9 Best Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Wheelie bins are great for storing trash and recycling but not so great to look at, especially, if you love keeping your garden or driveway looking pretty.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with the eyesore thanks to wheelie bin storage solutions. From sturdy plastics to wooden storage options that blend in with your garden, our best wheelie bin storage review has the perfect solution for you.

The Best Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews Of 2021

1. Wheelie Bin Storage By Garden Village

Wheelie Bin Storage By Garden Village

The best wheelie bin storage is the Wheelie Bin Store cabinet By Garden Village. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The wooden three bin garden storage has been in the market for quite a long while. Being subjected to timely innovations, this recycles bin storage has established itself as the best solution in the British market shopping trends. These wheelie bin stores stand out as a very qualitative triple wheelie bin screen in terms of rigidity and the room that they offer. This three bin storage is also very durable for use and requires less maintenance to have it work well for a long while.

While it is a big deal in terms of budget or delivery, when you put together all the fantastic features of this wooden bin store shed, it is definitely worth the buy. Cover your unsightly bins with triple bin storage unit as it comes in a beautiful wood design. This three bins cabinet stores as much as 50 litres and there is natural odour filter so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory result. 

The room this wooden bins cabinet has to offer to homeowners is the main reason why people like it. This is because users can save some money instead of purchasing two different wheelie bin store sheds that offers as much room as this single wheelie bin store cabinet offers.

The innovative design and stable wood/timber floor that this triple bin wood shed offers to users are standout features that differentiate this bin from other bin screens in the British market. Despite the room that it offers and lid quality, its detailed design makes it compact, and as such, it doesn’t occupy much space in the home.


  • This three wheelie bins cabinet doesn’t take a lot of a space and has great lids
  • Comes in an unusual and innovative wood design to cover the eyesore sight of the bins
  • Amazing lid quality, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified timber design
  • Offers much room for your bins
  • This 3 bins storage is made out of quality pressure treated timber or wood


  • This three wheelie bins store cabinet comes at a high price because of the fine wood used.

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2. Outdoor Bin Storage By Keter

Outdoor Bin Storage By Keter

Second place goes to the Outdoor Bin Storage By Keter. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Keter is a brand amongst many other brands that are known for high quality home products. One of the wheelie bin storage products that speak well of the Keter’s brand excellence is this particular bin storage.

Think of the reliability, durability and ease of use that you want from bin storage shed, and you will find all of it in this best purchase storage bin. While you might have to spend a lot of maintenance to keep this plastic bin storage in the best condition, we recommend you to consider the design of this outdoor storage solution. 

Coming in different colours, this plastic bin store cabinet comes with a comprehensive warranty plan that ensures that you are safe . You can lay your hands on this fantastic wheelie bins store cabinet and join the many users with positive reviews globally. These bins store devices have an ideal storage capacity of about 30 litres and come with an inbuilt liner dispenser.

The ease of installing this wheelie bin is the main reason why people like it as it has wall reinforcements. This makes it very simple for beginners or individuals who are not familiar with or have not been able to use one before, to install it. The durable lid handles provided for this garden bin storage is a standout feature. This lid handle makes it effortless for users to have a firm grip on the garden wheelie bin and move it from one place to another comfortably.


  • This wheelie bins store cabinet can be easily installed and used in the home or garden
  • Comes with durable lid handles which menas it is easy to move
  • Garden wheelie bin has a very impressive price to quality ratio.
  • This standing item is made out of resin materials and has dimensions suitable to all households
  • The model has back wall reinforcements that are strong and made from durable plastic just like the lid.


  • Requires a lot of time and cost to have this garden wheelie bin maintained.

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3. Wheelie Bins Storage By Outdoor Specials

Wheelie Bins Storage By Outdoor Specials

Third place goes to the Wheelie Bins Storage By Outdoor Specials. We gave our pick number three a 4.5/5 star rating.

Wheelie bins are a necessity in any home. They are large, bulky, and can every so often look run-down. They could make your outdoor space look disorganized. An excellent, well-made wheelie bin store like the Outdoor specials can get rid of this appearance problem.

Our pick number three is a wheelie bins store cabinet that is large enough to accommodate most of your outdoor items such as tools for plants and gardening. Keeping these elements safe protects them from garden pests, sun and rain damage, or misplacement.

Our number three can open up at the top and from the front making it easier for you to get your things into the wheelie bin store cabinet. This bins cabinet has a sloped threshold making your work effortless when moving items and garden furniture in and out of the storage. You can also store shelves inside for trash cans which will help you to adequately manage the space every day.

The plastic unit also comes with two doors and a lockable area and provides security and protection for valuable things such as gardening products. It also comes with a wall reinforcements and a hydraulic piston mechanism that makes it effortless to open the roof panel. You will love its manual and fitting instruction which helps assembly without much hassle.

This device has extra-large storage that can accommodate up to 1200 litres/320 g of furniture or content with two large doors. These bins store cabinets can hold up to five 240 litres/63g trash cans and has an external measurement of 146 x 82 x 120 cm with an internal width of 132 x 76 x 110 cm. You will love its lightweight of just 13 kilograms and hard-wearing, heavy duty, weather resistant plastic material with doors which keeps content dry and well ventilated with slats on side-panels.


  • The plastic device offers simple access to your garden wheelie bins at the same time keeps them secure and out of sight.
  • The rot resistant panel bins cabinet is simple to clean.
  • It has a simple manual guide that guides the bin store cabinet assembly the easiest way possible.
  • The device stores a large capacity of wheelie bins and garden tools and has lockable areas.
  • Can adjust to your preference and needs to boost your kerb appeal
  • This plastic garden wheelie bin has breathable side panels to aerate the space and release bad odours.
  • The model has structure with back wall reinforcements that are strong and made from durable plastic.
  • The garden storage should last a minimum of twenty years.


  • DIY assembly with fixtures of this plastic garden wheelie bin cabinet takes plenty of time.

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4. Recycling Bin Store By Signs and Numbers

Recycling Bin Store By Signs and Numbers

Fourth best solution is the Recycling Bin Store By Signs and Numbers. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our pick number four is a double wheelie bin storage that occupies less space and comes at an affordable price. This garden wheelie bin storage unit has outstanding features, but that’s not its primary selling point. The fanciful wooden floor of this double wheelie bin storage solution is the major selling point.

As a buyer, the comprehensive warranty plan on this garden wheelie bin wood shed means you can enjoy a refund when any defect is noted as regards performance. These bins wood store sheds measure about 75 x 68 x 120 cm in size and have an odours filter for optimum performance. This garden garbage bin internal storage is up to 35 litres.

The sturdy wood in this double wooden wheelie bin storage is the major reason a lot of people are going for it. This makes it lie comfortably well wherever it is placed. In fact, you also don’t need to worry about any environmental factor like wind blowing away this wheelie bins garden storage when it is being placed outside.

The price of this wheelie bins store unit is a notable stand out feature. With the UK market filled up with costly wheelie bin storage units with fewer features, this kind of bin screens made out of pressure treated timber and wood is outstanding. The comprehensiveness of the inner timber or wood compartments of this bin shed is also another feature that makes it different from others.


  • Very easy to install and use wheelie bins store unit
  • A shelf separates the top from the bottom half for easy access to these garden products
  • Best way possible to store wheelie bins and has simple access
  • Very sturdy wood/timber floor and balanced bins making them very reliable
  • This garden wooden bin comes at an affordable price and an excellent price to quality ratio


  • Users have issues as regards durability when it comes to this wooden bin shed
  • These models have no lid which someone might find bad

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5. Garden Wheelie Bin Storage By Keter

Garden Wheelie Bin Storage By Keter

Fifth best solution is the Garden Wheelie Bin Store unit By Keter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Adequate wheelie bins store unit is an important factor in keeping your compound neat. This model is designed to meet your household outdoor needs. This solution will store all your garden tools, bikes, and a couple of wheelie bins.

The plastic product is weather resistant, making it capable of withstanding the harsh outdoor conditions. These bin recycling boxes are waterproof and adequately ventilated featuring shelves to help you with your storage needs. Whether you are in search for a place for your garden tools or cushions, this product has you covered. 

You can conveniently place the wheelie bin next to the fence or against the wall. As a security measure, it comes with a central door bolt with padlock capability preventing easy access to strangers for your stored tools. A secondary ‘Step on Lock’ adds to the security.

This plastic wheelie bins store unit features a capacity of 1200 Liters and can accommodate 240 litres of trash bins. These bins store cabinets measure 145.5 cm in height and 82 cm in width with an internal dimension of 132 cm x 76 cm x 110 cm. You will love its weight of 30 kg making its manoeuvre as easy as ABC. This bins store cabinet is easy to set up and has a hydraulic piston-assisted lid, which means you don’t need to open it by hand. With two large doors with quality hinges and plastic panels, this is a product to get if you want value for money.

The doors allow you to put in your content without difficulty and a sloped threshold makes getting your tools and equipment into the storage easily. The model features a two bin lids lifter chains to help with the hands-free easy access of the wheelie bin. These bins recycling boxes come with a two-year warranty from the manufacturers.


  • It has two closure mechanisms that make adding or removing your content easy.
  • The bin lid lifter chains hands-free easy access solution of opening the wheelie bins store unit makes it hygienic.
  • It is also easy to assemble against a wall and begin making storage.
  • This rot resistant outdoor wheelie bin store unit is easy to maintain and has floor and wall reinforcement
  • The ability to lock using a main padlock and a secondary lock makes it secure.
  • High-quality levels of lids lifter chain will make your life easier with hands free opening
  • No more mess on your property with this plastic wheelies storage


  • The plastic product gets destroyed from too much exposure to the sun, making it brittle.

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6. Wheelie Bin Screen By Tenax

Wheelie Bin Screen By Tenax

Sixth best solution is the Wheelie Bin Screen By Tenax. We gave this selection a 4/5 star rating.

The Tenax Triple Wheelie Bin Screen is our 6th option for two significant reasons among several others. The first is the standard and excellence of the brand. The Tenax brand is one that everyone conversant with home materials knows to be highly qualitative. The excellence of this brand name has been long established but still expressed with innovative features being imputed in its wheelie bins store cabinets.

The second reason is because of the strength of this triple wheelie bin screen. This particular wheelie bins store unit has been well built that it can take for years at a little and affordable care cost. You might get a good deal on the purchase price in shop, but the innovative features that have been made available for this bin shed is a reasonable justification. It measures about 72 by 55 by 110 cm and there is provision for a baseline filter of about 105cm.

The excellence of the producing brand of this particular triple wheelie bin storage is is one of its glowing attributes. People find the innovative features that have been provided for this bin shed quite amazing and because of the brand these features are coming from in a piece, they like it.

This wheelie bins store unit is user-friendly and has been designed with modern as well as innovative features that make it very easy to use by anyone. This model makes your back yard attractive. It also comes with pre-installed parts, so users don’t have to stress themselves out trying to figure out the DIY installation process. It is also one of those very few wheelie bin screens that have a comprehensive user instructions manual guide provided for.


  • Comes as a very qualitative triple wheelie bin screen, not a DIY, so it is easy to assemble
  • Comprehensive three year warranty plan provided for these fence panels
  • Each screen has a latch that hooks to the next part
  • This model will make your back yard look good
  • Very strong, durable and user-friendly version of wheelie bin covers
  • This three bin store model has no problem with weather elements or winds


  • The excessive price of this wheelie bin store unit for 3 bins has been a significant turn-off
  • This back yard bin storage model has no floor

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7. Double Wheelie Bin Screen By Selections

Double Wheelie Bin Screen By Selections

Seventh best solution is the Double Wheelie Bin Willow Screen By Selections. We gave this option a 3.5/5 star rating. In case this unit fits your lifestyle, you can view sale prices and more information on the Amazon website links below.

Good quality, low price and simplicity are what defines our next pick on this best wheelie bin storage review. The Selections Willow Wheelie Screen Double bin store unit has been in the UK market for a while and has been well trusted by users all over.

With a minimal budget and a small amount of room in your home, back yard or garden, you can get this fantastic double wheelie bin storage. It measures 85 by 92 by 140 cm. The internal storage can take up to 42 litres with extensions provided.

The quality baseline of this Willow wheelie second screen makes it to stand out among equals. With the kind of the baseline this bin screen possess, a filter system is made possible. So dirt in this bin can be well enclosed till they are being disposed of.

You will love the ease of installing, assembly and disassembling this willow two bins store cabinet. With provisions already being made to disassemble this bin shed easily, users can affect timely care quickly. The simplicity of this wheelie bin store unit in terms of its features is also another feature that stands it out. The features of been readily provided for in the most comprehensive way possible.


  • Very durable and attractive two wheelie bins store cabinet
  • This willow unit is easy to assemble to take your bins out of sight.
  • Double baseline included allows for this fencing to be nothing but balanced and sturdy
  • High standard material means it is a very durable two wheelie bins store unit
  • Amongst many pros, advantages and benefits gardens get, longevity and security are ones of most value
  • This two bin willow storage unit provides easy access.


  • DIY installation of this enclosure is complicated, and it has an inferior price to quality ratio for a wheelie bins store cabinet
  • One of few cons is no floor

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8. Bins Storage By Festnight

Bins Storage By Festnight

Eighth solution in our guide is the Bins Storage By Festnight. We gave this option a 3/5 star rating.

This wooden bin cupboard is known to be one of the best options in the UK market in terms of quality, features it offers and cost. If you have a family and you need more than enough room in bin store unit, then this is the ideal solution for you and your family.

It comes with a well-coated wood/timber surface and stores up to 35 litres so that there will be enough room for your items. With a height and width of 70 by 75 by 100 cm, you can be sure of maximum storage space saving with this wood/timber body bins store cabinet. 

In addition, the durability and suitability of this wooden bins store cabinet is a plus and that is why it is one of the hottest wheelie bins store devices in the UK market. Buyers also find its simplicity more attractive than many other outside storage bins one can place in his back yard.

Okay, the fanciful wood handle of this wheelie bins store unit speaks a lot about and for it. It not only stands it out in the market but also serves as its primary selling point. The sturdy inner compartments of this 3 bins store unit is also a feature that is unique to this bins shed.


  • Durable and very suitable outdoor recycling wheelie bins store unit
  • High-quality rot resistant lid comes with all recommendations
  • Different colour options make it a much-desired wooden bin store cabinet
  • Made of treated woods and top-quality materials and it can house bins with standard bin size
  • Users of this bins recycling boxes are covered with a comprehensive guarantee
  • This 3 bins storage cabinet is made out of wood on which you can paint another coat


  • This 3 bins unit doesn’t come in the best design you might be comfortable with

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9. Single Wheelie Dustbin Storage By Fesjoy

Single Wheelie Dustbin Storage By Fesjoy

Ninth option on this list is the Single Wheelie Dustbin Storage By Fesjoy. We gave it a 2/5 star rating. You can check the pricing and details on the Amazon site links below.

Not very few people are familiar with this awesome wheelie dustbin from Fesjoy. However, for the few who are, they can tell how much of a fantastic dustbin it is. This wheelie dustbin comes single and at a very lightweight. This makes it very easy for users to move this bin shed from one place to another quickly.

It measures 76 by 78 by 120 cm which is compact enough for space-saving. These bins store cabinets have a maximum inner capacity of 30 litres guaranteeing enough room for your items. There is a 2-year warranty plan and refund policy if you eventually go for this product.

You can go for this rot resistant product because of its relative lightweight, even the wood, which not only makes it very easy to move it from one place to another but also makes storage easy. No much room is required to house this wheelie bin store unit, and though little in size, it stores a reasonable amount of bins per time.

Its compact rust resistant metal frame design which is quite unusual for single wheelie dustbin makes this device to stand out. Much effort, intelligence and innovation were imputed into this wheelie bin recycling box to make sure it is the masterpiece that it is.

Another great attribute of this bins store cabinet that stands it out from other single wheelie bin storage in the market is the sophisticated lid handles included. Keep in mind that these lid handles allow for a firm grip on this wheelie bin store unit when moving it.


  • Very lightweight bins store device, compact and easy to move around
  • Not much room is required to house this product
  • This product has great framework that will help protect the contents against rain and weather
  • These units come in wide range of shapes and styles that are very attractive to a bin
  • Very versatile wheelie bin store unit that can be used in the home or garden
  • Metal construction and pressure treated wood or timber body of this bin store box with lids


  • Users have complained about nothing but the durability of this back yard wheelie bins store unit.

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A Guide To Wheelie Bin Storage

A wheelie bin storage, like a garden shed and garden storage bench, is excellent for storing your outdoor tools such as a log splitting axe, and cordless strimmer. A good model will be lockable, making it a safe place for storing your weed killer and other poisonous pesticides. It will also come in handy when laying your artificial grass, allowing you to have a free space to lay it out.

But to fulfill all these functions, you need the right wheelie bin storage. It should be large enough to accommodate your needs and durable to provide you with value for your money. We will help you make the right choice.

What You Need To Know

Storage Capacity of the Wheelie Bin

With the market space filled with different types of wheelie bin storage, it becomes essential that you know what to consider when you choose to purchase a triple wheelie bin store cabinet. We have some wheelie bin storage ideas, and some advice. These tips will help you not just buy one of the many timber rubbish bins out there, but to get the best thing for you. The factors to consider when purchasing the best wheelie bin storage includes:

The Space the Storage Bin Will Take

The space you have to offer to store whatever bin it that you want to buy is something important to take into consideration when purchasing a wheelie bin storage. This will make it very easy for you to decide which type of bin storage shed will fit into such space. When you know the room you have to keep the bin shed, you know what to look out for in specification when choosing one.

The Storage Capacity of the Wheelie Bin

Wheelie bin cover differs in its storage capacity. While some have large inner storage spaces, others don’t. So you have to consider the size of the home or garden and how much garden waste is being disposed of first. When this is done, it makes it very easy for you to be able to decide on which of the many triple wheelie bin storage solutions to go for. It is best to always go for a wheelie bin storage that offers much room for the bin disposed to avoid the environment from being littered when full.

The Material Type of the Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie Bin Storage Buying Guide

As much as bin garden sheds differ in sizes and storage capacity, they also differ in material. While some bins are made from plastic, others are made from stainless steel, and a few others are made from pressure treated timber or wood.

Where the garden shed is to be used, and the purpose for which it is to be used are all factors that determine what material will best fit. So regardless of whether you are going for a plastic wheelie bin storage or wooden storage bins, make sure you consider the material. Go for the one with the best and quality material that can last you for a long while without wearing off.

The Design of the Bin Shed

The design of wheelie bins store box is a significant factor to take into consideration when buying one. The build defines not only the style and uniqueness of the bin but also other factors. Wheelie bin hide can only be made possible when you go for one that is and compactly designed. When you have an easy and comprehensive garden bin storage, knowing how to hide wheelie bins in the garden becomes very easy.

What Are The Different Features?

Wheelie Bin Storage Buying Guide

Asides from all of the considerations that have been provided for in the buying guide, there are certain features that people find handy when choosing the best wheelie bin in the market. In getting the best of these handy features, we had to read through several customer reviews on dustbin covers and what they look out for when selecting wheelie bins recycling boxes. Of all of these reviews, we were able to find three prominent features, and they are the user-friendliness of the bin shed, the colour type and the maintenance requirements.

The User-Friendliness of the Bin Shed

Users over time, have found it easier to use some wheelie bin sheds that they have with others. The ease of use is what determines how user-friendly or otherwise such bin shed is. Certain features pre-installed and provided for are what also makes garden storage containers more comfortable to use than others.

The Colour of the Wheelie Bin Storage

In the face of modern civilisation, users are a beginner to look beyond what a tool can offer them to how much style it can add to their homes. The colour of a wheelie bin storage determines its style alongside its design. Users find a wheelie bin storage with light and mild colours much more attractive than those with really flashy colours.

The Maintenance Requirements Provided For the Wheelie Bin Storage

Regular and timely maintenance is an excellent way to keep your recycle bin storage in the best working condition. Users understand this and find bin storage shed with low maintenance requirements and cost handier than others. This is because it makes the bin shed much easier to use at a very minimal cost.

Wheelie Bin Storage FAQs

Q: Which is more expensive between a wooden wheelie bin storage and a plastic bin storage?

A: Deciding the price of a wheelie bins store unit is not just only about if it is wooden or plastic. Many other features make the price vary. So it is possible to have some luxury wooden wheelie bin store units that are more expensive than the plastic wheelie bin store units and vice versa, because it depends on the quality of the wood or timber used.

Q: How comfortable is it to use 3 wheelie bin store unit inside the home

A: It all depends on the room you have to keep it in the home and the size as well. Once there is a reasonable amount of space, and you get a garden bin store box with amazing features, then it is very comfortable to use. You can use a wheelie bin storage chest too.

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