WICKED GIZMOS Carnival Popcorn Maker Review

Do you love popcorn, but hate paying more than a new car costs at the theatre for a single serving of the stuff? Then I have good news for you – you can make popcorn at home for a fraction of the price! And today’s focus, the Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker, does exactly that.


Overall Score

Ease of Use (60%)


Technical (40%)



  • Price: £39.99 at the time of publication
  • Brand: Wicked Gizmos
  • Pros: Easy to use, simple to clean, scoop, containers
  • Cons: Burning smell on first use (factory coating), terrible manual/instructions
  • Amazon Listing: Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker

Now there’s no sense in wasting time, so let’s just get right into it, shall we?

Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker: The Ruling

Our reviewer found that the Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker is easy to use, a breeze to clean, and comes with exactly what you’ll need to get it going. While it’ll take a few minutes to get used to it (thanks, terrible manual) once done, you’ll be making popcorn nonstop – seriously, this stuff is addicting Send help, I’ve eaten nothing but popcorn for weeks!

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Product Testing & Review

Our reviewer followed an extremely strict set of guidelines to ensure this product was tested for the most vital factors and uses. Her specific focuses are listed below:

  • Use
    • Ease of Use
    • Cleaning
  • Technical
    • Dimensions, Weight, Sound
    • Features

Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker: Use

This is generally the most important part of any kitchen gadget – how easy is it to use, and how hard is it to clean? These questions will determine whether or not you actually get your money’s worth out of anything, so they’re always where we start in a review. Let’s get right into things, shall we?

Ease of Use

First up is ease of use. Luckily, our reviewer found that the Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker is actually quite easy to use. She noted that the actual instructions left quite a bit to be desired, as they’re pretty much useless, but found that it didn’t really matter, ultimately. She was able to figure out how to use the popcorn maker in a matter of minutes (without the help of instructions) and made several batches of popcorn with no issues.

“Simply fill the provided cup with kernels and pour it into the heated machine – that’s it!” said our reviewer. She found that it tends to start and stop rather often, though it didn’t seem to affect the quality of the popcorn – she’s not entirely sure if it was a design feature that allowed the machine to prepare something, or if it’s a design flaw.

Our reviewer did leave a couple of notes for those who want to buy this bad boy:

  • Upon first use, you’ll likely get a burning smell. This is (as far as our reviewer could tell) the factory coating coming off – similar to a fresh, unseasoned wok or cast iron pan. This will go away after the initial heating cycle – but open some windows.
  • You will have uncooked kernels. Our review process has covered easily two dozen popcorn makers, and this happens with every single one – so don’t be surprised, it’s just a fact of making popcorn.
  • Heating time generally took two and a half minutes (give or take ~ten seconds), while cooking time was generally three and a half minutes, give or take.
  • Popcorn comes out perfectly cooked and unburnt every time.

Executive Summary: The Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker is easy to use and makes delicious popcorn, though it does have a few small downsides.


Popcorn machine in use – starting and stopping during the first test.

This is another vital part of any kitchen gadget. Since this is an electronic device, it’s not able to be washed in the dishwasher, meaning you’ll need to put in some good, old fashioned elbow grease.

Luckily, our reviewer found that it actually cleaned quite easily! The top disconnects and can then be easily wiped down with a damp rag. She noted that it’s vital to ensure that the rag is only slightly damp – not wet – and that the machine is unplugged.

This is for two reasons. First and foremost, electrocution is no joke, and putting water on/in a plugged-in device is a dangerous dance with the devil. Second, it’s an electronic machine! This means that any water that accidentally makes it into the housing could damage the interior workings.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that the Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker is quite easy to clean. While it’s not dishwasher safe, you simply need to remove and wipe down the cooking section (on the top) with a damp rag. Just remember to unplug the device before doing so!

Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker: Technical

And now we get to the part that is everyone’s favourite – you know, numbers. Okay, the nitty-gritty details and features of this popcorn maker may not be the most interesting, but they’ll severely impact how your experience with this thing goes. Let’s get right into things and we can wrap for the day. First up is the super interesting stuff – dimensions, weight, and sound.

Dimensions, Weight & Sound

Testing sound levels for popcorn maker

Our reviewer measured this bad boy out to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications. First up are the physical dimensions of the popcorn maker:

  • Height: 15 inches (38.1 cm)
  • Length: 7 inches (17.7 cm)
  • Depth: 7 inches (17.7 cm)
  • Weight: 2.08 kg (4.5 lbs)

In addition, it came with a couple of boxes for you to store popcorn kernels in – these measure out to:

  • Height: 7.5 inches (19.05 cm)
  • Length: 7.5 inches (19.05 cm)
  • Depth: 4.5 inches (11.4 cm)

And finally, sound – how loud is this thing? Our reviewer measured its noise levels with a decibel meter and found that it got no louder than 83.5 decibels. This is right in the same range of noise as a standard vacuum cleaner or hairdryer, for those who may be unaware of what that may mean.

Executive Summary: Our reviewer found that the Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker is big enough to make a decent batch of popcorn, while remaining small and compact enough to store without issue. It’s relatively loud (about the same as a hairdryer) but doesn’t run long enough for this to become a major irritant.


Now we finally get to the features – what does the Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker come with, and what can it do?

Well, there’s good news and bad news. While it’s not exactly a versatile machine, it does come with everything you’ll need to make some delicious popcorn. That’s really its only application, but it comes with two features to make your life easier.

You get a scoop and six containers. The scoop is perfectly sized to make exactly enough popcorn to fill the container every time, and it’s not so large that it could be an unrealistic amount of popcorn. The cup hold roughly six tablespoons of (uncooked) popcorn kernels – if you’re curious, it’s pictured above.

Executive Summary: The Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker is a very simple, single-goal machine, but comes with everything you could need for that goal. The cup and containers allow you to consistently make the same amount of popcorn every time with ease.


Overall, our reviewer quite liked the Wicked Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker. It is pretty simple in terms of what it can do, but is that really surprising? It’s a popcorn maker, not a microwave. With that said, it’s easy to use, simple to clean, and comes with everything you’ll need to make the perfect serving of popcorn every time. Just clean it with care and this thing will last you for years to come.

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