The 10 Best Pressure Washer Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Pressure Washer Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Do you want to rid your car, patio and fence of dirt and mud? You can get on all fours and start scrubbing, or you can use a pressure washer to blast the muck way.

Our best pressure washer review lets you in on everything you need to know about these appliances and where to find the best deals.

Our Top 3 High-Pressure Washer Picks
1. The Best High-Pressure Washer By Paxcess
2. The Best High-Pressure Washer With Kink-Proof Hose By Ryobi
3. The Best Heavy-Duty High-Pressure Washer By Wilks

Discover The Best Pressure Washers Reviewed In 2021

1. Professional High Pressure Washer By Autlead

Professional High Pressure Washer By Autlead

The best pressure washer to buy is the Professional High Pressure Washer By Autlead. We gave it 5/5 stars.

The Autlead HP02A packs a much-needed punch in a small footprint thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Even with its small size, this cleaner is highly rated on Amazon and with good reason. It has a power output of 1800 watt motor. The machine pumps out 468 litres of water/hour at 140 bar pressure.

The adjustable nozzle comes with three selectable jets to match your cleaning needs and with 5m of hose length, you can comfortably and effortlessly wash your car, bicycle, outdoor furniture, patio, walls, driveways, and even moss. Besides all this, the cleaning machine also has a detergent tank for efficient cleaning and the price is reasonable.

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2. High Efficiency Pressure Washer By Tacklife

High Efficiency Pressure Washer By Tacklife

Second best pressure washer you can buy is the High-Efficiency Pressure Washer By Tacklife. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

This multipurpose Tacklife pressure washer provides an efficient and time-saving solution to all your outdoor cleaning needs. It has push-fit connections that allow for quick and easy set up with powerful 360°rotating wands. You will like its compact design, which enhances much more convenient storage, and there is a great broad base for much more stability.

What’s more, there is a safety lock device TSS, which automatically shuts off the device when the trigger is not engaged. For much better performance, you can connect the washer directly to the bucket or to the faucet. It includes a great 5-metre PA66 high-pressure outlet pipe that can withstand high-pressure water flow as well as high temperatures.


  • These great car and patio pressure washers are durable.
  • Great flow rate.
  • It allows you to clean a number of types of surfaces efficiently and without a problem.
  • Best attachment kit with all items and tools you want to use
  • These electricity powered units give amazing value for the money you pay


  • Its high power may make it vibrate and tend to make a lot of noise while working.

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3. Full Control Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Full Control Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Third best car and patio cleaner you can buy is the Full Control Pressure Washer By Kärcher. We gave it 4/5 stars.

The Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer provides the ultimate solution to a wide range of your cleaning needs and welcome addition in the home at all times. It offers a full retractable telescopic handle and convenient onboard storage for the lance and spray gun. The Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer provides 130 bar pressure and a max flow rate of 420 l/h. The great Vario power lance allows you to adjust the pressure to the level desired by simply twisting the barrel.

The Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer features an LED display that allows you to check on the Karcher K4 Full Control nozzle and make sure you have the right setting for the job and surface. Its high-pressure hose length is 6m and is ideal for washing cars, the patio, and other areas. A little expensive on the budget though, but with the features this it has to offer, it’s really worth the expenditure! Portable, solid, and light weight, and also comes with a great 3-year warranty. The Kärcher K4 Full Control Domestic 130 bar Pressure Washer is as tough and stable as ever, it will last for years to come.

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4. High Pressure Washer By Bosch

High Pressure Washer By Bosch

Fourth best pressure washer you can buy is the High-Pressure Washer By Bosch. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. You can take a close look at the price and key details on the Amazon site links below.

This efficient pressure Bosch AQT washer will remove stubborn dirt such as mould, mud, grime, dust, and chewing gum from surfaces. It has a 120-bar cleaning performance and is perfect for washing cars, bicycles, waste bins, and the patio, paving and driveway. The powerful cleaner is easy to use, has a broad base that gives it stability and enough storage for all accessories.

Also, this device has simple push-fit connections which means that setting it up will not be an issue. The Bosch AQT comes with a 5m pressure hose length and has a variable fan jet nozzle with a rotary nozzle that provides strong and deep cleaning power. The detergent nozzle will quickly apply the soap so as to save you time. The Bosch cleaner is a corded electric device and very portable for easy use.


  • The Bosch AQT is easy to use and set up, and also has great flow rate.
  • Bosch can cover a wide range of different cleaning applications.
  • Price of the Bosch unit is very much reasonable.
  • Bosch is well-known and reliable brand that everyone would want to get.


  • The pressure might not be good enough but the Bosch AQT will work well on minor jobs.

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5. Portable Lightweight Power Washer By Stream

Portable Lightweight Power Washer By Stream

Fifth best option to get is the Portable Lightweight Power Washer By Stream. We gave the fifth pick on our list 4.5/5 stars .

These budget pressure washers will clear a wide range of stubborn stains from any outdoor household surfaces such as garden furniture and equipment as well as a car or a patio. It will efficiently clean bicycles, motorbikes, cars and several other small jobs. It provides 135 bar pressure with 330L/h water flow, and that is why it delivers excellent cleaning results at all times.

This power washer can have a maximum inlet water temperature of 60 degrees and comes with an 8m hose with an explosion-proof inner layer that can withstand highest temperatures and highest pressure. It is easy to connect (click in) and set up, and you can adjust the pressure by rotating the nozzle. It has an inlet filter that effectively prevents mechanical blockage.

Besides, the trigger has a safety lock which means you will be adequately protected during operations. There is a soap dispenser that helps in washing any surface deeply. You will like its upright design wheels and a handle that provides easy movement during operations.


  • This versatile model is good looking, portable and compact.
  • This car cleaning powerful machine has all the accessories you need and the best hose.
  • The car and patio washer is easy to control and use.
  • This car and patio washer has an affordable price and gets the job done.


  • The high pressure type hose may be difficult to connect if you compare it to what other units are offering.

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6. Pressure Washer With Induction Motor By Nilfisk

Pressure Washer With Induction Motor By Nilfisk

Sixth best car and patio cleaner to buy is the Pressure Washer With Induction Motor By Nilfisk. We gave it 4.5 stars.

The Nilfisk C 135 pressure washer still turns everyday chore or larger cleaning tasks into enjoyable moments. Nilfisk is a leading brand known for high-quality cleaning equipment and this light weight cleaner is no different.

A 1700 watt motor powers these car pressure washers. The aluminium headed pump helps churn out 135 bar of max pressure. The varying flow rate in this Nilfisk car pressure washer ranges from 380 to 440 litres/min making it suitable for a wide range of cleaning.

Included in this Nilfisk washer are a detergent bottle, standard and tornado nozzles as well as a 6m hose length ideal for general cleaning jobs. Another best feature of this powerful Nilfisk model is a good hand grip which means instant control and safety. Some users, however, fault the wheels on this car and patio washer claiming that they are a little hard to manoeuvre up and down a set of steps.

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7. Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Seventh best pressure washer one can buy is the Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher. We gave it 4/5 stars.

If you’re looking for a durable washer that is eco-friendly and performs optimally, this cleaning machine fits the bill. These car pressure washers come with a built-in eco rotary switch, responsible for saving both energy and water by 20%. It also houses a Plug ‘n’ Clean System for a rapid change between various detergents. As far as durability goes this best cleaner features a good water-cooled motor and aluminium head that increases cleaning performance as well as long life.

When the washer is in use, water goes around the motor to keep it from overheating. It will also include a good 6m of hose length that connects to the gun and effectively cleans garden furniture, fences, patios, bicycles, cars, and other large spaces in your home or garden. 

The cleaning machine comes with a 5-year warranty from Karcher, one of the leading manufacturers of pressure washers in the world, and can also draw water from a static water source such as a bucket or a pond. This premium car pressure washer comes at a premium price, but it’s a worthy investment. All these features make it one of the best pressure washers you can get around on the market.

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8. Compact Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Compact Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Eighth best patio cleaner you can buy is the Compact Pressure Washer By Kärcher. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This compact and lightweight pressure washer is already one of the best pressure washers you can get around the market today. It’s packed with a ton of features including an automatic pressure switch control, air-cooled 1400 watt motor, good ergonomic handle, powerful trigger gun, onboard storage for lance, gun and cable plus detergent suction tube. The rotating point jet spray on the dirt blaster lance provides up to 50% more cleaning power than ordinary pressure lances.

With a good 110 bar pressure, a maximum flow rate of 360 l/h, and 4m hose this cleaner is ideal for various jobs such as washing cars, patio, bicycles, garden furniture, as well as decking. The Karcher K2 pressure washers are compatible with all pressure washer accessories from Karcher and come with a two year warranty. These features make it one of the best pressure washers you can get on the market.

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9. Premium Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Premium Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher

Ninth best car and patio cleaner people can buy is the Premium Home Pressure Washer By Kärcher. We gave it 4/5 stars.

An automatic pressure washer that encompasses the latest technological implications, is the Karcher K7. The K7 Premium comes with a good LED display that will guide you to adjust an accurate pressure setting for the surface you want to clean.

It has several features including the Plug and Clean system for easy replacement of detergent, convenient storage for lance and gun, water-cooled motor, telescopic handle, high level wheels, and a range of accessories. This good patio cleaner has a maximum pressure of 160 bar, a flow rate of 600l/h and a hose that is 10 meters long. You have enough power to wash tone surfaces, patios, and garage doors.

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10. 120 Bar Pressure Washer By Nilfisk

120 Bar Pressure Washer By Nilfisk

Tenth best patio cleaner to get is the 120 Bar Pressure Washer By Nilfisk. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This Nilfisk pressure washer for the home is characterized by a long-lasting metal pump and a powerful motor of 1400W that provides power output for extended periods of time. It can maintain a good 120 bar pressure with 440 litres/hour water flow and uses Quick and Swivel Coupling technology that will make a connection between the ergonomic spray handle and its 6 meters long hose.

You can use these Nilfisk pressure washers to jet wash driveways, patios and other outdoor spaces. The good hose performs anti-twist swivel function to connect to it and a button that can disconnect the hose whenever needed. It has an inbuilt water inlet and an automatic start/stop button reducing wastage of any liquid detergent. Very compact in shape and can be rolled around to far off distances as the unit has strong and durable wheels on its base and the price is friendly.

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A Mini Guide To Pressure Washers Including The Different Variations

An easy way to get your patio sparkling clean is by use of a patio cleaner with plenty of water from a garden hose. Adding a layer of decking oil on the dry and clean surface will have it lasting for longer. You can then comfortably use your inflatable hot tub or set up a trampoline with the assurance that the environment is clean and safe from bacteria and moulds.

A pressure washer will also carry out an excellent job cleaning. And the best part is that there are no chemicals involved. We will guide you through picking the best pressure washer you can get around the market.

Electric Pressure Washers are mostly used to perform small scale cleaning jobs and are suitable for use within the home or office. They can be very conveniently plugged in for use and are lightweight and noise-free. They can wash away dust and grime across backyards, furniture in patios, and vehicles etc. These power pressure washers are significantly less expensive and safer to use but clean longer.

Gas Pressure Washers are more conveniently used in tougher jobs and professional ones, like removing off thick paint or cleaning off exteriors of higher buildings. These heavy duty models can produce a pressure of more than 7,000 PSI and are mostly used by professionals. Unless you know how to reduce the power output, these pressure washers should not be used for car valeting. With so much pressure coming out of the nozzle, they will damage the paint which will require extra money to repair.

Features Of An Ideal Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is an electronic appliance that must have a robust motor, tough body unit and friction free mechanism for efficient and effective functioning. There are some basic features that you must attempt to check in an electric pressure washer, before you make your decision of selecting the best one for your own use.

DURABILITY & STRENGTH: The pressure washer unit must be made of strong and durable material such as aluminum that can provide for a long lasting performance and tolerate such a high amount of pressure.

MULTIPLE PRESSURE SETTINGS: The best pressure washer is indeed the one that allows you to use it at different pressure settings and also gives you the option of switching back and forth to the required amount.

POWERFUL MOTOR: A strong and robust motor is essential to ensure the power of the spray doesn’t drop.

POWERFUL NOZZLE: The rotary nozzle must be powerful to provide for more effective and efficient cleaning of the oil, grease or paint from rocky surfaces.

BUILT-IN WATER INLET: This feature protects the unit from damage by any debris present in the water line.

AUTOMATIC ON/OFF: This will ensure no detergent it wasted as this feature will automatically switch off its flow while not in use.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Pressure Washer

Let’s start by defining some terms you’re likely to come across in your search for the best pressure washer:

Bar Pressure

Bar pressure refers to the force at which water is driven out. The higher the pressure, the more power is directed at dirt and the more of it you’ll remove. Pressure rating is measured in PSI or bars. The specs indicated on the model you want to buy tell you how much pressure it can produce.


This is the flow rate at which water is pumped out of the lance. The lance is the nozzle from where water comes out. The higher the water flow, the more water is pushed out and available for use. Water flow is measured in litres per hour.

You will find many entry models sporting 300 l/h and this figure goes up as you to get to the higher end modes that can pump 600l/h.

Bar pressure and water flow are important and work together to make your work easy. High pressure will help remove stubborn dirt and stains while high water flow will wash the dirt away at a fast rate. The job will take a shorter time to complete.

Buying the Pressure Washer

Here are some things to keep in mind as you budget and shop for pressure washer:


Assess your every cleaning need first to ensure that you buy a model that matches them. If you need a pressure washer for washing cars, fences, patios and patio furniture, sidewalks and driveways, you can work with a light-duty pressure washer whose power pressure doesn’t exceed 110 bar.

Medium-duty pressure washers with 110 bar, 120 or 130 bar pressure are great for professional users who perform the above tasks all the time. These pressure washers will do the job without damaging the paint. Heavy-duty pressure washers have higher bars, wield a lot of power and can easily damage the paintwork. They are used for specific tasks and are best left to pros.

Nozzle patterns depend on the tasks you will be carrying out. Narrow spray patterns provide targeted cleaning since all the pressure is concentrated in one place while a wider spray nozzle setting will clean without damaging the paint. Several models come with adjustable nozzles, but you may find those that require specific nozzles.


When in search to get a pressure washer, our advice is to check what accessories are included as they will expand the machine’s capability. There is a range of accessories you can find – think car wash brush, a patio brush, splash guard, and even extendable handle. The Snow foam lance is popular for its ability to spray thick foam on a surface.

It boils down to the tasks you to use the cleaning machine for and choosing a model that will meet those needs. Some models are compatible with attachments from other brands and others are not. To get the latter may not seem like a big deal, but it will reduce what you get in terms of cleaning ability. 

If you buy a pressure washer with minimal accessories, choose one from a brand that also sells accessories, in case you want to upgrade later. You’ll have fewer compatibility issues.

Size and Portability

Manoeuvrabilty and storage worthy considerations as some models are bulky and heavy to move around. If you have limited storage space or a lot of steps in your home and garden, avoid those. You need to consider a more compact and easily stored option and confirm that you get wheels. The same applies to those in the cleaning business.  

A longer hose can also be useful to keep you from lugging the appliance around and for washing larger gardens and cars. Lengths of five to 10 metres are ideal and will help to get reduced movement.

You need to get a strong ergonomic handle that is non-slip to ease transportation. Some handles have telescoping functionality while with others you get an integrated display that provides real-time data.

Price and Reviews

Price varies depending on the model and its features. You can find budget buys for less than £100 while other powerful cleaning machines go as far up as £500 and over. The choice is up to you and depends on what you need. 

Check out independent reviews on the model you want to purchase. They will help you determine if this is the right appliance you need. Plus, many people have found valuable insights in these reviews that have helped them operate their pressure washers well.

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