How To Use A Sandwich Toaster?

How To Use A Sandwich Toaster?

A sandwich toaster is a small kitchen appliance that uses electricity to expose a slice of bread (intended for the sandwich) to radiant heat making it a toast.

A sandwich toaster has two cooking surfaces that make it easier and faster to use instead of using a stove to make a sandwich. Using a sandwich toaster, you only need less than six minutes for your sandwich to be ready.

If you are new to having a sandwich toaster and would like to personally fix a sandwich for yourself or you just want to help someone fix one, then you came to the right place. Here we are going to guide you through the steps to achieving this.

The Steps

Step one:

First and foremost you need to make sure that the cooking surfaces are clean. You can use a moist cloth to clean the surfaces and use paper towel to wipe out any moisture left.

Step two:

Preheat the sandwich toaster. Plug in the toaster to the electricity supply, some sandwich models automatically come whereas others you will have to switch them on manually on the machine. The sandwich toaster will start heating up when switched on.

Step three:

While the sandwich toaster heats up, choose the bread you want for the sandwich. Spread one side of the bread and bring together the ingredients to be used in making the sandwich.

Step four:

Place the slice of bread on the toaster, the buttered side facing down on the toaster. Put the remaining ingredients in layers on top of the bread that is already on the toaster. Place the other piece of bread once you lay the ingredients. The buttered side should face up, then close the lid of the toaster and fasten it. If you are using toasters that make thicker sandwiches, they may be a bit difficult locking them for they lack a locking feature.

Step five:

Let the sandwich cook for atleast six minutes before you open the sandwich toaster. Opening it earlier than the six minutes may result to undercooked sandwich. It will be lightly or moderately toasted and will not bring out the golden-brown color that a normal sandwich should have. The best way to avoid this is to be patient until up to six minutes are over. A sandwich toaster heats up the components right through while forming a crust on the outer layer in the six minutes.

Step six:

Open the sandwich toaster and remove the contents carefully, using a spatula, for they are usually very hot coming from the toaster. Remove the plug from the electrical supply and let it cool completely. Wipe the surfaces used for cooking the sandwich with either a moist or dry cloth. If you are making more sandwiches the steps will be repeated from number three.

Advantages of a sandwich toaster.

They are easy to operate. You just need a power supply and the ingredients to have your sandwich. It doesn’t require any skills to making a sandwich using the toaster. Anyone can use the gadget.

We have seen how clean up is easy and fast. You don’t need to go all the way cleaning it. A moist cloth does the trick and does it fast.

You can make any kind of sandwich when you have the gadget, it does not limit you to a certain kind of sandwich.

A sandwich toaster adds a twist to your regular sandwich making.

Did you see just how easy it is to use a sandwich toaster given the time and place? Having the right kind of sandwich toaster aids in getting the best out of sandwiches. Check out our sandwich toaster reviews, we are sure there is a model for you!

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