How to Get a Cat to Use a Microchip Cat Flap?

How to Get a Cat to Use a Microchip Cat Flap?

Just like humans, cats learn things. When you introduce a microchip cat flap to the cat, you have to train it to know how to use it.

The worst thing you can do is to assume that your pet will know right away that the microchip cat flap is meant for it.This article shows you how to get the cat to use a microchip cat flap.

Introducing the flap to the cat

If you have not installed the cat flap yet, introduce it to the cat, let it familiarize with it, you know, how it looks like and its scent or introduce the cat’s favorite scent, for the stubborn ones. Once you do that the cat will begin to get accustomed to seeing it.


Firstly, look for a more habitable place, not an open space where there is little or no activity taking place in the area. As curious as cats are, they will use the flaps if the place is eventful. Measure the distance of the cat’s belly to the floor. That is the best height to set up the microchip flap so it becomes easier for the cat to maneuver.

Prop the flap open

Using a peg or a piece of cloth or tape, prop the microchip flap open so that the cat can see the surroundings on the other side and propels it to go in and out of the cat flap before removing the prop. This way the cat will get used to the process in the long run and start doing this on its own.


For the slow-to-learn cats, you may need to start by luring them with their favorite treats so that you can have them use the cat flap. Place the treats on the opposite side of the cat flap and wait for the cat to reach for them. When you do this for some time the cat will get used to getting in and out of the house through the microchip cat flap even when the treats are no longer there hoping to find them each time.


Not all cats will know what to do in the case of a new microchip flap. While some may be stubborn to learn, others can be very quick. You need to be patient with them and follow the aforementioned steps no matter how long the cat takes to learn. Once they learn, nothing can stop them from using the flaps.

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