Invision HDTV-DXL Mount Review

If you’re looking for one of the best TV mounts on the market, and you need it to be affordable and easily installed, I’ve got good news. Not only do a couple of DreamyHome employees actually use this mount, but it took second place on our best TV mount roundup, linked below.


Overall Score

TV Details (50%)


Installation (50%)



  • Price: £49.99
    • Editor’s Note: This mount was on sale when the article published. It is usually priced at £59.99.
  • Brand: Invision
  • Pros: Strong and durable, swivels, fully-comprehensive DIY install kit, wide range of supported TV brands and models
  • Cons: Maximum weight of 36 kg.
  • Amazon Listing: Invision TV Wall Bracket Mount

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The Ruling

This is a sturdy, heavy-duty, and extremely reasonably-priced television mount. It’s designed from high-quality materials and is designed in an intuitive, simple-to-install manner to make your life as easy as possible.

Product Testing & Comparison

70-inch TV mounted on the wall
70-inch TV mounted on the wall

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to rank each and every bit of this device to ensure the most accurate testing possible. She examined:

  • Installation
    • Ease of Installation
    • Weight & Dimensions
  • TV Details
    • Range of Motion & Postitioning
    • Min/Max TV Size

Now enough of what we want – let’s talk nitty-gritty details.

Invision HDTV-DXL Mount: Review

Now we’ve got a lot to cover, so we’ll keep this section brief. In short, the Invision HDTV-DXL mount is a fantastic and affordable TV mount, especially for those seeking an easy DIY mount installation. Let’s talk about why, yeah?

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Invision HDTV-DXL Mount: Installation

Surprisingly, the Invision HDTV mount is quite simple to install. Not only does it come with a level, but it takes mere minutes to get it set up – though you will want some help. But we’ll get to that in time, for now, let’s talk installation!

Ease of Installation

Our reviewer’s father and her husband installed this together. While she did note that the home they live in is a bit old, this only slightly limited the installation. This is because they have brick in some sections of the wall. Once they were able to borrow a drill from a friendly neighbour, the installation was quick and efficient.

We felt it was worth noting who did the installation for a reason. If it was our reviewer, she’s done easily a dozen mount reviews, meaning she’s got the process down. Her husband and father, on the other hand, didn’t. Of course, they know the basics, but they haven’t done it enough that mounting was second-nature like it is for our reviewer.

This means that just about anyone should have a quite simple time with installing the mount, assuming they have the right tools (we recommend a power drill rather than a screwdriver for this exact potential issue).

And just as a final note, it’s been made clear in other (customer, not professional) reviews of this product that their customer service is top-notch. Here’s a review from a recent Amazon customer who had an issue with installation:

“…Gemma, one of their customer support [ladies] was first class. I even spoke with her on the phone and she sent some pictures of how the bracket could be adjusted to suit this particular TV. She was really helpful and followed my case closely. She couldn’t have done more to make sure I could fix the problem.

Christopher Rycroft – Full review in link

Executive Summary: Assuming you have the right tools, installation of this mount is incredibly easy. Our reviewer recommends a 10mm masonry drill if you have to go through brick, a stud finder, tape measure, Phillip’s head screwdriver, and a level (included).

Weight & Dimensions

TV mount weight

First things first – this mount is sturdy, but it’s also quite heavy. Weighing 5.8 kg, it’s just heavy enough to make installing it alone just about impossible. Don’t get me wrong; if you want to test your gymrat muscles, go ahead – but its weight makes solo installation awkward at the very least, if not difficult.

But how big is the mount? It’s time for my favourite part of the whole article – raw, unadulterated numbers, baby!

Our reviewer measured the dimensions as:

  • Height: 16.5 inches
  • Length: 25 inches
  • Depth (Arm Collapsed): 3 inches
  • Depth (Arm Extended): 20.5 inches

She also noted that the mount makes use of standard VESA mounts that allow between 100×100 mm and 400×400 mm sizes.

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Invision HDTV-DXL Mount: TV Details

Now we get to talk about what TV details. Things like the sizes of telly it supports, range of motion, and positioning. Let’s get right into it – this stuff is vital to making an informed decision.

Range of Motion & Positioning

The Invision HDTV-DXL Mount comes with a few different types of motion. It’s able to come out from the wall (pictured extended above before installation), as well as swivelling left and right by 6-8 degrees.

While it can go up to 20.5 inches out from the wall, it is unable to tilt forward or backwards that much. This makes it a bit more important that you position it carefully. Our reviewer noted that the first installation they did, it was placed a bit higher than they would have liked because she was used to having an up/down tilt. Without that tilt larger range of tilt, if placed too high, the mount can cause strain on both your eyes and neck.

If you have a good place to easily mount the TV at eye level, you’ll be fine. But if your living or entertainment room has limited space and favours higher-mounted TVs, this may not be the best choice for you. Nonetheless, though, this mount makes it quite easy to adjust the TV horizontally as needed. And if you’re anything like my partner who loves to suddenly rearrange an entire room, this cuts the finagling with TV positioning out of that particular equation.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that this mount has a quite reasonable degree of range of motion. It’s able to extend between 3 inches from the wall, all the way to 20.5 inches out if needed. And the 8-degree right/left rotation allows it to turn as needed to best suit your environment. Its lack of up/down movement does limit its placement in a room, though.

Min/Max TV Size

tv mounted on wall
70-inch TV mounted on wall

Our reviewer mounted a 70-inch telly on this bad boy. She tested a 37-inch television as well, which mounted with no problem.

Our reviewer noted that the high weight of the mount actually lends quite a bit of sturdiness to its overall construction. This allows you to mount a much larger TV than you might expect. However, you’ll need to plan ahead. For the 70-inch television, they needed to have a 70 x 40-inch wall space free of decoration to ensure the TV can move easily.

Overall, this mount is ideal for those seeking a large TV that’s on a manoeuvrable mount. It’ll stand up quite well to just about any TV, assuming you set aside the right amount of space.


The Invision HDTV-DXL mount is a fantastic mount for a large television. It’s incredibly sturdy, allowing it to hold large televisions with no issue. However, its large size and heavy-duty design mean that it’s also rather heavy. Assuming you have a friend and the proper tools, it’ll go into your wall in no time.

And worst case, you can count on Invision customer service to ensure you get the best out of your mount. Seriously, don’t sleep on this bad boy, it’s entirely worth the price.

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