Mira Shower Leaking? Here’s Why

One of the most mildly infuriating things you can experience is a leaking shower. Not only does it cost an arm and a leg in the utility bill, but it’s annoying. If your Mira shower is leaking, you’ve come to the right place. There are several things that you’ll want to check before calling in a professional, though. If the plumber walks in and fixes the issue in minutes, it would be quite frustrating – so keep reading.

To fix a Mira shower that’s leaking, clean your shower, check the seals and Teflon tape, and double-check your valves.

That was a lot to say a little, so let’s explain a bit, yeah?

Mira Shower Leaking – Potential Causes

There are a few potential causes for a leaking shower. While some of them are not serious and are easy to solve, others can pose a big issue. A leak isn’t always obvious, and if it goes unnoticed for too long, you could end up with some serious water damage. Let’s talk about the most common issues to take a look at so we can start troubleshooting.

Dirty Showerhead

I know, I know – I’m not your mother, so I shouldn’t be telling you to clean your things. The issue here, though, is that she had a point. A dirty shower can eventually lead to clogs and leaks which would have been easily resolved had you taken a few minutes to clean up.

Specifically, your showerhead likely has some mineral deposit buildup. This is entirely normal, especially in areas with hard water. This is because the minerals present in your water will solidify and build up inside your plumbing and showerhead. Eventually, this results in it blocking your water flow and could lead to a leak somewhere else.

Teflon Failure

This is a super easy fix that can cause a leak. If your shower head is dripping from the point that it screws into place, it’s likely that the Teflon plumber’s tape that seals the threading is failing or old. All you need to fix this is to just buy a roll of tape (they’re cheap and at every hardware store).

Worn Seal or O-Ring

This is something that will always happen in a shower at some point in your life. Seals and O-rings are little bits of rubber that, well, seal your plumbing. Over time (as with all things in life) they will fail and die. It’s natural but unfortunate.

This is easily solved by just replacing the part in question, which we’ll talk about how to do momentarily.


These are the bane of most plumbers. Not because they’re complicated or hard to reach, but because they’re so often the cause of seemingly larger issues. No water? Check your water main valve. Poor water pressure? That’s right, it’s likely a valve. And the same goes for leaks!

It’s entirely possible that a valve may have lodged itself into a position it shouldn’t be in. Once again, we’ll get to fixing that in a moment.

Fixing a Mira Shower That’s Leaking

Now – onto the fix! This is nice because you naturally can check each of these in a few minutes, so pay attention. Should you find difficulty here, reach out to the Mira Repair and Care team. They’ll help you troubleshoot and figure out the issue – it is their job, after all.

Here’s how to fix a leaking shower:

Step 1 – Removal

As with most plumbing, start by turning off your water supply at the main.

Realistically, you should have done this as soon as you noticed the leak to save water, but just in case – do it now.

Step 2Remove the showerhead

Soak it in vinegar for ~30 minutes and rinse with tepid water. Now, take a toothbrush to the interior and exterior of the showerhead and scrub at buildup.

If needed, you can repeat the process.

Additionally, I’ve found that using a bobby pin or paperclip to poke out the grime in the holes makes this go much more quickly. It’s also super satisfying, so at least you have that to comfort you!

Step 3Inspect your seals

Take a look at the O-rings and seals. If they’re worn, stretched, or damaged in any way – you’ll want to replace them. This is a simple as pulling the old one off and sliding the new one securely into place.

Step 4Reattach and test your shower head.

When doing this, wrap the plumber’s tape around the threading liberally. Be sure to remove the old tape when you do this. You should completely cover the threading with at least 10 full rotations. This will seal the showerhead once reattached.

Should it work, great! Problem solved. If not, move down the list.

Step 5 – Check your valves

Feel your drip. If it’s hot, it’s an issue with your hot water valve, and vice versa with cold water.

Locate the associated valve. They’re often beneath the handle of your tap, which needs to be unscrewed.

Replace O-rings and seals as needed, and check the valve. Tighten it, reattach everything, and test.

If this doesn’t work, go the opposite direction – loosen, reattach, test.

Should none of these solve the issue, it’s time for a professional to take a look.

Nobody wants to hear this, but you’ve tried everything that’s easily solved. Now it’s time for the cavalry to do their thing and get everything sorted.

Final Thoughts

A leaking Mira shower head is an easy fix in most cases. Whether it’s due to a faulty seal, valve, Teflon tape, or mineral buildup, it can all be solved quickly and for little up-front cost. Be sure to turn off your water supply before doing any of this, and ideally, do it as soon as you notice the leak. This will prevent further water damage, and allow you to work dryly and in peace.

Begin by removing and cleaning your shower head with vinegar and a paperclip. Once finished, inspect your O-rings and rubber seals, replacing them as needed. Your next step should be to replace the Teflon tape on the threading and test your shower head. Should the leak persist, check your valves. Once that’s done, the best place to go is to a professional. They’ll get you sorted quickly and resolve that infuriating drip drip drip coming from the bathroom.

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