The 8 Best Wooden Airers In The UK (2022)

Best Wooden Airers Reviews

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Air racks give you more drying space when you need it most. Indeed, it can give you a washing line when there is no such permanent fixture (like a camping site or a small apartment). One of the most popular types of airers are made of wood – and it’s not hard to see why. These brown beauties look and feel more natural.

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and browse this year’s best wooden airers!

Our Top 3 Wooden Airers Picks
1. The Best Wooden Clothes Airer By The Clothes Horse Company
2. The Best Wooden Clothes Drying Rack By MonsterShop
3. The Best Ceiling Clothes Drying Rack By MonsterShop

Product Testing & Comparing

We know how useful a clothes rack can be – but also how disappointing it can be when you end up with a subpar product. Our review team selected the most promising wooden airers on the market today and followed strict guidelines to ensure that only the top quality products remained in the end. While we definitely looked at great wood standards, ethically sourced materials and strength, we also ranked the products according to these important criteria.

  1. The size of the clothes airer.
  2. The type of wood.
  3. Storage options.

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The Best Wooden Airers Reviewed In 2022

1. The Clothes Horse Company Airer B00KWCHUC2

The Best Wooden Clothes Airer

best wooden clothes airer

Product Specifications

  • Size: 19.99 x 59.99 x 119.99 cm.
  • Wood type: Untreated pine.
  • Storage options: Can be folded away.

We picked this sleek creature as the best of the bunch. Why? It offers tons of space, that’s why!

If you love nature-friendly products, then you can feel guiltless about this airer. The beautiful pine panels are sourced responsibly in a way that does not harm any forest or reserve. The entire airer is also handmade for that extra personal touch.

The bendy design provides stability while the 16 rungs offer plenty of drying space. Each rail is also smooth does not leave stains, creases or marks on laundry.


  • Plenty of space.
  • Lovely design.
  • Stable.
  • Easy to fold away and store.


  • The wood is untreated.

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2. Monster Shop Clothes Airer B07DNB3C4W

Best Wooden Hanging Rack

The Best Ceiling-Fitted Clothes Airer By MonsterShop

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎200 x 56 x 14 cm.
  • Wood type: Pine.
  • Storage options: Against the ceiling.

This indoor rack is perfect for those who love nature and nifty appliances! The wood was ethically sourced and incorporated into a simple and yet strong design that ensures you will use this airer for decades. Let’s have a closer look at how it works.

The airer consists of six parallel bars. They are crafted from pine and can carry heavy loads of laundry. The varnished wood is also connected with cast-iron fittings and a pulley system that lifts clothes to the ceiling.

Why pull your laundry up towards the ceiling? In most homes, warm air collects near the ceiling and when you use this indoor clothes airer, it’s so effective that your clothes will dry within a few hours. Finally, the quality of the airer means that it will last for generations.


  • Weighs 4.8 kg.
  • The wood is ethically sourced.
  • A good and energy-friendly alternative to a tumble dryer.


  • The pulley system needs to be installed.
  • Requires some effort to work the system.

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3. Monster Shop Ceiling Rack B07DM2689B

Best Smaller Ceiling Drying Rack

The Best Ceiling Indoor Clothes Airer By MonsterShop

Product Specifications

  • Size: 180 x 56 x 14‎ cm.
  • Wood type: Pine.
  • Storage options: Against the ceiling.

Did you like the stick-it-to-the-ceiling idea of the previous airer? Great. But if you want to view more options and you are specifically looking for the best smaller ceiling airers, then this should make your shortlist!

You will get all the perks, including the ethically sourced pine, varnished bars, durable cast-iron fittings, and a pulley system that pulls your laundry to the ceiling where the hot air turns the device into a drying rack.

But what is the difference between the two products? While the quality materials and fine craftsmanship remains the same, this one has a different colour. The pine bars are also shorter, making it a good alternative if your home needs a ceiling rack but there’s not enough space for the bigger model.


  • Weighs 4.5 kg.
  • The wood is ethically sourced.
  • Suitable for smaller spaces.


  • The pulley system requires installation.
  • Requires a little manual labour to work the system.

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4. mDesign Clothes Rack B07VJXBTJT

Best Bamboo Clothes Airer

best bamboo clothes airer

Product Specifications

  • Size: 67 x 35.5 x 110‎ cm.
  • Wood type: Bamboo.
  • Storage options: Folds flat.

With three tiers, you get plenty of space to hang your items of laundry. The rungs are suitable for small items like facecloths to trousers and shirts. We also loved the fact that the entire stand is made from durable bamboo that is sustainably sourced.

The legs are designed to be stable while the height is also adjustable. Thanks to its slim design, you can place this airer in a room or balcony with limited space.


  • Quality bamboo construction.
  • Collapsible design.
  • Stylish.
  • Suitable for larger items.


  • Not suitable for heavy, wet items like jeans or towels.

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5. Julu Laundry Ladder B01IDDCTRW

Best Wall Mounted Wooden Airer

best wall mounted wooden airer

Product Specifications

  • Size: 113 x 80 x 13 cm.
  • Wood type: Doris pine.
  • Storage options: Folds flat against the wall.

This airer is perfect for anyone who loves white-coated wooden stuff. But while most such furniture serves to make the place look beautiful, your airer is fully functional (as it is pretty!). It is also great for those who prefer a wall-mounted airer to clothes horse models that attach to the ceiling or stand on the floor.

The airer is easy to install and to use. There are plenty of rails that also won’t leave marks or creases. Once you are done, the airer is easy to take down and fold away into a compact size.

It can be used indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for apartments and even camping.


  • Beautiful white finish.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Can be taken along on a camping trip.


  • Not suitable for heavy water-logged items.

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6. Foppapedretti Octobus Clothes Airer

The Best Wooden Fan Airer

best wooden fan airer

Product Specifications

  • Size: 112 x 112 x 121 cm.
  • Wood type: Unspecified wood.
  • Storage options: Arms fold away.

Let’s face it. One huge drawback with other types of airers is that you often struggle to utilize all the bars. This fan airer allows you to use every rail without your laundry touching the ground or a wall. The 18 bars offers enough space to dry a good amount of laundry too.

Since this is a ground airer, the item is mobile enough to use in any room, outdoors or to take along on a camping trip. The weight of the laundry also anchors this airer so that it remains stable.


  • A stylish appearance.
  • Plenty of rails.
  • Very mobile.


  • It might topple if the laundry’s weight is distributed unevenly.

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7. HOMION Bamboo Airer B081G8MJ5R

The Best 4-Tier Bamboo Stand

The Traditional Wooden Folding Clothes Airer By HOMION

Product Specifications

  • Size: 40 x 72 x 137 cm.
  • Wood type: Bamboo.
  • Storage options: Collapsible design.

When it comes to classy materials, bamboo ranks highly among the best. It’s sturdy, sleek, and lasts for a long time. So if you adore bamboo products and is currently hunting for the best clothes airers, this might be the stand to get.

It also has a traditional design – the concertina sort that pulls up in a clothes tower. You can adjust the height with slots on the top of the airer. The fact that they are located near the top, and not at the bottom like most other clothes airers, means that you’ll have more control when you are adjusting the height for a fully-ladened tower (this will prevent accidental collapse).

The four tiers can also be folded up once you no longer need them. This saves space and makes the home look neater. Overall, this is a more environmentally-friendly product, with plenty of drying space for washing, and a dependable bamboo beauty for all your washing needs, big and small.


  • Made with solid bamboo.
  • There are four tiers.
  • The airer has lots of drying space.


  • Assembly is required before use.
  • Some consumers found the instruction manual for assembly too difficult to follow.

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8. VOUNOT Clothes Airer B07RDJJ9B7

The Best Wooden Airer And Storage Rack

best wooden airer and storage rack

Product Specifications

  • Size: 165 x 56 x 90 cm.
  • Wood type: Metal, wood-like coating.
  • Storage options: Folding design.

This wooden airer is best for those who want to dry a ton of stuff! That’s right, if you are seriously into air-drying your smaller items of laundry and even shoes, then this clothes horse won’t disappoint.

The airer is also suitable for those who worry about the durability of wood. The designers of this stand used metal to create the frame and then coated it with a wooden appearance. You get the best of both worlds!

It has an amazing 24 m storage space. There is a large top panel and two smaller panels on the sides. The entire stand is also plug and play – no assembly required.


  • Suitable for bigger drying needs.
  • Metal frame.
  • No assembly.


  • Not suitable for small spaces.

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Your Buying Guide

A drying rack is a valuable tool on rainy days, camping trips, and apartments without washing lines. But how do you avoid buying a flimsy wooden air dryer? Our guide provides the best tips for choosing the right wooden airer for your home.

Best Wooden Airers Reviews Buying Guide

A Clothes Airer Must Have Quality Materials

This is a big reason why your freshly washed bundle will topple to the ground – poor materials. We’re talking about rods that break or keep slipping out of their sockets. Maybe the whole thing just falls over and splinters.

Luckily for you, these things have happened to other people and they’re quite vocal about it where they are allowed to leave reviews. Avoid the products that persistently get terrible reviews. The best airers will also look solid and receive great comments.

A Clothes Airer Has A Limited Capacity

Some designs can support a lot of laundry. But these are the larger, sturdy ones that have a robust look. The mistake many first-time buyers make is the assumption that all wood airers can take any weight. That is unfortunately not true.

The more old-school and classic designs cannot support a wet duvet, for example. When shopping around for such a device, it’s important to keep in mind that, while they can do their job, most airers cannot be overloaded. If you want an airer because you plan to use it in place of a washing line, then it’s best to get a more expensive, robust model.

A Clothes Airer Has Treated Or Untreated Wood

Best Wooden Airers Reviews Buying Guide

There are two kinds of airers on the market (when it comes to the wood variety). The ones that are treated and the wood that is untreated. 

The latter needn’t necessarily be ignored as bad products but they need extra attention after you purchase them. If you do not varnish them, the moisture of the damp laundry will enter the wood and cause mould to grow.

After a while, the wood will turn nasty. Treated wood saves you the trouble. So why are there even untreated airers?

Well, some people like the beechwood look or want to paint the airer a specific colour to match the decor.

Take Your Time To Choose A Clothes Airer

At the end of the day, patience will deliver you the best product. Carefully consider all the models you like and those that suit your needs. Read the reviews to see how other people experienced their positive and negative points.

Once you’re sure that the airer is big enough, sturdy enough, and never fell apart on other customers, then go ahead and place your order!


Q: What Are Wooden Clothes Airers Used For?

A: Wooden clothes airers are used for air-drying laundry. They have bars or rods on which to place the damp clothes. The structure can be used indoors or outdoors, especially when it’s windy and sunny outside.

Q: Are Wooden Clothes Airers Better Than Tumble Dryers?

A: Wooden clothes airers are better than tumble dryers when tumble dryers are not an option. They are more portable, lightweight, and also more replaceable when there is a malfunction or complete breakdown. Clothes airers, under the right conditions, also allow clothes to completely dry out while some tumble dryers cannot get all the moisture from the fabric and leaves you with damp laundry.

Q: Which Are The Best Clothes Airers?

A: The best clothes airer is a product that’s made from quality materials, suits your needs, and lasts a long time. It’s hard to pin down any single product as the best, since many companies produce excellent models that excel at drying clothes inside and outside of the home.

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