Filters Reviewed In 2021

1. The Filter Home Kit With A Chrome Tap By BWT

Filter Home Kit With A Chrome Tap By BWT

The best under sink water filter is the Filter Home Kit With A Chrome Tap By BWT. This package is best for anyone who wants a no-fuss filter that is both easy to install and maintain. Two things make this a convenient piece of equipment, and thus, the best water filter under sink system. First, you can look forward to easy installation. It’s true, kids. Filter water under sink installation does not need to be difficult. Not in the least. Secondly, whereas most other water filtration systems have separate housing for the filter, this new filter system uses a filter cartridge that removes the need for housing completely. This minimalist feature saves space and allows the unit to fit under almost any sink.

It takes about an hour to install and the fitting kit is included in the deal. Once everything is set up, the product filters water to remove chlorine, sediment, limescale, and unsavory odours. The water tastes better and you know that any water that you use in the kitchen is also safer. Each filter cartridge lasts between three to six months, depending on the hardness of your region’s water supply. The kit rounds everything off nicely with a stylish chrome finish tap. The latter will look good next to your normal sink taps and won’t affect their functions in the least.


  • The product measures 35 x 10 x 15 cm.
  • It has a design that saves space, making it one of the best water filters for small spaces.
  • The complete fitting kit is included.
  • Quick installation.
  • The filter cartridge is simple and fast to replace.
  • The filter removes limescale that normally affects appliances like kettles and coffee makers.


  • The box only includes one cartridge.
  • Although the filter is easy to install yourself, the whole process roughly takes an hour.

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2. The Reverse Osmosis Under-Sink Water Filter By AEG

Reverse Under-Sink Water By AEG

This reverse osmosis filter is a great choice if you want to remove a wide range of unwanted materials from your water supply. This filter is also easy to install and maintain. Sounds good? Great. Let’s have a closer look at what you can expect from this system that had been designed to provide a limitless supply of healthy water in the home.

Installation is truly a breeze with this product. Everything you need arrives with the filter and is colour coded to ensure that the system is assembled correctly. As a bonus, an instruction manual will also guide you every step of the way.

The chrome tap, filters, reverse osmosis membrane, and water storage tank are also included. This under sink water filter is not only easy to put together but it’s simple to add new filter parts when they need to be replaced.

The reverse osmosis filters the water in three stages and snags unwanted particles that are as small as 10 microns. Just to put that into perspective – house dust is 40 microns. That’s pretty impressive. But what exactly does this reverse osmosis water filtration system remove from your afternoon coffee? This filter system reduces arsenic, fluoride, lead, cysts, chlorine, sediment, dissolved solids, hexavalent chromium, sodium, nitrates, and copper. The range is perfect for consumers who want the most out of their water filter.


  • The product measures 33 x 27.9 x 33.4 cm.
  • The system removes an impressive list of harmful compounds from tap water.
  • The filters last up to 6 months, which is longer than most other under-sink filters.
  • It makes tap water taste great.
  • Installing the water filter under the sink is very easy.
  • Some consumers claim that it’s among the greatest water filters, UK cities especially, to turn bad water into a high quality drink.


  • The membrane must also be replaced but only after a year or two.
  • It doesn’t remove limescale, which might still cause issues with home and kitchen appliances that use water. For instance, with kettles and glasses.

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3. The Swan Neck Water Filter For Sink By Water2Buy

Swan Neck Water Filter For Sink By Water2Buy

Contaminated water can lead to serious health problems. In the past, waterborne diseases like cholera decimated countless people who drank untreated water. That’s the main reason why municipalities add chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to water; to make it safer for the public to consume. Otherwise, you might as well pull a bucket of water from a medieval well. However, the caveat is that the chemicals themselves are not healthy for anyone in the long run. That’s where water filters are useful. They allow water to be treated but removes the chemicals before families can consume the additives.

If you want to filter your tap water and love a swan neck tap (instead of a turn faucet), then this could be the best under sink water filter for your home.

The curvy tap will emerge from your kitchen sink and complements your cold water and hot water faucets, no matter their style. But silvery flair aside, this under-sink filter has other perks that make it the perfect choice to bring filtered water to your loved ones.

First off, the filter is easy to install. A kit includes everything you need to piece together the water filter system. You may wave goodbye to any concerns that the instructions are too complicated. The filter system manual gives clear instructions and illustrations anyone can follow. Once everything is assembled, the filtration process removes things like chlorine, that horrible bleach taste, sediment, and volatile organisms. Thanks to this, there’s no more need to spend so much on bottled water. You can now get clean water at home.


  • The product measures 31.2 x 20.8 x 8.2 cm.
  • Easy DIY installation anyone can do.
  • It helps the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles of water that are consumed.
  • The kit includes a stylish swan-neck tap instead of a normal turn faucet.
  • It removes dangerous chemicals and organisms from water.


  • Similar to other water filters, you must drill a hole in the kitchen sink to add the system’s tap.
  • The filter must be replaced once a year but that’s not a dealbreaker for this under-sink water filter.

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4. The Under-Sink Water Filtration System With A Carbon Filter By Finest-Filters

Under-Sink Water Filtration With A Carbon

Here’s another option if you love swan or goose-necked taps. This particular one is easy to use. When you need water, you use a simple lever to turn the tap on and off. The silver tap also swivels, which makes it very convenient to fill containers big and small, held at an angle or upright. But heck, we’re here for the best options for the best under sink water filter system. So let’s cover the other plus points you can expect with this filter system.

You’ll receive a kit to assemble the filter. All you need are a few basic tools and frankly, no plumbing skills. Just like the previous filter, the kit includes an instructions manual to guide you through everything. The simple indications and photographs make this under sink water filter simple to install. You’ll get a carbon filter, all the fittings, valves, and tubing. A great point is that every piece is made from high quality materials, so you may use this water filter system for a long time.

The carbon filter is designed to provide protection against contaminants like sediment, toxins, and any organic compounds that may not be good for home use.

The water filter also removes chlorine and bad odours. As far as water filters under sink options go, this system doesn’t remove a broad range of heavy metals and such. However, it removes enough chemicals and organic organisms to keep your tap water healthy to drink.


  • The product measures 31 x 22 x 5 cm.
  • You’ll get a good flow rate.
  • A comprehensive filter installation kit and instruction manual.
  • It requires little to no plumbing skills to install.
  • The under-sink filter removes several contaminants, making it a healthy choice to use in the home.
  • The tap is curved and may suit people who appreciate faucets that can swivel and turn on or off with a simple lever.
  • The tap is stylish.
  • This is another great choice if your area’s drinking water is so bad that you consume a lot of bottled water instead of tap water.


  • A few consumers have experienced problems with the tap, including dripping and wobbly parts.
  • This is not the best under sink water filter if your home is in an area with exceptionally hard water.

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5. The Best Double Water Filtration System By Aquafilter

Double Water Filtration System By Aquafilter

Let’s be honest. Most people are very busy and can only handle so many things per day. Trying to figure out and install a water filter system at home might not be one of them. For the busy bees out there, this water filtration system holds a golden perk. What is it? The unit is already assembled by the time it arrives at your home. That is convenient, to say the least. So if you love pre-made filters, then read on. We’re covering this beauty in detail.

To be fair, there is a tiny amount of work involved. While being the best under sink water filter that is already assembled, you still need to attach the system to your cold water faucet. But true to the quality and expectations of this product, it is easy to simply connect your new filter and use. Just in case you need a helping hand, the kit also contains clear manual instructions on how to add the system to your kitchen.

This under-sink water filter may also be more appealing to people who do not want to add another tap. Most other filters come with their own faucet, which requires a hole to be drilled in the sink. Not this dude. If you hate drilling, do not have the right tools, or cannot make a hole in anything because you’re renting the place, then this under-sink filter is perfect. As mentioned earlier, you just hook up the filter to your cold water tap and you’re ready to use all the clean drinking water that you need.

The product also uses carbon filters to clean the water with a two-stage filtration system. The system can also be fitted with sediment or specialty filters if you would rather use those. Additionally, every single piece that you see is made with great quality materials, and the components are certified as such.

Overall, as a ready-to-use filter with no drilling involved – and one that is made from premium parts – it might just make this one the best water filters under sink options out there.


  • The product measures 39 x 14 x 26 cm.
  • Each filter is hand-built and factory tested for supreme efficiency and quality.
  • The filter is sterilized so that you can use it immediately after installation.
  • The filter is maintenance-free.
  • NSF and WRAS certified components.
  • The water filter, which is best for tenants, does not require a hole to be drilled in the sink to add a new faucet.
  • The under sink filter can be fitted with different types of filters, making it more versatile.


  • This under-sink water filter is bigger than most other systems.
  • Improper connections may lead to leaks but this is not a common issue.

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6. The Four-Stage Reverse Osmosis System By Finerfilters

The Four-Stage Reverse Osmosis System By Finerfilters

Reverse osmosis sounds grand but what exactly is it? In the case of filtered water, this is a particularly healthy system to use. The water is pushed, via pressure, through several filters. Each filter is smaller than the next and finally, the water is forced through a semipermeable membrane. Incredibly, such systems remove up to 98 percent of all contaminants from water. Therefore, if you see filtered water produced by this method, one may assume that it is very safe to use and drink.

This under sink water filter uses this process to produce up to 190 liters of filtered water per day. That’s quite a beating but despite this, the membrane lasts for a long time. Under optimal conditions, it may serve your home’s drinking water needs for as long as two years.

Such long-lasting components, especially filters, are valuable because they are cost effective and also cut down on maintenance time. The longevity of the membrane certainly makes this product one of the best under sink water filter systems using reverse osmosis.

One thing that might not sit well with environmentally aware home-owners is the fact that reverse osmosis systems waste water to make clean drinking water. More specifically, the filters reject impure water and send it swirling down the drain. To reduce the loss of precious water, the pressure of such systems must be correctly adjusted. If the pressure is enough, more particles will be caught in the filters and more water is available for use. However, if the pressure is too little, then more particles will slip through the barriers and cause water to be wasted. For this reason, the minimum pressure for this under sink water filter is 45 PSI (3 BAR).

However, it may be worth tweaking that pressure to perfection. The water filter removes up to 98 percent of all contaminants from water. That we already mentioned. But hold on to your hat. The variety of contaminants it removes from the water is breathtaking. These include any sediment, rust, chlorine, organic contaminants, pesticides, chemicals, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), trihalomethanes, lead, copper, dissolved salts, silica, barium, bacterial by-products, and estrogen. Hey, let’s add a bonus. It also gets rid of hardness in water. So if you don’t want to drink all that – and hate hardness in your morning tea – then this under sink water filter is your best choice.


  • The package dimensions measure 54 x 39 x 29.9 cm.
  • The water is filtered through four filters, each is specifically designed to remove a certain group of contaminants from the water.
  • The system also removes fluoride and chlorine from drinking water.
  • The reverse osmosis process may remove up to 98 percent of all contaminants.
  • The membrane lasts between 1 and 2 years, depending on your home area’s water hardness.
  • The under-sink water filter produces 190 liters of clean drinking water daily.


  • The system kit holds a lot of items and the product is larger than most other systems. For people with limited space or little time, they might prefer to use smaller systems that are easier to put together or arrive in a pre-assembled form.
  • This filter requires a minimum of 45 PSI (3 BAR) to work. Otherwise, the product may waste water unnecessarily as “waste water.”

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7. The Chrome Tap Best Water Filter By Kinetico Essential

The Chrome Tap Best Water Filter By Kinetico Essential

This product is a great combination of stylish looks, value, and performance. Let’s dive into what makes this system so attractive. But to do that, we need a moment of honesty. Too many under sink systems look like unvarnished plumbing. Right? The colours are dull, there are too many pipes that clutter the space under the sink. Even worse, the plastic look is far from appealing. However, this product is different on all accounts.

First off, it looks fantastic. Let’s peek under the sink first. There’s no need to cut existing pipes and add tubing. The filter system’s own connections are also minimal. You won’t get that terrible cluttered look and a lifetime of cobwebs because spiders cannot resist making their home between all the bends. There are also only two bottles, which are the main components. Both are handsome devils. The filter cartridge itself is white and carries a blue label with the company’s name on it. The appearance looks very professional.

The second one is a glass carafe bottle (which is included for free). With a silvery cap and the company’s name printed in dark letters, the effect bolsters this pair as one of the classiest systems on the market. Installing the bottles under your sink is easy. Upon ordering this filter, you’ll get a full installation kit included in the deal. Indeed, you’ll have everything you need to hook the bottles up to your kitchen sink without a fuss or missing parts. You don’t even have to go out and buy anything extra to do the job, either.

A final comment on its lovely appearance regards the tap. The device works with a turning faucet and the water pours from a curved, swan-neck tap that is stylishly thin. The surface is polished chrome. This, without a doubt, would add a modern look to any kitchen sink. The super shiny tap is also a one-way water deal, so no water will run back into places where it shouldn’t.

With a filter this well-designed, you can expect quality performance. The system certainly doesn’t disappoint. The filter not only improves the smell and taste of water but produces a clear liquid that looks good as well. Gone are the days when you stared at a glass with cloudy or yellow water. The liquid that passes through this filter has the appearance – and taste – of the best bottled water. Some of the impurities this filter remove include bacteria, chlorine, lead, copper, and pesticides.


  • The package dimensions measure 55 x 37 x 14 cm.
  • You can look forward to a 2-year guarantee.
  • A full installation kit is included.
  • Easy to install under the sink. Begone, plumber.
  • The filter gives you a flow rate of 6 liters per minute.
  • A high quality certified cartridge.
  • The filter cartridge may last as long as 12 months.
  • The entire system looks fantastic, including the components under the sink and the chrome swan-neck faucet.
  • The system effectively removes heavy metals, chemicals, and organic impurities.


  • The tap’s installation requires a hole to be drilled in the sink.
  • The filter’s range of what it can remove is satisfying but other systems have a broader spectrum.

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8. The Best Water Filtration System With Recyclable And Reusable Parts By FilterLogic

The Best Water Filtration System With Recyclable And Reusable Parts By FilterLogic

Do you love chrome swan neck taps? Check. Do you want to assist in reducing the planet’s plastic footprint and pollution? Check. Want an apt green tube to show that you are environmentally aware? Alright, that’s pushing the story but you’ll get that too. But overall, this is one of the best systems to consider if the world’s plastic usage is a concern for you. After all, most filter housings are made from plastic and must be replaced after a while.

As far as looks go, this product is also good-looking. The swan neck tap has a chrome finish and comes with an old-school turning faucet that is oddly appealing. Similar to the previous system we covered, this is also one of the best filters you may want to consider if you don’t want a bunch of pipes under the sink. There is only one cartridge housing capsule and two thin tubings that are designed to clamp onto the pipes that are already there. The designers of this product also deserve a hat tip.

They created a filter system that can be installed vertically or horizontally – whichever one suits the available space best. It doesn’t matter what direction you choose, the installation remains pretty straightforward. Once again, everything you require to complete the job is included in the box and the instructions are also provided.

But let’s have a look at what makes this product more environmentally friendly than most other filtration systems. The plastic is BPA free and designed to last. True enough, the longer a plastic product can be used, the longer it will stay out of the environment. The filter housing is incredibly robust and made to endure without springing a leak or fracturing. The production process also uses 40 times less plastic than most other filtration devices on the market. So every time you change a cartridge, you are using 40 times less plastic than you normally would.

While the housing is reusable, the filter cartridge is also recyclable. The filter itself is also very natural. It is made from the highest grade coconut carbon. This material can effectively remove impurities, like chlorine, from water.


  • Made in the United Kingdom.
  • The filter housing is designed to last for a long time.
  • The plastic is BPA free.
  • The filter is made with 40 times less plastic, making it more environmentally friendly.
  • The system removes chlorine from water.
  • Very easy to install, either vertically or horizontally.


  • Besides mentioning chlorine, the company isn’t too clear on what other impurities the filter removes. However, with the high-grade coconut carbon filter, it should remove a suitable variety of chemicals and organic compounds to make the water safe and tasty to drink.
  • This is another model that requires a drilling hole in the sink.

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Buying Guide

You may be wondering which product is the best under sink water filter. Hold that thought. We’ve gathered the top advice and tips to ensure that you track down the best water filter to suits your needs. The good news is that you are spoiled for choice. There are plenty of brands and models to choose from. The bad news is that not all filters are value for money. But don’t let the effort of finding a good filter make you abandon the whole idea. These water systems are generally well-designed, super easy to install (even if you have ten thumbs), and best of all – provide plenty of clean drinking water for you and your whole family. Let’s dive in!

A Water Filter Must Suit Your Needs.

Under Sink Water Filter Buying Guides

Before buying a filter, one must look at what they remove from the water. Most remove chlorine and fluoride, but that may not be enough for you. Luckily, most filters these days are designed to remove a broad spectrum of impurities from the water. You’ll rarely find a product that removes just two or three compounds.

Even so, be clear on the actual chemicals, organic molecules, and heavy metals that your chosen filter scoops up. Additionally, if you so desire, some models include other filters that not only remove bad particles but they also add healthy minerals. 

A Water Filter Must Be Made With Good Quality Components.

The sad fact is that a lot of products on today’s market are mass-produced. The downside to this is that, too often, the entire appliance or certain parts are made from sub-par materials. Needless to say, they don’t last as long as they should or fail to provide quality service. The best filters look good and not flimsy. The best products will also include a description on its page or box that explains why it’s a quality buy. Look for the models that have guarantees, a long filter life, and chrome taps. These are all signs of a good water filter.

A Water Filter Must Be Easy To Install

Under Sink Water Filter Buying Guide

You may encounter offers that do not provide everything that you need to install your new purifier. Really, you may just walk on by and never look back. Most water filters include absolutely every piece you need to install the system yourself without the need to pay extra for a plumber or to purchase extra parts.

A good manufacturer may also include an instruction manual with effective guidelines to help you through the process. The actual installation time depends on the product but can range from anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.

Additionally, under sink water filters should not be too large since a lot of homes have limited space under the sink. But once again, most systems are designed to be compact, so you shouldn’t worry too much about that. But if you’re truly pressed for space, take heart. There are under sink water filters that are small and versatile enough to fit into most tiny places.

A Water Filter Must Be Effortless To Use

For the most part, the only time you should be aware of the filter under your sink is when you enjoy great-tasting water. After installing the system, the only action required to use it should be when you turn on the tap. Any filter system that requires additional steps is not worth the effort and to be honest, they are very rare. The good news is that most manufacturers honour the consumer’s desire for easy-to-use products. Due to this, most water filters are effortless to use. You literally just open the tap.

Maintenance requires a little extra effort but even then, it shouldn’t be a drain on your energy and expenses. Every few months or so, one must change the filter cartridge. How long they last may depend upon your area’s water quality and it’s design. Some filters may last between 3 and 6 months, but others can clean water for as long as a year.


Q: Are Under Sink Water Filters Worth It?

A: Under sink water filters are worth it because they turn drinking water into a high quality liquid. If you’re worried about heavy metals, here’s the good news. Most systems remove toxic chemicals like arsenic, chlorine, lead, and a host of other harmful substances. In addition, a water filtration system also removes limescale, which protects home appliances like kettles.

In a nutshell, what makes water filters best for your health (and appliances) is the fact that they can be used anywhere. One cannot change a city’s low-quality water but you can protect your family by simply installing the best under sink water filter that you can find. Another good thing about filtered water is that it tastes so much better than ordinary water. Your loved ones will not only appreciate healthier water but they might actually enjoy the effort to stay hydrated!

Q: Which Water Filter Removes The Most Contaminants?

A: Which water filter removes the most contaminants truly depends on your needs and the capabilities of under-sink filters. If you live in an area where the water is hard, then the ability to remove limescale must be clearly marked among the filter’s list of contaminants it was designed to remove from water. If you worry about the effects of fluoride, then fluoride should be on the list. You get the idea!

But if you would rather just play it safe and want as many contaminants removed as possible from your drinking water, then there are several models you may want to use. However, choosing between the best under sink water filter requires a little bit of research. This is because there are many brands and even more products available and capable of being excellent under-sink filters. But the best should aim to remove sediment, chemicals, dissolved solids, heavy metals, and organic organisms.

Q: How Long Do Under Sink Water Filters Last?

A: How long under sink water filters last often depends on the hardness of the water in your area. If there are a lot of heavy metals too, then it might shorten filter life. However, you need not worry that you may have to replace your water system every month. Even under the most trying conditions, the best under sink water filters, UK or elsewhere, may last between 3 to 6 months.

Also remember, an under sink water filter best endures when it is installed properly. It’s important to assemble the filter system correctly. Luckily, most systems are user-friendly. Almost every under-sink water filter comes with installation instructions that are so well-written, and accompanied by either illustrations or photographs, that you can assemble the kit yourself and add it to your kitchen. As a whole, thanks to these guidelines, it’s not common to experience reduced filter life due to faulty installation.

Q: How Do I Choose A Sink Water Filter?

A: You choose a sink water filter based on your needs and the level of quality that you desire. The best under sink water filter is easy to put together and install, has a size small enough to fit into tiny kitchen spaces, and of course, provides drinking water that is tasty and clean. Look for products with a good filtration process, those that add healthy minerals, and have a good flow rate.

You can also choose a system base on whether you want to drill a hole in the sink. Some products require a hole to be added to install the filter’s own tap but if you’re renting or don’t have the tools, then there are systems that connect to the cold water outlet instead. The cold water under-sink water systems are also perfect for when your sink is made of expensive or brittle materials that you prefer not to drill.

Avoid filters and systems that look flimsy, consistently receive bad reviews, or don’t appear to filter drinking water as much as you’d like. Finally, if you need more in-depth tips about how to choose a filter, you’re welcome to look at our buying guide which included in this article (in case you skipped that part!).

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