The 8 Best Electric Log Burner Reviews For UK Homes (2022)

Best Electric Fire Reviews

Last Updated on January 20, 2022

Nothing beats a cosy fire on a winter’s day. But these days, a real fireplace is not practical in many homes. Luckily, there is a solution. Electric fireplaces can also heat your home while adding the romantic and relaxing ambience of a real log fire. Let’s find the best one for your home!

Our Top 3 Electric Log Burner Picks
1. The Best Electric Log Burner By Milecn
2. The Best Realistic Electric Fireplace By Warmlite
3. The Best Retro Electric Log Burner By Netta

Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to determine the true best of the best for our list:

  1. Quality of make
  2. Performance
  3. Special features

Primarily, our reviewer focused on the quality of each electric log burner’s construction. The sturdier and longer-lasting they are, the better they ranked on our list. The next most important factor for placement was how well each heater did its job. After all, a pretty but inefficient heater is rather useless, yeah?

The last thing we looked at was what special features each device had. Things like remote control, digital thermostat, and safety features like auto-off were all big bonuses, as was any type of warranty. Several log burners lost their place in the list due to being rather barebones – now, let’s see what’s best for you, shall we?

Meet The Best Electric Log Burners Of 2022

1. The Best Electric Log Burner By Milecn (Product #‎158-816-038)

the best electric fireplace


  • Dimensions: 41cm x 25.5cm x 52cm
  • Installation: Freestanding, built-in
  • Special Features: Thermal cutoff, eco setting

We picked this stylish old-school beauty as the top electric heater on our list. Not only can you feel proud to have this retro fireplace in your home but you can also look forward to many great features.

The heater is freestanding and lightweight, meaning that you can easily handle this appliance or move it to a new location. But despite the light materials, your new heater still looks as if it was forged from cast iron!

Other great perks include a powerful 2000W motor, a realistic flame effect, and an eco-friendly mode that saves power. The heater also comes with a thermal cut-out feature, keeping you safe from the dangers of an appliance overheating.

Our reviewer was a massive fan of this bad boy. It’s got the look and feel of a real, old-school fireplace, with the bonus of being electric-powered. It’s easy to move thanks to being only 7.5 kg and comes with a very realistic flame effect. The one downside here is that the non-eco mode takes a lot of power.


  • Classic cast-iron look.
  • Lightweight but durable.
  • Real flame effect.
  • Safe and power-friendly.


  • The non-eco mode can spike your power bill a bit.

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2. The Best Realistic Electric Fireplace By Warmlite (Product #WL45011)

Electric Fireplace Suite By Warmlite


  • Dimensions: 38 x 81 x 375 cm
  • Installation: Built in
  • Special Features: Adjustable thermostat, anti-overheat/auto off, 2-year warranty

This heater is the best choice if you want an ultra-realistic fireplace. Indeed, this heater comes with the wall frame associated with real fireplaces but the LED-lit flames and coals are breathtakingly real-looking.

You can also choose between 1 kW and 2 kW heat settings, enjoy a safety cut-out feature, and rely on dependable warming.

Our reviewer loved the homey feel of this fireplace. It’s super aesthetically pleasing, heats very well and effectively, and creates a nice, warm glow in the house. Its one downside is the noise it makes – but it’s not overbearingly loud.

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  • Realistic warm glow.
  • Varied heat settings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stylish and large design.


  • Can be a bit noisy.

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3.  The Best Retro Electric Log Burner By Netta (Product #‎NT-STOVEHEATER200WBK)

the best retro electric heater


  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 24 x 41.5 cm
  • Installation: Freestanding or built in
  • Special Features: Eco-setting, 1-year warranty, auto-off, overheat protection

If you want more retro choices, then this is also among the best. The heater’s design resembles the old coal and wood stoves but you’ll never have to fill this one with fuel. Just plug it in and enjoy the classic looks and toasty atmosphere.

The heater is powerful but designed to be eco-friendly and not to spike your power bill. It also comes with safety features that prevent uncontrolled overheating, and a pleasing screen that shows glowing logs.

Our reviewer was a big fan of this one, as well. It’s stylish while maintaining that classic fireplace look. It is powerful while remaining eco-friendly, and safe to use. Its one downside is the fact that it requires some assembly upon receiving the package.


  • Stylish and old-school.
  • Powerful but eco-friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Realistic glowing logs.
  • Safe to use.


  • Some assembly is required.

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4. The Wall Mounted Heater With Remote Control By Endeavour (Product #E120R)

Wall Mounted Electric Fire With Remote Control By Endeavour


  • Dimensions: 110 x 25 x 57.3 cm
  • Installation: Wall mounted
  • Special Features: Mood light, programmable timer and thermostat, remote control

This gorgeous furnace is a standalone heater. It features a cream coloured MDF outer that easily blends in with your room’s decor. IThe realistic LED flame effect is also generated by backlighting that consumes less energy than ordinary bulbs.

You can control the heater with a remote. You can alter the fan or play with the lights, which has 4 brightness levels and 12 colour options. The heater also comes with 2 heat settings of 2000W and 1000W.

This electric stove heater also has a built-in thermostat and automatically shuts off when the desired temperature is reached. It also has a real burning log effect.

This is a nice, super modern fireplace that our reviewer also quite liked. The LED flame effect and numerous quality-of-life features (like the remote) make this super easy to use and change as needed. The remote is, however, a bit unreliable, which is why this little guy isn’t in the top 3 of our list.


  • Comes with off-white MDF mantel and plinth for added durability.
  • Adjustable realistic flame effect with various colours.
  • Multifunctional remote control.
  • Can program the heater for 7 days in advance.
  • 2 heat settings.
  • Easy to install.


  • LED clicker may be unreliable.

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5. The Brass Electric Fire Insert By Dimplex (Product #DNV20AB)

Brass Electric Fire Insert By Dimplex


  • Dimensions: ‎23.09 x 51.99 x 62 cm
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Special Features: Remote control

This electric fireplace comes with a lovely copper frame and trellis. The screen is a treat. You can view super-realistic flames, glowing wood and coals, and even smoke. But you won’t get bored by the same flicker pattern – just adjust the “fire” with your remote control and relax in a warm and romantic atmosphere.

The remote also controls the temperature so that you can find the right temperature and also control the level of power consumption.

This is a weird one. The unique look of the copper finish is quite beautiful, but our reviewer found that it’s prone to corrosion if not maintained properly. Otherwise, the beautiful, simple design makes it really pop in any room. This is one of the most realistic products in terms of how good the flame looks, going as far as having “smoke.”


  • Outstandingly visual coal, pebble and flame effects.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Multiple settings.
  • Safe and effective.


  • Chance of lamp holders corroding (if not maintained).

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6.  The Best White Electric Fireplace By Warmlite (Product #WL46018W)

the best white electric fireplace


  • Dimensions: 28 x 41.5 x 54 cm
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Special Features: 2-year warranty, overheat protection, auto off, LED flame

This electric fireplace is the top choice if you love retro furniture but prefer a white heater instead of the more common black models. You can expect all the best features with this heater, including a top-notch realistic display of burning logs.

Other great features include variable temperature control, safety features, adjustable flame dimmer, compact, and light enough to move around.

This is a great freestanding log burner – assuming you don’t mind assembling it. The flames wowed our reviewer in their realism, and the temperature is easy to adjust as needed. The added bonus of it being lightweight and freestanding makes it simple to move around and tweak its location.


  • Freestanding and portable.
  • White colour.
  • Realistic flames.
  • Variable temperature and flames dimmer.
  • Safe and easy to use.


  • Some assembly is required.

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7. The Best Electric Log Burner By VonHaus (Product #14/011)

Freestanding Electric Log Burner By VonHaus


  • Dimensions: 25 x 37 x 52 cm
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Special Features: Auto-off, 2-year warranty

This heater is great if you’re looking for a heater known for high performance and optimum comfort. The freestanding burner comes with lovely bronze effect handles as well as a big display window.

You can choose between 2 settings; 1850 watts and 925 watts. Whichever one you pick, the heater displays a wonderful ambience with glowing coals. You can also easily move this lightweight heater from room to room.

This is a safe and pretty heater for small rooms, though our reviewer found it struggled in larger rooms. If you’re looking for something to make the bedroom or office a bit more homey and cosy, this is a great choice. Just don’t expect it to heat up the living room without struggling.


  • Safety thermal cut-off system.
  • 2 settings of 925 watts and 1850 watts.
  • Classic stove design.
  • Authentic bronze effect handles.
  • Large display window.
  • Real flame effect.


  • Might struggle to heat a large room.

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8.  The Best Large Electric Fireplace By Warmlite (Product #WL46020)

best large electric fireplace


  • Dimensions: 69.6 x 65.4 x 35.6 cm
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Special Features: 1-year warranty, LED flame, remote control

Some rooms just look better with a big, retro fireplace. If that describes your home, then this heater could be the top choice for you. Measuring 69.50 cm x 63.9 cm x 30 cm, this heater offers you two heat settings of 1000W and 2000W while the design includes a panoramic 180-degree window.

If you love a black cast iron effect finish and authentic fire visuals, then you’ll get that too. You can also adjust the heat and intensity of the glow with a remote control.

This was a favourite of our reviewer for a simple but effective log burner. It looks like the real thing, and has a wide-view window, making it easy to observe from anywhere. The beautiful LED flame is also quite pleasing and easily adjusted thanks to the remote control. The legs require assembly which can be a bit of a pain, though, so that’s a bit of a bummer.


  • Large and stylish.
  • Retro cast iron design.
  • Two temperature settings.
  • Panoramic view.
  • Remote control.


  • The legs require some assembly.

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Your Buying Guide To Electric Fires

The right electric fireplace can offer you all the warmth and beauty of a real hearth – but without the wood, mess, and fire hazards. To ensure that you get your dream heater, our guide provides you with all the best tips when you are ready to make that final purchase.

How To Choose An Electric Fireplace

Check The Installation Space

Electric fires range from large standalone units to thin, wall-mounted models. Make sure that your chosen room has enough space to accommodate your favourite type of electric heater.

Power Usage

Many modern electric fires are energy efficient. The best fireplace heaters are rated between 1500 and 2000 watts. This allows them to produce enough heat for small to medium size rooms without requiring a lot of power.

Ease Of Operation And Safety

One major advantage electric fireplaces have over traditional wood-burning stoves and gas fireplaces are that they’re easy to install. They’re also easier to operate since all you need to do is connect them to a power outlet. Even so, make sure that your fireplace is user-friendly before you make that final purchase.

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