The 9 Best Rotary Washing Line Reviews For UK Homes (2022)

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Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Do you want to reduce your electric bill? Then set aside your tumble dryer and use a rotary washing line instead! Besides not paying a cent to dry your clothes, you can also look forward to laundry freshened by the wind and sun. We handpicked the top lines available today so you can find the best one for your home.

Our Top 3 Rotary Washing Line Picks
1. The Best Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia
2. The Best 40-Meter Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia
3. The Best Heavy Duty Rotary Washing Line By FunkyBuys

Product Testing & Comparing

While rotary washing lines all look the same, they are not created equal. Our review team always bring the top products to those who trust our reviews and in this case, they went all out to test and compare the washing lines. Using strict quality protocols, we narrowed our choices down to the top 9 washing lines of the year. We then ranked them from best to “worst” – hey, they are all pretty awesome or they wouldn’t have made this page!

For your convenience, we also tested each one for a special feature (this can be seen under each product’s title) and also the following important criteria.

  1. The dimensions of the washing line.
  2. The weight of the item.
  3. The drying space.

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The Best Rotary Washing Lines Reviewed In 2022

1. Brabantia Lift-O-Matic B0002EXYOS

The Best Rotary Washing Line

Rotary Airer Washing Line By Brabantia

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎15.5 x 11 x 200 cm.
  • Weight: 6.17 kg.
  • Drying space: 40 to 60 meters.

We picked this rotary line as the best on our list because it looks simple but it’s packed with features. To start with, you can choose between 3 sizes; 40 m, 50 m, and 60 m. The height can also be adjusted between 129 and 187cm.

Need extra space? The four high-quality metal arms come with holes that allow you to add clothes hangers. To store the rotary line, you simply lift the metal body from the ground spike and put it away.  

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  • Adustable height.
  • Different sizes.
  • Four high-quality metal arms.
  • Extra holes for hangers.


  • Installation can be tricky.

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2. Brabantia 40 m Topspinner B0002EXYNO

Best 40-Meter Rotary Washing Line

Topspinner Rotary Clothes Dryer By Brabantia

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎11 x 11 x 190 cm.
  • Weight: 5.7 kg.
  • Drying space: 40 metres (also available in 50 and 60 metres).

If you prefer a 40-meter line, then this is one of the best rotary poles available today. You can expect several useful features.

Thanks to its quality ground spike you can expect stability at all times while the height of the pole is also adjustable. The lines are also UV-resistant and PVC-coated. They also come with three different line positions.

You can also look forward to its unique turning circle rotation that tends to dry the laundry faster. This rotary pole also has four metal arms with holes for clothes hangers.

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  • Adjustable height.
  • Rotates at the lightest breeze.
  • The lines are easy to use and clean.
  • Durable lines and ground spike.
  • 40 meters of drying space.


  • Doesn’t come with a protective cover.

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3. FunkyBuys Rotary Line B01DCHKLLU

Best Heavy Duty Rotary Line

Heavy Duty Outdoor Rotary Clothes Dryer By FunkyBuys

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎4 arms, dimensions unspecified.
  • Materials: Aluminium.
  • Drying space: 50 metres.

This rotary line is perfect if you need something that is more durable than normal. For example, it could help if the weather or frequent laundry tends to peel the line’s coating. The line is PVC-coated for durability while the metal ground spike is powder-coated against erosion and rust.

This 50-metre line model also supports heavier loads of laundry. The four arms are also foldable to save space when you are not using them.


  • Four arms that can be folded away.
  • 50 m of hanging space.
  • Durable lines, pole and heavy-duty weight capacity.


  • Installation and tension-adjustment can be difficult.

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4. Minky IH87701102

The Top Portable Rotary Washing Line

Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Airer By Minky

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎85.1 x 24.9 x 13 cm.
  • Weight: 3.32 kg.
  • Drying space: 15 metres.

Portability is an amazing thing. In the case of a rotary washing line, this portable stand allows you to dry laundry indoors, outdoors and even take it along on a camping trip.

The stylish stand is lightweight, so anyone can move it around. But it’s also stable, thanks to the tripod’s hooks that grip onto the soil when you use it outdoors. With a hanging space of 15 meters, the line is also suitable for smaller apartments.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Compact.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Four quality arms.
  • 15 meters.


  • Not suitable for big families.

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5. Walgreen G4RCE Washing Line

The Best Folding Rotary Washline

the best rotary washing line by walgreen

Product Specifications

  • Size: ‎4 arms.
  • Weight: 2 kg.
  • Drying space: 50 metres.

There are plenty of features that make this another great choice for an outdoors washing line. You get 50 meters of drying space which is more than enough for a large family’s needs. The frame is also forged from strong and yet lightweight aluminium.

The washing line is easy to install and use. You can fold the arms down when not using them and cover the compressed rotary line with the free protective cover. The arms and lines are also treated to withstand the weather and wet laundry for years to come.

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  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Folds away when not in use.
  • A free protective cover.
  • 50 meters of drying space.


  • Not suitable for indoors.

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6. Livivo Heavy Duty Line B0752SFGB7

The Best Weatherproof Washing Line

4 Arm Rotary Garden Washing Line By LIVIVO

Product Specifications

  • Size: 124 x 14 x 14 cm.
  • Weight: 4.5 kg.
  • Drying space: 45 meters.

This rotary pole offers 45 meters of drying space. You can hang roughly four loads of laundry before the PVC-coated lines are all full. You can also rest assured that the weather won’t ruin the pole and arms because they are designed with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel.

It’s also lightweight and easy to install. Just like all the most convenient rotary models, this one’s four arms also fold away after use and can be covered by the provided protective sheath.


  • Can accomodate 4 loads of laundry.
  • Well made centre pole.
  • Fully weather-proof.
  • Suitable for a small space.
  • Adustable height.


  • You have to purchase ground pegs to complete the setup.

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7. Addis 40 M Line B0045F9I6S

The Best Versatile Rotary Washline

40m 4-Arm Rotary Airer By Addis

Product Specifications

  • Size: 12 x 12 x 142 cm.
  • Weight: 4 kg.
  • Drying space: 40 meters (smaller and larger sizes available).

This airer offers you versatile choices from the start. You can pick different drying space lengths including 35 m, 40 m, 45 m, and 50 m. You can also choose between 3 and 4 arms. We decided to have a good peek at the 40-metre model with four arms.

It weighs around 4.2 kg and comes with a turning circle of 2.47 meters. You can easily adjust the tension of the lines and the maximum carrying load is 25 kg. When not in use, simply fold the arms down and secure them.


  • Available in different sizes.
  • Can be folded away.
  • Turning circle of 2.47 metres.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Weather-resistant design.


  • Not suitable for areas with rough winds.

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8. Marko Homewares B00VEAG6LM

The Top Outdoor Kit

Outdoor Laundry Washing Line By Marko Homewares

Product Specifications

  • Size: 112.6 x 12.8 x 11.6 cm.
  • Weight: 3.2 kg.
  • Drying space: 40 meters.

This well-made rotary airer is another great 40-meter choice. The pole measures 1.75m, there are 4 arms, and the lines are PVC coated for strength. The stand also comes with a cover and ground spike for a solid setup.

The stand is also easy to open or fold away. Most of the frame is also made of quality steel that is treated to be durable for a long time.


  • 40 M drying space.
  • Can be folde away.
  • Weather treated.
  • Durable construction.


  • Not suitable for indoor use.

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9. Kingfisher 4-Arm Line B005ATA57Y

The Best Easy Assembly Airer

Aluminium Rotary Clothes Airer By Kingfisher

Product Specifications

  • Size: 153 x 153 x 192 cm.
  • Weight: 3.42 kg.
  • Drying space: 50 meters.

Need something bigger and stronger than your current washing line? This airer offers 50 meters of drying space and heavy-duty arms. The metal is also powder-coated for durability while the lines are PVC-coated against moisture.

Setting it up, in the beginning, is easy and the lightweight aluminium makes it effortless to manipulate (while also giving you a strong metal frame).


  • 50 Meters of drying space.
  • Suitable for small gardens.
  • Strong and weather-resistant.
  • Easy to install and use.


  • Not suitable for indoor use.

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Your Rotary Washing Line Buying Guide

A rotary line is perfect if you have a small garden or you don’t want the hassles of a dryer. Confused by all the offers? No worries. Our guide contains all the tips you need to separate the quality washing lines from the riffraff.

What to Consider Before Buying

Folding Models

Essentially, there are two types of rotary washing lines. The first is foldable, allowing you to pull the arms down into a compact position when not in use. The second type is rigid and cannot fold away.

Quality Materials

A quality rotary frame will be made from galvanized steel or aluminium. The lines must also be covered in PVC for durability against the sun and moisture.

Portable or Fixed

A fixed rotary washing line is better if you need something permanent in the garden. A portable stand is more suited to smaller laundry loads, drying inside or when you need a washing line for your next camping trip.

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