How To Wire Electric Fire Into Fused Spur?

An electric fireplace is one of the appliances whose power rating does not permit you to plug into an ordinary wall socket. That is why a fused spur is the recommended way to go about this wiring process. There’s likelihood you’re going to be tempted to just put a plug socket next to the fused spur on the wall. Well, the truth is, people have all sorts of ways of doing this but it is always a good practice to follow recommended procedure. In this article, we are going to share on how to wire the electric fire into a fused spur. But, before we get into the actual wiring, perhaps it is necessary to know the importance of a fused spur.

Importance of a fused spur

A fused spur is an electric component equipped with a fuse that serves the purpose of preventing overloading. In case you are wondering how overloading can happen, it is simple. The wall socket is usually equipped with a 13Amp fuse that is capable of handling any equipment with a rating of about 2000W to 2500W. However, if you have more than two of such equipment and you intend on plugging them in a single plug, then the plug will be overloaded and could blow up causing an accident.

For many high-rated equipment, use a fused spur to avoid overloading. Some people prefer putting a plug next to the fused spur. However, this one has some disadvantages which include overspending since you will have to buy a patress for mounting the socket and extra cables for this connection. For this reason, it is the best idea to turn the fused connection unit into a socket or better still, wire the equipment into the fused spur. You will be surprised at how easy it is to turn the fused connection unit into a socket.

Apart from preventing overloading, FCUs are also good at preventing unnecessary unplugging of your equipment. Some of the gadgets connected to an FCU are not supposed to be unplugged once they are functioning. Examples include central heating boilers and built-in ovens. An electric fireplace is one such appliance. It does not require unplugging once you have connected it and that is why wiring it into a fused spur is the best installation procedure to follow.

How To Wire Electric Fire Into Fused Spur?

How to do it

The whole process is a hard wiring procedure which involves opening the FCU and doing the connections manually. You will have to cut off the plug on the electric fire and identify the cables; live, neutral and earth. The nest thing is to identify where the same cables go on the FCU and connect them ensuring that you screw them down firmly. Another thing is to ensure the cables have the resistance that can stand the rating of an electric fireplace otherwise you will have to deal with an overheating cable which is dangerous as it may blow up after prolonged usage. Once you have screwed down the three cables onto the right position inside the fused spur, the next thing is to put it back on the wall and screw it on to its patress. That is all. Now test by switching it on to see if the electric fireplace turns on.

Installing an electric fireplace on a regular wall plug is not a recommended thing to do because of the risk of overloading. TO be on the safe side, it is recommended that you hard wire it into a fused spur. This will not only prevent overloading but also it will also ensure that you don’t unplug the appliance from time to time.

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