The 5 Best Bread Maker Reviews For UK Home Bakers (2021)

Best Bread Maker Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Nothing beats waking up to the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house, well, except eating hot homemade bread.

If you love baking bread but can’t afford the time to do it manually, get yourself a bread maker. Prep time is short, and the machine turns out even and perfectly browned bread. Check out our list of the best bread maker appliances and their unique features.

Our Top 3 Bread Maker Picks
1. The Best Bread Maker By Panasonic
2. The Best Bread Maker With Raison/Nut Dispenser By Panasonic
3. The Best Quick Baking Bread Maker By Morphy Richards

The Best Bread Makers Reviewed In 2021

1. Multi Function Bread Maker By Panasonic

Multi Function Bread Maker By Panasonic

The best bread maker is the Multi-Function Bread Maker By Panasonic. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

This Panasonic bread maker is truly a multi-use unit and can be used for bread, sweet cakes, scones and jam as well as having a setting for sourdough, which manufacturers usually avoid. This bread machine has 17 programs which cover everything from artisan bread to gluten-free bread as well as the ever-popular soda bread.

If you are looking for a machine that does it all, then this is the best choice. Not only does this bread toaster come with a range of fantastic settings for recipes, but it also has the capability to handle wet ingredients with water like sun-dried tomatoes or olives through the use of the automatic ingredient and yeast dispenser. This machine also offers good cost to value ratio with its timer so that you can plan your cooking time in advance.

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2. Breadmaker Gluten Free Program By Panasonic

Breadmaker Gluten Free Program By Panasonic

Second place goes to the Breadmaker Gluten Free Program By Panasonic, one of the premium brands. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

If you are tired of store-bought bread, this Panasonic model offers an easy alternative. It allows you to make a variety of fresh wholemeal loaves with gluten-free programmes. It provides 33 bake and dough modes with a raisin/nut dispenser which gives you the option to add your preferred ingredients at the ideal time for even distribution in your bread.

This personal kitchen appliance comes with a size/shape option and the possibility of choosing your desired level of brownness. People are impressed how it provides a 100% gluten free bread program, with up to 17 types of varying bread recipes and rye flour mixes. The bread baking programs will adjust each process depending on the ambient temperature. This popular bakery unit has a fast jam and compote mode that enables baking homemade jam.


  • It comes with a non-stick and scratch-proof diamond-Fluro-coated bread pan.
  • Its operating instructions have recipes to guide your baking.
  • Not noisy and not expensive choice.


  • You can only increase the height of your bread and not the width.

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3. 12 Settings Bread Maker By Morphy Richards

12 Settings Bread Maker By Morphy Richards

Third place goes to the 12 Settings FastBake Bread Maker By Morphy Richards. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. You can view the shop price and details on the links below.

The Morphy Richards bread baker not only boasts 12 bread-making options, but it also has a 13-hour delay programmable timer which includes a rapid bake setting which can give you a 2lb white loaf in under an hour. That is why it is one of the best products that made it into our review.

If you are also someone who is particular about crusts, then this could be the ideal machine for you as it comes with three separate crust settings, so that you can get your bread exactly the way you want it. This affordable Morphy Richards model is including a measuring spoon and cup as well as a recipe book. Cook jams and cakes in this Morphy Richards machine as well as 1 lb, 1.5 lb and 2 lb loaf slices of bread.

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4. 17 Functions Digital Bread Maker By Tower

17 Functions Digital Bread Maker By Tower

Fourth place goes to the 17 Functions Digital Bread Maker By Tower. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Find pleasure in not just bread, but cake recipes with fruit and nuts as well with the Tower T11002. With a 15-hour programmable delay timer, users will certainly find themselves basking in the aroma of freshly-baked bread completely hassle-free.

Loaf sizes can vary from 500g, 750g and 1000g, catering to specific recipes. Top your treats with nuts and seeds through an automatic dispenser, while the bread stays at ideal temperatures via a 60 minutes warning function. Worry not about the future as this stainless steel product is also given a standard 3-year warranty.

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5. Compact Daily Bread Maker By Lakeland

Compact Daily Bread Maker By Lakeland

Fifth place goes to the Compact Daily Bread Maker By Lakeland. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Feel no worries with making some quality bread with this budget friendly Lakeland addition! Taking up very little space, this bread maker is built compact to fit cosily in any kitchen and tabletop. With simple control set it is ready to produce French bread, light, dark, milk, brown, gluten-free and more breads with a simple touch of a button, it is certain that warm, nice and tasty bread awaits every day.

Pizza dough and rolls are no exception as well with the knead-only function. Buyers will also be happy to know of the 3-year return policy, granted that the tested product is bought from Lakeland (strictly with proof of purchase).

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Bread Makers Buying Guide

Do you prefer having some fresh home-made bread to store bought loaves? With the right bread maker, you will never consider buying ready made bread again.

It gets better if you have an electric carving knife to slice it without breaking it. A knife, well-sharpened with an electric knife sharpener can also make the perfect slices for your toaster or sandwich toaster. But you will have an easier time slicing with a bagel slicer that doubles as a bread slicer.

All in all, what matters is the quality of the bread. You need the perfect bread maker for the perfect bread, and we will guide you into making the right choice.

What Is A Bread Maker?

So, to start at the beginning, what exactly is a bread maker? That is an easy one, a bread maker is a small home appliance produced for baking bread. It works as a small special-purpose oven to mix the key ingredients together and then bake them, all in one unit.

What Can They Be Used For?

Whilst a bread maker can make a fantastic white loaf of bread, it isn’t just limited to this. The best breadmakers can also make pizza dough and some models also have the capability to make pasta dough, jam and even yoghurt. If you love the idea of waking up to a freshly baked white loaf, this is also an option with a bread maker as many models add a built-in timer.

What Are The Different Types?

Most bread makers are versions of the same unit, so there aren’t really any distinctly different types of bread maker. Some do have more functions than others, but for the most part, they are very similar.

Things to consider

Bread Pans

The bread pans included in each bread maker will all be different, so make sure you have a bread pan that is big enough for your needs. If you are looking to make a full loaf size bread for your family then you will need a bigger pan size, but if you are looking to make a bit smaller to medium loaf on a less regular basis, you won’t need such a big pan.

A lot of bread makers come with a few custom loaf sizes for your bread, so make sure to check this to see what your options are. There is also sometimes the possibility to make circular bread with someone bread makers, so if you love a circular loaf then make sure the best bread maker for you includes a circular pan.

Kneading Paddle

This might seem like an obvious thing to think about but every model is slightly different when it comes to the kneading paddle. This is the part of the machine used for mixing the ingredients, so it could be that bigger capacity bread makers have more than one paddle. It’s also worth keeping in mind that almost all paddles will leave a small hole in your bread after cooking. They can occasionally get stuck to the spindle.

Viewing Window

A viewing window is one of the really handy things that a bread maker can have. A viewing window helps you to check on the bread and prevents you from opening the lid. If you open and close the lid before the bread is done you may reduce the temperature and this, in turn, can affect the rise of the dough.


Most people will agree that the smell of fresh bread in the mornings is unbeatable and a real treat to wake up to. If this is part of your reason for buying a bread maker, expert advice is to get one with a timer option. Most bread makers have at least a 10 hours timer setting, some will have even more.


When thinking about the best bread makers UK you will need to consider what different cycles the machine has. Almost every machine will have a basic cycle and a dough cycle but some have many more settings to choose from that bakes a whole range of bread and other food items like jam or even yoghurt.

A few of the more common extra settings are a quick white bread which means that you could have a fresh white loaf in less than an hour, jam settings, which allows you to create delicious jams and preserves easily at home, and a gluten-free setting, which is tailor-made to help you achieve the best gluten-free bread possible. Less common are settings for sourdough bread or other items like yoghurt.


This sounds obvious but most cheaper bread makers will include a manual, this gives a handy breakdown of all the different timings and settings on your machine. Good machines will have a booklet that contains about 10/12 recipes specific to your bread maker.

Ingredients Dispenser

If you are in search for a loaf bread maker than can help you to make loaves of bread with nuts or seeds in, you need to make sure that you are looking for a bread maker with an automatic ingredient dispenser. This feature allows the extra ingredients to be added in at the optimum time during the cooking process, allowing for the most delicious bread you can imagine.

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