10 Best Metal Detector Reviews For UK Treasure Hunters (2022)

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Last Updated on January 15, 2022

Bounty hunting with metal detectors is a fun hobby for both adults and children. With the right tools, you can kick things up a notch and perhaps even discover a treasure! Read on to find the right metal detector to help you on your quest!

Our Top 3 Metal Detector Picks
1. The Best Metal Detector By DeeAwai
2. The Best Underwater Metal Detector By Sakobs
3. The Best User-Friendly Metal Detector By Garrett

Product Testing & Comparing

To bring our readers the top metal detectors, our review team gathered the best offers of the year and put them through their paces. We used strict guidelines to select the top 10 and after comparing their features, we also ranked them.

For your convenience, we also highlighted the following important points.

  1. The size of the the detector.
  2. Weight.
  3. Sensitivity information.

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The Best Metal Detectors Reviewed In 2022

1. DeeAWai ‎B088K6MB56

The Best Metal Detector

best metal detector

Product Description

  • Size: ‎55.5 x 27.2 x 13.3 cm.
  • Weight: 1.7 kg.
  • Sensitivity: 5 modes.

Our review team chose this detector as the top treasure tool on our list. You might expect something with lots of frills but we kind of went the opposite way. We loved this entry-level detector for its user-friendly design and 5 modes of sensitivity that will please beginners and more experienced metal detectorists alike.

You can also adjust the sound, get plenty of information on the LCD screen, and go detecting in misty or drizzly weather since this tool has a waterproof coil.


  • Easy to use.
  • Sensitive.
  • Waterproof coil.
  • Informative LCD screen.


  • Might not be suited for very experienced or professional detectorists.

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2. Sakobs Pinpointer B08DXHJWFC

Best Underwater Detector

best underwater metal detector

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎‎28.1 x 7.3 x 7.2 cm.
  • Weight: 340 g.
  • Sensitivity: 360-degree and 20 m depth.

If you love searching for treasure in rivers and the shallow shores of a dam, then this could be the best choice. We found this lightweight detector delightful as it was easy to transport to our different locations and simple to use for total beginners.

Fully waterproof, the detector alerts you when it finds something. It also comes with a light in case you feel like hunting for gold and silver at night.


  • Fully waterproof.
  • 3 alert modes.
  • Very sensitive.
  • Easy to use.


  • Need to bend down to use it.

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3. Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Sensitivity Adjustment Metal Detector

Sensitivity Adjustment Metal Detector By Garrett

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎‎55.9 x 27.9 x 12.7 cm.
  • Weight: 1.87 kg.
  • Sensitivity: Coin depth indicator.

The Garrett Detector is another heavy-hitting bounty hunting machine from Garrett ideal for hunting coins and other relics below the surface. It has sensitivity adjustment and a wide range of levels of Tone ID.

A depth indicator gives you an idea of how deep an object is under the ground; this prevents you from over digging soil or under digging it. There are three pre-configured hunting modes and the controls are intuitive and operation is easy.


  • It can be disassembled.
  • Pre-set hunting mode is helpful for beginners.


  • It is a basic model.

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4. Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

Microprocessor Controlled Metal Detector

Microprocessor Controlled Metal Detector By Garrett

Product Specifications

  • Size: 28.2 x 56.1 x 13 cm.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.
  • Sensitivity: 8 settings.

The Garrett ACE 250 Detector is a top-rated metal detector that effortlessly blends value and performance. The refined digital LCD display makes identification intuitive.

It has some of the best features such as a full range notch discrimination (including iron discrimination), superior pinpoint abilities, audio, graphic identification of targets, 8-setting depth variation, and five pre-configured hunting modes.

The size of the coil is large and offers superior performance. It’s a bit on the heavier side with a weight of 2kgs and runs on four AA batteries.

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  • It has a useful LCD screen. You can use LCD graphic image to identify and locate targets with ease.
  • You can use various hunting modes.
  • Pre-set mode makes for an excellent beginner’s detector.


  • Not suitable for children.

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5. Hazlewolke Metal Detector MD3032

Detector For Water And Land

best metal detector for water and land

Product Specifications

  • Size: 56 x 27.7 x 13.3 cm.
  • Weight: 1.66 kg.
  • Sensitivity: 3 modes.

This detector is a wonderful all-rounder if you want to go everywhere and buzz everything to find your pot of gold! Indeed, you can use this tool on land and water, even on the sandy beach. When you find something, the different tone alerts will tell you whether you’ve hit common or rare metal.

You can also use the Discrimination Mode to stop wasting time detecting only trash! The “Target” button will tune the detector for something specific you might be hunting for, also saving you time.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Suitable for all areas.
  • Adjustable sensitivity control.
  • You can connect a stereo headset.


  • Children need supervision.

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6. Garret EuroACE Metal Detector

AA Batteries Metal Detector

AA Batteries Metal Detector By Garrett

Product Specifications

  • Size: 55.9 x 27.9 x 12.7 cm.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.
  • Sensitivity: High frequency picks up on small items.

The Garrett EuroACE Detector is a powerful, highly-rated machine that will be worth your while. It is ideal for finding hidden coins and metals under the ground due to its great sensitivity.

The high-frequency detector is capable of picking small signals, as long as they are metallic. It is a precise machine, allowing you to set and fine-tune for iron discrimination (so, no more soda cans!). When a target is found, the tone accurately notifies you.

This detector uses large, powerful Double-D coils. Unlike many of its competitors, the Garrett EuroACE comes with Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones as an extra bonus.


  • Easy to use.
  • Includes headphones.
  • High sensitivity levels.


  • It functions poorly in highly mineralised environments.

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7. Pyle PMD58 Pinpointer

Best Hand Wand For Land And Water

best handheld metal detector

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎4.57 x 23.37 x 4.57 cm.
  • Weight: 118 g.
  • Sensitivity: 360-degree sensitivity.

If you want a lightweight detector that you can just slip into your luggage, then have a peek at this wand. Also a great gift for children, they can search for gold on land and in water. Completely waterproof, it can be submerged to scan shallow brooks and pools.

You can also choose between different alert modes including a buzzing sound – if you are not too fond of loud beeping.


  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used in water and on land.
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • Children must be supervised.

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8. SurmountWay Professional Metal Detector

Best Detector For Professionals

best professional metal detector

Product Specification

  • Size: ‎‎60.2 x 22.1 x 13.72 cm.
  • Weight: 2.26 kg.
  • Sensitivity: Intelligent metal recognision.

Professional artefact hunters can expect a lot from this upgraded detector. Fitted with industry-leading sine wave detection technology, it can intelligently distinguish between the different metal types and accurately display target metal values. This gives you an accurate reference for determining what is hiding underneath your feet.

The detector has a sturdy construction that includes a waterproof coil, allowing you to search shallow pools and other water bodies. The shaft is adjustable to provide an ergonomic touch while the LCD display shows you all the information you need to make a decision about whether you should start digging or not!

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  • Very professional design and display.
  • Intelligent detection of metal.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Waterproof coil.


  • Not entirely suited for beginners.

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9. ReaseJoy ‎B01HBHFTPK

Lightweight Waterproof Metal Detector

Lightweight Waterproof Metal Detector By Reasejoy

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎72 x 27.6 x 14‎‎ cm.
  • Weight: 1.7 kg.
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable.

Why not detect gold with The ReaseJoy 3005II Waterproof Gold Digger Tracker? This is one of the best detecting machines made by ReaseJoy. The 3005II model makes detecting work easy, without a large learning curve required to operate it.

The water-resistant coil can be used on the beach and underwater (shallow), widening your search range for coins, silver, and those precious gold nuggets. You can modify the stem to whatever length is comfortable so that the activity is not physically taxing.

This detector is able to predict the type of metal found—discriminate iron—and keep you from having to invest effort for useless material. You can also easily adjust the sensitivity.


  • Great option for beginners.
  • Parameters can be adjusted to narrow search.
  • Easy to use.


  • Headphones must be bought separately.

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10. Mylek ‎B01M5FPUAV

Best Starter Kit

best metal detector kit

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎100 x 18 x 18 cm.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.
  • Sensitivity: Detects all gold, silver, non-ferrous metals.

Are you a complete beginner with a serious desire to make this a solid hobby? Then our review team has found the best kit for you. For starters, the rod is easy to use so you don’t have to waste long hours learning anything. It’s also lightweight, comfortable and detects all valuable metals.

The kit also includes a shovel and headphones that are ergonomic and light enough to wear for long periods at a time. Other great perks include audio and visual indicators, an easy-view meter and a discriminator that helps you to skip trash.


  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Ignores trash.
  • Finds all valuable metals.
  • Earphones and spade.


  • Requires a slight learning curve.

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Your Buying Guide To Metal Detectors

There are countless models available on the market today. With so many options available, you can easily choose something that is not right for you. Our quick guide is packed with tips that will hopefully make the process easier for you.

How to choose the best metal detector

When looking for the best metal detecting machine, here are some things to keep in mind:

What is it for?

A lot of metal detecting equipment are all-round finders meaning they can search deep into the soil and pick up coins, relics, jewellery and other interesting, or historical finds. There are also speciality detectors designed for a specific purpose and use. If your area of interest lies in coin and jewellery hunting, you should stick to devices with a single frequency (very low frequency—VLF), particularly if you’re new to the hobby.

“Can my detector detect gold?” Among all we have ever received, this question tops the list, after all, who would love to stumble onto real gold? If you want to go out in search of silver or gold nuggets you will need to find a detector with gold prospecting capabilities including high frequencies, iron discrimination, and PI (pulse induction) technology.

Detectors with pulse induction are high performers, best used in areas of high mineralization such as gold country and salt water beaches. They punch deep under the ground passing the minerals and report on any metallic objects they pick up including gold.

Similarly, advanced relic hunting will require a machine with a larger coil, preferably DD coil, iron audio, high frequency, and an adjustable threshold.

Who will use it?

The needs of seasoned detectorists will differ greatly from a beginner or even an enthusiastic kid. If you’re trying to see if this is a hobby that you can pursue, or want a fun choice for a child who loves coin searching, you can consider some of the cheaper devices. They may cover less depth and have a lower accuracy level, but a great place to start.

There is no need of spending plenty of money upfront only to trash the metal detector after a search or two. In any case,  you can always upgrade to the best as you gain experience.


Many gold detectors are built to work in most terrains, but that doesn’t mean they will perform optimally on all surfaces. We appreciate that several manufacturers have gone the extra mile to install settings on their appliances that can be adapted to different terrains.

You can use a non-specialised metal detector on varied surfaces, but the accuracy may be compromised. This is because metal detectors used in saltwater, rocky terrains or historical places are designed differently from those used in parks or on a beach. From the soil (or sand) conditions to ground balance, and mineralisation there are lots of things to consider.

One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to look at your geographical location as a lot of detectorists tend to work local and many starts outside their house. Do you live near the beach or the park? Perhaps you live inland near largest fields, pastures or woods?

Ultimately, the best appliance is the one that suits your area of interest. If you only want to search dry beach sand, you won’t need a speciality machine, but if you intend to go into saltwater or search wet sand, we recommend that you get one and become a detectorist.


How much money are you willing to spend? Do you want a new one or second-hand? A new metal detector is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty which can come in handy if something goes wrong. You may also be fortunate enough to find a used metal detector that is higher up the range and not have to spend lots of money on it.

High-end products have higher prices, but they include a ton of features and accessories like notch discrimination and an LCD screen that best enable you to target and locate relics coins and other valuable stuff with increased accuracy. These features may not appear on lower-end units and you will need to budget for some accessories to enable you to detect. Don’t worry about this too much, even a cheaper metal detector will have enough functions to get novice detectorists hooked.


Find out what others are saying about the model you want to buy by reading the reviews. Some will provide invaluable insight that can turn out to be useful. As far as a negative review goes, we recommend that you absorb the info with a pinch of salt since many are the result of people buying the wrong metal detector.

Our advice is that you try as much as possible to buy from well-known brands as they are more likely to maintain high standards of production and their devices are tested for quality. Watch out for an overly cheap model for obvious reasons—everything in it just might be cheap and worthless. But, if you find an upcoming company with excellent products and customer services, use your discretion.

Discrimination settings

Detectors can pick up a lot of buried useless things—think foil, bottle tops, nails, and many others. The best appliances feature discrimination capabilities that overlook lower target IDs and save you the hassle of digging out the trash for useless stuff.

Here are some extra tips for you:

Consider the weight of the metal detector as some can be quite heavy.  Find a model that you’ll be comfortable holding for long stretches at a time, preferably one with a shoulder strap or armband support to help balance the weight. Users with limited mobility, elbow or shoulder problems should buy lightweight models to avoid straining.

Products from Tesoro brand hit the lightweight mark and that is the reason they are worth a try. Read up on the places you want to detect, terrains, and the metal detector you want to buy. The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you’ll make. No need to waste time on a surface that has already been detected hundreds of times.

Check out history books and maps for possible areas for relics and coin hunting. Wet soil is the best for metal detecting. For more successful searches go out after it rains. The best time of day to treasure hunt is in the evenings. You will have fewer interruptions from the public and hear the sound alert more clearly then.

Ease of use is also one of the relevant factors as it will keep your focus on the hunt rather than on the screen. Beginners should avoid products with lengthy calibration that may inadvertently compromise the quality of the hunt. A preset mode can help make your experience more delightful. Happy hunting.

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