Russel Hobbs 22241 Hand Blender Review

While it ranked eighth in our handheld blender roundup (linked below), this hand blender from Russell Hobbs isn’t to be ignored. It’s efficient, easy to use, surprisingly quiet, and affordable to boot! Let’s see what our reviewer had to say.


Overall Score

Ease of Use (60%)


Power & Features (40%)



  • Price: £14.00
    • Editor’s Note: This was on sale at the time of publication. It is normally £19.99.
  • Brand: Russell Hobbs
  • Pros: 2-year warranty, A energy rating, quiet, Amazon Choice winner
  • Cons: No extra attachments, no button lock, no child lock/safety features
  • Amazon Listing: Russell Hobbs 22241

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The Ruling

The Russell Hobbs 22241 is a simple, yet highly effective, handheld/immersion blender. It is quite affordable and offers a few things (like a warranty) that make it truly great for its cost. While it lacks some bonuses like safety features and a button lock (as well as additional attachments), you can’t be too disappointed.

Let’s be real here – it costs less than you likely pay for coffee every week, and it’ll give you years of use. Now, let’s look at what our reviewer had to say.

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Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to rank each and every bit of this device to ensure the most accurate testing possible. She examined:

  • Ease of Use
    • Range of use
    • Speed/Efficiency
    • Ergonomics
  • Power & Features
    • Power Source & Strength
    • Safety, Cleaning, & Additional Features

Now enough of what we want – let’s talk nitty-gritty details.

Russell Hobbs 22241: Review

Let’s work our way through the review together. We’re going to detail exactly how we tested each part, and just for you, our reviewer took some pictures. Let’s get going.

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Ease of Use

Let’s start with the important stuff. After all, blenders are designed to make your life easier by cutting out nonstop chopping, dicing, and other knifework. We’re going to look at how wide of a range this thing has, how efficient it is, and how nice it feels in the hand. Let’s dive right in – we’ve got a lot to cover.

Range of Use

Fully assembled blender
Full size

Let’s talk about what this can do. As an immersion blender (without the name), the Russell Hobbs 22241 should have a pretty broad range of use. It can be used to:

  • Blend baby food for a weaning baby
    • This will take a while. Do not feed a child with food that hasn’t been properly processed -take your time.
  • Blend soups
  • Make chutney or salsas
  • Much more

Our reviewer had a few important notes, though. First of all, she knows for a fact that a nearby nursery uses this specific model to process baby food. While it will take a bit of time, you can eventually get a consistency suitable for a child as young as six months that’s still weaning.

Additionally, it’s able to easily blend soups into a single consistency. While our reviewer noted that it shouldn’t be used on raw ingredients, cooked ones blended in a matter of minutes. It can be used to make salsas and chutney, as well, though large batches may be better left to a food processor, as this particular model is quite small.

Executive Summary: This blender is quite efficient and can be used in any way that a standard immersion blender can be. It will take time, but it can be used to do a wide range of functions, from blending soup, to preparing baby food.

Speed and Efficiency

Our reviewer tested this by making several soups and sauces for two. While she couldn’t test it in larger batches (thanks, COVID restrictions), it worked quite well when cooking for her and her partner.

She cooked several styles of soup and stew, each of which required blending the ingredients to a single consistency. It brought everything from tomato soup to squash chowder into a single, creamy consistency. After chopping each piece of food into roughly 1-inch chunks, she found that, on average, it took roughly 3.5 minutes. She also helped a friend out by blending her weaning baby’s food to a proper puree in a matter of minutes. She did, however, note that a true puree will take much longer than a mostly pureed consistency.

While this may seem like a long time, the draw of an immersion blender isn’t its speed. Rather, it’s the fact that you can blend items in their cooking vessel, and do so with minimal mess. And for that purpose, the Russell Hobbs 22241 is fantastic.

Add in that the only way you’ll find a mess is if you lift it while it’s running, and this is looking pretty nice. And as it helps reduce dishes by allowing you to blend in the cooking vessel, it actively cuts your cleaning time.

Executive Summary: The Russell Hobbs 22241 is a fantastic budget immersion blender. It’s able to efficiently blend everything from soup and sauce, all the way to baby food, all in less than 5 minutes (on average). While it won’t be as fast as a true food processor, it does its job admirablyand without a mess.

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Next up is ergonomics. This is a minor section, but equally important. As this is a handheld blender, it’s vital that the Russell Hobbs 22241 fits well into the hand.

While our reviewer noted that it fit perfectly into her hands, she did have one gripe – the button. As the on/off button doesn’t have a lock feature, it requires constant pressure. After 5 minutes of blending, our reviewer found that she had to take a break and stretch her hands.

If you struggle with arthritis or other joint issues, this will likely exacerbate those issues over long periods of blending. However, if you don’t expect to use this consistently (or just aren’t worried about holding the button), it’s not too bad!

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that the design was quite ergonomic and fit easily into her hands. However, the button lacks a lock, requiring constant pressure which may bother those with joint or hand issues.

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Power and Features

Now let’s talk features. What is the power source and voltage/wattage? How powerful is the blender? Does it come with extra attachments?


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Power Source & Strength

This particular immersion blender operates using a standard UK-style plug. Those that live outside of the U.K. will require an adaptor to use this.

It operates at 200 watts and 230 volts, providing a decent amount of power to get through food. While this blender struggles with raw and large foods, it’s great for cooked meals that need a final blend. It works equally well with large chunks (~1 inch) and small bits and pieces of food.

Just keep in mind that it’s an immersion blender, not a food processor, and you’ll do great with this guy.

Executive Summary: The Russell Hobbs 22241 uses 200 watts and a 230-volt power source. It’s powered through a standard UK plug and boasts admirable power – when used properly.

Safety, Cleaning, and Additional Features


Our reviewer was torn on this section. On one hand, it does technically have a safety guard. On the other hand, it’s plastic and doesn’t fully cover the blade. This means that it prevents scratching the pan or pot you’re using, but it won’t prevent cuts. And as it lacks a child lock or similar safety features, it’s not the best-suited to homes with children or pets.

However, there is an upside to this thing – two, in fact. First up is the ease of assembly and storage that this particular model offers. It comes in two parts that easily snap together without issue, making it super simple to store and use in a moment’s notice.

Additionally, it’s extremely easy to clean. While it’s not dishwasher-safe due to the blades, it requires two steps to clean:

  1. Twist off the blender attachment.
  2. Run under the tap and clean with soap.

It can be dried and cleaned easily, and our reviewer had no issue with rusting or discolouration of the blades.

Executive Summary: The Russell Hobbs 22241 is easy to clean and assemble/disassemble. It isn’t dishwasher safe but requires minimal effort to clean. It does, however, lack safety features beyond a plastic guard, making it less than ideal for those with children. The blender also comes with a 2-year warranty, so it’ll last you for quite some time despite its very affordable price.


The Russell Hobbs 22241 is a simple yet effective immersion/handheld blender. It’s able to easily reduce food to a sexy puree in a matter of minutes and does so with minimal fuss. As it’s able to be safely used in your cooking vessel, it also actively cuts the number of dishes that are needed – another nice bonus.

Add in its easy cleaning and assembly, ease of use, versatility, and 2-year warranty from Russell Hobbs, and this thing is a steal for its low asking price.

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