Ring Alarm 7-Piece Starter Kit Review


Overall Score

Ease of Use (50%)


Special Features (50%)


The Ring Alarm 7-piece kit is a great home security kit for those who need everything in one package. While it’s not without fault, it’s a fantastic security system for those operating on a budget that still need good-quality home security.


  • Price: £279.99
  • Brand: Ring
  • Pros: App, multiple parts, loud, easy to use, easy to set up
  • Cons: If it’s not connected to Wifi you have to turn the alarm off using the keypad (although is that really too hard?)
  • Amazon Listing: Ring Alarm 7-Piece Starter Kit

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The Ruling

The Ring Alarm 7-Piece Starter Kit is a fantastic, modern home security system. It provides a number of parts to ensure a mid-sized home is fully secure, and the app is fantastic. While it does struggle with connectivity when not on Wi-Fi, this isn’t a massive struggle. After all, we’re in the 21st century – Wi-Fi is everywhere.

Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to rank each and every bit of this device to ensure the most accurate testing possible:

  • Ease of Use
    • Setup
    • Family & Sound
    • Range
  • Special Features
    • 7 Pieces
    • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
    • App

We performed an extensive series of tests on every minor detail imaginable. Let’s get right into it!

Ring Alarm: Ease of Use

This section will be broken down into the four sections listed above. Let’s see if the Ring Alarm 7-Piece Kit holds up to the manufacturer’s claims, shall we?


Our reviewer and her husband each took turns setting up the Ring Alarm home security kit. While she found that both she and her partner struggled during the first setup, it wasn’t due to the Ring Alarm kit itself. On a second attempt (after moving a few things around in the home for ease of installation), it took less than a quarter of the time.

The first attempt took roughly 3 hours, while the subsequent attempt was finished in roughly 30 minutes. As it was her first security system review, she hadn’t set up any security system previously, leading to confusion and a long initial installation time.

She noted that the detectors all have an incredibly powerful adhesive that can stick to any flat wall, as well as those with textured wallpaper. They actually still have the Ring Alarm system after a year and numerous other reviews (yes, it’s that good), and it’s still remaining exactly in place.

The keypad and other peripherals were equally simple to set up, and she didn’t record any damage when moving the alarms for the reinstallation.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found this to be quite simple to set up. If you’re technically challenged, it may take a bit longer, but overall, it’s no more complex to set up than its competitors. The adhesive holds extremely well to numerous surfaces with no damage when removed.

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Family & Sound

Below you’ll see exactly how quickly (and how loudly) the alarm sets off when a monitored door is opened. Not only is it near-instantaneous, but it’s quite shrill. Headphones wearers be warned – maybe turn it down a bit before looking.

If you have a family or a large network of friends that stay in your home, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Ring app allowed 20 people to use the app without any issue.

While our reviewer tested this, she noted that personal information is displayed when using the app, making it impossible for her to record the app in function and share the pictures here. Nonetheless, the app is fantastic. It allows a number of people to easily operate the security system.

Those with kids that are in the home will be happy to hear that no matter how loud they may get, you’ll always hear the alarm. Our reviewer was able to clearly hear the alarm over all of the house’s (and town’s) ambient noise. If you’re curious, there’s a video up above demonstrating the alarm’s tone. They were able to hear it (located at the front of the house) through a 3-bedroom home with no issue from their bed, with the doors closed to simulate sleeping.

Executive Summary: The Ring Alarm Kit allows a massive number of people to operate it through the app. It rings very loudly and clearly, making it ideal for home security. Those with a wide network of friends or family will have no issues with the (quite loud) alarm going off when unexpected company arrives. That is, of course, assuming they’re allowed to deactivate the system through the app.


Below we’ve got an example of the Ring alarm delay. Upon opening the door, you can see (and hear) that the countdown has immediately begun. This is a fantastic option to enable if your phone is prone to disconnecting from Wi-Fi or data (and therefore, your alarm). It’ll give you a chance to disable the alarm with the keypad.

The range on the app and security system is quite impressive. While the largest distance our reviewer tested it from was 9.1 miles out, it’s theoretically able to be used anywhere in the world – with one caveat.

In order to remotely active or reactive your alarm, both the system and your phone will need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Luckily, this is the 21st century, so just about anywhere you go (or work), you’ll have access to the system. This allows you to screen visitors, deliveries, and more from your work desk or out in the shops.

Above, you’ll find a video of the door functioning on a 1-minute delay that was started from several miles away. This was done as a test of range, as well as a test of the delay function.

Executive Summary: The app allows you to interact with your home security system from anywhere, assuming both your phone and security kit are connected to Wi-Fi.

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Special Features

And now we get to dive into the fun stuff – let’s talk about what you get from the Ring Alarm 7-piece home security kit (beyond peace of mind, that is).

7 Pieces

In the package, you get seven pieces to accompany your base station and keypad:

  • 1 base station
  • 1 keypad
  • 3 room motion detectors
  • 4 door sensors

While these are included in the Amazon link at the top, you can easily acquire more parts as needed, depending on the size of your home. On average, door sensors cost roughly £20 each or 2 for £35, while motion sensors are around £30 each. You can also acquire an outdoor siren for £69, or a second-generation contact sensor for £19. (Though we didn’t test either of these.)

Each part functioned exactly as promised, ensuring a tight security net that easily covered a 3-bedroom home without issue.

Executive Summary: Each part of the Ring Alarm kit functioned entirely without issue. You get a base station, keypad, 3 room motion detectors, and 4 door sensors with the base package. You can easily acquire more bits and bobs if needed for a relatively reasonable price.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi symbol

While the Wi-Fi functionality is quite a nice little feature, our reviewer did make a few important notes.

First things first – if your cell data is down and you’re unable to connect to Wi-Fi, you’ll encounter a few minor issues. If you aren’t able to disconnect the alarm and haven’t set up the keypad near the front door (which we highly recommend, by the way) you may have a hard time turning off the alarm before it goes off. Though luckily, there’s a 1-minute delay (shown in the video under range). This makes it quite simple to manually turn off the alarm.

It is not Bluetooth compatible. Even with issues through the app or coverage, you’re always able to enable or disable the alarm through the keypad.

Executive Summary: While the app and security system are both Wi-Fi enabled, they lack Bluetooth functionality. If your phone disconnects from the home system (due to a loss of service or Wi-Fi) it will be unable to use the alarm. While this won’t bother those with good service, it’s worth setting up a delay so you can use the keypad – just in case.


This is the real meat of the Ring Alarm system. The app is incredibly well designed, allowing a massive range of functions from anywhere that your smartphone has Wi-Fi or data coverage.

It is on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store, and works equally well on both.

When first opening the app, you’ll be greeted with a disarming, home, and away set of options to modify the alarm’s functionality. The history section of the app allows you to see exactly when you got notifications. Additionally, the app will notify you when the device’s various bits need a battery recharge.

If you’re planning on buying additional peripherals, the app makes it incredibly easy to add them to your system. This cuts out the frustration associated with installing old-school security systems. Our reviewer did note that this functionality only works with other Ring products, but that’s not really surprising. And to be honest, Ring makes great stuff, so that really shouldn’t be an issue.

The notifications provided are not only useful but don’t become overwhelming with regular use. And if you’re unable to use the app due to connectivity issues, you can set your primary door to have a 1-minute delay before activating the alarm. This is a great (if simple) feature, and your neighbours will thank you.

Executive Summary: The app is well designed, easy to use, and works equally well on both Android and IOS. You’re able to add a wide swathe of users as needed and can enable and disable the alarm. Additionally, you can view time-stamped notifications of activity.


If you need a versatile, app-enabled security system, there are few out there better than this guy. It’s effective, easy to use and set up, and will remain attached where you leave it without damaging the wall it’s on. We highly recommend the app, as it makes this thing a breeze to set up and use from anywhere in the world. Just don’t forget to turn it off when coming home, as it gets loud when set off.

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