Procook Knives Review: To Buy, Or Not To Buy

Procook knives are, on average, very good home cook knives. While most professionals stick to a handful of (very expensive) blades, these are great for the average cook. Public perception of them varies greatly, but their average overall rating is rather decent. There’s a lot of variation to the types of knives that they make, meaning there’s a lot to judge. It also means there’s a lot of room for personal opinion, which is very popular when it comes to knives. Anyway, on with the ProCook knives review!

Procook knives are generally okay, though they aren’t professional quality blades, they’ll serve their purpose just fine. They are, however, a bit expensive for their quality.

Let’s take a look at a few reviews online and see what the public thinks, yeah? I can tell you all I want about my personal opinion, but what’s more important is the overall public opinion.

ProCook Knives Review: According to the Internet

Let’s start with the front page of the internet – Reddit. The place where opinion abounds and will quickly overtake just about any issue. But on the plus side, lots of feedback!

ProCook Knives Review: Amazon Reddit

The first feedback I saw was the least positive, though none of the public opinions was exactly glowing. Keep in mind, however, that it’s a community dedicated to the discussion of chef knives – these people take knives very seriously, and will happily drop £500+ on a single, high-quality knife.

The original poster mentioned that they were a student that wanted a decent Japanese knife. They were looking at the top range Damascus 67 (~£100), and were worried it was too nice a knife to have with roommates.

“Don’t get a procook knife.

You sound UK based, have a look on sharpchef they’ve got a few really nice entry level Japanese knives at that price point, especially Sakai Takayuki.”


Other comments of note include the following:

“I’d stay away from that. If you want a nicer japanese knife, there are MUCH better knives to spend your money on.

If you buy a nice knife, you won’t want to leave it out where you live. It WILL get ruined if uneducated people use it.

If you’re going for a knife to keep in the kitchen while still in school, get a cheaper knife and save a bit more to buy a nicer one later that won’t get ruined by other people.

When looking for a Japanese knife, look into hand made artisan knives. They’re a little over your price range at entry level.

They will give you an idea of what to start looking for.

Shiro Kamo makes great knives and I see people posting here about getting them in Europe. They also tend to be on the more affordable end for hand made Japanese knives.”


The others echo this sentiment. On the plus side, Reddit is the most negative of all of the reviews I found, so that’s nice!

ProCook Knives Review: Amazon

This is likely one of the first places you went. The ratings for ProCook knives on Amazon is generally pretty good, averaging 4.5 out of 5. Among the clearest reviews (specifically for the X50 2 knife set, £44.20 on Amazon at the time of publication) are the following:

“Both knives seem to be very sharp and easy to hold. Continued use will show how well the edge stands up to use and sharpening, but I’ve heard good things about ProCook knives so hopefully, they will do well. Very reasonable price.”


“I use these knives when I need to prep food, home cook, they meet every need I have in fact the larger knife rarely comes in use for how universal the smaller knife is for my needs.”


Most of the other reviews echo the sentiment – they’re decent knives for home cooks and are well-priced.

Other Sites

These knives have featured on a number of other sites’ “Best [Insert Number] Budget Knives” lists. They’re, according to just about everywhere but Reddit, pretty decent knives. They don’t generally cost that much in the grand scheme of things. However, if you’re looking for “throwaway” knives that can take a beating, ProCook may not be the best for you. The type of steel they’re generally made from (chromium/vanadium/molybdenum) is not the sturdiest and requires consistent honing.

(And in case you didn’t know, honing is not the same as sharpening. Honing straightens the blade, sharpening removes material.)

Other Considerations

The last big thing that will affect how satisfied with ProCook knives you are is what exactly you’re looking for. If you’re a professional who wants to spend a good chunk of change on quality, then ProCook shouldn’t be your first stop. But if you’re looking for one of the following, they’ll be perfect for you, whichever you choose Are you looking for:

  1. An affordable knife set? ProCook is likely your best bet. They’re reliable, offer a wide selection, and they usually include a honing rod. That’s good, because you’ll need it.
  2. A pretty knife or knife set? ProCook is likely not your best bet. They’re functional and very, very basic. They look like a large number of other commercially available knives, and offer very little in terms of personality.
  3. Long-lasting knives? Don’t buy ProCook. You can get one, very good knife for the price of a set, and it’ll last you much, much longer. As a rule of thumb, while it looks pretty, Damascus treatment/steel does not equal quality. Damascus can be quality, but it doesn’t make quality.
  4. Wide selection? Buy a ProCook set or pair. They offer a massive range of knives, from traditional French chef’s knives, to the Japanese santoku. If you need a filet knife or carving blade, they’ve got you. There isn’t much they don’t have for purchase.

Final Thoughts

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that ProCook knives are a great budget beginner knife for home cooks. They’re not overly expensive, have a good selection, and function very well. While the material from which they’re made isn’t the sturdiest, consistent honing will keep it working for years.

In my eyes, their biggest downside is their looks. They look exactly like pretty much every knife I’ve ever had – and I don’t want that. I want my blades to have personality, and a basic black handle is not that. At the end of the day, it’s all up to preference. There’s nothing mechanically wrong with ProCook knives, they’re just good, basic knives for home cooks. I wouldn’t recommend them to professionals, however, as they’re not going to hold up to such heavy use.

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