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Best Valet Stands Reviews

Last Updated on May 8, 2021

A valet stand is your personal butler. It can hold an entire outfit and all the extras that come with it. This makes dressing for an event quick and easy. If you want more organized wardrobe habits but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ve snuffled around the Internet to find the ten best valet stands that are available in 2021. Here they are!

The Best Valet Stands Reviewed In 2021

1. The Folding Cherry Wood Valet By Arredamenti Italia

The Folding Cherry Wood Valet By Arredamenti Italia

The best valet stand is the Folding Cherry Wood Valet by Arredamenti Italia. This neat bedroom stand is perfect for anyone who adores wood furniture and quality products from Italy. This valet comes with a wonderful perk for people who don’t like anything to stand around when they’re not being used. It can neatly fold away for easy storage. Once you need it, you can simply pull it open and drape the butler with an entire suit, scarves or belts, or a similar set of clothing. The stand is made from cherry wood, and the lovely design is finished with quality workmanship and tidy fittings.

Another neat feature of this clothes valet stand is the set of wheels. It allows the stand to be moved anywhere in the room (or the house, for that matter), and best of all, you don’t have to fear for your carpets or tiles. The wheels have a special rubber design that is anti-trace. 


  • The product measures 46 x 38 x 105 cm.
  • It is already assembled.
  • Quality wood and parts.
  • The valet is only 5cm deep when folded.


  • Some consumers found rough edges but this is not a common complaint.
  • Although it’s said to be completely assembled, a few customers received stands that need some self-assembly.

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2. The Best Clothes Valet Stand By Relaxdays

The Best Clothes Valet Stand By Relaxdays

This wooden beauty fits into any room with its dark walnut look and simple, flowing design. The valet is freestanding with a heavy base to stabilize your butler and avoid it from toppling over. It is also slim enough to stand unobtrusively in a corner without stealing too much space. Just hang your formal clothes on the wood valet stand and you’ll rest assured knowing that they will be wrinkle-free when you need them. This clothes valet also has a handy tray to keep your jewelry, wallet, and keys all in one place.

This portable stand is made from quality wood, metal, and MDF. For this reason, you can look forward to years of assistance from this valet stand. 


  • The product measures 33 x 46.5 x 112 cm.
  • A slim design that is storage space friendly.
  • A classic retro look.
  • Rails for a suit and storage shelves for accessories.


  • This valet must be self-assembled after delivery.
  • Not true walnut.

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3. The Best Walnut Wood Valet Stand By Aspect

The Best Walnut Wood Valet Stand By Aspect

Are you looking for a pick-me-up-and-go? Then this could be the best wood valet stand for you. The simple design makes it very mobile and easy to carry. That being said, the metal foot gives the valet stand remarkable stability to protect your clothing. The main pole is also beautifully made from real walnut wood and solid rubber. The two rails have a beautiful black sanded appearance. These dark twins are perfect for formal clothes like a suit, tie, or a two-piece dress.

As a bonus, this clothes stand is simplistic and stylish enough to add class to any bedroom or office. 


  • The product measures 47 x 34 x 110 cm.
  • Made from real walnut.
  • Perfect as a suit valet.


  • This is another one of the valet stands that must be self-assembled.
  • There is no tray for accessories.

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4. The Best Valet Stand By Tatkraft

The Best Valet Stand By Tatkraft

Alright, if you’re a wood, metal, and chrome fan then this clothes stand is yours. The foot, two rails, and one hanger are all chrome plated and look like buffed stainless steel. The main pole is also made from the same shiny stuff but comes with an extra band and knob made from dark wood. The walnut and metal design are easy to maintain and move, ensuring years of use and hanging space for your clothes.

Indeed, this is one of the best stands if you’re looking for a suit valet. The hanger will keep your suit in perfect shape with no creases, while the simple design makes it easy to move around by hand. However, you needn’t fear that this one will topple over and take your outfit to the ground. The metal base acts as a heavy anchor.


  • The product measures 46 x 28 x 111 cm.
  • Beautiful stainless steel look.
  • Hanging space for a suit or several pieces of clothes.


  • No tray for extra accessories.
  • A few consumers have found that the stand is smaller than expected, although it still does a good job.

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5. The Best Valet Stand With Antifungal Wood By Premier Housewares

The Best Valet Stand With Antifungal Wood By Premier Housewares

The best valet stands must be easy to maintain. It’s no use to hang clothes on stands that are hard to clean. Worse, since most have a wood element, the added horror of fungal issues. Luckily, most materials a stand is made off can be wiped down with a damp cloth. But this suit valet goes the extra mile to ensure that your clothing is stored hygienically. It is made from tropical hevea wood which has natural antifungal properties. Thanks to this, you can forget about fungus creepers in your best clothes.

There is also a stainless steel rail, several rungs, and a small shelf for those extra change, keys, or cufflinks. The hanging space is truly plentiful on this valet stand, which is also one of the most handsome and best valet stands on the market. 


  • The product measures 37 x 45 x 35 cm.
  • It is made from naturally antifungal wood.
  • Durable and stable.


  • Must be self-assembled.
  • The tray cannot hold large items like a wallet or cards.

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6. The Top Storage Valet Stand By Arredamenti Italia

The Top Storage Valet Stand By Arredamenti Italia

If you need sufficient space for clothes, then this could be one of the top valet stands for you. Originally crafted in Italy, this quality product has enough storage space for one suit, a tie, scarves, or several pieces that belong to another type of outfit. The hanger shaped bar, also made from wood, will keep the shirt or jacket in great shape until you are ready to wear them. There is also space provided by a small metal bar and a storage space for the tiny things that you need to carry on your person.

The stand also has a gorgeous and streamlined appearance. The entire stand is made of cherry wood, except for the wheels. The latter eliminates the need to lift a fully packed valet stand. Instead, you can just push it towards where you need the butler to be. Overall, you can look forward to keeping a lot of clothes in one place without a cluttered look taking over the room.


  • The product measures 46 x 37 x 105 cm.
  • Plenty of hanging space.
  • Made from cherry wood.
  • A pleasing look that can fit with any room’s decor.


  • Must be self-assembled.
  • The tray might be too small for people who like to add larger items like watches or wallets.

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7. The Silver Valet Stand By Je Cherche Une Idee

The Silver Valet Stand By Je Cherche Une Idee

Are you not too hot on wood? Metal more your thing? Then you’ll love this ultra-modern valet stand. The stand is also perfect for anyone who likes a minimalist decor or a chrome piece that can grace any corner in the house. The valet stand has hanging space for a shirt or suit jacket, then another bar that can be used for pants and neckties. The clothes will remain crease-free and ready to wear.

The valet stand has a good base to ensure stability. However, like many other single-pole valet stands, this one is also easy to move around. Although, in all honesty, an added perk of the metal is that it makes this storage device one of the easiest valet stands to clean. You just take a damp cloth and wipe it off when needed. 


  • The product measures 43 x 43 x 28 cm.
  • A modern metal look.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Mobile and durable.


  • The stand is the self-assembly type.
  • The stand is also minimalist. There is no shelf for extras.

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8. The Mirror Finish Valet Stand By King Home

The Mirror Finish Valet Stand By King Home

If you liked the previous shiny valet stand, then here’s another one to consider. Sure enough, this one is also minimalist, presented in chrome, and makes an ultra-modern addition to any room. The metal valet stand is very easy to assemble and can be taken along on trips if needed. The storage device can be put together quickly and offers enough space for one outfit.

There is one hanger to keep a suit jacket or shirt in great shape. Then there’s also a bent bar that offers space for trousers, ties, and perhaps your watch, all in one place. Just like the previous model, this valet stand is easy to clean, move around, and made to last.


  • The product measures 45.6 x 28 x 119,5h.
  • A modern chrome look.
  • Quick to put together.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very mobile and durable.


  • You must self-assemble this valet stand.
  • No storage space for extras, except for items that can wrap around a bar (like a watch with straps).

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9. The Pinewood Valet Stand with Multi-Area Storage By Axxentia Bad

The Pinewood Valet Stand with Multi-Area Storage By Axxentia Bad

This valet stand is simply luxurious. Made with chromed metal and pinewood, it adds style anywhere in the home. As a bonus, you can also enjoy plenty of storage options for clothes. The decorative stand can be used to air clothes or keep an outfit ready and wrinkle-free for an upcoming meeting. The storage options include separate rails for jackets, trousers, and ties. Besides the three chrome rails, this valet stand also has one of the finest-looking storage shelves. The wooden tray is perfect for small to medium items that you need to keep in one place with your clothes.

The clothes stand can be used anywhere, even in the bathroom. Despite all its space, you can move it back to the bedroom because, at 4.4kg, the butler is not heavy to carry. With or without an outfit draped over it.


  • The product measures 110 x 50 x 3.5 cm.
  • Stylish wood and metal appearance.
  • Several rails for clothes and a tray for extras.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Space-saving design.


  • The valet stand requires self-assembly.
  • Some consumers feel that the valet stand is too short or wobbly.

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10. The Solid Wooden Valet Stand By HAKU Furniture

The Solid Wooden Valet Stand By HAKU Furniture

This stand offers mega-space for clothes. The beautiful dark and solid wood frames have several rails, a jacket coat hanger beam, shelf, and near the bottom there are two smaller rods that can be used as a shoe rack. This stand really is a lovely and useful piece of furniture.

Not only does this stand appear high-class but it’s also easy to pick up and move. At barely 2kg, you won’t struggle to relocate it to a new corner of the bedroom. 


  • The product measures 36 x 47 x 102 cm.
  • A dark and stylish appearance.
  • Plenty of rails to hang clothes, ties, and extras.
  • Shoe rack.


  • The stand requires self-assembly.
  • Some consumers who are 6 feet tall have found that their jackets hang too close to the floor.

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Buying Guide

A valet stand is a luxury to have. Not only does it help with clutter and crinkle-free outfits, but it feels good to own one. The good news is that the consumer is spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of stands on the market and plenty of them look good enough to nibble on. The bad news is that a good portion of smart-looking stands is unsuitable. But don’t frown. It’s easy to avoid a disappointing purchase. Just follow these tips to get a great valet stand.

Best Valet Stands Reviews Buying Guide

Valet Stands Are Pre-Assembled Or Need Self-Assembly

You need to decide which option is best for you. Both have negative and positive sides. Pre-assembled stands are more prone to damage during the delivery process but their parts fit together perfectly.

Self-assembly butlers survive the mail-order business better. However, if the manufacturer is a bit dodgy, you might find that the parts are the wrong shape or that the pre-drilled holes are too small, or not even in the right place.

Needless to say, unless you’re handy with tools, this can render your purchase useless.

The Stand Must Be Big Enough

Before settling on a stand, check the size measurements. This ensures that you don’t accidentally purchase a butler that’s too small. Such a mistake could cause your best suit to touch the floor. Rather invest in the tallest model you can find.

A Valet Stand Must Be Stable

Best Valet Stands Reviews Buying Guide

A clothes butler has a single purpose – to keep an outfit neat as a pin. But if it’s unstable, you run the risk of a slight bump toppling the whole thing over. Your chosen outfit could end up dirty and wrinkled, especially if the accident happened when your cat ran past the stand while you were not at home for several hours. 

When you’re looking for a single-pole stand, check for a solid base. If you want a double rack with a foot, that should be stable by nature.

Finally, if you choose a fold-open valet, make sure that the design is sturdy and doesn’t buckle.

A Valet Must Reflect Quality

Determining quality can be a challenge, especially when you’re shopping online and cannot view the valets in person. You can, however, do research on the brand to see if they have produced other quality items and what their track record is. But the best is to read reviews from consumers who leave genuine comments about the valets they have purchased. A disgruntled customer will very quickly spill the beans on a bad product. Similarly, happy customers will also praise a good product that they are satisfied with.


Q: What Is A Valet Stand Used For?

A: A valet stand is used to hold an outfit that will be worn later in the day or the next morning. This is usually a set of formal clothes like a suit or a dress with accessories.

Q: Which Valet Stand Is The Best?

A: The best valet stand is one that is stable and made from high-grade wood, metal, and material. A solid foot usually anchors valet stands while still keeping the piece of furniture light enough to move around the room. The best valet stands must also suit a person’s individual needs with enough storage space for clothes and extras.

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