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If you’re looking for a good, all-around water bottle to keep your cold drinks cold, and your soup hot, the Hongtellor water bottle is a fantastic choice. At a price that’s less than a cheap meal, it’s strong, effective, and overall a solid water bottle.


  • Price: £9.35
  • Brand: Hongtellor
  • Pros: Efficient with cold drinks, durable, leak-free, portable
  • Cons: Struggles with hot drinks, small-ish capacity (500mL)
  • Amazon Listing: Hongtellor Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Ruling

The Hongtellor water bottle is a confounding contraption. On one hand, it’s fantastic with cold drinks and is durable, leak-free, and quite portable. On the other hand, it has some struggles with keeping hot drinks at their initial temperature over a long period of time. While it’s not without fault, for the low asking price, our reviewer felt that this was a great budget option for those on the go.

Let’s see what she had to say about this particular bottle, yeah

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Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to rank each and every bit of this device to ensure the most accurate testing possible. She examined:

  • Range of Use and Features
    • Features
    • Volume & Dimensions
  • Performance
    • Cold Liquid
    • Hot Liquid
    • Leaking, Versatility, Durability

Now enough of what we want – let’s talk nitty-gritty details.

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Hongtellor Water Bottle: Range of Use and Features

First things first – let’s talk about what makes this particular water bottle unique. We’re going to talk about secondary and tertiary features like a push-open lid, built-in cups/mugs, and the actual dimensions and volume of this particular bad boy. Let’s get right into it, yeah?


Let’s start with the extra bits. While these won’t affect the performance of the flask, they will tell you a bit about how easy to use and versatile it is. Let’s start with the lid.

Unlike the George Home Stainless Steel Flask (this one’s competition), it lacks a cup. This limits its use somewhat, but generally just means that you can’t dole out small servings. You’ll need to use it as an actual water bottle – can you imagine?

Also unlike the George Home model, this particular water bottle doesn’t use a button-operated mechanism. Rather, it’s a simple twist top. This, in combination with its grippy exterior, makes it quite simple to open and close – gloves or not.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that the simple design of the screwtop lid made it very easy to open and close, regardless of if you’re wearing gloves. While it lacks the built-in cup that many thermoses have, it’s still a great water bottle.

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Volume & Dimensions

Bottle in standard-sized rucksack
Bottle in a standard-sized rucksack

Next up are the volume and dimensions of the water bottle. It holds exactly 500 ml, which can be either measured out (as our reviewer did) or simply pour to the point the bottle begins to curve. This allows a solid seal without allowing anything to escape.

The Hongtellor water bottle measures 10.7 x 2.5 inches and can fit easily into a standard-sized rucksack or messenger bag. The 11.6 inch (tall) messenger bag was able to easily hold the bottle and securely close. This makes the Hongtellor water bottle ideally suited for students, working professionals, and those simply looking for an easily-carried water bottle. Above, you’ll see photos of how the bottle fits into a bag.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer measured the Hongtellor water bottle to 10.7 x 2.5 inches with a volume of 500 mL. While it will leak if overfilled, this is easily remedied by either measuring out your water or stopping the pour when the bottle begins to curve.

Hongtellor Water Bottle: Performance

And now we move into the nerd stuff – you know, numbers and stuff! All jokes aside, this is perhaps the most important part of the review. We’re going to be talking about specifically how well the Hongtellor water bottle thermally regulates its contents, as well other important things.

You’ll see our tests on durability, versatility, and leaking, each of which is also vital to a flask’s long-term viability.

Cold Liquid

Let’s start with how well the Hongtellor water bottle keeps cold liquids cold. Our reviewer used the same process to test a number of factors, detailed as follows. She measured the initial temperature, and then came back and temped it at 4, 8, and 12 hours using a meat thermometer.

Let’s see how well this water bottle held up with cold water, shall we?

  • Beginning Temp: 4.9 °C
  • 4 Hours: 6.8 °C
  • 8 Hours: 8.6 °C
  • 12 Hours: 9.8 °C

As you can see, there’s a pretty big (though not massive) change in temperature. Over 12 hours, we saw the cold water go from 4.9-9.8 °C – a 4.9 °C change. This averages out to roughly .4 °C lost per hour. So while it’ll keep your drinks below room temperature without ice, it won’t keep them as cold as they went in.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that over twelve hours, the Hongtellor water bottle kept the water mostly cold, with a 4.9 °C change in temperature from start to finish.

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Hot Liquid

And here, we performed the same test, with the same tools, but with hot water. Here are the raw numbers:

  • Beginning Temp: 95.8 °C
  • 4 Hours: 73.7 °C
  • 8 Hours: 60.1 °C
  • 12 Hours: 50.3 °C

With a starting temperature of 95.8 °C and a final temp of 50.3 °C, we had a 45.5 °C drop in temperature over twelve hours. This averages out to roughly 3.7 degrees lost per hour. So while the Hongtellor water bottle can thermally regulate hot liquids over a long period of time, they’ll lose heat much faster than the other flask we mentioned, the George Home flask, which averaged 2.4 °C lost per hour.

Executive Summary: The Hongtellor water bottle can keep hot drinks hot, though it isn’t as effective with hot drinks as it is cold ones. Over twelve hours, we saw a 45.5 °C drop in temperature.

Leaking, Versatility, & Durability

Below, you’ll see a video demonstration of our durability testing on the Hongtellor water bottle:

Durability Testing

Okay, now we get to talk about three quite important bits. First, how durable is the Hongtellor water bottle? Next up, does it leak? And finally, can it handle more than water or tea – say, soup? Let’s jump right in.

Our reviewer tested the durability of this flask by dropping it from a 90 cm countertop. After several drops from this height, she recorded the damage:

  • Internal Dents: None
  • External Dents: None

Next up – leaking. Our reviewer filled the flask with room temperature water and left it on its side in the tub for 6 hours. Upon returning, the bottle was entirely dry and hadn’t leaked at all.

Finally, we get to talk about one of my favourite things – soup. Specifically, hot soup. Our reviewer used the same test as for the hot/cold liquid sections above to see how well the Hongtellor water bottle handles soup and broth:

  • Beginning Temp: 70.8 °C
  • 4 Hours: 53 °C
  • 8 Hours: 46.1 °C
  • 12 Hours: 41.2 °C

This comes out to an overall change of 29.6 °C over twelve hours, with an average heat loss of 2.4 °C lost per hour.

Surprisingly, this is drastically more effective than it was with hot water. While neither myself nor the reviewer is able to offer a scientific explanation, this water bottle seems best suited to cold drinks and hot soup.

Executive Summary: We discovered that this flask is durable, doesn’t leak, and handles hot soup surprisingly well over time, especially given our previous test with hot water. After numerous drops (some on purpose, some not – whoops) the Hongtellor water bottle came out unscathed and leak-free.


Overall, the Hongtellor water bottle is a bit of a mystery. On one hand, it handles cold drinks very efficiently, with an average of only .4 degrees lost per hour. On the other hand, its inability to keep steaming hot drinks hot is made more confounding by its better thermal performance with hot soup.

Overall this is a durable, well-made water bottle for those seeking a day-trip bottle, though it doesn’t shine as a long-term flask – especially for those who want a cup to share their daily Joe.

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