The 10 Best Wireless Thermostat Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Wireless Thermostat Reviews

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Thanks to technological advancement, you can now remotely control the heat and temperature in your home from your smart mobile device or laptop. This goes a long way in reducing your electricity bill as you’ll only heat your house as and when needed.

We’ve rounded up the best wireless thermostat devices and highlight their unique features to help you buy one that’s meets your needs.

Meet The Top Wireless Thermostats Of 2021

1. Smart Wireless Thermostat For Individual Boiler By Netatmo

Smart Wireless Thermostat For Individual Boiler By Netatmo

The best thermostat is the Smart Wireless Thermostat For Individual Boiler By Netatmo. We gave this model a 5/5 star rating.

With powerful energy saving capacity and a unique style, this wireless central heating (C/H) programmer is a great product. Neatmo Individual Boiler Thermostat offers numerous impressive features that make it just the right for you.

Designed to provide you with an ultimate operating advantage, this C/H thermostat will be working effortlessly with our boiler giving you the best results. Its premium quality manufacturing sets it apart, making it one of the regular features on most C/H programmer reviews.

Netatmo Individual Boiler thermostat is attractive, efficient and easy to use. The quality performance of this product makes it a great addition to your house, office or other indoor spaces. Neatmo Individual Boiler thermostat is a fantastic product, given off at a high price.

It weighs just 45.4 gram and its wireless internet connection works with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and Apple Homekit. The product takes smart control to another level, and its functions include, amongst other tasty smart functions, voice managed control. The integration of this product with the common voice control makes it very attractive to prospective customers.

Netatmo uses a programming feature that works with your day-to-day routine to ensure you save plenty of energy. With its Energy app, you have a chance to track energy consumption, get energy savings reports as well as personalized advice on the unit. This makes it possible for you to save up to 37% energy on house heating requirements.

Moreover, the smart product provides mobile functions, allowing you to control your heating and hot water from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The wireless central heating system control also allows you to pre set the heating periods to suit your preferences every time.

Its smart control also features Auto-Adapt function that programs your heating based on its insulation and surrounding temperatures so you have a peace of mind. An Auto-Care role informs you of any problems found in its operation. Also, we love everything about its unique design that provides you personalization options in one of 4 colour adhesives.


  • Can save up to 37% energy through a heating schedule
  • These best smart thermostats feature voice control
  • Auto-Adapt function
  • Auto-Care function gives great value
  • Easy to install so you have a peace of mind
  • Has the ability to work with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant,
  • Nest, and Apple Homekit


  • The setup of these best smart thermostats might be a bit tricky
  • Might be expensive for some compared to a rivals cheaper alternative

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2. Multi Mode Digital Thermostat By Siemens

Multi Mode Digital Thermostat By Siemens

Second best smart thermostat is Multi-Mode Digital Thermostat By Siemens. We gave this model a 4.5/5 star rating.

Siemens is one brand name that’s familiar to every homeowner in the world so, it’s no surprise this product is featured here. The RDJ10 applies impressive features in one super functional wireless boiler thermostat.

This value product works great with your heating systems and units, providing total control over their operation. Siemens RDJ10 has premium quality assurance, ensuring you get great value for a super affordable price. Quality has always been a factor associated with the Siemens brand name, and this is further proof of it.

This bluetooth low energy thermostat offers a wide array of functions in one simple yet efficient design package. We love everything about this product that answers the question of achieving heating control at a pocket-friendly cost. This product easily qualifies as the best smart thermostat UK customers on a budget should seriously consider.

This smart model has a particular heating preset design. The product has four basic thermostat operating modes, each designed to suit the general heating needs of every user. The design allows better efficiency as well as focus of the device, allowing it to perform faster and more effectively.

This model comes in one simple, portable plastic build with indicators for each operation. The digital LCD screen is easy to read, and the live data can be controlled manually on the room thermostat via a knob. The wireless control is also made possible via a transmitter and receiver connection. Moreover, the settings are quite basic, making the house thermostat easy to use.

This product has separate operating modes which include Automatic, Comfort, Energy Saving and Frost Protection. Each method is specially designed to suit a general need and deliver the optimum heating requirements.

You will like the value and versatility of this device, and that is why it works with almost any kind of hot water boiler like a gas boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and other combi boilers, zone valves, fans as well as pumps. If you really want to satisfy the basic heating and water needs of your home, this device will be quite useful.


  • Four basic, easy-to-pick operating modes
  • Instructions manual on how to replace a standard wired thermostat
  • Users love everything about the simple, easy-to-operate design
  • Portable size provides great value for the price
  • Great system functions that enable you to save on energy bills
  • Wireless control access is exactly what you want
  • Works with a wide range of heaters and radiators


  • Not a configurable system

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3. Internet Controlled Thermostat By Salus

Internet Controlled Thermostat By Salus

Third best smart thermostat on the list is the Internet Controlled Thermostat By Salus. We gave this model a 4.5/5 star rating.

Now, our pick number three is one smart thermostat Salus went all out on when making. The IT500 internet controlled thermometer displays all the exciting features the brand is well known for. The value product combines super excellent functionality and appealing style to give you a first-grade central heating thermostat. Its technologically advanced build is recognized worldwide and sets it up as one of best smart thermostats on the UK market.

Opt for the smart way of controlling your home heating and water with Salus. The smart product offers exciting functions all packed in one attractive, portable design. Salus targets convenience of its prospective customers- a fact which is proven by these compact smart thermostats. The performance rating of this product is quite admirable, making it a wise choice for every home, which is why it is included in our buying advice.

It allows wireless control access for more than one user. The system commands can be monitored and adjusted through several smartphones and PCs, depending on the preference and requirement of the user. This means every member of the family can remotely control the smart product wirelessly as well as independently from any location easily.

Besides, this smart product has one bright, very legible LCD display with user-friendly functions that show key information you should know on the display. The body design is eye-catching and super attractive, plus it compliments your home interior décor. The control system connects to control your heating units, giving you full management of it. So it achieves this by using your already existing broadband connection, so no need for a new setup.

What’s more, Salus IT500 has one smart app operation that will make remote access and commands much more comfortable. The product is build in a way that will make it easy to mount on a wall, bookshelf, table, desk or other vertical surfaces. The battery of this portable smart controller is also rechargeable, so you’re guaranteed battery life power all the time. However, it is not compatible with smart home system units like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.


  • One very clear LCD provides great value for the price
  • Multiple-user app control access
  • Works with an already existing broadband connection
  • Easy job to mount it if you want
  • Rechargeable
  • All components are well made and have recommendations for low energy usage in order to lower the energy costs


  • Not compatible with a smart home system like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Missing IFTTT interface and speaker to work with smart home network devices

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4. 2 Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat By Salus

2 Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat By Salus

Fourth best smart thermostat in this guide is the Two Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat By Salus. We gave this option 4.5/5 stars. Feel free to check the Amazon website link for more information and prices.

Searching for the best smart C/H thermostats can be tricky, but with one of the best brands in the UK, it’s the best choice at all times. The Two Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat proves to be an ideal wifi house thermostat for a combination boiler and other heating systems. Salus caters for your home water heating needs by providing one of the best smart thermostats for hot water boiler control. The Two Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat does not only offer outstanding abilities but does so at a shockingly affordable price with ability to regulate temperatures in rooms.

Salus has been putting smiles on the faces of happy customers with premium products for years. This is why the one RT510 configurable thermostat gives you so many amazing functions in one smart, yet affordable device. Outstanding, portable and easy on your pocket, Salus RT510 gets our thumbs-up quickly.

The Two Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat comes with a pre-paired wifi communication. This ensures that you no longer need to worry about dip switches. This eases the setup of this smart product, allowing faster employment to use upon purchase. That is why it enjoys wide patronage from people who appreciate such ease of setup.

Also, we like the idea that these products come with an impressive portable transmitter and receiver design. The room thermostat LCD is commendable, as also are the user-friendly manual control buttons. The overall white colour is universally known to blend with any interior home décor. Moreover, this smart product is easy to mount either on a wall, shelf, table or other dull surfaces.

You can program this product to a 5/2 day schedule that suits your preference. The product has manual modes on the room thermostat to either disable set plan or activate settings override. There’s also a Heating Boost mode to speed up temperature rising in the room or house much faster. Also, it is a universal model, meaning that it can operate with any hot water boiler or heating system like a gas boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and other hot water boilers.


  • One great backlit LCD
  • These radiator thermostats work with almost all hot water boilers like gas boilers, oil boilers, underfloor boilers, and other boiler types
  • Great price to value ratio is one of the qualities you want
  • This smart product is configurable so you can adjust it to your habits
  • These products feature Heating Boost to provide greater heating and hot water
  • Manual system override switch
  • Wall or shelf mountable, whichever you want


  • Programming of the room thermostat system takes a little longer to accustom to than you’d want

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5. 3Rd Generation Learning Thermostat By Google Nest

3Rd Generation Learning Thermostat By Google Nest

Fifth best smart thermostat reviewed on our site is the 3Rd Generation Learning Thermostat By Google Nest. We gave the Google Nest Learning thermostat a 4.5/5 star rating.

Enjoy full control of your home heating requirements with the Nest top-class smart room thermostats. Our pick number five, the Nest learning thermostat system offers you the best of functions to look for with this impressively made product. Rocking a stylish, sleek design and cool touch, the 3rd Generation Nest Learning thermostat delivers premium performance in heating and hot water control. Their excellent performance rating quickly puts the Nest thermostat up as the best smart thermostat available on the UK, England and Wales market.

The 3rd Generation Nest thermostat is really something, and comes with so many exciting functions that make it worth every penny on its tag. Classy, efficient and of superior quality, Nest 3rd Generation Learning thermostat is the best smart thermostat UK markets have to offer.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation is a super-efficient, energy saving thermostat that can save you money on heating bills. The product combines a wide range of high-performance functions to ensure you rack up as minimum energy bill as possible. You will love the fact that the Google Nest thermostat gives you so much, yet helps reduce hot water heating costs.

Google Nest Learning thermostat comes with an Auto-Schedule operation that learns your preferred temperature and creates a schedule for you. The Nest 3rd Generation has automatic activity sensors that detect your absence or presence, turning it off or on respectively. The Google Nest thermostat has high resolution LCD display that is Farsight-enabled, so you see the temperature from a long distance. Hence, you can monitor the energy history from anywhere on your smart phone.

This Google Nest 3rd Generation learning thermostat can be connected to up to 20 smart home products to increase heating and hot water efficiency. This Google Nest 3rd Gen learning thermostat has sleek, slim, modern design which is eye-catching, complementing its high performance. This includes almost any type of boiler like a gas boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, combi boilers, hot water tanks, air and ground source heat pumps, smart heating systems with zones and hydronic underfloor systems. Moreover, its overall design allows you to place the Google Nest thermostat on a wall, bookshelf or table.


  • Google Nest Learning thermostat features a large, Farsight LCD display
  • The Google Nest Learning thermostat has the software ability to work with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • The Nest thermostats work with almost all boilers like a gas-fired boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and others
  • The Nest device has heating system functions that serve to save you money in many ways
  • This Google Nest device has near activity, far activity, humidity and temperature sensors
  • The Google Nest Learning thermostat features compatibility with a wide range of heating systems and looks great
  • Auto-Schedule capacity of this Google Nest Learning thermostat provides great value with its smarts
  • These Google Nest products can be placed on a wall or shelf, anywhere you want and the design makes it look amazing


  • Google Nest smart thermostat requires an engineer for system installation

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6. Hive Active Heating Thermostat By Hive

Hive Active Heating Thermostat By Hive

Sixth best smart thermostat on our list is the Hive Active Heating Thermostat By Hive. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the Amazon site link for more detail and prices.

A popular spotlight on many smart thermostats articles, Hive Active Heating and Hot Water thermostat is an impressive product. Our pick number six is fashioned with advanced technological features  and options to ensure optimum heating services every time. Hive Active thermostat is of top-notch design and performance guaranteed to offer exceptional management of your heating and hot water process. Its great design will make it easy to use and install.

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat is a great tool for total control of your C/H. Set at a price that justifies its high-quality, it’s one smart thermostat you need to get your hands on. Hive Active Heating and Hot Water thermostat enable you to control your heating and hot water system requirements efficiently and save energy. These Hive Active Heating smart thermostats are excellent heating thermostats.

These Hive Active Heating smart thermostats offer a function that appeals to the urgency of the user. The product has an impressive heating smart Thermostat Boost, which enables you to crank up the heat when you’re in a hurry and continues for up to 6 hours. Lots of customers are easily attracted by this innovation.

It has a Hive app that allows you to set up a schedule of up to 6 daily times slots and also connect it to Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. The phone app is really something and allows you to include your hot water tank and other heating units in its smart control system. The Hive product comes with Auto-Frost Protection to prevent freezing, and you can control it easily at home, with smartphone, tablet, laptop system or other gadgets.

Besides, it has good Geolocation technology that detects your presence or absence, which is really something. This ensures that the heating will automatically turn off once you leave the house. This model is designed for combi boiler but is compatible with almost any boiler, for example a gas fuel boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and a variety of other boilers with proper installation.


  • Hive phone app innovation that enables central control of all heating units via smarthphones or laptops
  • Heating Boost settings provide great value which anyone would love
  • Features the ability to work with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other versions of home devices
  • These thermostats work with almost all boilers like gas-fired boilers, oil boilers, underfloor boilers, and others
  • Heating will automatically turn off once you leave the house.
  • These products feature great cost to value ratio and design makes the homes look elegant
  • Schedule operation that offers you 6 daily times slots and ensure you save money on bills
  • Features Automatic Frost Protection and comes with a User guide
  • Geofencing smart sense detects your presence or absence


  • Installation of these Hive products might require a bit of practice to master for the most part

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7. Digital Room Thermostat By Honeywell Home

Digital Room Thermostat By Honeywell Home

Seventh best smart thermostat in this review is the Digital Room Thermostat By Honeywell Home. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Honeywell Home further proves her superiority in producing premium heating control units. The recommendation number seven in this article category will make its undeniable mark as one superb digital thermostat for heating system. Its technological innovations are guaranteed to ensure optimum energy efficiency. The design and functionality blend correctly offered at an almost final price.

These premium features and options are no doubt enough to have this brand appear numerous times in our smart thermostat review. When seeking for a smart thermostat that combines top of the range system functions with simplicity in use and operation, go for this product. Their wifi heat control units are of the high-quality, and their performance is almost unmatched. 

The Honeywell Home DT92E are amazing smart thermostats and a great representation of the quality assurance the brand is renowned for. This product is easy to use, and super easy to install as it comes with various connection options which is something to admire. The simple design of the thermostat Honeywell Home made and operational procedures make setting up and usage of this smart product very convenient.

When the guide instructions are followed promptly, you can have this smart product up and running in about 20 minutes! It is cost-effective and has one simple digital display that is easy to use and manoeuvre. This model is specially fashioned to operate with a wide range of heating water systems and almost any hot water boiler, for example a gas-fired boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and other hot water boilers. These also include electric boilers, underfloor heaters and zoning systems.

The Honeywell smart thermostat features a two-wire connection, signal strength indicator and has an RF channel wifi range of 30m. With its Energy Saving TPI Control innovation that includes an ECO button that provides timed setbacks as well as boost room and house temperature, you can’t get it wrong with this product. This operation not only increases heater efficiency but also provides people with accurate control.

These Honeywell smart thermostats are portable and can be mounted easily on any surface. They boast an OFF setting which you can use for Frost Protection when the time control is active.


  • Energy Saving TPI Control operation that will save you money
  • These Honeywell thermostats feature 30m RF range
  • These thermostats work with almost all hot water boilers like a gas-fired boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and others
  • This model features ECO button that provides great value for the price and environment
  • These Honeywell Home thermostats feature straightforward and convenient operation, and are easy to install
  • This smart device has portable design which means you can place it anywhere in room and it will look great


  • Owners have a problem with Up/Down buttons on these models that do not have a back light, making them hard to operate in semi-darkness
  • Manual guide is another issue in reviews as well as no compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other smart home devices in houses.

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8. Wireless Programmable Thermostat By Computherm

Wireless Programmable Thermostat By Computherm

Eighth best smart thermostat on our list is the Programmable Thermostat By Computherm. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The fact that this unit appears last on our list does not in any way indicate it is of poor quality. COMPUTHERM Q7 easily stands out as one of the best smart thermostats on the UK market today.

Its super flexibility and top-quality functionality single it out among most wifi smart thermostats of its price range. Also, it packs premium features and options in a portable design.

COMPUTHERM Q7 house/room thermostats provide the perfect temperature, keeping your home warm and comfortable every time. The product has exceptional options that guarantee satisfaction with every use. This Wi-Fi room thermostat is impressive in every way and grants your great achievement for an unbelievable price.

It features an impressively extensive radio frequency network range. The transmitter and receiver units are effectively connected for a distance of up to 50m. For a smart thermostat of its price, this operation is a huge advantage, and a lot of people consider this as great value.

It has an impressive, yet simple design that improves its portability. The manual property control features are pretty straightforward and very user-friendly. The LCD display is quite easy to read and understand. Moreover, the sturdy build is white in colour, allowing a comfortable blend with your home décor.


  • Six adjustable programming options with TEST function
  • Reviews love the Economy and Comfort Mode
  • This system features great cost to value ratio and a 2 years manufacturer warranty.
  • This smart product is configurable
  • These models have impressive switching sensitivity
  • Reads temperatures accurately and doesn’t need an extension kit


  • Reviews dislike that these models have tiny LCD screen
  • No compatibility with Amazon Alexa

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9. Home Smart Thermostat By Honeywell Home

Home Smart Thermostat By Honeywell Home

Ninth best smart thermostat in our review is the Home Smart Thermostat By Honeywell Home. We gave this selection a 4/5 star rating. You can view the price and more specs on the Amazon page links below.

When seeking the ideal device that guarantees to maintain your home temperature as you wish, don’t look further than Honeywell. The Honeywell T6R is a cutting-edge wifi thermostat that ensures optimum performance and results. The product combines the latest technology with excellent design to give you an outstanding thermostat. The top-of-the-line functions of this product are second to none, putting it among the top picks in a lot of smart thermostat articles.

Honeywell Home is a brand that has been dedicated to providing the best smart units for control of the heating and hot water. The T6R series is a formidable addition to this cause, and it is poised to please which makes a difference. This Honeywell smart thermostat is priced just right, ensuring you get the best quality at the correct value.

This Honeywell product comes with a smarter TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control procedures in its innovative design. This function especially focuses on making sure your home heater is as energy-efficient as possible. The product achieves this by letting your boiler only heat up for the minimum time duration required to keep the set temperature. This trait guarantees better energy utilization, making these heating smart thermostats an attractive option to customers who look to save money.

In addition, it features a clear LCD display with a touch screen, making it super easy to use. The wifi heating programmer also provides you versatile control from anywhere with its features. The Honeywell smartphone app can make it possible for you to communicate with the T6R so you can make schedule adjustments, and reset management instructions. It also supports compatibility with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. The Honeywell app’s location also features that automatically instruct the heater to change the temperature according to your proximity to the house. That is great in case you want to come to a pre heated home.


  • A clear LCD display with a touchscreen interface
  • This system features connectivity with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT
  • Complete manual and automated control in every room with the smartphone app
  • This high tech Honeywell smart thermostat features great value for the price
  • This smart product has location functions that automatically instruct the heater to adjust the temperature due to your proximity to the house.
  • Multiple scheduling provides you room to save money on bills
  • Smarter TPI control procedures provide easy temperature control for every room


  • Reviews dislike that it might take a while to get used to the set-up instructions

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10. Wireless Digital Thermostat By Salus

Wireless Digital Thermostat By Salus

Tenth best value product in our review is the Wireless Digital Thermostat By Salus. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to take a close look at the deals and prices on the Amazon page links below.

When you seek wifi heating control systems that offer you great flexibility, always consider Salus. The RT520RF combines all the great features that make a smart home thermostat stand out as one portable smart product. This outstanding product offers the best of the best features and at a budget-friendly price. Salus always hunts for customers of all levels, and this smart unit targets those who wish to pay less for more.

Its superb functions aim at ensuring that your heating and water needs are satisfied all the time. The product offers probably the most flexibility and support among wireless thermostats of its price range. Combining almost the same functions usually found on pricey thermostats at an even lower price, this one is certainly the right product to go for if you want to get value for your money.

Salus RT520RF smart home thermostat has a huge screen that clearly shows key details. The room thermostat is easy to use and features touch-friendly buttons for manual control. Both the transmitter and receiver are of portable sizes and are easy to set up and install. This smart product is also configurable. This does not in any way reduce its performance, making it one of the best smart thermostats in this review. If you value top-quality and versatility in a unit but can only pay so much, you will appreciate this smart home thermostat kit. The product has a huge screen that clearly shows information.

You can operate these thermostats with ease, and there are touch-friendly buttons for effective manual control. Both the transmitter and receiver are of portable sizes and are easy to set up and install. The smart home thermostat is configurable, allowing you to set up schedules that suit your daily preferences.

This unit has universal compatibility, allowing it to operate with a wide range of heaters and almost any boiler, for example a British gas boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and other boilers. The product is OpenTherm compatible, to ensure connected heaters work efficiently. The product has the capability to be mounted easily, either on a wall or surface, and comes a white colour that blends with the surrounding interior décor of your home.

Salus RT520RF smart home thermostat has universal compatibility, allowing it to operate with a wide range of heaters and boiler systems. The product comes to OpenTherm technology compatible, to ensure connected heaters work efficiently. The best thing is, this smart home thermostat can be mounted easily, either on a wall or a surface. So Salus RT520RF comes in a white colour that blends with the surrounding interior décor of your home.


  • Reviews praise the huge LCD interfaces
  • OpenTherm technology compatibility
  • This smart product is configurable for full control in every room
  • Universal compatibility, of course provides great value for your money
  • The best thing is it is easy to use, setup and mount on anything in any room


  • Not a lot of issues, just that manual guide instructions could be more detailed for some people

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Wireless Thermostat Buying Guide

With most home devices going smart, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get smart with your heating systems, as well. It can take some time for a baseboard heateroil filled radiatorconservatory heaterplinth heater, or fan heater to heat a room. But with a wireless thermostat, you can come home to a pre-heated space.

Some models will also connect with portable air conditionersceiling fanselectric log burners, and small dehumidifiers. We will show you how to choose a wireless thermostat based on the features you prefer and the heating system you have, among other things.

Does Screen Matter?

Another thing to consider is the size of the screen. As most wireless thermostats come with LCD, you must analyze the visibility and readability. Backlighting is also an important feature to consider as it makes the screen much easier to read in the dark.

How Flexible is the Thermostat?

Wireless Thermostat Buying Guide

While many thermostats come with specific functionalities, some of the best smart thermostats allow you a wide array of features. These include automatic scheduling and room sensors for temperature, humidity and proximity.

There’s geolocation technology, Auto-Adapt technology and even Heating Boost technology. You must consider if the smart thermostat type is compatible with most heaters, although some are more versatile than others.

OpenTherm technology is a trait to look out for, as it tells how much efficiency you’ll get from the smart product. Moreover, Frost Protection technology is super important as it ensures your pipes don’t freeze over and prevents hypothermia.

It is essential to look for configurable functions on the thermostat. While these extras might bump up the price a bit, some models offer these quite affordable.

Is it Mobile-Friendly?

You should check how mobile the remote access of the smart thermostat. This innovation allows you to operate the unit from any location or proximity. Some models have user apps that are compatible with PCs, while others operate with Android. Others are specifically designed to operate with iOS devices. So some tools combine all of these features in one product.

Is Speech Control Necessary?

To ease user controls, you can look out for a smart thermostat that allows speech control. A great amount of devices can be integrated with Alexa, Siri and Google Home Assistant, with some exceptions. Whether you’re looking for a tool that makes remote access super easy or not, you should consider this.

How is it Mounted?

Be sure to check how the smart thermostat is placed. You can search for a unit that is only mounted on a wall. There are, however, some models that can be installed on walls and shelves as well. This trait should be considered if you plan to move it around from time to time.

What are the Different Features?

Wireless Thermostat Buying Guide

One aspect that many homeowners find handy in most areas is remote access. Having an app that is compatible with PCs, Android or iOS units makes it much easier to maintain ultimate control. Being able to adjust your thermostat temperature settings from any location you want quickly attracts users to such units.

Something to consider, among many important things, is the proximity sensor. Users love knowing the wireless sensor can set itself to a power-saving setting once it detects your absence in order to save energy. Also, they go after such devices when they remember this setting warms up their home upon discovering they’re closer to it.

Wireless Thermostat Buying FAQs

Q: How does a wall thermostat work?

A: Thermostats use thermal expansion to control your cooling and heating system. Materials that expand when hot and contract when cold is used to bridge the connection of the electric circuit. The alternation in the size of these materials helps the thermostat regulates temperature. This can achieve this through either using bimetallic strips or gas-filled bellows.

Q: How do wireless thermostats work?

A: Wireless thermostats work by establishing a connection with your internet. This allows wireless access between the thermostat and your smartphone or computer. That way, you can control the thermostat setting from anywhere directly on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Q: How does a room thermostat work?

A: A house thermostat manages room temperature based on that of the air circulating the home. When the surrounding air is warm, the thermostat signals the heating system to cool down. Moreover, when the temperature of the surrounding air is cold, it will alert the boiler to fire up, heating the room/house.

Q: How to connect the smart thermostat to boiler?

A: First, mount the receiver inside the boiler. Then, run the wires from the receiver to the mains zone valve. To the transformer, run two more wires from the receiver, then link to the thermostat using the step by step DIY manual guide instructions. Mount the thermostat to a wall inside and away from heat-producing electronics and windows. Now, program the thermostat to the desired setting and adjust wirelessly and remotely whenever necessary.

Q: How to use a central heating thermostat?

A: Warm up the house only when you’re going to be in it. To make sure of this, set the schedule to begin at least 30 minutes before you will arrive. A 30-minute early turn off schedule also helps if you want the room cool before bed. Also, ensure to focus the heating in places you use most frequently.

Keep furniture and curtains away from the heating system to allow even circulation. Moreover, remember to turn the thermostat and heater off if you’re going away for a long time. If you are away in winter, activate 30-minute, low temperature settings to come on twice a day. Also, remember to use lower temperatures in your bedroom at night to promote better sleep.

Q: How to use central heating controls?

A: Electric storage heater commands are usually of two types; an input and an output button. The above type commands how much heat is stored while the latter type, how much is given out. The input button should be set on low in warmer weather and high when weather forecast predicts colder days. The output button controls should be set low during sunny days and at bedtime and most economical when you’re out.

Gas central heating(C/H) systems have four main parts; the C/H dial, the timer, the radiator valve and the thermostat. The dial can be used to turn the heat off or on. The timer allows you pre-set the period your heating system turns on, without using the dial. Each C/H system has instructions on how to set their timer and the dial. The radiator valves can be turned high or low also, giving more temperature control.

Thermostats allow you to select the precise temperature you want the heating to provide. Multiple thermostats come with temperature program options on their dials ranging from as low as 5ºC to as high as 30ºC. You can use the dial or buttons on the thermostat to input the preferred temperature for your surroundings.

Q: How to replace a central heating room thermostat?

A: Before proceeding, make sure the thermostat will fit in the old location. Please turn off the circuit breaker and remove the thermostat from its mounted position. Remove the mounting plate from the back of the thermostat. Disconnect the wires from the old thermostat, taking note of their exact locations. Then connect these to the same place on the new thermostat.

Replace the mounting plate with that of the new thermostat, making sure the wires are threaded correctly through it. Attach the unit to its place on the base mounting plate by carefully snapping it back. Then, turn on the circuit breaker and test the thermostat settings. Check the wiring and afterwards test again. If you experience more problems, contact a company technician for further help.

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