The 10 Best Washing Powder Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Washing Powder Reviews

Last Updated on May 8, 2021

From ruining your coloured clothing to damaging your machine, washing powders are among the highest myth-filled laundry tools to date. However, washing powder can be a lifesaver if you simply make sure to get the right ingredients with your purchase. To help you find the best washing detergent (UK), we have put together a shopping list containing the best-rated products of 2021, along with a buying guide to ensure that the whole process will run as smooth as your garments!

Best Washing Powders On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Fantastic Non-Bio Washing Powder 130 Giga Pack XXL By Fairy

The Fantastic Non-Bio Washing Powder 130 Giga Pack XXL By Fairy

The best non-bio washing powder is the 130 Giga pack by Fairy. Employing an 8.4 kg size, this washing powder is specially produced for tough stain removal and is granted to provide with outstanding cleaning results with each wash. According to the manufacturers, this large capacity powder will accompany your washing machine for more than 200 washes, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Moreover, its gentle formula makes this product among the best laundry detergents that are tender with dry and sensitive skin, preventing any unnecessary rashes with use. Being dermatologically tested, this Fairy non-bio washing range has been credited with the Skin Health Alliance seal, making it certified with premium skincare. Independent tests have also confirmed that garments washed with this powder are as kind to the skin as water is.


  • It tackles and removes even the most stubborn stains.
  • Great value for money.
  • Is delivered at record times at your doorstep.
  • Is granted to last up to six months with moderate use.


  • Several customers noted they were perplexed that it didn’t come with a scoop.

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2. The Improved XXL Regular Washing Powder By Ariel

The Improved XXL Regular Washing Powder By Ariel

Among the best washing powders on the market is also this Megapack by Ariel, that employs a bio washing technology to remove dirt and stains. By cleaning deep down into the fibres and preventing the stains from settling in, this laundry detergent is ideal for those who have to deal with hard-stained clothes more than they’d like.

Shining your white clothes to absolute perfection and giving your coloured ones a vibrant touch, this Ariel product will ensure to keep all your garments on a sparkling condition. Overall, the bio powder is guaranteed to promote a fantastic freshness while keeping its stain removal trademark intact. According to the manufacturers, this will be supported through 265 thoroughly professional washes – giving you a reliable assurance for all days to come. 


  • Its weighed at 8.2 kg, rendering a productive use for longer times.
  • Several users have noted that they simply loved its scent.
  • It was reported that its delivery was speedy and ideal.
  • Good value for money.


  • It was noted to not be as effective with low-temperature settings.
  • If you don’t use an enhancer along with this powder, you might get roughly creased clothes.

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3. The Professional Laundry Detergent Washing Powder By Ariel

The Professional Laundry Detergent Washing Powder By Ariel

Ariel further upholds its tradition of producing the best washing powders with this bio-washing product that’s new and improved. Containing more active ingredients than the standard Ariel, this product will use its thorough search technology to locate and destroy all stain enzymes within your clothes.

Moreover, its integrated colour care feature will make sure that your garments will stay looking sharp for as long as possible. Its fan favourite scent components will give your wash a pleasant fragrance as well, finishing the washing experience with outstanding results. Lastly, by rendering pre-washes and soaks unnecessary, this bio washing powder will also save water and power – thus adding energy-efficiency on its list of advantages. 


  • It’s phosphate-free, which is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • It contains a capacity of 9.1 kg which will supply for 140 washing loads.
  • It is highly effective in low temperatures as well.


  • Some people noted that they received this item damaged.

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4. The Expert Bio Washing Powder By Daz

The Expert Bio Washing Powder By Daz

Locally made and worldwide shipped, this Daz product is among the best washing powders that highlight their whitening abilities compatible with every washing machine. Thanks to its unique combination of high performing ingredients, this bio washing powder is carefully designed to deliver exceptional wash results.

Furthermore, its integrated perfume system delivers a non-intrusive fresh scent to all your laundry, whether they’re whites or colours. Recommended for professional use by the Daz manufacturers, the washing powder is ideal for medium to heavy-duty work that matches both large households and commercial purposes as well. You won’t have to worry about your sensitive skin either, because the UK based company has made sure to use non-phosphates in the laundry detergent produce. 


  • It’s perfect for removing hard stains from previous accidents.
  • The best washing powder for low-temperature settings use.
  • It whitens your white clothes and gives them a long-lasting shine.
  • Several customers noted that they’ve been using Daz for years and were never disappointed.


  • It’s not ideal for black clothes, as it may cause them to lose their colour.

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5. The Crisp Coconut Washing Powder By Surf

The Crisp Coconut Washing Powder By Surf

Differing from the previously showcased washing powders in scent and style, this product by Surf is undoubtedly among the best washing powder items of 2021. Suitable with cold washes in both white and coloured clothes, the Surf non-bio washing powder will deeply penetrate the fabrics and give them a thorough clean.

As it stands out, the coconut induced exotic fragrance within this washing powder is available in both liquid and powder form. The sweet and warm notes of vanilla, amber and musk produce the ultimate beach scent, giving you a paradise amid your fingertips. Moreover, its trademark aroma will remain on your garments long after you’ve taken your clothes out of the washing machine.


  • Suitable with light to medium-duty work, it has a capacity of 45 loads.
  • The Good Housekeeping Institute approves it.
  • It is delivered with a dosing ball to measure the powder intake.
  • It provides excellent wash results even in the ‘quick wash’ feature.


  • It’s not as productive as the big loaded washing powders.

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6. The Fantastic Non-Bio Washing Powder By We Can Source It Ltd

The Fantastic Non-Bio Washing Powder By We Can Source It Ltd

If you’re on the search for a 10 kg bucket filled with professionally made washing powder, then this is the right choice for you. The non-bio washing detergent is designed for commercial use but does reasonably well on bigger households as well. Moreover, the washing powder deep-tackles the stains and freshens them up with little to no effort, emitting fragrant waves with every touch of the fabric.

As the manufacturers state, the non-bio laundry detergent is perfect for use in restaurants, guest houses, hotels, schools, nurseries, hospitals and any other commercial enterprises. Being formulated with premium ingredients, this washing powder can power through 250 washes, at a low consumption rate per wash. With that in mind, the product remains to be the best washing powder that’s budget-friendly and offers long-lasting productivity. 


  • Its non-bio ingredients make it gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Several customers noted that they loved its fragrance.
  • Best washing powder economically-wise.
  • The buyers were also impressed with its prompt delivery; even on current circumstances.


  • It may not remove hard stains under low-temperature wash cycles.

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7. The Great Washing Powder Lotus Flower & Lily By Bold

The Great Washing Powder Lotus Flower & Lily By Bold

Another non-bio product that made it on the list for the best washing powder is Bold’s flow range that’s specially formulated to deliver the perfect balance of cleaning and freshness. Thanks to its active ingredients that continuously work to remove stains, you won’t need to presoak or wash your clothes to obtain perfect results.

Its combined perfume system is carefully produced to deliver a pleasant and fresh scent to your clothes. Moreover, its trademarked lotus & lily fragrance is destined to last for more extended periods, thus surviving ironing, tumble drying, or even steam pressing. Your sensitive skin will be tenderly cared for by the washing powder as well, thanks to its phosphate free ingredients that promote an efficient and healthy experience with each wash. 


  • It’s recommended for professional and commercial use.
  • It’s the best washing powder that maintains its fragrance for longer-lasting periods.
  • It can provide 110 washes if the provided standard measure is used per wash.
  • Good value for money.


  • If you don’t live in the UK Mainland, the product might take some time to deliver.

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8. The Gentle Washing Powder For Newborn Baby Clothes By Fysio

The Gentle Washing Powder For Newborn Baby Clothes By Fysio

Shifting away from the conventional washing powders, this uniquely made detergent by Fysio is the best washing powder for baby clothes or other sensitive laundry types. Produced by 100% pure grated soap, the washing powder contains all healthy ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, chlorophyll, herbal extracts and other essential oils.

The washing powder is best at giving the unique feeling of freshness without causing any irritations, allergies or any other dermatological conditions on sensitive baby skin. Moreover, the bio-friendly washing detergent is ideal for adult skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or dry skin as well. For the perfect results, you should use about 50 gr per wash, which is just enough to remove stains and leave a long-lasting bio scent in all your clothes. 


  • It promotes a disinfecting, antibacterial and antifungal action.
  • The powders ingredients are all chemical, sulphates and phosphates free.
  • Its chamomile extract releases a calming fragrance that gives maximum comfort.
  • The best washing powders for baby clothes and other sensitive skin types.


  • It might not suffice the ideal productivity rates for the entire family.
  • You might need to use a pre-wash feature to dissolve the washing powder fully.

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9. The Notable Biological Washing Laundry Powder By Proline

The Notable Biological Washing Laundry Powder By Proline

Another leading premium range that uses a repackaged washing powder to promote eco-friendliness is provided to us by the Proline brand. This washing powder is concentrated and only requires a small amount to achieve the best results with a wash. Thanks to its stain release enzymes, this product does fairy well on bringing your clothes back to life by removing past stains and spots.

With an overall weight of 10 kg, the manufacturers state that you can use this washing powder for as much as 200 washes. Moreover, if you apply the recommended amount of 50 g with each of your washes, you’ll be paying only about 7 p per wash. So, if you’re in the search for the best economical product that removes stains efficiently and offers a long-lasting freshness; then you ought to give this washing powder a try. 


  • Its packaging is eco-friendly and practical.
  • Its bio-washing enzymes are the best at removing hard stains.
  • It includes an optical brightener technology that helps to preserve whiteness while its fragrance boosters aid to sustain a fabric fresh smell all-day.
  • It works well with sensitive skin.


  • Its packaging doesn’t have a sealing strip, which means that you have to decant it.
  • Some customers reported that they didn’t like its scent.

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10. The Practical Concentrated Washing Powder By Bio D

The Practical Concentrated Washing Powder By Bio D

Following the example of the best biodegradable practices, this concentrated washing powder by Bio D is undoubtedly a worthy mention. The versatile powder is non-biological, non-fragranced and non-perfumed, demonstrating to work well on both your clothes and your skin. Made of recycled and recyclable materials, its packaging is readily biodegradable, so your purchase will be contributing to the environment as well.

According to the makers, the concentrated laundry powder is suitable with automatics, twin-tubs and hand-washing delicate fabrics. With a 12.5 kg capacity, the powdered detergent is sure to last for more than 200 washes. Thanks to its hypoallergenic characteristics and lack of aromatic additives, the product not only attacks and removes rough stains, spots or blemishes – but is among the best natural washing powders too. 


  • It is sustainable and naturally derived from raw materials.
  • Endorsed by Allergy UK, it is suitable with sensitive skins and other skin conditions.
  • It’s safe for septic tanks and cesspits.
  • The best environmentally-friendly choice.


  • Some customers have reported that this powder leaves white stains on darker clothes.
  • It has no fragrance, which might be an issue with those who search for an everlasting freshness with their washes.

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Buying Guide

The search for laundry detergents is a long and tiring one, especially when there are so many products on the market. Granted, some types of washing powders serve different purposes, promote various washing types and maintain separate price tags. So, what must a powdered detergent have to be labelled as ‘good’?

Best Washing Powder Buying Guide

Bio or Non-Bio?

You may have read through this article and become confused as to what these detergent types meant. Put simply, the differentiation between the two types lies in the integrated enzymes that each powder’s ingredients contain. Bio detergents have a ‘biological enzyme‘ that actively works to search for stains and remove them from the fabric that’s being washed. They’re excellent at thoroughly cleaning the garments, but rather harsh on delicate fabrics and skins.

On the other hand, a non-bio detergent doesn’t have the biological enzyme, but works on basic principles of regular soaps and cleaning liquids. That is why they’re gentler on the clothes and sensitive skin, but they don’t always provide with the best cleaning results. The best alternative is to find a neutral powdered washer that works on broken down enzymes while supporting a more natural wash. 

Powdered or Liquid?

Even though this article focused primarily on powdered washers, it’s essential to know the distinction, availability and practicality of liquid detergents as well. As the names suggest, the difference between the two types is within their form. Based on the thousands of reviews between the two, there seems to be a consensus that they work best with different clothing types.

A washing powder detergent is ideal for white clothes and other delicate garments that need a thorough clean and prioritize in freshness. Because powders usually contain bleach, they’re not suitable with coloured clothes or black fabrics. In this case, a liquid detergent will work best, because they have softer components that don’t damage the colours or ruin the fabric. However, you should carefully search for a suitable product, as some liquid capsules were noted to cause damage to the washing machines. 

Skin Sensitivity

Considering how laundry detergents are generally made of ingredients that need to penetrate the fabric to remove stains deeply, it can be assumed that they’re somewhat irritating to the skin. However, due to skin sensitivity or other conditions, some people are more prone to those irritations.

Even though a baseline level of these irritants can’t be avoided, there are components which are not always necessary for a detergent to clean thoroughly. Typically, manufacturers add certain ingredients to preserve the product’s scent or colour, which is counterproductive at most. That is why you should aim for washing powders that don’t include materials such as preservatives, parabens, pigments and dyes, perfumes, phosphates or aromatizers.


Q: Which is the best washing powder or liquid?

A: The best washing powder as showcased with this article is the Non-Bio Giga Pack XXL By Fairy. As for the best washing liquid, the 3-litre Non-Bio Washing Liquid by Fairy is a notable mention within customers around the UK.

Q: What is the best laundry detergent UK?

A: If you’re looking for a UK based detergent company, you’ll be pleased to know that Daz is among the most liked products mentioned in this list. Its Bio powder has earned worldwide praise in stain removal, skin sensitivity and long-lasting freshness.

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