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Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

Summers are fun but can also get unbearably hot, especially at night. Rather than use an energy guzzling appliance to stay cool, it’s time to invest in a ceiling fan.

It’s affordable, easy to use, cheaper to run, and best of all doesn’t affect your health. Check out the best ceiling fans on the market in our review and buying guide.

Editors Choice

Bendan One-Light 132cm Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Bendan One-Light 132cm Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Weight 7.6 kg

Material Chrome

Voltage 230 volts

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Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Weight 4.5 kg

Material Metal

Voltage 230 volts

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Jet I Three Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Jet I Three Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Weight 4.5 kg

Material Chrome/Wood

4 Watts

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Blade Ceiling Fan with Flush Light By Minisun

Blade Ceiling Fan with Flush Light By Minisun

Weight 7 kg

Material wengue/silver

Voltage 230 volts

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Ceiling Fan with Frosted Opal By Minisun

Ceiling Fan with Frosted Opal By Minisun

Weight 5.36 kg

Material Metal

Voltage 240 volts

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The Best Ceiling Fans Reviewed In 2021

1. Bendan One-Light 132cm Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Bendan One-Light 132cm Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

The best ceiling fans is the Bendan One Light 132cm Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse. We gave it a rating of 5/5 stars.

You will get exceptional performance throughout the year with this Bendan fan. It has a modern design with five elegantly shaped blades to complement the room. The high-quality reversible motor feature which this ceiling fan possesses is responsible for great performance as it delivers powerful air movement.

Its beautiful style also makes it quiet so as not to cause nuisance to the people in the room. For great convenience, this unit comes with a remote control to provide hands-free full operations. With it, you can change the fan speeds on a push of a button. 

To use it during summer, it should run counterclockwise to create a wind chill effect on the skin. In winter, run it in clockwise direction to pull warmer air that is around the fan and uniformly distribute it throughout the room. The need of getting multiple cooling and warming devices is eliminated when you have this fan. It is easy to install this unit with the extension rod and other tools provided.Pros

  • Elegant style, smart design and easy to control
  • Can be used in both summer and winter
  • High quality reversible motor
  • Not expensive


  • Might not be as effective during winter

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2. Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Second place goes to the Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse. We gave it a rating of 4.5/5 stars. Feel free to check the price and details on the link below.

The Westinghouse Vagas is a four blade standard fan that’s suitable for indoors. The 105 centimetre blades are made from quality MDF and are mounted with a blade pitch of 10 degrees. It has a reversible airflow feature which makes it ideal for use during both hot and cold weather.

Its powerful 60 watt motor has a high CFM rating of 108 and an RPM of 218. Its three speed levels give you better control over air circulation.

The Westinghouse Vegas fan is one of the best products with a light and remote control. Besides the remote, you can simply control the fan using its integrated light or wall switch. This ceiling fan includes a 10 year manufacturers warranty for the greatest consumer experience.Pros

  • Versatile ceiling based fan that can be installed with or without downrod
  • Gives you control over air quality with 3 speed setting and backwards function
  • Lighting can be controlled via remote
  • High efficiency motor


  • Motor tends to be a bit noisy because its larger than others

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3. Jet I Three Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Jet I Three Indoor Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse

Third place goes to the Jet I Three Ceiling Fan By Westinghouse. We gave it a rating of 4/5 stars.

For those who love to save their space, this ceiling fan adequately cools your home without taking room on your table top or floor. The device is non-intrusive.Its brushed chrome finish with matte wood effect blades will add style to your patio, living room, bedroom, or office.

This fan has six industrial grade blades which can rotate under three speed settings to produce your desired level of coolness. It comes with a directional motor for forward and reverse air movement, that is why it can be used in both cold and warm temperature.

The device has an integrated ceiling lighting, a MiniSun Branded 4w LED SES E14 Golfball Light Bulb with an on and off touch button. It measures 350*760*210mm and will fit perfectly in any room. Its stylish finish will blend with any décor in your home. The set comes with a complete guide and installation instructions included so that you can keep it going without much hassle.Pros

  • It is quiet, causing no comfort disturbance to sleeping children.
  • The style of this device makes it energy efficient compared to a list of other products. It helps you keep your electricity bills in check.
  • Complete construction guide and instructions included makes Westinghouse designs one of the best ceiling fan brands.
  • Integrated lighting can cover most of the room


  • The ceiling light bulbs are not suitable to use with wall dimmer switches.
  • The average cost is not the greatest

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4. Blade Ceiling Fan with Flush Light By Minisun

Blade Ceiling Fan with Flush Light By Minisun

Fourth place goes to the Blade Ceiling Fan with Flush Light kit By Minisun brand. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. If you want to purchase this unit, you can look for an affordable deal on the link below.

If you’re in search for the ceiling fans that come in a modern attractive look, the Westinghouse 7228940 Jet I is a good option. It’s a 3 blade ceiling fan that features a brushed nickel, bronze, and wengue finish. It’s a standard type of ceiling fan with 105 cm reversible blades with a pitch of 14 degrees. It also comes with flush mount light fixture, but it is not so silent.

It has three speed settings to choose from with its highest RPM can match 218. The winter/summer switch allows you to reverse the blade rotation. There is a 10 year warranty included.


  • Attractive and modern design ideal for many indoor spaces
  • Offers excellent services through remote control, 3 speed setting and reverse technology
  • 10 year warranty included
  • A great value for money with a winter summer and flush light fixtures


  • Motor produces a hum which you might need getting used to when you need quiet sleep

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5. Ceiling Fan with Frosted Opal By Minisun

Ceiling Fan with Frosted Opal By Minisun

Fifth place goes to the Ceiling Fan with Frosted Opal By the Minisun fan company. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating. 

The Minisun is a three blade ceiling fan with light. It features professional steel blades that measure 42”/107 centimetres and have a modern finish style. It’s a low profile fan that’s a nice option for rooms with low ceilings.

This popular fan is designed to be energy efficient allowing you to spare some money on your monthly electrical  bills. One thing that makes it stand out is its integrated light which features an opal frosted glass shade. The Minisun ceiling fan features bi-direction operation which makes it ideal for use in all conditions.

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  • Modern style complements most rooms contemporary decor and furniture
  • Energy efficient design saves on costs while doing great job


  • Light cannot work with dimmer switches
  • Doesn’t include LED light

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A Guide To Ceiling Fans

While HVAC systems cool an entire house, including rooms that are not in use, other options enable you to only cool or warm the room with occupants. Single room air coolers include portable air conditioners, a fan heater, a small dehumidifier, and an electric log burner.

Ceiling fans, unlike other devices, do not extract warm air. They use blades to rotate the air in the room, providing a cool breeze. Although a wireless thermostat will help with saving energy when using an HVAC system, using a ceiling fan will keep your bills low. We will guide you into picking the perfect ceiling fan model for your house.

What You Need To Know

A Guide To Ceiling Fans

This is a mechanical fan that’s suspended from a rooms ceiling. Its design includes blades that are turned by a motor. As the blades spin, they are effectively moving air improving its quality and reducing stratification.

Fans don’t chill or heat air directly. Their main purpose is circulating air. This means that by changing the direction of rotation of its blades, you can easily push air downwards or upwards. This in turn helps you to control air temperatures.

Indoor ceiling fans are composed of several different items. The basic parts are a motor, blade irons, blades, flywheel, mounting system, and downrod system. Some of the parts have a limited lifetime.

Types Of Ceiling Fans

There is a wide range of ceiling fan types you are choosing from. Although all ceiling fans operate in more or less the same way, you will notice explicit differences in their design and their purposes. The following are the major models of ceiling fans on the market on this day.

Standard Ceiling Fan

This is the most common type. It’s the basic fan design which includes a downrod. The downrod connects the motor housing to the mounting brackets.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan

This fan is designed for easy installation on bedrooms with low ceilings (less than 8 feet). The fans for low ceilings don’t come fitted with a downrod.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The best outdoor ceiling fans are designed to withstand natural elements easily for a longer lifetime. They’re typically waterproof units with durable and sturdy frames and lights.

What To Consider When Looking For Deals On Ceiling Fans

The Space Where The Fan Will Be Installed

Some of the things you need to keep in mind regarding the installation. The spot the ceiling fan will be installed in include the ceiling height, the room’s size and whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The fan should be approximately 7 to 8 feet above the ground. This means that you might need a low profile ceiling fan for rooms with low ceilings.


Airflow is generated as the fan blades sweep through the air. Many products have three or more attached blades. A higher number of blades might increase airflow. However, this might also increase the weight of the fan, amount of power the reversible motor needs to spin the blades and the noise the fan produces. Some other factors to consider with regard to the fans blades include their size, diameter and pitch.

Power Consumption

Even the best ceiling fans can consume plenty of energy if they’re left running for extended periods. When considering how much power your new ceiling fan might consume, you’ll need to look at the key features such as its wattage rating, number of blades and other often overlooked factors like CFM and RPM rating. If you truly want to save on costs, you’ll need to invest in an power saving unit.

Mode Of Operation

Electric ceiling fans are operated using wall switches or remote controls. In addition, many of the best home ceiling fans boast variable speed options which allow you to control RPM. Another thing to look at when considering the fan’s mode is whether its blades can rotate in forward and backwards direction. It is good to know the square feet of the room before fixing the fan.

Additional Features

Today, modern ceiling fans include special additional accessories that make them stand out. One of the popular additions is the lamp which allows you to mount two room fittings on one unit. Some popular fans also come with light kit included which allows an easy led light fixture to the fan.

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