The 10 Best Water Softener Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Water Softener Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Hard water can be a pain to deal with, from limescale buildup that clogs water pipes to skin irritation, stained surfaces and spotty laundry.

Our water softener reviews offer useful tips on dealing with hard water and let you in on the best products to soften and add flavor to your water.

Our Top 3 Water Softener Picks
1. The Best Water Softener By Fountain Softeners
2. The Best Water Softener For 100% Limescale Removal By Water2Buy
3. The Best Compact Water Softener By BWT

The Best Water Softeners Reviewed In 2021

1. Water Softener By Fountain Softeners

Water Softener By Fountain Softeners

The best water softener is the Water Softener By Fountain Softeners. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Fountain Water Softener is a professional non-electric, twin type tank water softener. It is only available in white colour, and its small size is perfect for storage and maintenance. It works efficiently in any office, house or apartment. This device depends only on water pressure to function. It guarantees an amazing long-lasting service and affordable price when compared to other types of water softeners on the market.

All the main inner parts can be moved without difficulty to accommodate the pipeline and water system of your house or whichever location you choose for installation. It’s appropriate either for a larger group of people or a person living on its own. With its twin tank, it can regenerate at any moment during the day or night and use 50% less water. 

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  • 5 years warranty
  • Comes with instruction manual for simple installation.
  • Its features include two entire blocks of salt for free.
  • Comes with the water hardness test kit.


  • Made particularly for the U.K.

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2. Home Filtration & Limescale Removal System By Water2Buy

Home Filtration & Limescale Removal System By Water2Buy

Our second pick is the Home Limescale Removal System By Water2Buy. We gave it a 5/5 star rating. Feel free to see the price and more information on the links below.

Manufactured by one of the best water softener manufacturers in the UK, the Water2Buy W2B800 is an efficient unit made to supply limescale free drinking water to homes with up to 10 people without any problems. With 25 kilograms of weight, this water softener model features a slim tall design that will easily fit within your garage or basement. It can supply a maximum of 3680 litres, which is roughly 970 gallons of water each day.

Like other Water2Buy salt water softening systems, the W2B800 features ultra-quiet operation making these units very good options for home-usage. It also comes with an installed bypass valve, one inch fittings and power supply. It’s created to use any type of softening salt and has a cabinet with a salt tank capacity of 39kg. To ensure that you save on softener salt, the Water2Buy W2B800 will only use salt during regeneration which takes an average of 30 minutes. 

The built-in mixer valve allows you to adjust the water hardness. This metered water softener automatically begins the regeneration once a pre-set amount of water has been used. It can also delay the regeneration to 3 am for your convenience. Water2buy offers a 7-year warranty and 30 days money back to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your purchase.

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  • Quiet operation will make difference so it’s one of the great options you can buy today
  • Slim tall design of this water softening system saves on overall floor space
  • High capacity water softener will supply up to 3680 litres of water per day for up to 10 people
  • Fast regeneration of 30 minutes which can be delayed until 2am adds convenience
  • Its easy to adjust water hardness thanks to the built in mixer valve
  • This water softener model will use different types of softener salt
  • One month money back policy provided, no matter what


  • The water softener kit doesn’t include essential components such as waste, overflow and connection hoses which must be bought separately

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3. WS555 Tablet Water Softener By BWT

WS555 Tablet Water Softener By BWT

Our third pick is the Electronic Water Softener By BWT. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

If you want a luxury system that will not create a hole in your pocket, you should invest in the BWT WS555 Water Softener. This high electric demand water softener is specifically designed to work at a high level of efficiency. It comes with a number of important features like the smart water monitoring system and that is why its effectiveness cannot be disputed.

This water softening system is cost effective to run because it uses low water and salt to get the most satisfactory outcome. There is the block salt preference so that you can enjoy fresh softer water in the morning using the product. As it features a trusted technology created for the UK plumbing system, this is a dependable device users can put their money on.

This water softener model is easy to install and it is compatible with the majority of kitchen cupboards, you can even fit it next to your boiler. It is approved by the WRAS and that is why your peace of mind is guaranteed at all times. It gently dissolves existing chalky build-up so that your pipework system will be revitalized after it has been removed. The softened water makes sure that your appliances are protected and last longer therefore saving you a lot of money that would have been spent on maintenance.

Your hair, skin and complexion will receive a lot of benefits with the water produced by the BWT WS555 water softening system. Also, you will get a better laundry result as soap suds will rinse away without a lot of hassle. Besides, you will spend less time cleaning your devices. Pros

  • Compactly created for ease of use and storage, and will take up very little space.
  • The system will help you fix many tap water problems.
  • Smart technology water monitoring technology guarantees outstanding effectiveness.
  • Table or block salt preferences you can select for extra accommodation.
  • Inexpensive to operate with low salt and water usage.
  • Easy-to-install with an ideal installation kit and instructions.


  • Improper usage might lead to larger damage over time.

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4. Water Softener for 1-4 People By Water2Buy

Water Softener for 1-4 People By Water2Buy

Fourth best water softener is the Water Softener For One To Four People By Water2Buy. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Water2Buy w2b200’s versatility and efficiency are what make it one of the best water softener systems for home use. It’s well made to eliminate limescale in water in an efficient way. The Water2Buy w2b200 salt water softener comes in a compact size 18kg unit that will fit under your kitchen sink. Among other benefits, it features up to 1250 litres of water per day which is enough for a family of 4 people. Also, the design includes a pre-fitted bypass valve, ¾ fittings and power supply. Its ultra-quiet operation ensures that there’s minimum noise wherever it’s installed.

The wb200 salt water softener system is made to use all types of salt including block and tablet. To ensure efficiency you need, it only uses salt when regenerating which can take approximately 30 minutes. It’s also created to automatically begin regeneration when a preset amount of water has been softened. This feature is programmable allowing you to set it to regenerate any time during the day or night. Water2buy offers a 7 year warranty on the wb200 and a 30-day money-back policy if you’re not satisfied with your unit.


  • Compact design of the water softener system saves on space
  • Versatile unit that uses all types of softening salt
  • Automatic regeneration allows the unit to work continuously with minimal human input
  • Up to 1250 litres of softened water supplied each day
  • Quiet operation makes it one of the better units on the market for home use
  • ¾ connections (22mm) ideal for most modern homes
  • 30 day money back policy to ensure you’re very much satisfied with your unit


  • This water softener system doesn’t include connection, waste and overflow hoses which must be bought separately, and any customer would not be happy having to search for that.

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5. Electronic Water Conditioner and Scale Inhibitor By Scalewatcher

Electronic Water Conditioner and Scale Inhibitor By Scalewatcher

Our fifth pick is the Electronic Water Conditioner and Scale Inhibitor By Scalewatcher company. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Another alternative to salt-based water softener units, the Scalewatcher Limescale Control 2 Star is a water softener that doesn’t remove the dissolved minerals that make water hard. Instead, it uses patented audio frequency signals to alter the shape of limescale crystals so that they won’t stick onto your home’s pipework.

One of the features that make the Scalewatcher Limescale Control 2 Star softener one of the best hard water treatment systems is its compact size and ease of installation. Also, it weighs a mere 499 grams and installation involves mounting the unit close to a power outlet and up to a meter or more away from the pipe, wrap and secure the coil around it, attach the signal cable to the unit and power it on. 

It consumes just 3.85 watts of energy meaning you won’t need to worry about bills. The Scalewatcher Limescale Control 2 Star is well made to last up to 20 years. It comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee and 10-year warranty. All features make these water softeners very popular on the market. Pros

  • Small dimensions compact unit saves on space
  • Easy installation set and no need to call an expert plumber
  • It uses patented radio frequency signals which have been proven to be 98% effective in de-scaling water
  • Low water usage and electricity consumption don’t bloat your bills
  • High quality program built to provide up to 20 years of service
  • You don’t need to purchase softener salt or change filters
  • These water softeners provide 6 month guarantee to ensure that you’re very much satisfied with your purchase


  • It needs to be installed within 3 meters from a power outlet due to limited length of the cable

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6. Efficient Meter Water Softener By Water2Buy

Efficient Meter Water Softener By Water2Buy

Our sixth pick is the Efficient Meter Water Softener By Water2Buy. We gave it a 4/5 star rating, same as the most reviews did.

The W2B500 assures you 100% limescale elimination from your domestic water. Designed for hard water area households, the W2B500 gets seamlessly integrated into your already existing system. The device can handle water of up to 500 PPM hardness. Promising flow rates of 1250 litres a day, which comes down to 118 litres per minute at 2.45 bar of inlet pressure.

The capacity will make it highly suitable for and need of a mid-sized family. Also, looking at the water filtration side, the water softener allows the use of block, crystal or tablet salts for filtering. However, for the sake of efficiency, it is advised to use salt only during the regeneration process. 

The regeneration cycle cleans the patented IonX™ resin and will help in efficient working. However, before buying consider the fact that the device can work only in the pressure range of 1.03 to 6.89 bar with a temperature range of 0 to 40°CPros

  • High quality fittings makes these water softeners are the right ones to consider
  • Good adjustable program to meet your needs
  • These water softeners are easy to install
  • Good value for money when you compare it to many other choices


  • People said it may get noisy
  • Additional hardware is needed for installation

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7. Water Softener Alternative System By AquaHouse

Water Softener Alternative System By AquaHouse

Seventh spot on our softeners review is the Water Softener Alternative System By Aqua House brand. We gave it a 4/5 star rating in this article.

If you prefer a salt-free water softener, the water softener alternative by AquaHouse is a good option. The unique salt-free systems do not replace, remove or put in any minerals or chemicals to softened water. Rather, it uses a unique process called Template Assisted Crystallisation. This process converts the minerals that make water hard into harmless microscopic crystals.

Besides descaling hard water running through it, this salt-free softener will also loosen up scale build-up within your home’s plumbing extending your pipework’s life cycle. It comes in a compact design that installs on ¾ inch connections. Also, the ¾ inch threaded fittings for connecting to your pipework are included in the kit. 

This scale-preventing filter has been tested and found to be 99.6% effective in descaling water as well as pipework. Unlike conventional salt-based water filters that require adding softener salt few times per year, this unit requires calcium and magnesium filter replacement after about 3 years. It also comes with a 3-year guarantee on main parts and fixings for an excellent experience.Pros

  • Compact wall mounted design saves on space
  • This helpful water filter doesn’t put in, remove or replace any hard minerals or chemicals in your water
  • The filter will de-scale up to 756,000 litres of water before need of replacement
  • The whole house system removes scale from water as well as your home’s pipework
  • Little or no water pressure loss
  • Since it doesn’t run on electricity, it saves much money on energy bills


  • Many people say it is difficult to install and fitting mains water supply pipe may require hiring a plumber

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8. Electronic Water Descaler By Eddy

Electronic Water Descaler By Eddy

Eighth unit you should consider using is the Electronic Water Descaler By Eddy brand. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

If you want to effectively get rid of the chalky build up on tapworks, sinks and shower in your house, you need to go for the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler. It is a 5-watt unit which creates intricate electromagnetic waves round the pipe supplying your water. This wave is applied with the aid of two coils guaranteeing perfect purification of your water.

Furthermore, you don’t need to change the plumbing network of your home before you can use this device. Its installation process is as easy as ABC, and you don’t need to add salt to it. In fact, the price is lower than the typical salt based systems and it will certainly give you the most satisfactory result over time.

What’s more, the Eddy Water Descaler ensures that the chemical hardness of your water is not altered so that vital minerals in it are not destroyed. It is also environmentally-friendly as well as economical, making it an ideal product for almost every home.

It can be connected to both plastic and metal pipes so that the most satisfactory flow rate can be achieved. You will love its accompanying cables which can work with pipes with a diameter of up to 28 millimetres. Above all, it is easy as well as inexpensive to maintain giving you a long term advantage.Pros

  • Does not interfere with your water flow guaranteeing a high level of sterility.
  • Simple installation set with cables for pipes as wide as 28mm in diameter.
  • Unique magnetic field for defeating the buildup of microbes and enabling flow.
  • Does not destroy minerals in your water providing great value for your money.
  • Not expensive to maintain and does not require any home changes.


  • These softeners are not waterproof and may not be fitted outside.

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9. Ultra Quiet Home Water Filtration System By Water2Buy

Ultra Quiet Home Water Filtration System By Water2Buy

Ninth place goes to the Ultra-Quiet Home Water Filtration System By Water2Buy. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Water2Buy W2B110 Water Softener is surely your best bet if you want to enjoy soft water at all times. This softener is designed to be in harmony with the majority of UK heat systems but you should install it on cold water supply. Simple installation set with manuals that don’t have technical jargon, you only need to follow the diagram and you are good to go.

This machine does affect your water pressure as the usual pressure for washing dishes, taking baths and showers will be maintained. This time around, all these cleaning chores will be carried out with clean softer water. Also, you will love its noiseless operation and that is why it is very comfortable to use, therefore we highly recommend it.

Also, it is compactly designed so that you can conveniently install it in your kitchen. With a daily soft water flow rate of 1,250 litres, this is the perfect device for small to medium-sized families. It comes with a hose that is one metre long so that getting the best result will not be difficult for you.

Measuring 45.5 x 22 x 65 cm in dimensions, this product can be easily manoeuvred and stored for future use. It even comes with a list of vital accessories like the hardness test kit, Allen key, fittings, among others. If you don’t want to compromise high-quality water in your home at all times, you should consider the Water2Buy W2B110 Water Softener.Pros

  • Eliminates all chalky build up without compromising quality.
  • Maintains the usual water pressure in your home.
  • Great noiseless operations for the most satisfactory result.
  • Up to 1,250 litre flow rate of filtered soft water daily.
  • Great and easy to assemble for perfect deployment.


  • These softeners do not have the water capacity for a large size family of 5 or more people.

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10. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System By Water2Buy 

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System By Water2Buy

Tenth device you should consider using is the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System By Water2Buy company. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Reverse osmosis remains one of the best technologies for producing water of high quality. It is a popular mechanism among companies producing bottled water because of its effectiveness. The Water2Buy Under-Sink RO500 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System makes use of this cutting-edge purification system so that you can enjoy purified soft water at all times.

It comes with 5 filters which enable absolute removal of pollutants like lead, fertilizer, chlorine, arsenic, pesticide, just to mention a few. The filters should have annual replacement so that the best result will be achieved. You will love its semi-permeable membrane which ensures that all contaminants are trapped. Also, it is advisable to replace the membrane every two years for a better experience.

The Water2Buy Under-Sink RO500 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System has a storage brine tank capacity of 11L with the ability to achieve a high flow rate up to 189L of water daily. It is very easy to install under your sink without taking up a lot of space. Also, with just 9.5 kilograms of weight, it is easy to move. It comes with a list of vital house accessories like a saddle valve, waste saddle clap, faucet, brine tank and so on.Pros

  • Cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology for the production of drinking water of great quality.
  • Comes with 5 filters for getting the perfect outcome.
  • Gets the job done – gets rid of nitrates, metals, drug residues, chlorine and so on.
  • Compactly designed for ease of use as well as storage, well worth the price.
  • Simple installation beneath your cabinets, no need for plumbers.


  • Can only be used with micro-biologically safe cold water.

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A Guide To Water Softeners

A Guide To Water Softeners

Hard water does not just taste bad but is damaging to your household appliances. It could destroy the heating unit of a hot water dispenser. Limescale can stain your stove top kettle, and reduce the effectiveness of your washer dryer.

There are various solutions for hard water, such as using a kettle for hard water. However, the best solution to softening water in a home is a water softener. We will guide you through picking the right water softener.

What You Need To Know

A Guide To Water Softeners

The below issues will over time mean that you’ll spend more on detergent and other cleaning units. It also means that you’ll pay more on appliance and plumbing maintenance not to mention pay a higher heating bill.

The image shows what limescale looks like when built up in your pipework.

  • Hard water leaves soapy residue on utensils, clothes and appliances after cleaning
  • It can cause residue build up within devices limiting their life
  • It requires more energy to heat and boil compared to soft water
  • Hard water can leave residue within plumbing pipes which can lead to clogging and corrosion

Solving The Hard Water Problem

A Guide To Water Softeners

Water softener systems are an easy, effective as well as economical way to turn hard water soft. These appliances come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet different needs and issues in your house. Water softener systems are installed alongside your plumbing, converting hard water to soft before it’s delivered through the taps. The salt-based water softeners can be either electricity driven or non-electricity driven.

The most common water softeners operate through a process known as ion-exchange. They contain resin beads with sodium salts. Hard water passes through the resin beads, replacing mineral elements such as calcium and magnesium with sodium thus being able to soften water. Some of the available house appliances can also use a magnetic field or potassium chloride instead of sodium.

Points before investing in a water softener:

  • The water softening capacity of the appliance
  • The amount and type of water and salt used during regeneration cycles
  • How much water the unit will soften each day
  • Cost of the softener
  • Your existing pipework
  • Ease of use as well as maintenance
  • Softener manufacturer warranty

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