Swan Deep Fat Fryer Review

Swan is an iconic manufacturer of home appliances that has remained consistent in developing innovative equipment. One of these is the Swan Deep Fat Fryer (SD6080N) which is reputable for making healthy homemade fries that are free from excess oil.

Whether you are trying to make your chips, samosas or onion rings, the 2.5L oil capacity and a spacious inner pan of this unit will not disappoint you. In fact, you will be cooking without those extra-laborious batches thanks to the Swan SD6080N Square Fryer’s ample inner space. As if that is not enough, the Swan SD6080N Square Fryer is equipped with modern technology to help you prepare several ingredients using the same unit.

Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to determine the best of the best:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Durability & Design
  3. Special Features

These are each important to the daily use you’ll get out of this fryer. The easier it is to use, the more simple your life is, making it our priority – after all, nobody wants a complicated fryer. That can not only get frustrating but result in injury or major messes!

The next two things on our list were tied in terms of priority. The durability and design of the fryer will affect how long it lasts you, as well as impact the general ease of use score (our priority). The special features, on the other hand, are all important for both ease of use and the value of how much this fryer is worth to you. The features that you need may not be present here, but they can still make the difference between true, modern quality, and a basic, cheap fryer.

So what’s the verdict?


Overall Score

Ease of Use (40%)


Special Features (30%)


Durability & Design (30%)


Outstanding Features of the Swan Deep Fat Fryer

Variable Temperature Control:

The unit comes with a variable temperature to give you complete control over your cooking. If you don’t already know, different foods require specific temperature settings to cook properly, which is why most fryers come with a range of temperature selections that you can choose from. You need to know the right temperature at which your food cooks to perfection to avoid overheating and overcooking. This requires a couple of practices.

Fortunately, the Swan SD6080N Square Fryer allows you to experiment with your food without losing its taste or texture. Also, quite a majority of recipes come with temperature specifications and the duration for which you should cook. This means that you will not have to find that out through the trial and error method, which is not only annoying but also time-consuming.

With the ability to adjust the fryer’s temperature to suit the kind of food you are frying, you will be able to prepare your fries just like a pro without necessarily going through the learning curve. The four gear temperature function on the SD6080N makes it easy for you to achieve results.


At first glance, the Swan SD6080N Square Fryer, 2.5L looks both elegant and pleasing. It is compact and comes with ample space to serve two people with a single batch. Furthermore, you can make multiple batches within a short time because it is relatively fast in frying compared to its equivalents in the market. This unit is a handy replacement for your oven given that it is both consistent and can help you avoid the boring aspects of cooking associated with using the oven.

Safe-Lock Lid:

The fryer comes with a safe-lock lid which enables you to lock the unit when frying. This is quite handy especially if you have toddlers involved in the cooking as it reduces the chances of their exposure to hazards such as steam and sizzling oil.

Pros and Cons of the Swan Deep Fat Fryer


  • This unit does not produce a lot of unpleasant smells during the frying process
  • Pocket-friendly piece of kitchen equipment that gives you value for your money
  • Easy to clean
  • It heats up faster which makes it suitable for preparing multiple batches
  • You can prepare a wide variety of meals using this unit


  • Small food capacity therefore not suitable for a large family
  • Comes with a short cable that limits your choice of positions to place it in the kitchen
  • Lacks a draining tap, and its bowl is not removable which means it’s difficult to drain oil from the unit after frying
  • Does not have a filter which makes it susceptible to condensation

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Reviews and Ratings

One of the advantages of this unit according to most of the reviews is its ability to control the production of post-fry odour. The accumulation of these smells during the frying process is almost inevitable for most of the fryers out there.

Additionally, the Swan SD6080N Square Fryer’s price tag is quite friendly, giving a more compelling reason why you should get yourself this unit. You will get value for your money while saving hundreds.

While its capacity limits its applications, it’s great – assuming you don’t have a large family. If you have a large family, this might not be suitable for you. However, if it’s just you and (at most) three more people, you should be set with this bad boy.

De'Longhi Mulifry the Mulitcooker FH1130- White


Now – onto the slightly less good things about this fryer.

Keep in mind is that the power cable on the Swan SD6080N fryer is short. Therefore, you have to place the unit close to the power source to avoid having to move it every time you need to use it.

Most people aren’t going to want to deal with the hassle if they’re in a small flat, but if you’ve got the space to fit this thing, it’s entirely worth the time to get it plugged in where it’s needed. If you think you may need another device, check out our recent list of the best deep fat fryers on the market today!

Our reviewer also noted that the bowl not being removable makes cleaning a bit of a hassle, but it’s still surprisingly simple – you just need to watch the power cord while doing so. One final note before we wrap up – the lack of a filter is a bit of a pain here. It opens the unit to condensation, which can make things stop working if ignored. Nonetheless, this is an awesome and versatile deep fat fryer.


Imagine being able to prepare your own torpedo prawns, mozzarella sticks, doughnuts, spring rolls, samosas, fish or chicken, crispy noodles, onion rings, tupella, and your favourite chips using the same machine. Although it will require a great investment of time in the kitchen, it cannot compare to the savings you’ll make after abandoning regular take-outs.

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