9 Best Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews

Last Updated on July 1, 2021

Wheelie bins are great for storing trash and recycling. But the wrong one can be an eyesore. If you want to keep your garden neat without adding an ugly bin, here are the best storage containers that will also add some style to your property!

Our Top 3 Wheelie Bin Storage Picks
1. The Best Wheelie Bin Storage By Charles Bentley
2. The Best Double Wheelie Bin Storage By Mewmewcat
3. The Best Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage By Keter

The Best Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews Of 2021

1. The Best Wheelie Bin Storage By Charles Bentley

best wheelie bin storage

We picked this container as the best home for your wheelie bin. It’s stylish, functional, and offers space for 3 wheelie bins. You don’t need 3 bins to experience the benefits – the space is plentiful to keep one or two bins and your gardening tools.

A storage container should never interfere with your access to the wheelie bins. This box doesn’t disappoint. It has three gates at the front for easy removal of the bins and lifting lids at the top means that you can easily drop waste into the bins as well.

Other features include locks on the front doors, hardy Nordic spruce wood, and a chain to lift the bin’s lid when you open a top panel of the box.


  • 106 x 82 x 208 cm.
  • Space for 3 bins.
  • Attractive Nordic spruce design.
  • Easy access to bins.
  • A chain that automatically lifts bin lids.


  • The back is open.
  • For better durability, the wood must be treated with stain or outdoor oil.

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2. The Best Double Wheelie Bin Storage By Mewmewcat

best double wheelie bin storage

If you are specifically looking for a storage container for your two bins (or maybe one bin and some extra storage space), then this box could be the best choice. It’s smaller than the first but it offers just as much style, access, and functionality as you can hope for.

You can swing open the front panels to remove or replace the bins. The top is a single panel that can easily be propped up so that you can add something to the bins. Besides being highly accessible, the high-quality rattan is attractive, rot-proof, water-resistant, and durable.

You can also look forward to a locking system, closed back, and a powder coated steel frame.


  • 148 x 80 x 111 cm.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Easy access to bins.
  • Stores 2 bins.
  • Rot and moisture-proof.


  • Slightly elevated at the bottom, so rain can still get inside sometimes.

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3. The Best Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage By Keter

best plastic wheelie bin storage

This is one of the best boxes if you prefer durable plastic containers to wooden versions. This completely enclosed storage container has a muted appearance that will look good anywhere in the garden or driveway. But let’s look at the features that made this the top plastic container for wheelie bins.

For starters, the box is crafted from high-quality polypropylene. It’s UV-resistant, so it will never fade in the sun and it’s also weather resistant – so no rotting, leaking nor special oils that you need to apply every few weeks.

The design can hold two wheelie bins, secure them behind two doors with a lock and you can also dump your trash by simply lifting the top lid. At the end of the day, this storage container is attractive, durable, and easy to handle.


  • 122 x 61 x 108.8 cm.
  • Hinged lid and doors.
  • Stylish.
  • Durable construction.
  • Takes two wheelie bins.
  • UV and rot-resistant.


  • The lock is not included.

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4. The Best Recycling Bin Store By Signs and Numbers

Recycling Bin Store By Signs and Numbers

Do you need something for your recycling bins outside? While technically not suitable for wheelie bins, you can get plenty out of this rustic box if you need to store two smaller containers with a capacity of up to 35 litres.

The design is simple but heavy enough to resist the weather and strong wind. Besides offering a sturdy stand, you can also appreciate its ability to filter odours. This makes it perfect for recycling organic material that might reek a bit!

The pressure treated timber not only makes this more affordable than other storage bins but it also adds a homely touch to the garden, no matter where you put it. Needless to say, this eliminates the “trashy” look that recycling bins often bring to the yard.


  • Very easy to install and use.
  • A shelf separates the top from the bottom.
  • Easy access to bins.
  • Rustic appearance.
  • Very sturdy timber floor and balance.


  • No locks.
  • No doors.

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5. Top Triple Wheelie Bin Storage By Festnight

best triple wheelie bin storage

This storage solution is perfect for anyone who wants a large, simple but effective shelter for their bins. You can certainly look forward to a user-friendly design that is also spacious and moisture-resistant.

The 3 front doors make access easy while each bin also has its own lid. This is particularly useful if you cannot lift heavy lids for some reason. Pick your bin, lift the small and lightweight lid above it and deposit that trash!

The storage unit also comes with a locking system to keep curious hands and cats out of your bins, PE rattan that is water and rot-resistant, and plenty of space.


  • 229 x 78 x 120 cm.
  • Holds 3 bins.
  • Seperate top lids.
  • Locking system.
  • Rot and moisture-proof.


  • Must be covered during snow, frost and rain.

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6. The Best Single Wheelie Bin Storage By Arbor Garden Solutions

best wheelie bin single storage

There is no reason to invest in a hulking wheelie storage container if you only have one bin. Sure, the extra space is splendid for tools and garden machines but what if you just want a single box for your bin, no more? Then this rustic guy is worth a look!

The smaller design makes it perfect if you are also pressed for space. It can sit snugly in the corner of your garden, patio or driveway and bring old-school style with its wooden structure. The box is also very stable, so you don’t have to worry that it will tip over.

Other features include a front door, top lid, locking system, handles for easy lifting, and a chain that lifts the bin’s lid when you open the storage container.


  • 90 x 87 x 128 cm.
  • Perfect for smaller properties.
  • Rustic appearance.
  • A chain that lifts the bin’s lid.
  • Freestanding.


  • The storage bin must be assembled.

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7. The Best Double Wheelie Bin Screen By Selections

Double Wheelie Bin Screen By Selections

Do you need a more mobile solution? A wheelie bin screen is a great choice if you don’t want to put your bins in a box and only want hide them a little more. This type of cover offers you a discreet and stylish choice and can also be easily moved or folded away when you no longer need it.

This particular screen can hide two wheelie bins. Your visitors will be greeted by a classy rattan box instead of those eyesore bins! The rattan not only looks good anywhere but it’s also very durable and easy to keep clean.

At the end of the day, this is the top choice if you need something that’s easy to assemble, store, move, and good at replacing the sight of bins with something more stylish!


  • 85 x 92 x 140 cm.
  • Very durable and attractive
  • Holds two wheelie bins.
  • Easy to assemble and move.
  • Double baseline makes it balanced and sturdy.


  • It cannot protect your bins from the rain.
  • No locking system.

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8. The 6-Door Wheelie Bin Storage By Festnight

Bins Storage By Festnight

If you like neat compartments (and you have 3 bins), then step closer. This storage cabinet offers you 6 doors/lids, meaning that you don’t have to deal with a single heavy lid or a door that is bigger than a farm gate. Each lid or door is small and lightweight, making it user-friendly and a space-saving feature.

The well-coated timber is durable. This makes it perfect for its outdoor duties and your pocket! Besides the rustic design, you can also expect a locking system, easy access to your bins, and rot-resistant wood.


  • 70 x 75 x 100 cm.
  • Durable and rot-resistant.
  • Rustic look.
  • 6 lids/doors for easy access.
  • Locking system.
  • Made of treated wood.


  • no protection from the weather.

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9. Another Top Single Wheelie Bin Storage By Galapara

top single wheelie bin storage

Did you like the previous storage container and would like something similar for your single wheelie bin? Then this could be your best match. You can look forward to several features that are similar – let’s dive in!

You can also expect a single front door and a single top lid. Both are easy to work with and come with a locking system. The wood is also very durable, having been made from green-impregnated pinewood.

This storage box is durable, simple to use, and makes your bin area look more stylish.


  • 75,2 x 92 x 120 cm.
  • Perfect for smaller properties.
  • Treated wood that is sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to open the lid/door.
  • Locking system.


  • Self-assembly is required.
  • No protection against rain.

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Your Guide To Wheelie Bin Storage

Let’s be honest. A wheelie bin can ruin the ambience of any garden. But add the right storage box or fence and you can add a stylish solution that also protects your bins. Our guide provides all the tips you need to understand what makes a good bin storage option and how to pick one that suits you.

Storage Capacity of the Wheelie Bin


Make sure that you have the space for a storage unit. If you have a large garden, then this is not a problem. But if you are pressed for space, it might be a better idea to look for single bin units that won’t steal more space.

Storage Capacity

These units offer different capacities. The choices range from a single bin unit to those that can hold 2, 3, or even 4 bins. Make sure that you pick one that can hold all your bins and that it also contains enough internal space for the bins to fit comfortably inside.


Once again, pick a unit that suits your needs. The most common materials include wood, plastic and stainless steel. If you love something rustic, consider wood. If you want something to last for years, then a durable plastic or metal design might be a better choice.


This one is important. Avoid storage units that are dangerous, difficult to handle or block easy access to your bins.

Wheelie Bin Storage FAQs

Q: Which is more expensive; a wooden or plastic bin storage?

A: Deciding the price of a wheelie bins store unit is not just only about if it is wooden or plastic. Many other features make the price vary. So it is possible to have some luxury wooden wheelie bin store units that are more expensive than the plastic wheelie bin store units and vice versa, because it depends on the quality of the wood or timber used.

Q: How comfortable is it to use a 3 wheelie bin store unit inside the home?

A: It all depends on the room’s size. A lack of space will make it difficult to work with such a large storage unit.

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