10 Best Portable Induction Hob Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Portable Induction Hob Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

A portable induction hob is like an oven in your pocket. Whether you live in a small apartment or travel the world in your camper van, this nifty appliance can do some serious cooking.

Our Top 3 Portable Induction Hob Picks
1. Best Portable Induction Hob By Jeroop
2. Best Portable Induction Hob For Caravans By Tefal
3. Best Double Portable Induction Hob By VonShef

The Best Portable Induction Hobs Reviewed In 2021

1. Best Portable Induction Hob By Jeroop

Portable Induction Cooktop By Jeroop

We picked this thin mint as the best hob. Cookie jokes aside, this elegant cooker is incredibly versatile and mobile. The surface is scratch-resistant, tough, waterproof and effortless to clean. You can easily control the hob with the sensor touch button control.

There are 10 power heat settings (between 200 watts and 2000 watts). Temperature options range from 60 °C to 240 °C, meaning that you can really cook a proper dish on this thing! There is little noise and once you are done, simply wipe clean and store.

It’s suitable for caravans, camping, offices, small kitchens, and dorms.


  • 10 power heat settings.
  • Easy-to-wipe scratch resistant surface.
  • LED screen and digital control for perfect management.
  • Heating zone of 20 cm diameter.


  • Only works with cast iron, stainless steel and enamel steel cooking utensils.

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2. The Best Portable Induction Hob For Caravans By Tefal

Everyday Induction Hob By Tefal

We chose this delightful square as the top choice for caravans. Why? Let’s dive straight into those perks and benefits!

Caravans don’t have space to waste. This induction hob is not only attractive but it also fits onto any small counter. You can even use it outside on a camper table.

The user-friendliness is also bonkers. There are one-touch buttons for hot milk, stews, stir-fries, deep-frying, and boiling water. You can also manually pick the right temperature and time to prepare your meals on the single heat zone. This ceramic plate is also scratch-proof, heat-proof and easy to clean.


  • Lightweight, compact and sleek.
  • A high-quality ceramic plate.
  • Transfers temperature to the pan fast.
  • 6 pre-set functions make it effortless to boil, simmer and cook different food
  • 2-hour timer.


  • The lowest power level might be too high for some recipes (like preparing rice).

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3. The Best Double Portable Induction Hob By VonShef

Portable Ceramic Electric Cooking Hob By VonShef

This bigger guy is perfect for those who love the idea of portable hobs but cannot prepare a proper meal on just a single zone. Well, with this dual-plate hob, you can prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner for the family without wasting time. Or having stuff go cold because you only have one plate to work with!

Each zone can accommodate a pot or pan with a diameter of up to 26 cm. Not bad! The variable temperature range of 60 – 240 degree Celsius allows the hob to cook nearly all types of recipes.

The hot plate is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Another easy feature is the LED screen with intuitive controls. With its small size, you can use this hob at home, in an apartment or while camping.


  • Great compact size.
  • Efficient heating system.
  • Easy and safe to use.


  • There is an initial learning curve with the control panel.

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4. The Best 10-Power Level Portable Hob By Aobosi

best portable induction hob

Are you someone who cooks across a wide temperature range? Then this could be the perfect hob to consider. Indeed, it has 10 power level settings ranging from 60 ° C to 240 ° C.

The ligthweight and compact designs means that it can be placed in even the most cramped kitchen. You can also look forward to a simple touchscreen control panel that makes cooking a breeze. While that pot bubbles, you can rest assured that you are also saving costs – the hob cooks very fast and efficiently without drawing heavily on your power bill.

You also get a 3-hour timer, tough and easy to clean surface, and an elegant appliance in the kitchen!


  • 2.59 kg.
  • Attractive look.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Suitable for frying, boiling, and more.


  • The timer can only be set in increments of 5 minutes. This is not a huge problem but it might irritate someone who needs to count, say, 4 or 8 minutes.

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5. The Best Double Zone Induction Hob By Aobosi

best double zone induction hob

Did you like the previous hob’s features and brand? But perhaps the single zone did not appeal to you. No worries. Aobosi is known for several excellent dual-zone portable induction hobs.

This particular one is suitable for a small surface inside a caravan, camping site or even a small student room. The two zones allow you to quickly prepare from simple breakfasts to lavish lunches. They work independently, so you can prepare portions together even though they have different cooking preparations.

You also get 10 temperature levels (60℃ to 240 ℃), a durable ceramic glass surface, 4-hour timer, and superb LCD control panel.


  • Suitable for trips and smaller homes.
  • Two zones.
  • Overheating, over-pressure and over-current protection.
  • 24-month guarantee.


  • Not suitable for really small spaces.

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6. Electric Induction Hot Plate By Voche

Electric Induction Hot Plate By Voche

This dynamic appliance has a 2000-watt hot plate and a beautiful glossy look. It is another good choice for anyone who appreciates 10 power settings with a scope of 60 °C to 240 °C. But no matter which temperature bubbles your noodles, the high cooking efficiency means that you also save electricity.

You can also leave something on the plate. There is a 180-minute timer to keep track of the dish while the hob’s overheat protection feature prevents things from going south. Another valuable safety feature is the child lock that prevents tots from turning on the hob.

Other benefits include non-slip feet, an LED display/control panel and a smooth surface that is easy to clean. The hob is also suitable for pots and pans with a diameter between 16cm and 26cm.


  • Easy heat transfer from zone to pot.
  • Touch control panel.
  • Safety features.
  • Easy to clean and electricity efficient.


  • The buttons are sometimes slow to react.

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7. Best Portable Induction Hob With Handle By Karinear

portable induction hob

This single-zone induction hob has a nifty handle. This feature makes it easy to move around safely and even to provide the hob with stability. You can hold the handle with one hand while enthusiastically making your favourite stir fry with the other!

The hob also cooks fast and has 12 power level settings to choose from. The 240-minute timer is also useful if you need the hob to sizzle on its own for a while and to alert you when the cooking time is up. But how safe is this portable induction hob?

It has overheating protection, a child lock, an auto safety switch off, and residual heat indicator to warn you that the zone is still hot.


  • Plenty of safety features.
  • Useful handle.
  • 12 temperature settings.
  • Touch control.


  • Like all induction hobs, it can only work with induction cookware.

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8. The Best Vertical Double Induction Hob By Stellar

Double Induction Hob By Stellar

Looking for another top dual-plate choice? This portable hob means serious business with 8 temperature settings and two zones that can be used together to cook large meals. The surface consists of thick glass that cannot scratch or break and is easy to wipe down.

You also don’t have to worry about an elaborate setup. This hob is plug and play. You can cook from the very first minute that you switch it on!

This appliance is also suitable to be permanently installed. So if you are not looking for a portable hob but a smaller model to permanently place in the counter of your apartment or caravan, then this is a great choice.

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  • Large double zones.
  • Can be converted into a built-in unit.
  • Different power levels.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • A 2-year warranty.


  • Not suitable for ultra-small tables or counters.

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9. The Best Slim Portable Induction Hob By Amzchef

portable induction hob

When packing for a family caravan trip, space is not to be wasted. This is why this portable hob is proving to be very popular with those who need a hob that can be easily picked up and stored away. It is a mere 4.5 cm thick and weighs 2.56 kg.

The buttons are also large. This is a huge benefit if you have struggled in past with touch screens with tiny buttons that either did not recognize your finger or you accidentally activated the wrong button. The control panel is also simple but effective enough to cook all your favourite meals.

You also get 9 power settings, a 3-hour timer, a child lock and heat protection.

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  • Auto shut off.
  • Safety features.
  • Large buttons.
  • Slim and lightweight.


  • The buttons make a sound when pressed which can be annoying.

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10. Portable Induction Hob By Judge

Portable Induction Hob By Judge

This induction hob has a single heat zone and a compact 2.9 kg body. Its 1800 watt coil offers a fast heating time while the 10 temperature levels range from 60 to 240 degrees centigrade. This allows you to boil water and cook a variety of recipes with a single hob!

The plate is made from high-quality scratch-proof glass which is easy to wipe clean when you spill something. This is another plug and play induction hob with a built-in control panel. Besides being user-friendly, the hob also saves a ton of power with its A+ energy efficiency rating and it also comes with a 2-year warranty.

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  • Lightweight, compact and attractive.
  • 10 temperature power options.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoor kitchens.


  • The plastic body might crack with repeated use.

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A Mini Guide To Portable Induction Cooking

The portable induction hob is a type of cooking appliance that utilizes a magnetic field to create heat energy which is transferred to the food through special induction pans.

Guides of Portable Induction Cooking

What You Need To Know

Induction cooking uses an electromagnetic current to create energy. The induction hob design includes a copper coil through which an electric current runs. As the current runs through the copper coil, an electromagnetic field is created.

Above the coil is a plate made from non-ferrous material. This is usually thick glass or ceramic. This is what’s commonly referred to as the heat zone.

The reason why non-ferrous material is preferred over ferrous material is that the former won’t heat up when an electromagnetic field is applied to it, while the latter heats up.

Those materials are preferred due to their inability to conduct heat which ensures that they remain cool even during boiling water and cooking or frying. Glass and ceramic are also preferred due to their attractive and inexpensive nature.

When the electromagnetic field passes through the hot zone and onto a ferrous metal, like stainless steel, it generates heat. This action is similar to that seen in transformers. Therefore, saucepans used to cook on induction magnetic burners need to contain bases or surfaces made from a ferrous material like cast iron, steel or even stainless steel.

Induction Hobs Vs Gas And Electric Hobs

Portable Induction Cooking Buying Guides

The significant difference between induction magnetic burners and their electric and gas counterparts is how heat is transferred onto the cooking surface.

Induction cooktops are kitchen appliances that transfer high temperature directly while the other two transfer temperature indirectly.

This means that induction hobs are better at temperature conservation since a bit of heat is lost before it gets to the cookware’s surface.

Some of the advantages of investing in induction cookers over buying an electric or gas hob add the following:

  • Induction magnetic hobs are energy efficient
  • Induction hob heats and cools faster making it easy to set hot or cool cooking temperatures
  • The hobs plate doesn’t usually heat up to the point that it can burn
  • They are quick to wipe
  • Induction cooking hobs come in modern and fine stylish designs

Though they are considered the best option compared to electric and gas hobs, induction cooktops are usually more expensive kitchen appliances. However, with the items rise in popularity and many companies opting to manufacture induction magnetic hobs, the price is still not cheap, but it has been falling over recent years.

Types And Styles Of Induction Hobs

Induction cooktops are divided into three main types. This is based on the style of their design.

Freestanding slide-in induction hobs

These are products of large dimensions that usually consist of induction magnetic hobs over ovens. They’re made to fit in between your kitchen counters. They typically have two or more induction zones or a combination of both induction and electric hob heat zones. They usually come with numerous brilliant features and are the most expensive type.

Built-in induction hobs

These usually have multiple cooking zones and are installed to look like their part of your kitchen countertop. Their suitability largely depends on how much countertop room you have and where you want them fixed. In many instances, built-in induction burners are just portable types that are set in a countertop.

Portable induction hobs

These are highly movable products that offer power, convenience and versatility. They usually consist of a one cooking zone and add a wide variety of standard features. This guide and review will focus on the best models of handy induction burners.

What To Consider Before Buying A Portable Induction Hob

Top plate material

Portable Induction Cooking Buying Guide

Induction hobs come with a top plate that’s made from a non-magnetic material with low-temperature conductivity. This is usually glass or ceramic. The type of material used to make the hot plate and its thickness would affect the performance of the induction pot in many ways.

  • The ability of the induction hob to transfer temperature to the pans
  • The type of pans that you can use on the hob
  • How easy the induction hob is to keep clean and maintained
  • The overall look of the hob

Wattage rating

The best models of portable burners have a high watt rating within the range of 2000W to 5000W. A higher watt rating gives you a full range of heating power levels for cooking and frying different types of food on the menu. While still considering the evaluation, the induction hob should also be energy efficient and have some form of electoral protection mechanism to protect against accidents.

Heat zone(s)

You’ll be using induction pots and pans with different base diameters. The zone size should, therefore, be large enough to ensure that it covers the entire base of your induction pans to provide even heating. A portable cooking hob features a single or double zone. A double heat zone hob is the better choice if you want to use it as your primary cooking hob.


The best movable induction burner includes controls like a timer, precise temperature control, pre-set boil and cooking functions and temperature warning.

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