Mosuo Handheld Milk Frother Review

Today we’re talking milk frothers. These are vital to making a proper cappuccino or espresso drink – and if you’ve never had a rich, hot mug of coffee or tea with a frothy milk cap to top it off, you’re seriously missing out. Luckily for you, the subject of our review today is a fantastic, modern choice that’s surprisingly affordable.

Feel free to take a look below for our TL;DR rating, or scroll through the detailed review. Let’s get right into it!


Overall Score

Ease of Use (60%)


Technical (40%)



  • Price: £19.99 (at the time of publication)
  • Brand: MOSUO
  • Pros: Extremely fast (~10 seconds) frothing, very simple to use, fast charge, long battery life, easy to assemble, multiple attachments, lightweight, easy to store, surpisingly quiet, extremely easy to clean.
  • Cons: Egg beater attachment is not the best.
  • Amazon Listing: MOSUO Handheld Milk Frother

Now there’s no sense in wasting time, so let’s just get right into it, shall we?

MOSUO Handheld Milk Frother: The Ruling

Overall, this thing is fantastic. Those that’ve used professional frothers attached to an espresso machine already know the downsides to milk frothers: they’re loud, they often take a while to work (30+ seconds, varying on liquid), and are generally less than ideal to clean. The Mosuo handheld milk frother actively combats every single one of those issues.

It’s lightweight, handheld, easy to store, and surprisingly easy to clean. Perhaps the best part is that it’s quite quiet – and it does all of this while remaining affordable and super simple to use.

Product Testing & Comparison

  • Use
    • Cleaning
    • General Use & Attachments
  • Technical
    • Dimensions, Weight
    • Durability, Battery, Charging
    • Noise, Misc.

MOSUO Handheld Milk Frother: Use

First up in our review is use. How easy is this frother to clean, use, and store? Our reviewer carried out a number of tests, so let’s just hop right into it, shall we?

General Use

Testing General Use of Mosuo Handheld Milk Frother

The absolutely most important part of just about any kitchen gadget is how easy it is to use, so that’s the first thing we’re going to tackle today. Luckily, our reviewer not only was extremely thorough in her testing, but she was quite pleased in those tests’ results.

The Mosuo handheld milk frother has two settings – high and low, both controlled by the single button on this gadget. One press puts it on low, another on high. While she did make a note that you need to ensure it’s fully submerged before starting the thing, that’s really her only note. Should you ignore that advice, you’ll likely end up with a mess on your hands.

Luckily, though, she found that the lid that’s included with this frother makes it easy to store and also ensures that it’s much harder to spill anything you may be frothing up.

This frother comes with three attachments:

  • Single whisk
  • Double whisk
  • Egg beater

While both whisks worked quite well, she did note that the egg beater was less than admirable – but that’s okay, this is a milk frother, not an electric whisk. As for its speed of frothing, she found that within 10-15 seconds, the milk was entirely frothed.

Executive Summary: The Mosuo handheld milk frother is incredibly easy to use. It won’t make a mess, is super simple to store, and froths quite quickly. While its egg beater attachment isn’t the best, that’s not its purpose, so we didn’t ding it very hard on that.


Cleaning the Mosuo Handheld Milk Frother

Next up is cleaning. Anyone who’s used a professional espresso machine’s milk frother, you know that the cleaning process involves steaming soapy water several times, scrubbing, and a whole lot of effort to get burnt milk off. The good news is plentiful in this section because the Mosuo handheld milk frother is incredibly easy to clean.

This is due to two main reasons – first off, since you’re not making dozens of drinks in a row like you would with a professional frother, nothing should be burnt on. Second, the fact that this thing is relatively small and makes use of attachments. This means that you can simply pop off the whisk you used, run it under the tap, and worst-case – soak the attachment.

If you’re having a really hard time getting it clean (this is especially common if you’ve frothed eggnog or milk substitutes like oat milk), simply get a mug of hot water with a few drops of dish soap in it and run the frother for 30-45 seconds and it’ll all come off with little hassle.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that the Mosuo handheld milk frother is incredibly easy to clean and will require minimal effort to keep it in tip-top shape.

MOSUO Handheld Milk Frother: Technical

And now we get to the absolutely thrilling section of this review – you know, the nitty-gritty technical details like power, weight, and dimensions. Let’s get right into things.

Dimensions & Weight

Weighing the Mosuo Handheld Milk Frother

First up in the technical review is the Mosuo handheld milk frother’s weight and size measurements. Our reviewer tested it out to ensure it measures up to the manufacturer’s claims. This frother measures to:

  • Height: 5.5 inches (13.9 cm)
  • Depth: 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
  • Length (Whisk): 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • Length (Egg Beater): 4.7 inches (11.9 cm)

As for the weight, this thing is quite lightweight – which is much appreciated. After all, you’ll need to hold this while frothing, so the lighter, the better. This frother weighs 179 grams with the lid on, and roughly 170 grams without the lid. This makes it incredibly easy to hold for just about as long as needed and ensures you won’t tire while doing so.

Executive Summary: The Mosuo handheld milk frother is lightweight, measuring only 179 grams. It’s also small and compact enough (with or without the lid and attachments) that it’s quite simple to store anywhere – no matter your space limitations.

Durability, Battery, & Charging

Our reviewer was quite surprised at how effective and long-lasting the battery (and by extension, motor) this milk frother’s battery is. She tested the battery life by simply allowing the device to run – after four hours and twenty minutes, she came back to find that it was still going strong. She actually turned it off as she was worried about accidentally burning out the motor, but noted that she was quite confident that it would have easily continued for at least another hour.

AS for charging, the battery is relatively quick and easy to charge. It makes use of a modern USB port to charge and takes roughly one hour and 25 minutes to fully charge. The red-to-green light that this frother has ensures it’s simple to know when the device is fully charged. While the product description says it’ll have a blue light, it’s green when fully charged – but how big of a deal is that, really?

And yes – the charger is included, so no worries there.

Executive Summary: The Mosuo handheld milk frother is extremely well made. It’s durable, the battery lasts for far longer than you’ll ever need for a single milk-frothing session, and the modern USB charger (included) makes charging a breeze, going from dead to fully charged in just under 90 minutes.

Noise, Misc.

Mosuo Handheld Milk Frother Sound Testing

This is going to be a pretty quick section. Our final major concern with this milk frother was how loud it was – and the good news is that it’s quite quiet! Our reviewer tested the Mosuo handheld milk frother with a decibel meter. The high setting averaged out to 64.8 decibels, while the low setting averaged around 60.2 decibels.

If you’re unsure what that means, don’t worry – I’ve got you! There’s a handy chart right here, but the long and short of it is that 60 decibels is the general sound range of your average conversation, while 70 decibels is right around the sound of a vacuum or hairdryer. So while it’s not quiet, per see, this thing won’t wake up the neighbours or start your morning with a headache.

One other miscellaneous note that our reviewer had was that this thing is incredibly simple to assemble. Simply push in and twist, and your attachment will go in or out with ease.

Executive Summary: The Mosuo handheld milk frother is surprisingly quiet, averaging on the low setting to the same sound level (in decibels) as a regular conversation, and never getting louder than your standard vacuum or hairdryer.


Overall, our reviewer found that the Mosuo handheld milk frother is incredibly easy to use, simple to clean, and generally well made. Its battery will last you for ages and charges quickly, it’s never too loud (especially considering you’ll be running it about as long as it takes you to grind some coffee beans), and it makes silky-smooth, frothy, delicious milk as well as being able to froth a wide range of hot or cold liquids.

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