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If you’re in the market for an affordable and well-designed stainless steel flask, we’ve got good news! George Home makes a budget-friendly, efficient flask just for you. There’s a lot to cover today, so buckle in.

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  • Price: £4.00
    • Editor’s Note: This was on sale at the time of publication. It is normally £6.00.
  • Brand: George Home
  • Pros: Button-operated lid, built-in cup/lid, great with cold drinks over long time, leak-free
  • Cons: Struggles with hot liquids and soups over long periods of time, easy to dent the exterior, hard to use with gloves, bulky
  • Listing: George Home Stainless Steel Flask

The Ruling

The George Home Flask is a solid choice for a budget stainless steel flask. While it does have its failings, for the price there’s really not much to complain about. Let’s see what our reviewer had to say, shall we?

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Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to rank each and every bit of this device to ensure the most accurate testing possible. She examined:

  • Range of Use and Features
    • Features
    • Volume & Dimensions
  • Performance
    • Cold Liquid
    • Hot Liquid
    • Leaking, Versatility, Durability

Now enough of what we want – let’s talk nitty-gritty details. If you’re curious about its competition in this review, check out our Hongtellor Water Bottle Review!

George Home Flask: Range of Use and Features

First things first – let’s talk about what makes this particular water bottle unique. We’re going to talk about secondary and tertiary features like a push-open lid, built-in cups/mugs, and the actual dimensions and volume of this particular bad boy. Let’s get right into it, yeah?


Let’s start with the extra bits. While these won’t affect the performance of the flask, they will tell you a bit about how easy and versatile it is. Let’s start with the lid.

The George Home Flask comes with a 200 mL lid that doubles as a mug. This makes it quite wonderful for those who either need a flask to hold something during work (such as construction workers), as well as hikers and campers.

The lid is button-operated and has a slick coating on the outside. Our reviewer tested this both with and without gloves as a test to see how easy it is to use while gloved up. Whether you’re using work gloves or wearing them for warmth on a hike, she noted something important. The button is easy to use and the lid is simple to unscrew with gloves, but without, that’s another story. Unless you have a grippy-textured pair of gloves, you’ll find that they slip and slide all over the flask.

This makes it difficult both to use the button, as well as unscrew the lid/cup combination when wearing gloves – though it’s fine barehanded.

Executive Summary: This flask comes with a button-operated lid and screwtop cup (200 mL). Our reviewer noted that it’s hard to operate both the button and screw lid with gloves due to the slick outer surface.

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Volume & Dimensions

Bottle in rucksack
In a standard rucksack

The George Home flask is a solid little bugger, especially for the incredibly low asking price. Its volume (while nothing super special) is more than enough for the average person’s needs. It holds exactly 1 litre of liquid, and our reviewer found that it fit rather nicely into a standard rucksack, though it struggled to fit in a handbag or fanny pack.

The flask measured 12 x 3.2 inches. Our reviewer also tried putting the bottle in her 11.6-inch tall messenger bag and while it fit, it made it difficult to close the satchel. If you’re always on the go and have a rucksack or messenger satchel that you carry regularly, just ensure this will fit before you get excited.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer measured out the George Home flask to 12 x 3.2 inches, with a volume of exactly 1 litre. While it will leak if overfilled, this is easily remedied by either measuring out your water or stopping the pour when the bottle begins to curve.

George Home Flask: Performance

And now we move into the nerd stuff – you know, numbers and stuff! All jokes aside, this is perhaps the most important part of the review. We’re going to be talking about specifically how well the George Home Flask thermally regulates its contents, as well other important things.

You’ll see our tests on durability, versatility, and leaking, each of which is also vital to a flask’s long-term viability.

Cold Liquid

Let’s start with how well the George Home flask keeps cold liquids cold. Our reviewer used the same process to test a number of factors, detailed as follows. She measured the initial temperature, and then came back and temped it at 4, 8, and 12 hours using a meat thermometer.

Let’s see how the George Home Flask held up with cold water, shall we?

  • Beginning Temp: 6.5 °C
  • 4 Hours: 7.8 °C
  • 8 Hours: 9.1 °C
  • 12 Hours: 9.9 °C

As you can see, there is a relatively small change in temperature. Over twelve hours, we saw the cold water go from 6.5-9.9°C, a 3.4° change. So while it’s not suited to blended/slushie style drinks, it’ll keep iced drinks quite cool over time. And as a note – this was uniced water.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that over twelve hours, the George Home Flask kept the cold water mostly cold, with only a 3.4° C change.

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Hot Liquid

And here, we performed the same test, with the same tools, but with hot water. Here are the raw numbers:

  • Beginning Temp: 84.6 °C
  • 4 Hours: 76.2 °C
  • 8 Hours: 64.5 °C
  • 12 Hours: 55.7 °C

With a starting temperature of 84.6 °C and a final temp after 12 hours of 55.7 °C, we’re looking at a 28.9 °C change in temperature. This averages out to 2.4 °C lost per hour.

Executive Summary: The George Home Flask does not handle hot liquids as well as it does cold ones. Over twelve hours, we saw a total loss of 28.9 °C, averaging out to 2.4 °C lost per hour.

Leaking, Versatility, & Durability

Below, you’ll see a video of our durability tests, the details of which are explained down below.

Durability testing (90 cm drop)

Okay, now we get to talk about three quite important bits. First, how durable is the George Home Flask? Next up, does it leak? And finally, can it handle more than water or tea – say, soup? Let’s jump right in.

Our reviewer tested the durability of this flask by dropping it from a 90 cm countertop. After several drops from this height, she recorded the damage:

  • Internal Dents: None
  • External Dents: 2 in the lid, one on the bottom

Next up- leaking. Our reviewer filled the flask with room temperature water and left it on its side in the tub for 6 hours. Upon returning, the bottle was entirely dry and hadn’t leaked at all.

Finally, versatility – can the flask hold soup? Our reviewer used the same test as for the hot/cold liquid sections above:

  • Beginning Temp: 72.5 °C
  • 4 Hours: 57.2 °C
  • 8 Hours: 45.4 °C
  • 12 Hours: 36.9 °C

This is worse performance than the hot water test. While it’s okay, it’s not amazing at keeping thicker soups or broths hot. This is a total loss of 35.6 °C over twelve hours, with an average of 2.9 °C lost per hour – slightly worse than our average per hour heat loss with hot water.

Executive Summary: While this flask won’t leak on you, it struggles with keeping soup (and other thick things like broth) hot over time, and it dents rather easily. Over twelve hours, it lost 35.6 °C, with an average of 2.9 °C lost per hour. It’s worth noting that the testing saw the interior leave unscathed – only the exterior was dented after numerous drops.


For the asking price, the George Home Flask is a fantastic choice for those on the go who want their iced coffee to stay, well icy. However, if you’re looking for a flask to keep your hot drinks (or soups/broths) hot, there are better options out there.

This flask is relatively versatile, though it could be more durable. The lid is super simple to use, and the addition of a little built-in mug is quite nice.

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