The 10 Best Telescopic Ladder Reviews For UK Handymen (2021)

Best Telescopic Ladder Reviews

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

Finding the best telescopic ladder for the job can be the difference between successful completion and injuring yourself.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you will love our list of telescopic ladders from trustworthy brands that possess infallible features including collapsibility, compactness, height adjust-ability and ease of transportation and storage.

The Best Telescopic Ladders Reviewed In 2021

1. 3.3m Telescopic Climb Ladder By Zarges

3.3m Telescopic Climb Ladder By Zarges

The best telescopic ladder is the 3.3m Telescopic Climb Ladder By Zarges. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Zarges Telemaster Telescopic Ladder has a capacity to withstand up to 23.6 stone, making this ladder perfect and easy for anyone to use. The treads lock automatically during extension for security. Its retractile mechanism with locking pins makes it more feasible to carry and move around. Due to the ladder´s lightweight, you won’t need assistance from someone as it is easy to store and transport.

Also, it comes with a strong strap to secure it together, making it easy to put away and it takes up no space. It features wider steps for better balance. This DIY step ladder allows customisation so you can select the height that you require with its self-locking mechanism. The ladder can extend up to 3.3 meters or 10 foot 10 inches in height – feet to top.

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  • Two year buyers warranty by the manufacturer
  • Rung by rung height adjustable
  • Impressive compact design –easy to store and transport.


  • Slightly heavier than the other ladders on this page coming in at 13.5kg

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2. Giraffe Safety Ladder By Batavia

Giraffe Safety Ladder By Batavia

For the second place we recommend the Giraffe Safety Ladder By Batavia. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Batavia Extendable Telescopic Ladder, when extended, reaches up to 2.6 metres. This feature makes it suitable for indoor maintenance tasks. The straight ladder conveniently endures up to 150kg of load but weighs only 8.5kg itself. This is due to its quality aluminum construction.

It is TUV/GS tested so you know everything will be safe as houses when using it. You will love the versatility as well as durability of this ladder and it is budget-friendly.


  • TUV/GS tested
  • It has sturdy and versatile construction.
  • It’s lightweight, safe to use and store.
  • The folded size is small compared to its robust counterparts.


  • The height is limiting and this ladder wouldn’t be suitable for higher jobs.

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3. Telescopic Extendable Ladder By Charles Bentley

Telescopic Extendable Ladder By Charles Bentley

The third of the best telescopic ladders is Telescopic Extendable Ladder By Charles Bentley. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

A strong contender is the Extendable Telescopic Ladder. It has a best selling status on Amazon. This value for money  model boasts EN131-1, EN131-2, and EN131-3 approved certifications. It is designed by the manufacturers with an aluminum body and straps/ropes made of nylon, and measures 2.6m from its feet to the highest rung when extended.

The security locking mechanism, non-slip rubber feet and quick opening/closing are the fantastic features that make it an ideal and safe telescopic ladder for home and work. It can extend up to 2.6 meters and when folded, it is just 75cm. Feasible to store, this lightweight DIY retractable ladder has one of the lowest weights in our list – just 7kg that supports maximum load of 150kg.


  • The ladder is lightweight, store and carry without hassle.
  • A carrying case available.
  • It is compact when you fold it up.
  • There are several protection features.
  • It abides by numerous EN protection ratings.


  • Care must be taken due to its heavy, fast closing.
  • This ladder may not last as long as more durable types.
  • There is no stabilizer.

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4. Multi-Purpose Folding Aluminium Ladder By Nestling

Multi-Purpose Folding Aluminium Ladder By Nestling

The fourth best telescopic ladder is the Multi-Purpose Folding Aluminium Ladder By Nestling. We gave it 5/5 stars. Feel free to check the price on the link below.

Nestling’s Multi-Purpose Folding Telescopic Ladder is a valuable extension ladder perfect for occasional domestic home chores. The rung by rung expansion allows you to use it for a variety of small and big jobs. It folds up to 95cm for convenient transport. It is available in two sizes/heights: 3.2 metres and 3.8 metres.

The specially-designed anti-roll bar increases the security, as do slip-resistant rungs and rubber bottoms attached to the feet. These features makes it one of the best telescopic ladders. It also boasts a stable locking key to move the extending parts smoothly. Finger protection is enhanced to prevent pinching when closing the ladder but caution must be taken to keep fingers away. The maximum allowed weight is 140kg and the product only weighs 11.5kg.


  • The Nestling ladder is made of lightweight anodised aluminium.
  • It features larger anti-skid rungs that confer risk free usage.
  • It has a stabilizer bar.


  • This ladder does not have an EN131 standard certification
  • Doesn’t include a carrying case.
  • It supports less weight than the other featured ladders.
  • Users noted wobbling at higher levels.

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5. 3.2m Telescopic Ladder By Xtend & Climb

3.2m Telescopic Ladder By Xtend & Climb

Fifth place goes to the 3.2m Telescopic Ladder By Xtend & Climb. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Xtend & Climb Plus telescopic ladder is the creme de la creme of ladders. It has been aerospace engineered using 6061 alloys, making it literally one of the best telescopic ladders on the planet. When it’s extended, it reaches a length of 3.2 meters and you can also order the generous 3.8-metre version if you need that extra bit for reaching great heights.

Also, this a-frame ladder weighs 12.2kg and can support up to 150kg. This model is outfitted with tough nylon couplings for site use and has ribbed anti-slip feet giving maximum heights reach. It is also compliant with EN131 standards

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  • Its has thick, sturdy sides.
  • This high quality ladder complies with EN131 standards.
  • The relatively long length makes it suitable for more varied jobs.
  • There are several protection benefits
  • Aerospace enginered


  • Incredibly expensive compared to other telescopic ladders, but it’s worth the extra money if you find a good deal or sale

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6. Next Generation Extendable Telescopic Ladder By Pavo

Next Generation Extendable Telescopic Ladder By Pavo

Sixth place goes to the Next Generation Extendable Telescopic Ladder By Pavo. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Pavo Telescopic Ladder is both foldable and extendable. It is a best-selling and highly praised item on Amazon. Normally, telescopic ladders are unwieldy and awkward to carry but this version is designed to be foldable and easy to store. The extended reach of this loft ladder is 3.2 metres with 10 steps in total.

It is built to meet the EN131 and CE safety standards and utilises a next-generation automatic folding legs system which protects your fingers for extra safety. The double-layered construction produces a durable and light ladder  capable of supporting up to 150kg while weighing in at just 10.5kg. The non-slip design prevents falls and slips.


  • This step ladder is lightweight at just 10.5kg.
  • You need to pay relatively small amount of money for the Pavo ladder.
  • When closed, the ladder compacts considerably, making it easy to transport, clean and store.
  • Utilises next generation automatic folding to protect fingers.


  • Utilises next generation automatic folding

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7. Aluminium Telescoping Loft Extension Ladder By Finether

Aluminium Telescoping Loft Extension Ladder By Finether

Seventh place goes to the Aluminium Telescoping Loft Extension Ladder By Finether. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Finether’s Telescopic Loft Extension Ladder is an EN131 certified product – certifying that it is safe, eco-conscious, and reliable. The lightweight aluminium alloy construction gives it durability, easy portability and rust protection. This excellent ladder closes to a compact size which can be secured easily with the included strap, making it easy to store.

The weight limit is a generous 150kgs, the product itself weighing 10.2kg. Its feet are outfitted with bottom caps to keep it from slipping when in use. Double coupling rungs reduce the chance of getting fingers caught in the moving mechanism. Protective spacers minimise friction when closing it. It can extend up to 3.8 metres but closed height is only 84cm.


  • The DIY ladder is constructed of lightweight aluminium, weighing just 10.2kg.
  • It includes a securing strap.
  • It conforms to EN131 standard.
  • There are anti-pinch safety measures that prevent pinching.
  • It can be used as a telescopic step ladder or extension ladder.


  • There is no stabiliser bar.
  • Even with safety features, you must ensure fingers are not in path of closing ladder.
  • The rungs close heavily/noisily.

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8. 5M Aluminium Telescopic Ladder By Finether

5M Aluminium Telescopic Ladder By Finether

Eighth place goes to the 5M Aluminium Telescopic Ladder By Finether brand. We gave it 4.5/5 stars.

Finether Telescopic Ladder has the capacity to endure a maximum weight of 150kg thanks to its sturdy feet, making it one of the best ladders on the market. This retractable DIY ladder has a height of 96cm and when its 14 steps are fully expanded it can extend up to 5 meters. It comes with a secure strap to hold it together which makes it easy to store and convenient to handle. The solid aluminium based build makes this a durable, heavy duty tool capable of protecting the structure from corrosion or rust.

The upper and lower parts of this collapsible ladder are safely secured with anti-slips caps to avoid any movement while using it. The double coupling on every step protects your hands from getting caught in the mechanism. It comes with a bag for easy storage.


  • It’s eco-friendly and safe
  • Includes free gloves and carrying case
  • Features a safety mechanism


  • Best used by two people due to its weight

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9. Classico Line Lean-to Ladder By Telesteps

Classico Line Lean-to Ladder By Telesteps

Ninth of the best telescopic ladders in this telescopic ladder review is the Classico Line Lean-to Ladder By Telesteps. We gave it 4/5 stars.

The Telesteps 3.3m Telescopic ladder weighs just 25.7kg making it a very sturdy option for all painting jobs and sites. Having 11 steps in total, it can extend from 1.03m to 3.3m, which will be perfect for any painting work.

One of the best qualities of this DIY telescopic ladder is that it comes with ice spikes that can be added onto the feet of the ladder, making this a year-round useful tool in your arsenal. It has a very simple open and lock mechanism for use, making it quick to set up and take down when using.

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  • Easy to use, great performance
  • Multiple safety benefits
  • Ideal for storage and easy cleaning


  • Could be lighter, however still within a good range

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10. 12.5 feet Extendable Ladder By LEOGREEN

12.5 feet Extendable Ladder By LEOGREEN

The tenth best telescopic ladder goes to the 12.5 feet Extendable Ladder By LEOGREEN. We gave it 4/5 stars. You can check the price and details on the link below.

Leogreen’s Telescoping step Ladder is a popular choice in DIY telescoping ladders. This particular model opens to a height of 3.8 metres, however a lot of different options are available, depending on your particular needs and preferences. For instance, you have the option of purchasing the ladder plus a carrying case and/or stabiliser for added stability. This lightweight ladder is easy to store and safe to carry.

The maximum height from its feet is 3.8 metres when extended and 80cm when fully folded. It weighs 11.5kg and the feet are strong enough to support a weight of 150kg. These specifications are similar to the other telescopic ladders in this review, therefore you should also consider other features when you decide it is time to buy telescopic ladders. The rungs are non-slip. This Leogreen ladder also complies with EN131 standards.


  • This ladder is lightweight aluminum making it resistant to rust.
  • It is portable and budget-friendly.
  • The Leogreen ladder features non-skid rungs making the cleaning easy.
  • It meets EN131 standard.


  • The base model doesn’t come with stabiliser.
  • There is no finger protection when closing.
  • It feels unstable at higher lengths.

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A Guide To Telescoping Ladders

Just as keeping your indoors organised is essential, organising your outdoor space is equally crucial. A cordless hedge trimmer will keep your hedge neat. A garden shed and garden storage bench, on the other hand, gives you safe storage for your tools such as your hammer drill and safety boots.

To prune high hedges, you will need a telescopic ladder. It will also come in handy with your DIY projects around the home. We will show you how to choose the best telescopic ladder in the market.

What You Need To Know

A Guide To Telescoping Ladders

The use of telescoping ladders extends from regular house jobs to industrial uses in construction, and everything in between. This type of practical ladder is often used by emergency responders like the fire department who may have no alternative but to externally access tall buildings. Because they are collapsible, these ladders can be stowed within supply closets, garages, trucks, or any other space-limited area.

Unlike an industrial or professional user, people who buy telescoping ladders for the home may find a telescoping ladder to be the best type of ladder to purchase. The reason for this is because a telescoping ladder is entirely adjustable and can be used for a multitude of jobs without the need for purchasing more equipment.

Types of Telescoping Ladders and What to Consider

A Guide To Telescoping Ladders

There are two broad categories of ladders: rigid and rope. As the name suggests, rigid ladders are ones that are usually leaned against a roof like structure to climb; the rails and slats are hard. Rope ladders are hung from the high point surfaces; the rails are made of rope and the slats are made of hard material.

Telescoping ladders are a type of rigid ladder. Many different types of rigid ladders can have telescoping ability. One hybrid telescoping ladder combines a step ladder and an extension ladder.

The most important considerations when you decide it is time to buy a telescoping ladder are size, material, and applicability for the job. Obviously, when purchasing a ladder, you want one that will fit the current need as well as things that may come up in the future. 

Most homeowners can’t justify purchasing more than one ladder, therefore having a telescoping ladder can do many tasks with just one ladder. The best telescoping ladders are able to become compact for storing. Telescoping ladders are able to expand, but can still be stowed compactly and transported in a car.

This feature makes it simpler to keep a ladder in a home with limited space. Furthermore, the ladder should be made from a durable heavy-duty material that doesn’t buckle under the weight. Falling, due to inferior quality of the ladder, can have disastrous effects, especially when using a ladder with such a high reach. One may suffer broken bones or worse. You should also consider the weight capacity of the ladder.

As a precaution, you should not attempt to climb up a ladder with an inadequate weight capacity. Additionally, since there is considerable bulk in these ladders, it is advisable that you seek a lightweight model that can be carried from place to place without undue strain.

Aluminum is a commonly used material for telescoping ladders, which doesn’t rust when used outdoors and in inclement weather. The ladder usually locks at increments along the length of the ladders, meaning that an exact required height may be difficult to achieve, but practically, it is usually sufficient for completing a wide range of tasks.

While there is limited scope for additional features, newer models often are outfitted with an easier mechanism for unlocking and collapsing the telescoping ladder. This makes packing up quicker. They also may include more reliable safety locking mechanism. Price should also factor into a purchase decision; a general rule of thumb is that you will get extremely good access, strength, and weight capacity with a higher budget.

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