How to Defrost a Mini Fridge

If you love to have a cold drink on hand, then you probably already have a mini fridge. If you are looking for some tips and tricks for proper fridge maintenance or why and how to defrost one, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out all you need to know about defrosting a fridge.

Why Should You Defrost a Mini Fridge?

Most people think of defrosting their fridge as a hassle and something that is not really necessary. This is simply not true, as not only is it really easy to do, it also is really beneficial for your fridge in a number of different ways. Read on to find out how your fridge benefits from de-frosting and how to actually do it.

Defrosting Saves on Energy

Defrosting your fridge helps it run more efficiently by preventing problems that require more energy use. When your fridge has less obstacles to overcome when it is trying to run, the more effectively it will work, saving you money in the long term.

Works More Effectively

When you defrost your fridge you are helping it to work more effectively. Not only will your food stay colder, you can also maintain a steady and accurate temperature, which extends the life of your food which saves you money and reduces your waste.

General Fridge Health

Defrosting prolongs the life of the fridge and means that you can use it for longer. This saves you having to replace it if you live in accommodation where the fridge was part of the apartment, you won’t risk losing any of your deposit because of a broken fridge.

How to Defrost a Mini Fridge

When Should You Defrost a Mini Fridge?

You should aim to defrost any time there is enough ice to stop normal operation. The general rule of thumb is to do this once the ice build-up gets to about 1cm thick. When you reach this level of ice build-up, the fridge stops maintaining a desired temperature or sometimes, even any temperature at all. If you are going to leave the fridge un-used for a long period of time, i.e. moving houses or university breaks, you can use it as an opportunity to de-frost your fridge.

How to Defrost a Mini Fridge

Emptying a mini fridge is actually very simple and easy to do, there are four easy to follow steps:

1. First up, you need to empty the fridge. Make sure to do this when you do not have a lot of things in the fridge or when you have a second fridge or alternative space to put the items from the fridge.

2. You should then disconnect the mini fridge from the mains and add something to collect the water underneath the fridge like a towel or a tray.

3. The next step is simply leaving the fridge for a longer period. Overnight is ideal but you can leave it for a minimum of 6 hours if that isn’t an option.

4. After you have left it for a good period of time, you should come back, wipe down the insides and get rid of any excess water.

So there you have it, defrosting a mini fridge couldn’t be easier but if you are still looking for a mini fridge, that can be a tough decision. Take a look at this review of the best mini fridge.

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