How to Set Up and Close Down an Ironing Board Correctly?

How to Set Up and Close Down an Ironing Board Correctly?

Since the invention of the ironing board, ironing has become so easy. An ironing board is made of a flat surface so that one can use it easily to iron clothes. The ironing task is made easier with the presence of the board and therefore it is a great household item. You can find the best models here consists of a metal base which is covered with a foam pad and a cover. The foam pad has tiny vent holes which allow steam to pass through and escape. The cover, on the other hand, is made with a decorative heat-resistant fabric for aesthetic and safety purposes.To get to know how to operate the ironing board in terms of closing and opening, you have to know the design used in its construction. This is useful as you will be able to know which part goes where and how to handle the different parts properly.

An ironing board has a rounded point on one end and the other is where you find the iron rest that is heat-proof. Most iron boards have larger iron rests to help in holding even the biggest iron boxes in place. The following steps will help you setup and close your ironing board without breaking or damaging it.

​Ironing Board Set Up

​​First, you have to get the ironing board to the place you want to do your ironing. Obviously, the surface you place the ironing board should be flat. Then you take the ironing board with two hands, one on the lever press/button and the other on the opposite end.

Firmly press and hold the lever or button while you try to lift up on the surface of the ironing board as you rise up. When this is done, you should be able to have an upright ironing board ready for use.

How to Set Up and Close Down an Ironing Board Correctly?

For the ones with height adjustments, you should keep holding the lever until it reaches the height you desire then you let go of it. The top surface of the ironing board should level up with your hips. If you want to iron while seated, you should lower the ironing board using the same button or lever to get to your desired height. Release the button to lock the ironing board in place. For built-in ironing boards, it is so much easier because all you have to do is pull it out of the closet or the place it’s installed and you are good to go.

​Folding/closing an Ironing Board

​Take one hand and place it on the lever press and the other on the other side of the board. The lever press is at the edge of the board. Then you should press the lever slowly as you squat to the floor while the board goes down. Once the ironing board is parallel to the floor, lower it all the way down to the floor. Once it’s on the floor, release the lever immediately. When pressing on the lever, the legs of the ironing board fold in or out and when you stop, the legs become firm. You have successfully folded up the ironing board and now it’s time to store it away. When taking the board for storage, look at the nose (rounded part of the ironing board) and raise the ironing board. The nose should face upward. The legs are on the floor and to ensure they stay stable on the floor, secure them with the leg-lock on the other side. Failure to secure the legs, the ironing board could easily cause accidents which can also cause damages on the on the item.


​The above steps will help greatly in working better with your ironing board. For first timers, the steps will help in proper using of the ironing board. When carefully handled, the ironing board should last longer. When you are done ironing, you shouldn’t rash to fold it as the iron rest may burn you since it is still hot. As you can see, folding and unfolding the ironing board mostly depends on the lever press or button. If the lever is absent, it becomes difficult to operate it. Just ensure that it is fixed to avoid any inconvenience.

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