10 Best Oil Filled Radiator Reviews For UK Winters (2021)

Best Oil Filled Radiator Reviews

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Oil-filled radiators can banish winter from the room and sometimes even the whole house. If you’re looking for a more modern radiator or this is your first time looking to buy one of these great heaters, then we’ve got you covered. We found and reviewed the top radiators of 2021. Let’s see which one can make your home cosy and warm!

Our Top 3 Oil Filled Radiator Picks
1. The Best Oil Filled Radiator By VonHaus
2. The Best Portable Oil Filled Radiator By Warmlite
3. The Best Oil Filled Radiator For The Office By De’Longhi

The Best Oil Filled Radiators Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Oil Filled Radiator By VonHaus

Plug In Portable Oil Filled Radiator By VonHaus

This oil-filled earned the top spot. You can expect a stylish heater, great settings and a toasty heating capacity. Indeed, one of this radiator’s top design points is its ability to heat up your chosen room for a longer period when compared to other heating radiators. Let’s see what else you can look forward to!

It comes with three power settings – 1000W, 1500W and 2500W – making it easier for you to pick your power consumption and desired temperature. You also get an 11-fin design that is capable of warming both small and big rooms. You also get 6 temperatures to choose from, an adaptable thermostat and a 24-hour timer.


  • Suitable for medium-sized and large rooms.
  • 3 power settings.
  • 24 hour timer.
  • Thermal cut off and overheat protection for additional safety.
  • Wheels for easy transportation.


  • Tends to be noisy.

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2. The Best Portable Oil Filled Radiator By Warmlite

best portable oil filled radiator

Are you looking for a radiator to follow you around the house? Perhaps you work in one room, do the dishes in another, and finally, get some rest in the bedroom. A large and heavy radiator is a nightmare to lug around but this portable heater is easy to lift and plug in, wherever you need to spend some time in the home.

The controls are user-friendly. You can easily pick your desired temperature while also having the peace of mind that the heater is also energy-efficient. The carry handle makes this radiator safe and easy to pick up and carry to its next destination. It’s also very safe, coming with overheating protection that prevents it from posing a danger to you or your family.


  • Powerful and portable.
  • Variable temperature settings.
  • Safe carry handle.
  • Overheating protection.


  • Some assembly is required to attach the feet.

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3. The Best Oil Filled Radiator For The Office By De’Longhi

Elegant Design Oil Radiator By De'Longhi

An office can be a cold place. You also want something professional and stylish in the room, especially if you want to add a radiator to your work office where others come and go. This oil filled heater offers you incredibly style, a space-saving design, and superb heating.

You can choose between 3 different power heating levels. The control panel is indeed very user-friendly and also offers you a pair of knobs for controlling temperature and the 24-hour timer. Its Oil Filled technology and “chimney” style design allows the heat to last for a very long time, even when the unit is not functioning.

You can also effortless move it to a new spot, thanks to its built-in wheels. There’s also no assembly required and two more noteworthy features include an anti-frost option and a safety function that prevents overheating.


  • Works quietly, so suitable for the office.
  • Works quickly and efficiently for rooms with up to 60m3.
  • Effective heating even in low setting.
  • 10-year warranty for U.K and Ireland.


  • Doesn’t come with a digital display.

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4. The Top Oil Filled Radiator By Jack Stonehouse

top electric oil filled heater

This dark radiator is another great choice if you are hunting for warmth, durability, and portability. The 7-fin electric heater offers you 1500 W power output, which is significant enough to warm the entire room. It is also so adept at heat retention that you can switch it off and the radiator will continue to exude heat.

Other top features include portability, quiet operation and adjustable settings. The latter allows you to pick your perfect heat setting depending on the room or time of year. You can also look forward to a user-friendly design that includes easy controls and a handy cord rewinder.

You will also get safety features like overheating protection and a tip-over switch. Overall, this is a dependable and safe oil radiator that will bring warmth to your home for years to come.


  • Portable.
  • User-friendly.
  • Variable temperature settings.
  • Safety features.


  • No LED display.

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5. The Top Eectric Radiator With Thermostat By Netta

Electric Radiator With Thermostat By Netta

This radiator comes with rich features that will take home warming to the next level. For starters, you can look forward to 2 heat settings and an in-built thermostat that automatically regulates the radiator’s temperature. With 11 oil-filled fins, you can heat up a room as big as 28 square metres.

Your safety is guaranteed with this powerful heater. But besides being protected against overheating, the 24-hour timer also ensures that the radiator switches on or off when it should. This will enable your room to be at the proper temperature before you arrive home and you don’t have to bother about shutting it off at night.

The heater’s lightweight design, handle, and 4 castor wheels make it easy to move around. Wherever you take it, you’ll appreciate its quiet nature and the 1.5-metre cable.


  • Adjustable thermostat for convenient maintenance of room temperature.
  • 2 heat settings for efficient and cost effective heating.
  • 24-hour timer for greater convenience.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Lightweight and portable with 4 castor wheels.


  • No remote control.

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6. The Best Portable Oil Filled Radiator By Russell Hobbs

the best oil filled radiator by russell hobbs

If you need to heat a smaller space like a bedroom or a home office, this radiator could be the little helper that you are looking for. The 5-finned heater can add toasty tones to any area no bigger than 10M2. Thanks to its safe handle, you can also carry it between rooms without the risk of burning yourself.

The radiator, which is also available in 7 and 9 fin models, distribute heat evenly throughout the room. If you need to pull it a little closer, the castor wheels will make that very easy. You also get an adjustable thermostat, overheat protection and a 1.5-meter cord.


  • Portable.
  • Carry handle.
  • Available in larger sizes.
  • Overheat protection.


  • Cannot heat large rooms.

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7. The Best 9-Fin Radiator By Silentnight

best 9 fin radiator

This oil-filled radiator is perfect if you are looking for a heater that can handle those really cold days. With 9 fins and a power output of 2000 W, you can rest assured that the radiator will quickly warm up your family. Let’s look at what other great features this radiator has to offer.

But you don’t have to roast yourself on milder days! The 3 heat settings ensure that you can pick the perfect temperature for the moment. You can also use the 24-hour timer to activate the heater at certain times or to shut it off in your absence.

Other handy features include castor wheels, an easy control panel, and a slim design that won’t clutter the room.


  • 9 Fins.
  • Quickly heats the room.
  • 3 Heat settings.
  • Portable.


  • The radiator is not a silent heater.

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8. The Best Stylish Oil-Filled Radiator By Mill

best stylish oil filled radiator

Let’s be honest. Not everyone loves the finned look of oil-filled radiators. But if you appreciate the heating ability of these appliances, then there is hope – this radiator offers all the benefits of its kind but without the old-school finned look.

The design is slim and smooth, making this both a practical and stylish addition to the home or office. As a bonus, this radiator rapidly heats up the room, comes with an LED display, and the Advanced Day and Night settings can cut power usage by up to 25 percent.


  • Glossy and stylish design.
  • Spreads heat rapidly.
  • 3 Heat settings.
  • Stable foot.
  • Day/Night programme.


  • No wheels or carry handle.

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9. The Top Portable Oil Filled Radiator By Daewoo

Portable Oil Filled Radiator By Daewoo

As one of the best oil-filled radiators within the 1500 watt range, this heater offers a blend of elegance and efficiency. The heater’s soft grey body will not just compliment any room but also houses a handy cable storage area and user-friendly control panel.

You can easily switch the heater on and off. The thermostat can be adjusted as well and you can pick between 3 heat levels to find the best temperature for the day. Overall, you can expect a dependable heater that brings style and quick heating to your home.


  • Sleek and lightweight design.
  • Easy to transport.
  • 3 Heat settings.
  • Cord storage tool.


  • Only suitable for smaller spaces.

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10. The Best 11-Fin Oil Radiator By Ansio

best 11 fin oil filled radiator

We end this list with a monster that offers you 11 fins full of oil – and all the heat that goes with it! But what exactly can you expect from this sleek radiator?

One of the best perks you’ll get is a remote control. From afar, you can pick between 3 heat settings without having to leave your warm bed. The radiator is also very safe, offering you a child lock, overheat protection and a tip-over feature that switches the heater off should it fall over.

Other features include an LED display, easy controls, a 24-hour timer, and a Memory Function that remembers the last settings you used.


  • 11 Fins.
  • 3 Heat settings.
  • Safety features.
  • Memory function.
  • Remote control.


  • The heater cannot be programmed to switch on and off. For example, if you programe it to switch on, you have to manually switch it off again and vice versa.

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Your Buying Guide To Oil Filled Radiators

If you are looking for a conservatory heater, an oil-filled radiator is your best bet. They provide comfortable heat and can even continue warming the room after being switched off. Our guide offers you a quick overview to help you find the best oil-filled radiator for your home.

A Mini Guide To Oil Filled Radiators And How They Work

Size and weight

The best radiators, big and small, should be easy to manoeuvre and even carry. If you pick a smaller heater, make sure it has a safe carry handle and that the larger heaters come with durable castor wheels.

Power rating

Many of the best oil heaters offer power ratings between 500 watts and 2kw or 2.5kw, depending on price. A high power rating e.g. 2.5kw indicates that these heaters will take a shorter time to heat up the oil. If possible, you should also choose a unit with a few heat settings (0.5kw – 2.5kw) as you have more variety and it gives you better control over how much heat it generates.

Features Of Electric Oil Heater


One advantage of investing in an oil-filled heater is that it’s safer compared to traditional heating like firewood and gas. However, this doesn’t mean that these units are completely safe – safety features exist for a reason! You’ll need to find a unit that comes fitted with safety features such as a thermostat, thermal safety cut off, sturdy topple free construction and anti-freeze settings.

Other important considerations

Some of the other important factors you need to care about when choosing your oil heater include ease of use, low or maintenance-free operation, built-in timer, design, price, great reviews, brand and guarantee.

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