How to Make a Kitchen Bin Stop Smelling?

How to Make a Kitchen Bin Stop Smelling?

Kitchen bins help in keeping the whole house clean especially the kitchen where most of the cooking is done. You walk in the kitchen and the trash is where it belongs, that just shows how neat and tidy the place is.

All this has its downside. When the temperatures rise, the disposed waste start producing an unpleasant smell. This is due the buildup of bacteria in the waste that cause bad smell.

It can be very discouraging and embarrassing each time you work in the same place as a stinking waste bin. That’s why in this article, we are going to share ways to keep bad odors in your kitchen at bay.


For things like cans, bottles, meat trays and wrappers, they can always be washed so that they are used the next time.

Washing them can prove to be quite a task and take up too much effort but the results are always good.

Not only will you reduce the waste going into the bin, it is also economical. By doing this, you will have your bin producing little to no odor.

How to Make a Kitchen Bin Stop Smelling?

​Keep the Lid Closed at All Time

How to Make a Kitchen Bin Stop Smelling?

When you get into the kitchen where all the food is prepared and get hit by the stench from the bin, it is probably because the bin was left open.

Leaving the bin open means that all the nasty smell is coming out into the open air which in turn call out the pests.

Having a bin with a lid can help in containing the waste and its smell in one unit. Bins that open by foot are the best to have because they maximize hygiene.

​Clean the Bins

​Every time you are in the kitchen using the bin after preparing food, it is nice for the bin to get a quick clean on the lid and the sides. This doesn’t take up too much of your time since it’s just wiping the bin with an antibacterial spray and a soft cloth or paper towel. When this is done on a daily basis, it reduces the chances of the bin giving off bad odors. Then you should empty the bin and thoroughly clean it from the exterior to the interior after a week. Make sure that the bottom area receives deep cleaning because that’s where most of the dirt accumulate leading to the bad odors. By doing this, your kitchen bin remains fresh and clean.

​Put a Liner in the Bin

Liners in bins help to reduce dirt buildup at the bottom or sides of the bins. Using a recycled refuse bag, the bin is able to put in place all the dirt and odors. Absorbent kitchen roll helps in soaking up the leakages that may occur in the bin. This way, it gets easier to frequently empty the bin to avoid the bad smells. Do not wait until the bin is over flowing with waste, try to empty it so that the lid is able to close.

How to Make a Kitchen Bin Stop Smelling?

​Use the Baking or Bicarbonate (Bicarb) Soda, Cat Litter, Coffee Beans Trick

​Sprinkling a bit of the baking soda on the bottom of your bin before placing a new trash bag always works magic. The little white powder absorbs odors and keeps the whole area odor-free. The same applies to the cat litter. Litter from these animals (cats) absorb the nasty bin stench when placed at the base of the bin. Coffee beans act as odor neutralizers. All that is needed is to fill a small bowl with coffee beans and place it at the bottom of the bin. The properties in the coffee bean do all the work of neutralizing the smell to maintain the good smell.


​The smell from the kitchen bins is inevitable because bacteria that feed on dirt are always around to cause the bad odors. What you need to do is establish ways to manage the smell and contain it or else the kitchen will become unbearable to work in. The trash bins should always stay away from direct sunlight and heat from the stove. It is worth noting that it is heat that promote the processes that favor bacteria production which spread germs and cause the bad smell in the kitchen.

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